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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
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  1. Oct 1, 2012
    It's definitely a notch above Resident Evil 5. It brings more scares, better visuals and very intense storylines to the mix. At the end of it all, it will feel like you've been a part of an intricate action-horror that satisfies your adrenaline needs by the end.
  2. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Sep 20, 2012
    There's more content and variety here than in any other entry in the series, and its stories - while a little too goofy to really take seriously - are nonetheless fascinating, particularly for those of us who've watched these characters grow and develop over the years...RE6 is a strange experience, to be sure - but more importantly, it's an unforgettable one. [Nov 2012, p.56]
  3. Oct 1, 2012
    Over the years, the tone of the Resident Evil series has morphed from a George Romero horror flick to Michael Bay summer blockbuster. That metamorphosis into insane action is front and center in Resident Evil 6, and bringing a buddy along for the chaos is great fun.
  4. Oct 1, 2012
    Odd rough patch or misfire aside, Resident Evil 6 is bursting with innovation, content and confidence that shows Capcom knows exactly what it's doing with it's series. Now fully tooled up for co-op, this feels like Resident Evil worthy of modern times.
  5. Oct 2, 2012
    Resident Evil is not a survival horror saga any longer, but this new iteration is an amazingly entertaining action game, with plenty of content.
  6. 85
    Resident Evil 6 may lack originality and has some shaky moments, but more than makes up for it with action-packed gameplay, heaps of content and a gripping story.
  7. Oct 1, 2012
    Leon and Jake's respective campaigns mark a return to greatness for this franchise, but Chris's bro-fest campaign comes up a little short.
  8. Oct 2, 2012
    This is not Resident Evil anymore – only the herbs and the well-known characters hold the connection to the first games of the franchise. It's a high speed action game with no real horror-elements and some weak points like the linearity, logical gaps and the scripted gameplay. On the other side the coop-mode (locally and online) and the cinematic storytelling are really cool. Resident Evil 6 is a cool action game but not a survival horror game anymore.
  9. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Oct 23, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is one hell of a long ride, and there are some amazing stunts along the way. Even a few original ones. But next to the shooter that it tries so assiduously to out-do, Resi 6 feels stale, and compounds things with OTT action sequences that are more B-movie than Bourne. [Dec 2012, p.94]
  10. Oct 22, 2012
    Resident Evil will never be the same again... and while Resident Evil 6 isn't really the return to survival horror glory fans were hoping for, this is still a great, gory action title for those willing to overlook clunky controls and mediocre graphics. The vehicle segments really shouldn't have made the final cut though.
  11. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Oct 10, 2012
    The bulk of Resident Evil 6 is highly polished, AAA blockbuster stuff. Capcom has bet big here and delivered a tonne of content that not only delivers extreme value for money, but also gameplay to suit every Resident Evil fan type. As impressive as that feat is, one can't help but feel that this sequel is more of a catch-up to other games, rather than a bold zombie into bold new territory. [November 2012, p66]
  12. Oct 4, 2012
    Capcom's intentions are simple: to move Resi into the mainstream action zone, and give players as much bang as possible for their buck. It is an unsophisticated experience. If you want to be terrified, or use your brain, Resi 6 isn't the game. But if you just want to spray monster brains all over the place, while occasionally cooing at some gorgeous scenery, Resi 6 delivers in several spades.
  13. Oct 2, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is a strange but enjoyable experience. A lot of contents and more than 25 hours of gameplay, but the recipe cooked by Capcom is sometimes indigestible, too long and far-fetched, repetitive and derivative, with awkward camera and a cheesy storyline. A good shooter after all, ma not as perfect as it must be.
  14. Oct 1, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is not a classic Resident Evil. It's not a Survival Horror: it's a Third Person Shooter with his own peculiar pace. This will prevent many old-school fans from considering it a decent installment in the series. Anyhow, the formula works in the long run, and this new chapter provides more than 20 hours of thrilling action.
  15. Official PlayStation Magazine Benelux
    Oct 1, 2012
    If Capcom doesn't start treating this franchise with the respect it deserves, we fear the worst. Just like with Resident Evil 4, it's time for some drastic changes to bring the series back to the top of the bill. That is if Capcom still has the necessary talent. [October 2012, p.105]
  16. Oct 1, 2012
    When this game is at its height, it sets new standards for the series in every way. Unfortunately, there are no shortage of lows either, taking what could have been an excellent experience and making it something considerably lesser.
  17. Oct 2, 2012
    It's just an insane rollercoaster ride chock full of ecstatic highs and depressing lows. The highs win, but only because it's fun to watch that desperate boxer go nuts in the ring.
  18. Oct 7, 2012
    Despite the incredible amount of effort and manpower that went into making this game, it unfortunately falls short of being the definitive RE experience Capcom had set out to offer.
  19. Oct 13, 2012
    The ambition of Capcom is admirable; it makes for a lengthy game and offers a lot of positive moments. Unfortunately these are interspersed with some pretty steep lows. Especially the campaigns of Leon and Ada leave us with a good feeling, but Resident Evil 6 is too messy to really excel.
  20. Oct 2, 2012
    Talking about content, Resident Evil 6 is an awesome and great game. Talking about the gameplay, Resident Evil 6 is a decent game, yet a bit disappointing. Talking about the co-op, Resident Evil 6 is a great game. Do the math yourself!
  21. Oct 1, 2012
    No survival horror, no brilliant plot, no surprises, no Resident Evil ... However, if you like the shots and explosions, this is the biggest game of the series. It is full of content and it has many possibilities and gameplay hours, also playable with a friend.
  22. Oct 18, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 steers Capcom's survival-horror series in an even more action-oriented direction – and comes up short in some places as a result. However, if you can forgive the troublesome camera and woeful partner AI, there's still a lot to like about this third-person shooter.
  23. Oct 8, 2012
    Resident Evil has become an entity bigger than any C-Virus creature. It is undeniable that the quality of its past titles has lead to countless sequels, side stories, films (both theatrical and animated) and a general expansion of the lore far beyond the "B-Grade Horror Film" roots of the original title. Gamers are willing to forgive a single misstep, but if Capcom wants the series to continue to be the success it has been for the last fifteen years, Resident Evil 7 should focus on a single artistic vision… perhaps even going back to the "root of all evil."
  24. 70
    Resident Evil 6 has strayed too far from its source material to be thoroughly enjoyable. It's a decent action game, even though the story is entirely predictable, but if you're looking for scares and sleepless nights, you'll have to look elsewhere.
  25. The frustrating thing is that with a bit of judicious trimming, this could have been a smaller, tighter and significantly better game.
  26. Oct 8, 2012
    Unfortunately Capcom have once again spent too much time fixing what didn't need to be fixed and not enough time addressing the real issues of this series. The game is long because it's drawn out or challenging because of a flawed control system rather than displaying these positive attributes through balanced game design. Resident Evil 6 is not a bad game, but it's not a great game either and this is a real shame. Despite this however, it still has many amazing elements that should not be overlooked and at its core is a decent horror experience.
  27. Oct 30, 2012
    Resident Evil takes another step towards the action genre, and by doing so loses even more of the atmosphere from the beginning of the series. It's an ok action game, but the lack of focus is the real problem. Probably not for fans of the first games.
  28. Oct 9, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is a conflicted game that offers a fun but flawed core experience punctuated by some outstanding moments of action and suspense, along with a host of questionable design choices that often hobble what can be (and often is) an otherwise enjoyable game.
  29. 60
    It still doesn't come together cohesively, and ends being a disjointed mess. There's almost too much content, diluting the shining moments that make Resident Evil 6 special.
  30. Oct 1, 2012
    Capcom has not produced good work with Resident Evil 6 and the franchise will have a difficult time recovering from this blow.
  31. Oct 2, 2012
    So this is what it looks like if Resident Evil goes back to its roots? I am disappointed. Why does Capcom take a military shooter as a blueprint when they have a precious tradition?
  32. Nov 16, 2012
    Capcom continues to thumb its nose at long time series fans. Not only have they abandoned any pretense of tension and fear, they've dredged up tired old storylines and shifted the game solidly into Gears of War territory. Let the series die!
  33. Nov 4, 2012
    It's expanded beyond any plausible scientific explanation, with what is left being a cumbersome, grotesque mish-mash of disparate elements, barely strung together and about as subtle as a hammer to the thumb.
  34. Oct 1, 2012
    Series faithful might stumble through for the sake of story, and perhaps to appreciate those few moments that recall when Resident Evil was at its peak glory. But this long, poor sequel is the ultimate test of patience for even the most dedicated.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 1494 Ratings

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  1. Oct 2, 2012
    This is the worst game in the series. Capcom tried to make their own gearsofwar with zombies and failed. It is a stupid and boring action.This is the worst game in the series. Capcom tried to make their own gearsofwar with zombies and failed. It is a stupid and boring action. They lost the main features of RE like slow horror gameplay, weapon upgrades, economy of ammo and first aid kits. Furthermore they make 3 short storylines, instead of 1 big, it is better to make one huge story like Blizzard made one high quality campaign for Terran in SC2 and put the rest sides of the conflict in addons instead of three low-medium quality campaign. Full Review »
  2. Oct 9, 2012
    I just don't understand why there are so many bad reviews of this game! WTF I have played through Leon's Campaign and most of Chris's andI just don't understand why there are so many bad reviews of this game! WTF I have played through Leon's Campaign and most of Chris's and Jake's and played the Mercenaries Mode and I feel this game is getting a bad rap. I guess there are just a lot of picky haters here on the internet. This review is for people who are still not sure what to believe, (I was one of you before I just said F***k it and bought the game anyway.

    THE GOOD: Graphics are as good as any other big budget game on the market. Especially nice character models and lighting effects. Gameplay has stiff learning curve, but once you take the time to master it, it works mostly well. I especially like the melee animations and the dodging. Length is there. You have 3, 8 hour campaigns, one bonus campaign, 3 mercenary stages, and agent hunt. Sound and Music is very good especially during Leon's campaign. Leon's campaign is a highlight. Presentation is pretty good and story is a little more interesting than RE5. Animation is top notch for the characters and the enemies.

    THE BAD: Poorly scripted events that can lead to a few unfair deaths. (This would be an easy fix Capcom, just prompt a dodge instead of just killing the player.) Too many quick time events (a few are fun ever so often to mix it up, but not this many!) Agent Hunt mode while a good idea is just not handled very well. I know zombies should be hard to control but not that hard! Fix the game matching while you are at it! Not enough Mercenary levels. Sometimes camera gets wonky. Level design on Chapter 1 Chris's campaign leaves something to be desired. Too many door opening sections.


    All the enemies in the game! lol

    RATINGS: Graphics 9, Gameplay 8, Length 9, Sound 9, Music 10, Camera 7, Story 7, Level Design 7, Fun factor 9. I hoped this helps!
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  3. Oct 2, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is not a good game....there...i said it if you don't like that move on, if you don't mind then read on! Capcom said thatResident Evil 6 is not a good game....there...i said it if you don't like that move on, if you don't mind then read on! Capcom said that survival horror is not profitable....well i can say one did survival horror a hell of a lot better than you do action games Capcom....well that is your Resi team does anyway.
    Resident Evil 6 tries far too hard to be everything and it just goes to show that you cannot please everyone, they try to satisfy Old School RE fans with Leon's campaign and also more casual Action fans with Chris' campaign and it just falls flat...with annoying Quick time events and bad camera angles thrown into the mix... Resident Evil... is not what it used to be.
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