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  • Summary: The Sam & Max franchise gets a film noir twist.


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  1. While I certainly cannot say They Stole Max's Brain! is a long ride, since it clocks in at around two hours, give or take, it's very well-paced and enjoyable. The cliffhanger at the end of the episode gives way to what I can consider one of the more bizarre closers for a Sam & Max game... and that's saying a lot.
  2. It's not a drastic improvement over the last game, but considering how high-quality the season has been so far, I doubt anyone is going to complain.
  3. 84
    Overall, this episode did a good job in rejuvenating me into the series. The previous two episodes got the series off to a good start, but after the last one, I had a hard time getting excited because the puzzles were starting to become too difficult for me to handle.
  4. Despite the episode's fantastic opening, They Stole Max's Brain! is a good, but not great, Sam & Max adventure. It's a shame there aren't any extras to make you play through again.
  5. Sam & Max: They Stole Max's Brain! contains some smart puzzles and a strong story, but slightly disappoints after the great Sam & Max: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak. The game is quite short, but the predictable cliffhanger still leaves you wanting more.
  6. By the time you're getting each and every character in the game to hail the glorious Sammun Mak for the 30th time of asking, you just want it to end. After such a fantastic introduction, we really didn't see this one coming. Did someone steal Telltale's brain?
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