• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Sep 7, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 64 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 64
  2. Negative: 0 out of 64
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  1. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but the precise, enjoyably implemented motion controls and event variety totally sold me.
  2. 91
    But is Sports Champions a "killer app?" Not exactly, but, as you might guess, the multiplayer is a lot more fun than single-player.
  3. 90
    Sports Champions is a great pack-in for Move and well worth buying on its own if you go the a la carte route with the hardware. You'll spend a good chunk of each day playing it and hoping for a sequel.
  4. There's a surprising amount of gameplay here. There are six sports and countless difficulty levels for each. This will keep you training for weeks.
  5. So does it feel like Wii Sports? Certainly not. The better graphics, more responsive motion controls and the different types of sports have created a unique experience that anyone would be proud to have on the PS3.
  6. 85
    Champions' exists to show off what the PlayStation Move can do. In that regard, the mission is accomplished.
  7. Although Sports Champions houses only a handful of events, with the type of events on offer, teamed with the number of modes and challenges easily makes this game a wholeheartedly recommended instant purchase along with your Move Motion controller.
  8. Play UK
    Exact, precise controls. [Issue#196, p.92]
  9. At the end of the day, Sports Champions is a must have release game for the PlayStation Move that captures the potential of this new control system perfectly for the PlayStation 3.
  10. Dec 22, 2010
    As a whole, I really was impressed by this game.
  11. Sports Champions impressively shows what Move can do in six different sport themes. Still, we're waiting for the killer application like a Jedi lightsaber, a Kingdom Hearts keyblade or an Indy Jones whip.
  12. Jan 4, 2011
    Sports Champions may seem devoid of personality, but spending some time with it shows that it is a deliberate, well-crafted piece of software. Those who have been waiting for a true realization of the potential of motion control can finally exchange their smoldering torches for florescent pink wands.
  13. Oct 25, 2010
    Although I cannot say that Sports Champions is a perfect game, it is a great first step into the Playstation Move and motion gaming. Sure I would not have chosen the same sports as what Sony put on the disc, but even with what is offered Sports Champions proves to be a great experience.
  14. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Oct 25, 2010
    We're impressed with this, and you should be too. Sports Champion is a strong first showing, and a great example of the strength of motion controls. [November 2010 p66]
  15. Sports Champions may not be the most innovative game, to demonstrate the abilities of PlayStation Move, but what it does do is show how incredibly well Move can work.
  16. The only significant criticism we can make of Sports Champions is its limited number of sporting events. That said, having six sporting events that are nailed as well as they are in Sports Champions is infinitely preferable to ten sloppily designed ones. When all's said and done, it's the pick of Sony's launch line-up for PlayStation Move.
  17. Sports Champions is to the PlayStation Move what Wii Sports is to the Nintendo Wii. It serves as an easily accessible, enjoyable way to show off the motion tech, while offering up some competition using sports that most people will be familiar with.
  18. Sports Champions is a solid piece of entertainment that gives us a glimpse of what is to come. You really do have to "move" and many of the available events highlight Move's super advanced reliability, precision, and responsiveness.
  19. Not every sport is a winner, but there's no denying that Sports Champions does a great job of showcasing what the Playstation Move has in store for us over the coming years.
  20. It's priced well (at around £25), offers lots of gameplay and a couple of real gems.
  21. It's the perfect game to bundle with the hardware, since it gives you enough gameplay and variety to keep you engaged long enough for Sony to cook up something else compelling to do with your Move controller.
  22. Sports Champions provides a terrific introduction to Move for both hardcore and casual gamers. The game is at its best when played with others; however, the single-player experience leaves a bit to be desired.
  23. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    There's plenty to like here, not the least of which is the developer's thoughtfulness in selecting the game's challenges. [Nov 2010, p.68]
  24. As essentially a "pack-in" title with the Move, it is a great showcase. The sports offered highlight the range of movements the Move supports, and the simple games and challenges have that addictive quality that keeps you coming back to them.
  25. Who would have thought a game could make you believe you were taking part in an actual sport? Sports Champions does, and even with some quirks here and there, it's brilliant fun.
  26. 79
    This is probably one of the best PlayStation Move games you can get at this point. It contains six different games and they all have a short singleplayer. The PlayStation Move works fantastic and the multiplayer is also great.
  27. Despite some missteps, Sports Champions is a solid offering for gamers, provided you can accept the shallow nature of a compilation such as this.
  28. We've had a lot of fun with Sports Champions. While we write these lines, cold sweat is drying from our foreheads. The six sports games that are included in Sports Champions may not offer the greatest draft but PlayStation Move controls are working extremely well. Together with some friends Sports Champions is very entertaining and you will like it very much.
  29. As the core PS Move title, Sports Champions delivers on what it intended to deliver: offering fun and easy sports games that everyone can pick up, play and enjoy from the start.
  30. Jan 2, 2011
    If nothing else, Sports Champions is perhaps one of the few Move launch titles that showcase the accuracy and potential of PlayStation's Motion controller. Though lacking in many departments, it provides a robust and enjoyable motion-based sports experience.
  31. Oct 24, 2010
    Ultimately, there's no reason a Move-owning PS3 gamer shouldn't pick up Sports Champions. Stay away if you've only got one controller, because whether you have a Move in each hand can make or break the experience.
  32. This eclectic sports collection is fun with friends and does a good job of showing what the PlayStation Move hardware is capable of.
  33. As a technical demonstration of the PlayStation Move's prowess and future potential, Sports Champions excels. The majority of mini-games are fun and show depth in places, but a few misfires and soulless presentation let down an otherwise solid package.
  34. Sports Champions is a perfect game to demonstrate the abilities of PlayStation Move and a solid piece of entertainment.
  35. 75
    Sports Champions is a perfect example of what the Playstation Move is capable of. Just don't expect to find any form of innovation in this game.
  36. 75
    Sports Champions is likely the strongest of the launch titles for the PlayStation Move, as it not only provides some solid entertainment in its game modes, but showcases the potential of the Move itself.
  37. Considering the joy that the multiplayer options bring and the sheer feel of the PlayStation Move working just right with all of the activities (even with the repetitive recalibration), Sports Champions is a winner.
  38. Sports Champions is by far the best of the launch lineup for the PlayStation Move. It's not quite as charming as Wii Sports, or as original, and the constant calibrating of the motion controller is a bit of a nuisance, but Sports Champions does well to showcase the talents of the PlayStation Move - specifically the highly responsive one-to-one motion control – and it's a lot of fun to play with friends or family.
  39. 75
    This is another motion controlled mini-game collection. It's a good one, but it's not taking the genre anywhere new.
  40. Sports Champions is a good opening effort for the PlayStation Move. It's not going to capture the attention of the world the way Wii Sports did, but it has put to rest any speculation that Sony's technology isn't up to snuff.
  41. 75
    For all the enhanced visuals, it's the activities that really make use of Move's location technology that make sense and are the most fun to play.
  42. A nice start for Sony Motion controller. Move is precise and accurate, and some of the sports in the package are seruoisly entertaining. Too bad that only 6 sports have been included in the blue ray.
  43. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jan 13, 2011
    Great party game offers six mini-games to test your skills with PS Move control stick. Lasting fun guaranteed both in solo and in multiplayer modes of play. Lack of online play is inexcusable though. [Issue#197]
  44. 70
    This is one of the best PlayStation Move launch titles. Its rivalry with Wii Sports is clear, and although the latters wins overwhelmgly in charm, Sport Champions options are very praisable.
  45. Yes, there are moments of brilliance here - Archery, Bocce and Gladator Duel do absolutely demonstrate that the technology is sound - it's just presented in such a bland manner that you could be forgiven for thinking Move was only ever designed to be a curious peripheral targeted at the EyeToy market, and it wasn't until Microsoft's arm-flapping last year that they decided to take it mainstream.
  46. Easily the best of Sony's launch games for PlayStation Move. A solid and much better looking challenger to Wii Sports, and while not all the disciplines are equally fun, some of them are surprisingly gripping. We spent five hours playing Boccia and still wanted more, and that's saying something.
  47. As an example of the kind of control Move is going to allow in future titles, Sports Champions is easily the best of the launch line-up, but compared to the obvious competition (Wii Sports Resort) it's lacking content.
  48. Right now it's the best demonstration of what PlayStation Move is capable of.
  49. Sports Champions is really rather good on the whole. Table Tennis is exceptional, Archery is great and games like Gladiator Duel and Bocce are fun while showing off some of Move's potential.
  50. Disc golf and bocce are the highlights in this collection of small sports games. A bit short on content but still the best Move game so far.
  51. Unoriginal and blandly presented, but an effective vindication of Move - with at least half of the games being the best ever adaptations of their sports.
  52. Presentation is what lets Sports Champions down, and not just when it comes to the characters. The environments appear bland, empty and dated.
  53. Sports Champions is the only game in the initial Move-line-up that makes it clear how impressive the abilities of the controller are, as well as having enough gameplay to make it all worthwhile. The sports are varied and work accurately, although the presentation could've benefited from a bit more spice.
  54. Sports Champions is a nice experience, and is the demonstration of the PlayStation Move qualities. Some design problems with a couple of mini-games ruin the overall experience, but it's a pretty launch title.
  55. 70
    This is the game to get if you're set on buying a Move controller or two. It's a shame that we couldn't have more involved experiences at launch, but Sports Champions should tide you over until the mythical bunch of 'second generation' Move games arrive.
  56. games(TM)
    Sports Champions manages to stand up in its own right, proving a commendable showcase for Move's impressive level of on-screen gesture replication, and highlighting the strength of Sony's tech over Nintendo's Wii Remote, even with MotionPlus attached. [Issue#101, p.124]
  57. It's a decent enough showcase for the hardware, and most of the games are genuinely fun, especially with friends, but it's hard to recommend without reservation when you consider how much it'll all cost.
  58. Sports Champions as a stand alone game unfortunately has the same fate as the Wii's launch title 'Wii Sports,' it's fun to play for a while and cool to show off the tech to your friends, but it really lacks substance to keep you around in comparison to other sport titles.
  59. Edge Magazine
    Dec 22, 2010
    It remains an early PS Move highlight, but one that can't boast the charm or accessibility of its Wii rivals, despite the improved tech. [Nov 2010, p.92]
  60. All sports are at its base well recreated, with the exception of Volleyball. However, it is a game limited in content and which does not offer much to the players.
  61. Sony is four years late with its Wii Sports clone and give us only a half-decent motion-controlled sports game.
  62. Sports Champions really offers a lot of good fun, either alone or with friends. Most of its games are technical and interesting to play (table tennis, frisbee and archery are excellent!). It also uses well the PlayStation Move, an impressive precision accessory that offers really good and realistic feelings. Still, the game lacks a bit of variety, events, game modes... and you will have to buy at least two PS Moves and a camera to play, which will probably makes you hesitate!
  63. The game true weakness : only six different sports, and all of them aren't unforgettable.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 118 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 88 out of 118
  2. Negative: 5 out of 118
  1. Sep 20, 2010
    Sports Champions is a sign of the times. It wasn't that long ago that many in the gaming industry panned motion controls as a gimmick thatSports Champions is a sign of the times. It wasn't that long ago that many in the gaming industry panned motion controls as a gimmick that wasn't meant to last. Of course, that was when Nintendo was the only company supporting motion controls. Now in 2010, Sony debuts Sports Champions as the "killer app" for Move. Ultimately, it's their version of WiiSports. I have mixed feelings about the title. It definitely shows off Move and what Sony can accomplish with motion on the PS3. Even though the motion controls were as good as WiiMotion Plus and in some cases a little better, at times it did get wonky with erratic movements when the players (myself and my gf) weren't moving much. Also, the number of times you have to calibrate Move for events can grow tiresome. The number of events are limited which is unfortunate but some are truly enjoyable, Bocce and Archery were great fun but Gladiator and Volleyball just weren't as good as they could have been. The trophy support is appreciated as are the LeaderBoards but at the end of the day, Sports Champions just felt like a Wii HD title in PS3 clothing. There just isn't enough content and it just doesn't offer anything beyond what we've already experienced with Nintendo's offerings. Is this the killer app that Move needed to justify the purchase of the controller/eyetoy/attachments? For the cost of admission, no it is not. Full Review »
  2. Sep 18, 2010
    I bought a second controller at the time of purchase. difficulty ramps up nicely, and i enjoyed 5 of the six ( haven't really tried bocce yet)I bought a second controller at the time of purchase. difficulty ramps up nicely, and i enjoyed 5 of the six ( haven't really tried bocce yet) alone and multiplayer. It will be interesting to see if they implement the sports which the characters seem most focused on. such as some form of baseball, basketball, football karate. Favorite games are archery and volleyball. I don't bother watching for the green circle in VB and i consistently toss up the fire ball. Camera above TV seems to work better then below. Look forward to new sports. Full Review »
  3. Sep 16, 2010
    Pretty fun game, was expecting it to be a little less challenging and i'm pleased that it's not! Disc Golf is not at all fun imo however tablePretty fun game, was expecting it to be a little less challenging and i'm pleased that it's not! Disc Golf is not at all fun imo however table tennis alone justifies the price. Archery was ok but i'm sure it'd be more fun with a second motion controller. Full Review »