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  1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has to be played to be believed.
  2. I loved playing this game and was thrilled to see that EA Sports took a simple game of golf and brought a lot to the table to make gamers have fun.
  3. I think a lot of players won't notice too many of this year's more subtle new additions, but will instead help themselves to the 24-player online (where you can construct your own Ryder Cup-like competitions), GamerNet challenges, online tournaments, and five new courses. That's fine, but the smaller improvements made to this year's game offer players more freedom and customizability.
  4. This might be the Ryder Cup Edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, but it is actually the closest the series has ever been to fully replicating the sport. The new changes are under-advertised, but once you get in there and start playing them, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference they make.
  5. 86
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is like the previous games once again a great game. It has a few new great features like the True Aim and Focus features. The gameplay is the same like the last part with the new options and that makes this game great. The graphics and audio are also very good and the Ryder Cup is a great new tournament.
  6. Like Tiger before the scandal, the PGA Tour series is a paradigm of consistency. Year in and year out, EA Tiburon delivers reliably solid, if unremarkable, golf games. This year is no different: there isn't anything about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 that will blow you away, but a host of notable improvements and additions make this a worthwhile upgrade for die-hard fans of the series and a great choice for golf lovers everywhere.
  7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is a definite step in the realistic golf direction. With the new Focus and True-Aim features providing that extra layer of authenticity, Tiger proves he's back to capture the essence of golf, at least in videogame form.
  8. 85
    Tiger Woods 11 has it where it counts in that the core golf is much better than it has been in some time. Now I'd just like the rest of the game to catch up.
  9. EA Sports' latest golf sim is a significant improvement over its predecessor in almost every way.
  10. 85
    This year's game is probably not the most innovative when it comes to features, but the addition of True-Aim and the Ryder Cup more than justify shelling out the dough once again.
  11. Loads of courses and the addition of the Ryder Cup make this the deepest Tiger to date.
  12. All in all, it's well worth a purchase if you're yet to get into the series, and a worthy addition to the mounting pile for fans.
  13. If yearly sports games are like fine wines, then Tiger Woods 2011's vintage is a good one. It may not be a great year like FIFA 10 or Madden 2003, but it does follow a run of very mediocre years for the series and for this reason it's well worth a look.
  14. The best new feature has to wait till September but this is still a useful improvement on last year.
  15. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Fans of the series won't be disappointed though, and unlike Tiger's recent media scandal, we think players should find Tiger Woods 11 a pleasant diversion from the rigors of daily life. [Aug 2010, p.83]
  16. 80
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 does not struggle. It's a great game with just the one perennial problem. If you bought last year's version, or any from the last three or four years, you don't need this.
  17. All of the problems are irksome rather than game-breaking, and don't have a significant impact on what is a surprisingly deep and engaging rendition of Mark Twain's "good walk spoiled".
  18. Thanks to the new Focus-mode and some other new features Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 delivers once again as a great golfsim.
  19. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 really feels like a fresh new game, and can easily be recommended to everyone, even if you own Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.
  20. Whether or not Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is an essential purchase depends on your own point of view. The thought of starting again for many regulars will prove too much, as will the additional cost. The extra features and game changes are beneficial and potentially the Playstation Move support will be a convincing reason.
  21. For casual players, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 improves upon enough to provide a challenging, enjoyable experience. However, for hardcore players, the appeal of the new game mechanic changes and game modes may vary.
  22. EA Sports has, yet again, created the most true-to-life golf experience you can get without actually swinging a club. Though, when the PlayStation Move releases later this Fall, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will support the motion-controller, which will have you actually swinging your way to a hole-in-one.
  23. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is a thoroughly enjoyable sports game with accessible controls for hardcore players and newcomers.
  24. Aside from a buyer-beware warning, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is a solid investment for those rainy days when you are not enjoying the real deal.
  25. EA works steadily towards making this as real as possible, and with that they are also ensuring the series feels fresh. Tiger has been surrounded by alot of turbulence off the course the last year, but on the digital green he's still king.the last year, but on the digital green he's still king.
  26. The only realistic emulation of the sport for home consoles. With its myriad of options and game modes there should be plenty to keep you occupied and, as long as you're prepared for the almost lethargic pacing, it is a joy to play.
  27. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is too similar to the previous game to justify a full price. Nevertheless, is one of the finest golf simulations to date.
  28. 75
    I can't say this is a must-have for golf fans. I reckon there are Tiger maniacs that'll buy it regardless, but if you're not obsessed with the Ryder Cup, I suggest trying to make do with Tiger Woods Online. If it doesn't fill your putt-sinking needs, this absolutely will.
  29. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 needs to learn from other golf titles like Pangya to build a better pro store and long-term reward system, and Hot Shots Golf to create a slope indicator and a precise 3-click system. But the essentials are more than covered.
  30. AceGamez
    So perhaps Electronic Arts are on to something and the best way to enjoy this year's game is to buy it second hand and pay to access the online features. It's certainly an option because, as far as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is concerned, EA get a pass – but only just.
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  1. Oct 3, 2011
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is grasping at straws trying to find new ways to change how you play golf in a video game. This version is yetTiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is grasping at straws trying to find new ways to change how you play golf in a video game. This version is yet another classic EA Sports game where they remove features that worked great and put in new ones that serve to frustrate the player (especially this time around with the development of skills being combined with money with the 'XP Bank', so that you are forced to decide whether your swing power could use a bump, of if you want to save up XP for three months just to afford a new set of clubs).

    My major complaint are the 3-part Skills Challenges, not that they aren't a great addition to the game, but you have to complete each challenge in order, and it's incredibly frustrating when some challenges are near impossible and take 10+ tries, only to be followed by a challenge an infant could complete on the first try.

    At it's core it seems like EA Sports knows if you like realistic golf games you're stuck buying Tiger Woods '11 whether you like it or not, so why make it brilliant when they know it's better for them to give you a lackluster game so that when the following year comes out you'll buy it as well in the hopes they finally get it right.
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  2. Sep 21, 2011
    What can you say that TG franchise rolls on and the games are always impressive to look at and play. Hard to tell the difference betweenWhat can you say that TG franchise rolls on and the games are always impressive to look at and play. Hard to tell the difference between Looking forward to getting my hands on "The Masters" Full Review »