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  • Summary: A kidnapping in Shibuya brings together a detective, a journalist, a former gang leader, a big pharma researcher, and a part-timer stuck in a cat costume for a series of unexpected events. Can they–or the city itself–make it through the day?
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
  1. 100
    I have never played a game quite like 428: Shibuya Scramble. It’s hands-down the best visual novel I’ve ever experienced. Anything you could want in a visual it offers.
  2. Oct 8, 2018
    428: Shibuya Scramble is clearly the child of Spike Chunsoft as it brings together some of the best features from Zero Escape and Danganronpa into a new title. Yet, it manages to forge a totally distinct identity from both those titles. The ridiculous sense of humor and over-the-top drama is hard to tear away from. The biggest complaint is simply that, as an extremely long visual novel, its text options are not as fully featured as they should be. Simply put, 428: Shibuya Scramble is unlike any other visual novel out there.
  3. Oct 30, 2018
    428: Shibuya Scramble is definitely a must-play for visual novel lovers and those newer to the genre. It is not only unique with well-developed protagonists, but the sophisticated story involving every character in the game creates a masterpiece that is hard to forget. It is not a game you can complete over the weekend (unless you are ambitious!), but it is also not a game that is easy to set aside.
  4. Oct 3, 2018
    428: Shibuya Scramble may be a ten-year-old game, but it’s such a unique experience that it feels like a slightly flawed, modern classic even today.
  5. Oct 7, 2018
    It took a while, but finally we can enjoy a legendary visual novel. Great characters, great story and, definitely, a very unique experience.
  6. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Oct 27, 2018
    As you can jump around the timeline easily, the game never feels punishing. If you’re curious about visual novels, this is where to start. At times, this is one of the funniest games you’ll ever play as you follow these quirky characters through this stressful day, but thanks to their humanity, the emotional moments hit home all the harder. [Issue#155, p.82]
  7. Sep 26, 2018
    As a visual novel, 428 Shibuya Scramble is ambitious and makes a great combination of five different storylines. It suffers from the limitations of its own genre, such as poor visuals or little interaction.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
  1. Nov 5, 2018
    I barely review games any more or at least on metacritic for some reason. Now while i have only finished 7 visual novels with some on myI barely review games any more or at least on metacritic for some reason. Now while i have only finished 7 visual novels with some on my backlog , however it doesn't change that fact that i really, really liked this game.

    The story/ plot was interesting all the way trough with alot of twist and turns i didn't see coming. While i have played alot of sad and emotinal games during my time, this has to be one of the saddest or most emotional once, has at least a couple of scenes that really hit you or at least it hit me. I really liked the setting , that it takes place in modern Japan or a Japan from 2008 or so, despite it being 10 years old i think it has hold up pretty well.

    I really like all the varied characters you met or/ and you played as. They were more then varied enough, and how the all got intertwined with each other from time to time was really , really great. I liked the fact that you play as 5 different characters all with they own personality and the own reason to be a part of the story. I liked that you can jump back and forth between characters to unlock more parts of the story. I loved all the weird and funny bad endings , i think most if not all of those i have seen makes sense, but some are still pretty funny or weird. I really liked that the game had some humor, and had it share of funny moments.

    Also think the soundtrack is pretty damn good. Their might be some wrong typos, but not that many and it didn't affect the game for me, but well thats about the only negative thing i got.

    If you can play this game without to much hype, and you play a hr or two a day or so, you will get yourself a fantastic game that i argue deserves far more attention and that goes for the genre it self to, this is quickly becoming one of my all time favourite games if it isn't even that already. Excellent game with alot of humor and charm and if you just can accept that it takes place in 2008 or so ,you will get an excellent Visual novel. Recommended if you like that genre. PS: i am not to fond of the rating system, but i would consider this a masterpiece even tough that word is used to much especially if you can play it slow or just take you time to enjoy it and try to ignore the hype. I fell it has hold up very well.

    the review might be updated when i get all the bad endings or alternate endings.
  2. Oct 10, 2019
    Absolutey loved Uchikoshi's Zero Escape Series and Danganronpa. I have a thing for visual novel games mixed with puzzle and various otherAbsolutey loved Uchikoshi's Zero Escape Series and Danganronpa. I have a thing for visual novel games mixed with puzzle and various other mechanics. This however felt uneventful and kinda boring from the beginning. 8 hours in and I still couldn't get into the game. Story feels dragged-out, filled with exposition, it's just not rewarding enough for a time you put into it. Expand