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  • Summary: Asahi Tachibana is a simple, jobless nerd, living a lazy, cozy life in Tokyo’s infamous “otaku mecca:” Akihabara. To him, every day is Sunday — but now, thanks to a time loop, every day really is Sunday! What’s more, people’s delusions are manifesting in reality, and only Asahi and hisAsahi Tachibana is a simple, jobless nerd, living a lazy, cozy life in Tokyo’s infamous “otaku mecca:” Akihabara. To him, every day is Sunday — but now, thanks to a time loop, every day really is Sunday! What’s more, people’s delusions are manifesting in reality, and only Asahi and his newfound friends are even aware that anything is amiss. Can they set things right, or will Akiba be beat? [Playstation.com] Expand
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 33
  2. Negative: 10 out of 33
  1. May 16, 2017
    Akiba’s Beat is both a stellar role-playing experience and a heartfelt yarn with bite. One of 2017’s best RPGs so far, and a new personal favourite.
  2. May 17, 2017
    I’m torn about Akiba’s Beat. On the one hand, there are large sections of the game I simply didn’t enjoy. The character portraits for the visual novel sections move slightly during conversations, which just seems like a tease. The combat has a wide range of options for getting through some very simple battles. I really miss decking out my avatar in ridiculous clothing combinations. Yet, the writing is excellent, the voice acting is on par and the game’s tone is just right.
  3. Jun 27, 2017
    While I can most definitively say that Akiba’s Beat is a marked improvement over its predecessor, I can’t help but feel that in its aspiration to become like the much beloved Persona and Tales series, it has lost an identity of its own. Despite its improvements, with the stellar lineup of games all bidding for your time this year, it’s hard to recommend Akiba’s Beat over its superior alternatives.
  4. May 16, 2017
    Akiba Beat’s biggest failure is, undoubtedly, its disconnect with what makes Akihabara so enticing. It is missing the heart of what you’d expect a game of its kind to have.
  5. Jun 5, 2017
    Despite a great localization and plenty of solid aspects, Akiba's Beat's strengths never manage to overshadow its glaring problems. Its copy-paste combat system, constant revisiting of dungeons, and other minor problems all add up to a bland and occasionally irritating experience.
  6. 40
    Akiba’s Beat is a disappointing follow up to what was a flawed but entertaining game. The majority of gameplay involves walking to a location to button through some dialogue or progressing through tedious and repetitious dungeons. What content is here is stretched to breaking point as you’re asked to do the same thing over and over. If you enjoyed the characters from the last game you may find some joy here but others may struggle through the fifty hour playtime.
  7. Jun 18, 2017
    It is difficult to find anything nice to say about Akiba's Beat. It ignores all the good elements from previous entries and delivers something extremely bland and poorly-executed. With so many better alternatives available there is no real reason to give Akiba's Beat a try.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 8
  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
  1. May 21, 2017
    Great game fun to play combat it like the Tales of Series,action rpg tho Akiba's Strip combat style was better it was real time plus u couldGreat game fun to play combat it like the Tales of Series,action rpg tho Akiba's Strip combat style was better it was real time plus u could rip the clothes write off of the vampire zombie like creature girls i kinda wish they would have kept that thy old combat style better yet mixed it or created a new combat style out of thy old one. Expand
  2. Sep 19, 2019
    Yes. I liked this game. So much that I platinumed it.
    It is not a Persona clone, It's a very cliche and anime trope-y action JRPG set in a
    Yes. I liked this game. So much that I platinumed it.
    It is not a Persona clone, It's a very cliche and anime trope-y action JRPG set in a world that repeats. Lazy teenager Asahi finds that Sunday night arrives, and when he wakes up the next morning, the day has reset. Over. And over. He has no idea why, but enter delusions. Alternate worlds dreamt up by people living in Akihabara, that take over the real world. There is naturally a cause, and our very much nonhero meets a girl who's already fighting monsters in these delusions. Once one is defeated, another springs up. These feature a boss and multiple floors in each dungeon. As the story unfolds, the two pick up other members to their little band of misfits. Along the way, they have bonding events and take on missions to earn items. These can be comical and cute.
    Gameplay- I loved the Tales-esque battle style of attacks and using the directionals for magic attacks. More magic attacks unlock over time.
    Characters - Laziness of Asahi and snobbiness of another aside, no is thoroughly unlikable at the end.
    Music -Average anime pop music really fits some of the power up attacks.
    Story- I have to admit that I was invested in both the repeating day and the fall into another world to battle demons tropes. I couldn't wait to see what was happening in the next chapter, and I even roped in another human.

    Neutral to some, con to others:
    Graphics - average anime style. Nothing to be excited about, but not bad enough to skip. These very much could be called Vita generation.

    End Story- I have to admit that I saw the ending coming about a hour ahead, and I was really disappointed with one element that they chose to make a reality. Or an unreality should I say since the game is based on delusions. I found myself hoping for a sequel and I found myself missing the point where I had been in the beginning and the middle of the story.

    I finished the game in about 40 to 50 hours, and platinumed it in about 80.

    Overall, the only part I did not enjoy was elements of the ending.
  3. Feb 24, 2018
    Akiba's Beat is a solid JRPG but may not be for everyone.

    Akiba's beat was developed and published by Acquire in Japan, XSEED games in
    Akiba's Beat is a solid JRPG but may not be for everyone.

    Akiba's beat was developed and published by Acquire in Japan, XSEED games in America and by PQubeGames

    The game takes place in Akihabara places known as delusuionscapes have taken over the town and its up to you to stop them and protect the city that's the bare bones version.
    While i have just finished the game recently i have watched and read many reviews some even on here and while this is my first review id also like to state how I feel. while reviews have been mixed some praising the game and others saying how disappointing the game is there really are two sides of the fence to this game. First off i really enjoyed the game form the outset i really liked the characters setting and story.
    The only thing is the story is very heavy in narrative and is for me one the best aspects of the game, the combat while slow at first once you have broken into it and gotten used to it can be a lot of fun more so when chaining combos and while in combat you can switch characters really quick which i found to be a really cool feature i liked the design of areas and how the city was represented more so how it showed the Otaku culture as well as the side content the game had to offer.

    Now here where the cons come in.

    The first thing most people would want to know is there a dub? or does it have duel audio? yes it does.
    Now the dub it self i found to be quite disappointing in some areas with some characters mainly the main character and some NPCS i will say that it was decent not perfect but some characters were quite enjoyable and fit in really well i just felt like it was wasted with some of the cast of characters.
    The games difficulty on NORMAL is too easy while i had some near death experiences i did not get a gameover once not is not to say that the game was not challenging at times but was never really a struggle either so for any new playing i would recommend hard how ever the game does let you change the difficult at any time in the game which is great.
    Graphic wise it was not too bad now as someone who is not really brother by slightly lowered graphs in terms of akiba's beat on the PS4 i felt that the game was not taking full advantage of the ps4's hardware.
    That would mainly be my main points on the game.
    Finally to summarize.

    Akiba's Beat is a fantastic game more so when it is not as high budged as some titles the story game play and characters where fun and engaging as well as having a very long play time for those who like lengthy games it is a lot of fun and if you are into Otaku Culture you will find enjoyment in Akiba's Beat. While the game does have flaws or how the dub might not be the strongest it is over all a solid game and would recommend checking out.

    Thanks for Reading.

    Can you Imagine?

    - ShadowBladeXIII
  4. May 16, 2017
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Oh Acquire, what did you do? What did you do to the beloved Akiba franchise? I was looking forward to Akiba's Beat for quite a long time, and then after playing...this? It is a huge backstep from the original Akiba's Trip, not only does the original look better...on PS3 but is also more engaging, and more fun to play. The Akiba's Trip fan inside me wants to be exceptionally harsh here and rate this very low, but to be fair - I'll say this game shouldn't be compared to the previous games at all.

    Akiba's Beat is a massive downgrade sadly. Whilst so far, I have no problems with the quality of the story or the excellent work by the dub cast everything else is painfully average. The interesting mixture of a groundhog's day style story by having to repeat Sunday endlessly and having to discover the delusions of people in Akihabara and restore time, all sound good - the problem is that why pick a Sunday?

    Because of this; mostly all of Akiba is dead - shops are closed and have very little; if any interaction; in fact shops are mostly useless since the few shops that are available all sell the exact same items! It essentially makes the Akihabara setting useless because once you've walked around the area, there literally isn't any reasons to stay so you'll be fast travelling from plot point to plot point.

    The story whilst interesting, can sometimes drag on for too long and get boring which is a problem and these pacing issues so far have been consistent, story // story // move to plot points around the map // story x3 // move around to plot points // rinse and repeat a few times before you finally unlock the dungeon and then, you would think they couldn't possibly mess the actual RPG side up? Well they did...

    Even the dungeons have issues, combat is a psudo action/turn based combat that just feels...not fun; some people have said it is similar to the tales series, for me - It is similar to the older style Star Ocean series, your character has PP which are depleted each time you attack, when you have used up the PP you have to wait a few moments for them to recharge leaving you open to attack. There is a blocking and dodging mechanic but most of the time it serves little point since you'll be getting hit regardless, most battles contain multiple monsters, and typically almost always the majority of them target the player instead of the support members, not that it matters because most trash monsters die in a few seconds anyway and healing items are plentiful so at least.

    Imagine mode is where the game gets more complicated, this is your stereotypical build-up to your ultimate attacks. This is activated by..the typical keep attacking to fill the bar method and then unleash, which is obviously the most useful against bosses. The problem is; imagine mode is something akin to Project Diva? It starts a timed sequence with directions flashing on the screen - this part is the most confusing and the tutorial is quite vague - the main advantages is this mode removes the cost of skills, and prevents character knockdown so you can unleash.

    There are many extra elements as well, like unlocking maids to help you with hints to unlocking a card game system similar to Love Live School Idol, with obviously the best UR (Ultra Rare) cards being the most valuable. Whilst, all these extra features are great - it still doesn't make up for the painfully average experiences, and really poor impressions in the early stages of the game.

    If this game was the prequel to Akiba's Trip and came out back in say 2013/14 then this game would have rated far higher, but releasing this game which is essentially inferior to it's predecessors in virtually everyway, and in 2017....is just asking for some harsh criticism - heck, they did't even get licenses to any of Akihabara stores/logos this time around so everything has odd and stupid names.

    If you're still reading this review by this point; I'll leave you with this final words. I don't hate Akiba's Beat; but as a huge fan of the Akiba's Trip series this unfortunately is a big disappointment and should have been so much better; I seriously hope this doesn't kill the franchise and that the developers learn from these mistakes.
  5. May 24, 2017
    After playing the game for 40 hours and finally beating it, I'm gonna keep this review kinda short (SPOILERS):
    -The story is alright.
    After playing the game for 40 hours and finally beating it, I'm gonna keep this review kinda short (SPOILERS):
    -The story is alright. Is about a young otaku (described as a NEET) and a few teenagers getting trapped in a repeating Sunday and the heroes must fight against the delusions of Akihabara while encountering a pink-caped man who knows the occurrences of the events. It doesn't manage to be the "Groundhog Day of JRPG" but so far, is been okay. The downside is that the story drags very slowly during the first hours in the game and personally, about 3 hours in and the story finally catches up an interesting twist. There's a True Ending in the game where you achieve it by doing it all the sub events but is nothing more than an extension to the original ending.
    -Characters are okay for the most part. Their english dub is voiced pretty decently (even if the pink-caped man and a few sounds as if they don't give f*ck) and their wacky personalities can make these characters a bit likable. However, like the story, during the first hours it was a huge pain to even give a crap towards the characters. Also, if you aren't a fan of stereotypes that loves to shout cringy lines, meta jokes and at times boring exposition, you aren't gonna like them. If you are however interested in the otaku culture, I suggest you give them a shot.
    -The soundtrack, while not my all time favorite, is pretty good and is almost on par with its previous predecessor.
    -The anime scenes are beautifully animated and can sometimes feel as if you were watching an anime.

    With that done, now for the cons, which let me tell you, there's A LOT:
    -Due to budget constraints graphics are sub-par and can sometimes look as if it was made as an early PS3 game.
    -The anime scenes and character deigns are good, that doesn't mean their animations are good. Most of the time the animations such as running just looks wonky.
    -The dungeons are based on the delusions of people which sounds good on paper but poor on its execution. Instead of having a few twists and turns, the structure designs is mostly bland and straight-forwards similar to the dungeons in Cyber sleuth, and Persona 3/4 and instead throws throws at you switches because why not.
    -Aside from the bosses, all the enemies from all dungeons are basically re skins with no unique attacks.
    -The combat is very similar to the Tales games but way worse. It is very unpolished and it doesn't have much flow. Hell, it feels as if you were hitting the air. You can use up to 8 skills but only some of those are useful. Your attacks depends on Action Points so there's a bit of strategy since you can block, dodge, use items, and even command your comrades as well but with better gear and more AP, you can just go all Kratos on their asses.
    -The Ai can sometimes be useful but at times they use skills that aren't very effective against certain enemies.
    -The hub world, Akihabara, while looking big and very pretty, is a step down compared to its predecessor and just feels lifeless. There's nothing to do other than run around, talk with certain story related characters, 4-5 sec loading screens, and buy items and equipment at item shops (which are mostly menus because you don't actually enter the shops which is just lazy design).
    -Missions are very tedious and mostly consist of talking to certain people, fetch items and kill certain amount of enemies. Worst part is that you can only accept one mission AT A TIME.
    -Imagine Mode is basically Rage Burst from GE2; your character gets stronger and a J-Pop song of your choice plays out. Just that. Not even rhythm based. This mechanic is very OP meaning you can breeze through boss battles very easily even on Normal.
    -There are ranked based cards which give you bonuses but it is mostly the title system from the Tales games. Nothing new to see here.
    -Characters like Pinkun (This game's Navi) won't shut up during dungeon exploring. They just keep pointing out EVERYTHING you do and find in the dungeons.
    -There isn't a lot of interactions between the world and the characters. Hell, there aren't even dialogue options like in most RPGs. Instead of doing something important, you're just the observer.
    -There isn't a lot of content or customization compared to Akiba's Trip.
    -Dialogue cutscenes lasts between 5-10 min. So if you aren't interested in exposition, prepare to mash the X button A LOT.
    -Maps cannot be zoomed out.
    All in all, is just an bland mediocre/average inoffensive RPG that's only recommendable if you want to kill some time until more bigger and better RPGs releases or if you are an otaku. If you're looking for a great RPG on par with Berseria, Persona 5, Nier, Zelda, Trails, etc., or you're a big Akiba's Trip fan, is best off that you avoid it. It lacks any of the charm from the previous game and it would have been acceptable if it was released during Akiba's Trip release. Is PLAYABLE and I played worse games, but is just not worth $50.
  6. May 24, 2017
    I REALLY hate this game, and it is sad I must. I really wanted to like it, especially since I'm a huge fan of Akiba's Trip and I'm definitelyI REALLY hate this game, and it is sad I must. I really wanted to like it, especially since I'm a huge fan of Akiba's Trip and I'm definitely a sucker for JRPGs so I guess you could at I had high expectations. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. The characters, while having pretty good designs, are mostly stereotypes of stereotypes that aren't worth caring for, especially since they cant stop shouting meta jokes and slangs, even during dungeon exploration (Pinkun is the worst offender). Some people might like it but for me, it was just a cringe fest. Not to mention these dialogue cut scenes lasts way too long (there aren't even dialogue choices, which is something every RPGs needs to have). Because of this, I ended up skipping most of the dialogues. The story is okay for the most part but it builds up way too slow when it shouldn't and I just wasn't invested very much. Akihabara feels and looks soulless compared to the on in Akiba's Trip. There are few citizens in different colors with no faces to add a bit of life but it just fails because a lot of these just repeat the same animation, not doing much. All you do there is just run around, talk with story related NPCs and buy stuff. No mini-games, no interactions, nothing. Hell, most of Akihabara's iconic places are replaced with fake dumb names probably due to copyright. You can buy equipment in the form of clothing and accessories in item shops (and by shops I meant item menus) but they just mostly sell the same stuff as always. There are few upgrades for your melee weapons but there isn't a lot of purchasable weapons. And the costumes in the game are mostly DLCs. The graphics are like from a mid 2000s PS2 game, and it is not great. Especially since at time it can look pretty blurry.

    The dungeons' designs sucks despite being based on delusional themes. They are just similar to Persona 4's dungeon designs, where you just go forward, maybe activate a few switches, keep going until you reach the boss. The enemies' designs are just recolored versions of themselves and trust me, you'll see them a lot. Some of the bosses can have a good design but is nothing special. The combat is a blatant ripoff of the Tales games' combat, but worse. It lacks any of the polish, weight, strategy or fun of the Tales games (Tales of Hearts R has a better combat than this game). During battle (which you can get the upper hand if you strike them first), you can block, dodge, use skills, attack, and command your teammates, but most of the time, you'll just keep spamming the attack buttons and a few useful skills, until the Imagine Mode fills up, which is very OP in boss battles (minor enemy fights can be done in less than 30 seconds with no skill required). Missions is what can you expect from an RPG (fetch these, kill those, talk to this person). You can't even accept them all, you can only accept one at a time, which sucks. The animations of your characters are pretty sluggish and aren't programmed well, with the prime example being the running animation. The only thing I liked from the game is the OST but it just isn't on par with Akiba's Trip's OST.

    In conclusion, it just a bad RPG. Seeing people praising it, with one site even calling it "One of 2017's best RPG" (yeah, and The Order 1886 is 2015's best shooter) just blows my mind. If they were PS vita gamers, it's understandable considering that not a lot of games are coming to the Vita. But for the PS4 owners? Why waste your money on an overpriced low budget PRG when there's way better RPGs already out on the horizon like Persona, Tales, Dragon Quest, Tales, Yakuza, etc. with underrated ones like Atelier, Digimon and Utawarerumono. They should have just released the game the same year Trip was released because releasing it this year is just asking for trouble. It just lacks anything that made the Persona games, Tales games, and even Akiba's Trip special, and seeing that even Japan wasn't very impressed with the game, and barely even selling 20k copies, I guess it was already to be expected. This saddens me because I really expected much from Acquire and Xseed, but instead, is "Star Ocean 5" all over again, and it worries me of what will happen with the franchise. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this game. If you have a PS4, get Persona 5, Berseria, Nier Automata or Digimon. If you have a Vita, get trails of Cold Steel, Persona 4 Golden, Digimon (again), Atelier, or Caligula Effect. Avoid this game as possible, for it is just a massive downgrade from its predecessor in terms of gameplay (excluding the stripping), graphics, story, and content.
  7. May 20, 2017
    This is my first review on metacritic And I choose this game because I have to say something about it. Generally Iit's a piece of pure junk. 0This is my first review on metacritic And I choose this game because I have to say something about it. Generally Iit's a piece of pure junk. 0 point can't be higher. Expand

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