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  1. Mar 7, 2019
    Anthem is a competent looter-shooter. It is not an overwhelming, hallelujah-inducing entry into BioWare's storied history, but it's fine. I doubt I'll engage with the game past unlocking the final javelin, even though there is that tease at the end of further content.
  2. Mar 7, 2019
    In a matter of weeks Anthem has marveled with its engaging action and technical incompetence. As a power fantasy, the game achieves many co-op thrills but the highs are often spread too thin over questionable design choices. BioWare's pedigree feels suppressed by a game that needed much more time in the oven.
  3. Feb 26, 2019
    Anthem is not a bad game as a whole, but rather an interesting project with wasted potential. It has really great gameplay mechanics and an awesome setting that, sadly, was negatively affected by bad choices and poorly-implemented ideas like a forgettable story with a horrible narrative, repetitive mission structures, painful loading screens and a multiplayer approach with null sense of cooperation.
  4. 70
    Anthem may never get the chance to live up to its potential due to a series of unfortunate game design decisions and issues. The first IP from BioWare in over ten years displays moments of grandeur with fun and unique gameplay that unfortunately is undermined by the game's current condition.
  5. Mar 9, 2019
    Anthem has its share of problems, like the poor "Quality of Life", a few major bugs and some design flaws, but it has laid the foundation for a game that can be greatly improved upon. Now it is time for BioWare's move.
  6. 65
    As much as I personally wanted Anthem to be a runaway success, it ends up delivering an inconsistent experience that constantly waivers between mediocre and excellent.
  7. Feb 26, 2019
    Anthem annoys me in particular, because it leaves so much potential left. The Shared World Shooter has an incredibly cool unique selling proposition with the Javelins, but BioWare does not make much of it.
  8. Feb 25, 2019
    With a marvelous open world and a dynamic action gameplay, Anthem has surely a lot to offer, but it forgot to bring with it a good AI system, various types of enemies, a more diversified missions set, and, of course, deeper teamplay and storytelling.
  9. Mar 6, 2019
    Anthem has some good ideas and excellent combat, but the current state of the game leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. Mar 4, 2019
    Anthem offers a solid multiplayer PvE action-shooter experience and exo suit power fantasy dampened by fundamental design problems and loot system inconsistencies.
  11. Mar 4, 2019
    First and foremost, Anthem is not a bad game; it's just forgettable. The constant comparisons to Destiny are utterly fitting, and in more than one way. Anthem may get better; it has a roadmap and since it's another of the… "Games as a Service" style releases, it is planned to develop over an extended period. The problem is, though, that the game has to be looked at now; at how it plays right now… and, right now, it feels unfinished - unpolished; buggy; something that deserved another round of beta testing and another six months. Perhaps it will get better, but whether the audience is still there when it does is questionable. Cool flying mechanics can only keep the interest of the masses for so long.
  12. Mar 3, 2019
    With all its design hiccups and elaborate but exhausting missions, Anthem is tiring to play, and that’s too bad. You can tell the game is capable of incredible things when you first try on a javelin and see the massive, beautiful world waiting to be explored. But it’s safe to say Anthem’s launch has not been very inspiring, despite the freedom of its excellent combat and a surprisingly broad story told by a devoted and expressive cast. We could see ourselves one day returning to this fascinating place, but we have no problem leaving our javelins in the forge for now.
  13. BioWare has created a sufficient foundation of story and play mechanics. Now it just needs to figure out a way to properly meld and symbiotically grow both elements.
  14. Feb 25, 2019
    This is what Anthem is like as a whole: a game where promising moments are bookended by frustration, where good ideas are undone before they can be fully realized.
  15. 60
    Anthem shows a tremendous amount of promise, but what is currently available is disappointingly below standard. Expectation unquestionably plays a factor, but with the talent behind this game and a high standard already set by other very similar titles, I think it's fair to expect better. Anthem's thrilling gameplay, quality presentation and sound design redeem what is otherwise a puzzling mess of questionable design decisions, and telltale signs of a game under pressure to hit the release date. I have no doubt that the game, given time, will only improve and likely be deserving of much better praise than I can give it now.
  16. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Mar 14, 2019
    Though it’s one of best-looking titles on PS4, Anthem’s uninspired action and obsession with grindy tasks mean BioWare’s mechs aren’t on song. [Issue#160, p.83]
  17. Mar 12, 2019
    I will probably fire up Anthem more than a few times again, if only to experience the joyous nature of plopping down a Colossus in the middle of a firefight and unfurling fiery, shelled death upon the landscape. It's a wonderful distraction. But unfortunately, Anthem doesn't look like anything more than that. I can't recommend it.
  18. Mar 11, 2019
    Despite nailing the feeling of flying around in its Javelin suits and crafting a beautiful world, there’s nothing in Anthem to hold a player’s interest. It all gets old quickly thanks to bland encounters, dumb enemies, a borderline empty world and a dull story. Add to that a general sense of technical instability, loading issues, non-existent end-game and utterly boring loot, and the result is a game that feels unfinished, underdeveloped and wholly unsatisfying. Maybe check it out a year from now, but don’t even bother otherwise. There are many other games that offer a similar experience and they all do it better.
  19. Mar 2, 2019
    Look past the lush tropical beauty of Bastion, look past the simple but stingily doled-out joys of flying a mech suit like Iron Man, and you’re left with the most depressingly banal collection of gameplay loops and mechanics in a major AAA game in the last 10 years.
  20. Mar 1, 2019
    Anthem is gorgeous to look at and can be fun in places, but for now it feels decidedly half-baked.
  21. Feb 26, 2019
    Given time, ANTHEM could slowly start to bloom into a much more cohesive experience, but the worry is that it won't be given a chance. There's a good game in here somewhere, but only the flashy, satisfying combat stands out amongst a background mess of shockingly bad design decisions and woefully undercooked systems. ANTHEM feels unfinished and, frankly, undeserving of your time when there are much better live titles currently available on PS4. Check back in a year from now, and we might be onto something.
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  1. Feb 25, 2019
    Every once in a while, a game comes along that that does something surprising, different, memorable. Anthem is not one of those games. Much of this PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game feels incomplete, while other portions are borrowed from games that did it better.
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  1. Feb 22, 2019
    Unfortunately the patch did nothing to improve performance or loading screens.
    Launching with less content than most single player games and
    Unfortunately the patch did nothing to improve performance or loading screens.
    Launching with less content than most single player games and padding that content out with the god awful tombs quest this is easily the biggest disappointment in years.
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  2. Feb 22, 2019
    This game really sucked, just an absolute disappointment. I'm gonna try to get a refund.
  3. Feb 22, 2019
    One thing that won't be "fixed in future": the ABYSMAL story and characters.

    Listen, bugs don't bother me much. SJWs don't bother me at
    One thing that won't be "fixed in future": the ABYSMAL story and characters.

    Listen, bugs don't bother me much. SJWs don't bother me at all. Loot problems and gameplay problems only bother me a little. What I care about in a **** BIOWARE game: story, characters, lore, choices, consequences. And these things are awful in Anthem. Absolutely awful.

    If you're complaining about bugs you're sending the wrong message. Youre saying that story matters less than bugs, in a Bioware game. It doesn't.

    If you liked KOTOR or Jade Empire or Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age, don't buy this. I knew it would be like this, the very second they announced they were going online with it.
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