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  • Summary: Includes the original Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and its sequel, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, with all DLC and restored quest content, as well as the Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear expansion, featuring new original content developed by Beamdog to bridge the two games.
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  1. 95
    Stunning re-releases of a pair of genre titans, the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Pack is an eminently thoughtful and evocative reminder of just how good these RPGs were and how now, PS4 players can finally turn back the clock and see what all the fuss was about. Trust me, you won't regret it.
  2. Oct 14, 2019
    The Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Pack offers incredible value for money, with hundreds of hours of role-playing game action spread across two main games and various expansions. While players unfamiliar with the series may find the presentation or the sometimes finicky navigation unappealing, the narrative remains compelling, the characters engaging, and the combat challenging. More than that, it's the first opportunity for console gamers to play two of the greatest RPGs of all time, and it shouldn't be skipped.
  3. Oct 14, 2019
    Going through Baldur's Gate for the first time is a reminder of what makes a classic RPG -- It’s hard to miss the ways it influenced the genre two decades years ago and how its impact can still be seen in games today, but as a modern experience, it does require a new player to meet in the middle a bit in terms of quality-of-life and the slightly-dated presentation. Despite that, this is the perfect game for a fan of the genre like me to finally play and having an updated version of the game available to a wide new audience is an opportunity for new fans to see exactly why it remains so highly regarded to this day.
  4. Oct 15, 2019
    While most definitely not for everyone, players who delight in THAC0 number crunching, dungeon dwelling, retro RPGs, or any form of fantasy writing will find a lot to enjoy in these former PC-only titles.
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