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    Candlelight isn't a long game but it kept me entranced throughout the entire playthrough. It's a fantastic example of a simple idea executed very well, with extra effort spent in ensuring the player will have a good time. This isn't a game which you will get excited about - but in some ways it's even better than that. This is a game that you can get comfortable with, that will help you relax, and will make you look at platformers in a new way.
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  1. Mar 17, 2016
    a charming Nintendo Style Platformer
    Candlelight is a platformer where you play as a candle. The game starts out with a storm
    a charming Nintendo Style Platformer
    Candlelight is a platformer where you play as a candle.
    The game starts out with a storm blowing out all of the candles, except for you...
    So it’s up to you to bring light back to the land by re lighting the candles
    This is a fairly basic platformer, with charming Nintendo style character design
    There is your basic jumps and double jumps, but what isn’t so basic are the enemies….
    You’re a candle so your only enemies are the elements and time…
    There will be wind trying to blow you out and water trying to put you out with the occasional solid enemy thrown in there
    Luckily your health meter is pretty forgiving, aside from missing a platform, you won’t instantly die from taking damage and if you do die or burn out you will be sent to your last active checkpoint
    I found this adventure to be very casual and relaxing
    You get to explore a beautiful world collecting wax to prevent your character from dying, lighting torches and smaller candles to unlock a secret area to collect more wax and candles for more points as well as a map to display the locations of these items on the bottom of the screen.
    Your only real task in each level is to light the torch in the 3 elemental caves so you can unlock the gate to unlock the big candle and move on,
    But you are being scored on the amount of times you die, the optional candles you light, the wax you collect, and the time you do it in giving you incentive to replay levels
    There are 15 levels total which can take you about 3 to 4 hours to complete
    Candlelight feels like the perfect length..
    My only complaint though is that the levels start to feel a bit stale after a while
    The levels gradually change adding in hot air balloons, ice, and ships… these are welcomed, but not enough to keep the world feeling engaging
    Most of the time I felt like the only thing changing was the skin of the levels….
    even the challenge flat lines very early on…
    I did find some challenge in the bosses though as well as the down the hole Alice in wonderland style level…
    Occurrences such as these show a glimmer of great potential
    It would’ve been cool if these ideas were built on…
    If the game continued to grow in challenge as it went on…
    Sadly it didn’t
    but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is still a fun platformer worth experiencing….
    I give Candlelight
    A 7.5/10
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