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  1. Sep 17, 2019
    I don’t want to use the word masterpiece lightly, but what else do you call the combination of gleefully chaotic gameplay with earnest storytelling in a setting as refreshingly unique as Bioshock? What else do you call a combat system that goes so far beyond the simple act of shooting a gun without drilling down into a set of intricate menus and complicated controls? What else do you call darkly malevolent horror that doesn’t feel like it was cribbed from someplace else? What else do you call the crowning achievement of a studio with a unique voice, an uneven track record, and 25 years of experience? If there’s a better word to describe what Remedy has achieved with Control, I can’t think of it.
  2. Aug 30, 2019
    Flaws and shortcomings in Control are utterly few and far between, while the gameplay is highly satisfying and fun. The world Remedy created is full of intrigue from the get-go and stays enthralling throughout. Barring any major surprises, Control is my personal game of the year for 2019.
  3. Aug 26, 2019
    Just know that Control is one of the best games of 2019, and if you like weird games, third person shooters, exploration, 3D platforming, or just Remedy, you need to pick this game up.
  4. 95
    Control is a slick and stylish win for Remedy, resulting in their best work yet. With strong combat, an engaging story and striking visuals, Control is a masterclass in both style and substance. It’s abstract, it’s bold, and it’s wicked fun.
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Sep 25, 2019
    Impactful gunplay bolstered by a telekinetic twist, and a mystery you’ll be turning over for a long time afterwards. Welcome to the Oldest House, Director. [Issue#167, p.79]
  6. Sep 13, 2019
    Remedy delivered a solid action game accompanied by Sam Lake's signature "weird" writing and some great gameplay mechanics. Add to this the superb atmosphere we get from the Oldest House and some amazing graphics -as well as physics- and what we get is a strong contender for Game of the Year.
  7. Sep 3, 2019
    One could easily make the argument that Control could very well be Remedy’s magnum opus. Not only have they managed to craft a fun and insane world full of surreal delights and impressive visuals, but they loaded it with a massive amount of secrets to hunt for and paired it alongside some of the year’s best combat. The end result is a superb third-person action game that you shouldn’t miss out on. The game may end with a not-so-subtle hint at upcoming DLC set to come in the future, but the terrific gameplay leaves one wanting more. Plus, there’s still a lot of The Oldest House to explore, even after the main game ends, so we’ll easily be occupied with more of Control, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
  8. Sep 3, 2019
    Despite its technical issues, Control is an impressive adventure that marks the return of one of the most beloved Studios. Great game.
  9. Aug 26, 2019
    From its narrative to its world to its puzzles and combat, Control intrigues its players and invites them to think and rewards them handily for doing so; a true remedy for overly linear and coddling game design.
  10. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is an incredible marriage of storytelling, world building, exploration, and combat. The obsessive attention to detail is bolstered by a superb ensemble cast and likable lead protagonist. The Oldest House is an astonishing place to explore, rife with unexpected turns and exciting battles that continually escalate in thoughtful ways. The performance has some room for improvement, but even now Control is a must-play.
  11. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is the pinnacle of Remedy games indeed: thanks to its exceptional art design, solid gameplay and great storytelling, Sam Lake's latest work showed itself to be a truly unforgettable experience.
  12. Aug 26, 2019
    With its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink imagination, Control is as much a thrilling paean to human curiosity as it is a warning of its numerous casualties.
  13. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is one of the best story-focused single player games in years. Its unique mix of surrealism, sci-fi and mystery draws you in, but doesn't give everything away, and the combat is fantastically varied and provides just enough challenge. A culmination of everything that went before, Control is Remedy's magnum opus.
  14. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is the magnum opus of Remedy Entertainment and the culmination of a pursuit of the perfect mix between storytelling and gameplay that started 18 years ago with the iconic Max Payne. A worthy contender for the Game of the Year title.
  15. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is a treasure trove of storytelling that is supported by great dialogue, intriguing characters, and stellar voice acting. When paired with its badass combat, it proves to be the complete package.
  16. Aug 26, 2019
    Remedy Entertainment is back with a great game, sporting an intriguing story, solid gameplay and excellent graphics. The sporadic frame drops are a bit of a letdown, but in the end you won't be too bothered about this. Sincerely recommended.
  17. Aug 26, 2019
    Control combines the tight shooting and storytelling of Remedy's past titles with more open mission structure and Metroidvania-inspired level design.
  18. 90
    For the most part, Control is a resounding success. It carves out a unique identity in its gameplay, and its interconnected story receives the torch passed from previous titles by its studio. It wears its influences on its sleeve, and is all the better for it. Even if the run time is a little shorter than other big budget games, there is a density and richness to Control’s design which is easy to appreciate, and the game tends to linger in your mind for much longer than any other Triple-A game of recent memory. Even if it has its flaws, and even if it left me wanting more, I put down my controller as the credits rolled feeling deeply satisfied: and that’s something we should cherish if we ever want the gaming medium to move forward.
  19. Aug 26, 2019
    Even with its imperfections, the incredible design, storytelling, and gameplay chops on display boil down to this: Control is the best game Remedy has made, and it's one of the most unique narrative action games out there. It’s visually jaw-dropping and the superpower combat is entertaining as heck, but it’s the paranormal adventure and stylistic choices that really make Control sing. Those already on board the Remedy train are going to be googly-eyed with love, but this is a provocative and cerebral story set to crown Remedy with superstar status.
  20. Aug 26, 2019
    Control tells a brilliant and compelling story about paranormal entities and mind control, mixed up with frantic shooting sections at its best.
  21. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is set in an engrossingly weird paranormal world that I couldn’t help but explore. Jesse’s versatile psychic skills and main weapon make for thrilling ranged combat. And thanks to a strong supporting cast, a well-written script, and plenty of intriguing breadcrumb trails, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my adventure through the shifting rooms of Oldest House. Jesse’s personal story feels like an afterthought next to that, but there’s enough to Control’s world that I remain invested in uncovering every secret, even though the story’s over.
  22. Aug 26, 2019
    An excellent game as many previous Remedy Games, that manages to fulfill our power phantasy of becoming an action hero, while offering a great story and being unique in itself.
  23. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is a surprising, beautiful and spectacular game: the clear evolution of Alan Wake and Quantum Break in terms of narrative design and gunplay.
  24. Sep 11, 2019
    The triumphant return of the hot Finnish guys from Remedy Entertainment, after breaking up with Microsoft, was a success. That's how you get revenge on your ex.
  25. Sep 10, 2019
    I haven't found a more binge-worthy single-player action game this year. Control is wonderfully built, smartly written, and already dying for its season pass content.
  26. Sep 10, 2019
    It has the weirdness of Alan Wake/Max Payne in the story, the crazy action-packed combat of Quantum Break all while letting you explore this bizarre, beautiful building with so many secrets to uncover.
  27. Sep 4, 2019
    Control is an amazing game that lets you realize your wildest power fantasies. Jesse is a compelling and interesting main character alongside a colorful and wild cast of characters. The gunplay and powers are extraordinary and a lot of fun, and although the technical side of the game suffers from low frame rate and hiccups, I still consider this game as one of the best games of 2019.
  28. Sep 2, 2019
    Remedy Entertainment wanted to show that daring is in their genes, because Control exceeds everything expected of a game of this style. With a brave stage design, which encourages exploration and omits all kinds of aids, the game is very fun, although the fighting, constant by the way, makes it become something repetitive. Fortunately, the opposite is true with its setting, which shows that the designers of the title are talented people, because the game in regards to the setting is a marvel. In a nutshell, it is a game that can be enjoyed perfectly, if you are not so exquisite with the details and problems presented by the same entry.
  29. Aug 27, 2019
    Control is Remedy at its best. With telekinesis as a supernatural twist this time, Control does things we have never seen before in a game. The story is extremely vague and you just have to love that. If you give it a chance, you will be rewarded.
  30. Aug 29, 2019
    Although Control has a number of frustration points, the game manages to entirely blow your socks off in Remedy’s most absurd world to date. We love its mysterious atmosphere and excellent physics.
  31. Sep 5, 2019
    I can't remember the last time I was willfully ready to risk getting a headache to play a game because I enjoyed the world and challenges so much. I've played through the main story twice, and I am still picking away at the side missions and running around the Oldest House to see if there's anything else worth finding. Staccato mass-combat issues and other burps aside, I'd recommend Control to anyone. Its world may be frightening and confusing, but it's also truly a sight to behold.
  32. Sep 18, 2019
    The writing, direction, and performances are consistently brilliant. This is Remedy at the peak of its game. Control feels like a company rediscovering itself, waking from a long slumber. Remedy’s legs work as intended once more, the vestiges of sleep paralysis a distant memory.
  33. Sep 16, 2019
    The world is so carefully crafted and the combat so great, they both carry all the weight the story doesn’t, and then some. After being unimpressed with Remedy’s previous work, Control feels like a powerful final draft after those early false starts and marks a strong new creative direction for the studio.
  34. Edge Magazine
    Sep 12, 2019
    Most of all, though, there's consistently something new to experience. The thrill of spectacle, and of the weird, both fade fast - too much of the same thing and it begins to feel mundane. [Issue#337, p.100]
  35. Sep 1, 2019
    Control is an experience not to be missed. Remedy Entertainment has gone above and beyond to realize the game's paranormal-themed world, and the result is something so entrancing and bizarre that there's really little else to compare it to.
  36. Aug 30, 2019
    It’s as though Remedy challenged itself to cram every preposterous paranormal concept it could think of into a single game. But remarkably, it all manages to hang together, providing a meaty, exciting and utterly unforgettable video game experience.
  37. Aug 27, 2019
    There are some games out there, which can only be appreciated when experienced first-hand - and Control is one of these. It has this magical ingredient that makes me want to play it again, even after beating the story. A superb, uncanny atmosphere, a twisted world, and some truly breathtaking set-pieces make this game worth every minute of your time.
  38. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is nice surprise to end the summer. With a good storyline evolving around paranormal things, the game also offers very good gameplay thanks to Jesse's powers.
  39. 80
    Control is a very enjoyable game but not without flaws. The technical issues are a shame but the combat and exploration are certainly entertaining enough to keep you playing through to its conclusion.
  40. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is a mesmerising dive into the warped world of the supernatural that sets a new high bar for world design alongside its bizarre, yet compelling story, and power fantasy combat.
  41. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is in turns silly, satirical and solemn, combining an underlying existential dread with a triumph through heroism in a way that no other superhuman tale ever has. Everything about this title is unique in a good way, from its eerie tone to its vibrant combat to its mysterious story. The design work is fantastic, even though the main thing holding the experience back is the lack of optimisation. This will most likely be fixed in the coming weeks but it's these stutters in Control's step that hold it back from being truly seamless. Nevertheless, this is a very, very good game, and a must play for sci-fi enthusiasts and fans of Remedy's past works.
  42. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is a true Remedy experience, with some nervous and satisfying action, fantastic story and narrative elements, and stimulating exploration... And that very weird touch that makes it unique. And very good.
  43. Aug 26, 2019
    Control is one of Remedy Entertainment’s greatest achievements. As a shooter, it’s lovingly satisfying to play, as all of its mechanics mesh to create a slick, supernatural explosion of paranormal powers and eclectic gunplay. Combine that with open-ended exploration and the package is nearing excellence. So it’s a shame the narrative can be needlessly muddled, stewing at a slow pace before rocketing towards a conclusion that sadly doesn’t feel earned in the slightest.
  44. Aug 26, 2019
    Control continues the basic formula that Remedy Entertainment has been playing with for all these years—third-person action with a hint of unreality—but it feels like the studio has reached its final form. The Oldest House, a vast structure of brutalist architecture and collection of powerful paranormal objects, allows Remedy to play with new ideas and variations on traditional gameplay, breaking up the shooting and superhuman powers with games of red light/green light and journeys through Alice in Wonderland-style mazes. The dialog is still odd, and the mission structure can be obtuse at times, but Control is great. With the Oldest House and Federal Bureau of Control at its back, Remedy Entertainment has fully realized a place where all its game development quirks finally fit.
  45. Aug 26, 2019
    All this enthusing notwithstanding, we're not sure Control is Remedy's finest action game – that accolade probably still goes to Max Payne - but it is perhaps Remedy's best-written and staged game.
  46. Aug 26, 2019
    It's not often that a game invades my thoughts the way Control has. I'm at the point where I want to consume every last thing it has to offer. And if I'm honest, it also makes me want to go back and replay Remedy's past games, too. Sure, it's a faulty metroidvania in some respects, but there are so many exceptional qualities afoot that Control handily deflects any momentary ire. I can't wait to take part in discussions about the game, to see what others have figured out, and to better understand where it all fits into Jesse's story.
  47. Aug 26, 2019
    The flawed storytelling squanders its full potential but even with a few missteps this is still one of the most enjoyable action games of the year.
  48. Aug 26, 2019
    Laying an excellent foundation for a new IP, Control features a well-crafted world that ignites the imagination. It’s dark, twisted, and a little bit weird in the best way possible.
  49. Aug 26, 2019
    As a big fan of Remedy, I was really looking forward to Control. In the end, however, I was largely disappointed. Thanks to the confused narrative style, I have never really gotten warm with the exciting background story.
  50. Aug 28, 2019
    An adventure with some of the best Remedy qualities, with some ingredients that may appeal to the fans of supernatural games. On the other side, the exploration is unnecessarily frustrating and the graphical department feels like a mixed bag.
  51. Aug 26, 2019
    Action, exploration and good storytelling. Remedy's Control is a unique experience that you will enjoy, despite their flaws. In other words: not the best of the year, but still fun.
  52. Aug 26, 2019
    A really strange 15-hour experience, one that is unfortunately too linear, brings intense gunfights, psy powers, and a really great living environment that defies the laws of physics and time.
  53. Aug 26, 2019
    The sometimes intense combat, immediately noticeable upgrade options and the occasionally well-executed mindf.cks save Control from a bare 60/100. But almost every brilliant idea is tackled by an unbalanced execution.
  54. 70
    Control is another game from Remedy that does exactly what you’d expect from Remedy. It’s a little off-kilter, but thoughtful and meticulously written. It’s a little janky (sometimes a lot janky), but its mechanics amount to solid junk food when everything is functioning as intended. Control is definitely a step back into “AA” territory after the big ambitions that powered Quantum Break, but frankly this is exactly the sort of space Remedy excels in. While it can be rough at times, Control is like a paperback novel you pick up to kill some time, then unexpectedly find a lot of intrigue and charm.
  55. Aug 26, 2019
    Control feels like the first step in a bigger project for Remedy Entertainment. While it doesn’t reach its full potential in storytelling and there isn’t enough variation in the combat, the powers that are there are great and the creepy atmosphere complement the action well. Traditional single-player games that aren’t bogged down in level-gating or unnecessary role-playing mechanics are a rarity these days, and that alone makes Control worth paying full price for.
  56. Aug 26, 2019
    The addition of way too many systems as well as mechanics have caused all of the good things in Control, which are a lot, to get shadowed by other elements that are either not appropriately resolved or that do not really add to the overall value of the game. It still is a very enjoyable piece due to its gameplay as well as its visual and artistic level, but it inevitably leaves a bittersweet feeling given that it comes from Remedy Entertainment, a studio that I did not expect to leave this many unattended elements in its narrative.
  57. Aug 26, 2019
    While some technical issues plague this highly atmospheric action adventure, Control has a highly customizable combat system that is fun and addictive to play.
  58. Aug 26, 2019
    While Control encourages players to explore its world, it fails to provide the necessary elements to do so, which results in an above average Action Game.
  59. Aug 26, 2019
    If Remedy just let Control get a little bit weirder, and fully leaned into its Metroidvania inspired gameplay, it could have been something really special. Sadly that never happens, but in spite of itself Control still winds up being an enjoyable unique feeling action game that isn't like anything else on the market right now, and won't take up a ton of your time.
  60. 70
    Remedy's Control might eventually be one of the coolest games on the market, but upon release framerate, balance, and popup issues are so rampant that players are forced to change their style of play to work around the bugs. While Control's world-building, performances, and writing are all superb, the difficulties in actually playing through the game to see all that cool stuff leads to a deep sense of frustration.
  61. Aug 26, 2019
    There’s no doubting that Control is a good experience, but it’s not one that’ll go down in the history books. Its explorative and combat-focused gameplay is a major highlight thanks to abilities that give you the chance to get creative, but the unreliable framerate that goes with it puts a stop to the enjoyment far too frequently. This is most definitely worth playing, but that’s about as far as any substantial praise can go.
  62. Sep 3, 2019
    Control is a really atmospheric game with everything we want in a third person action game and a little more, but unfortunately it falls on the execution. With more well-made character models and fewer bugs, this would have been a really good game for anyone looking for an immersive and intense experience. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes barely playable. And we get devastated every time we have to restart the entire mission, often because of bugs, as Control otherwise has the potential to become a true full score game.
  63. 40
    Thanks to poor “bigger is better” design choices, technical gaffes, obtuse exploration, a bromidic narrative, and zero atmosphere, Control is soul-crushingly disappointing, and a mere shadow of the studio's far superior Alan Wake.
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  1. Aug 26, 2019
    Giddy action and astonishing art design combine in one of the great locations of modern video games. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Aug 26, 2019
    It’s a twisted, haunting odyssey through an old post-WWII office building under siege by parasitic beings from another dimension. Control has all the standard elements of a regular third-person shooter, but its exhaustive world building and all-consuming eeriness make it much more.
  3. Aug 26, 2019
    The mechanics are the straightforward stuff of third-person shooters with some bonus abilities thrown in. It's well-made and fun to play, no question. But that's not what tugs you to keep playing. Like the twisted and overlapping spaces of the Oldest House, Control's layered mystery and HOLY SH.T!! reveals are its biggest assets and its greatest successes.
  4. Aug 28, 2019
    Yeah, it's pretty good with a number of caveats. Terrific combat and a ground bed of fun ideas, marred by some poor writing and level design. Still, you get to throw a LOT of stuff around.
  5. Aug 26, 2019
    While it can be tedious at times, Control is worth experiencing for the atmosphere alone. It’s the kind of place that feels both alien and mundane, and it becomes richer and more compelling the further you delve into it. By the end, the things that first disturbed me become almost banal. Floating, chanting bodies are just the beginning.
  6. Sep 11, 2019
    While Control is a blast to play and looks stunning, it’s the story that really holds it together. Faden’s journey through The Oldest House to find out what happened to her brother and rid the FBC of The Hiss kept me hooked until the very end.
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  1. Aug 27, 2019
    Very high quality action game. Unique story and excellent game mechanics. Beautiful graphics!
  2. Aug 27, 2019
    This game had so much potential to be something great, but it is marred by bugs, design choices, and story structure. The first few hours wereThis game had so much potential to be something great, but it is marred by bugs, design choices, and story structure. The first few hours were great, the rest of the game, not so much.

    You play Jesse Faden, a woman who is in search of her missing brother. She is led to the FBC which is a secretive government agency which secures, contains and protects against paranormal objects and events. If you have seen the SPC site in the internet, its essentially that. Within 5 minutes of entering the building you are made the director (boss) of the agency and its up to you to find your brother, defeat the paranormal entity infesting the building, and do everything your staff need you to do.

    The design of the game is a big letdown. Although the building the game is set in is TARDIS like with unlimited dimensions inside, and with the paranormal objects which fill the game and according to ingame lore can affect their environment, causing new dimensions (thresholds) to appear in the same area. you'd assume this would result in some variety of area design, but no. All areas are just grey concrete filled with desks, and/or pipes. The thresholds you see are limited to putting a few piles of clocks on the floor, or a quarry filled with black rock. Wasted opportunity, as the graphical quality isn't too bad, although more effort is put into flashy dust like effects and debris.

    Areas which contain enemies are overly dark, illuminated only by red light as the concrete walls swell and close in. Combine this with enemies who lack discernible differences in appearance except for glowing red spots, and it can be difficult to discern which enemy is which type (necessary for some option missions where you need to kill a certain type), and to determine which is the biggest threat. Combat was generally easy in my experience, only becoming difficult when you get swarmed with shielded regenerating health enemies, or if there was snipers with rocket launcher, for whom you get little warning their homing rockets is coming towards you. You do get the power to convert enemies to your side, but I found the AI lacklustre, as converted suicide bombers just stood pointlessly whilst there is enemies running around them.

    Mission structure tends to consist of go to place, find thing but thing isn't there, go somewhere else, find thing and boom, mission done. This becomes incredibly tedious, especially with the obtuse way the story is told to you. Between the story/mission structure and the level design, I was just getting bored.

    Actual gameplay is pretty good, with you combining gunplay with powers such as telekinesis and levitation for combat, and with the debris effects it can be really entertaining/ but repetitive, uninspired enemies and level design made this too, become boring and tedious to do the more i played.

    I cant really comment on sound design as the soundtrack is subtle in the midst of gameplay, so all I can really say was that it was there, but not good or memorable enough to be remembered.

    Playing on a ps4 pro, I experienced numerous frame rate drops, freezing, slow loading textures, and had to reload my save a couple of times as certain mission items would not load in. These issue may be fixed in a future patch, as is the norm these days.

    In summary, this game had so much potential to be something amazing, it's a brand new IP with a unique setting and fundamentally good gameplay, but it is let down by a lack of imagination by the developers when it comes to sound, area, mission, story and enemy design. I hope that in the event of a sequel, more effort is given to these aspects and then we may have an amazing series in the future.
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  3. Aug 27, 2019
    A Great game with a fascinating and mysterious story-line that with awesome game play and shooting system is one of the best games of 2019.A Great game with a fascinating and mysterious story-line that with awesome game play and shooting system is one of the best games of 2019.
    Story = 10
    Graphic = 8.5
    Game play = 9
    Sound = 9
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