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  1. Jun 4, 2018
    If you want to visit Lordran and enjoy a straight-up bash-the-baddies quest, then you’ll find no better collection of bosses than this. If a new kind of adventure appeals, however, one in which quick fingers matter less than brains and human cunning, there’s still nothing like Dark Souls. After seven years its mystery has diminished, but it’s still among the best of the best.
  2. May 26, 2018
    No matter which version you are playing or how many years has on its back, Dark Souls was, is and always will be a triumph of superb game design and flawless gameplay.
  3. May 23, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered brings us back to Lordran in its most beautiful way. Its graphical improvements, the return of a full online mode with dedicated servers and its HUD changes are the features that make this game worthy of being on every player's shelf.
  4. Jun 1, 2018
    Dark Souls is one of the greatest video games of all time and my personal favourite Soulsborne game to date. Thankfully, this Remastered version helps make it even better; if only in an arguably marginal way.
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jul 2, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered is more or less the same game from back in 2011, but what's remarkable is just how incredible it still is to play, despite all the later imitators. An essential RPG. [Issue#151, p.86]
  6. Jun 4, 2018
    A great remastered version for one of the most important video games of all time.
  7. Jun 1, 2018
    It is nice to see that this extraordinary game has been modernized. In terms of visual detail it still is old-fashioned though, but it was and still is a beautifully crafted action roleplaying game that leaves its mark.
  8. May 31, 2018
    If you haven’t played the original Dark Souls yet, the remastered version is your best chance to enter its dark, sad and amazing world. But if you are a hardcore Souls fan and already cracked through the previous games, its 40 dollars price tag might not worth the nostalgia.
  9. May 30, 2018
    While nothing has actually changed in terms of content, the visual and performance upgrades are much more noticeable than expected. This makes Dark Souls Remastered the definitive edition of FromSoftware’s modern classic.
  10. May 28, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered is still a masterclass in level design, and it remains the pinnacle of third-person action games. Longtime fans will be pleased with the improved performance on both consoles and PC. And if you’re a newcomer wondering if you should get your feet wet with this entry, the answer is an absolute, resounding ‘Yes.’
  11. 90
    This remaster really needed the novelty of the Nintendo Switch handheld portability to provide the definite hook to justify a re-purchase.
  12. May 24, 2018
    A mediocre remaster of an all-time classic, but by the mere act of fixing (most of) the frame rate problems this becomes the definitive version of one of the decade’s most influential video games.
  13. May 23, 2018
    The masterpiece that made Hidetaka Miyazaki famous is back in a wonderfully remastered edition. As it, there is no change to the original structure, just a revamped lighting engine and a solid sixty fps through to whole game. The budget price is very good for the few who still never played this classic, and a good chance for the rest who loved it to play the definitive edition.
  14. May 23, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered is an excellent remaster of a standout entry in the Souls franchise. Those who played the original will feel right at home, and will really appreciate the visual and technical improvements – particularly to Blight Town, which now runs at a butter smooth 60 frames-per-second. However, those that weren't there at the beginning may not appreciate the inferior visuals and general jankiness that later entries have all but ironed out.
  15. May 23, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered is a solid reminder of the incredible strength of the original entry in the series. There are certainly some comforts lost by going back the start but the game is still incredible. Whether you have never played it before or you miss the good old days, this is a great remaster.
  16. 90
    Though the remastering effort is perhaps not as extensive as some might like, Dark Souls Remastered is without a doubt the best way to play one of the finest action RPGs ever and is nothing short of essential for newbies and stalwart Dark Souls fans alike.
  17. 90
    It's the Dark Souls of Dark Souls games, and the issues that plagued the console versions that released in 2011 have been remedied.
  18. May 23, 2018
    As a remaster, it is a good one, but as a game, it’s one of the best adventures ever made.
  19. May 23, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered speaks for itself just in terms of the raw mysteries it offers beyond its new coat of paint.
  20. May 28, 2018
    Jumping into Dark Souls Remastered again isn't quite the same as your first time through but it's still a magical journey. And if you've never played Dark Souls before? This is is definitely the best way to experience the game that kickstarted a genre of its own. Dark Souls Remastered should be essential for action RPG fans and those wanting to put their skills to the test.
  21. May 23, 2018
    Even though the work on this remaster can only be described as "simply correct", we're talking about the definitive version of the best and most influential game of the past ten years. If you've never player Dark Souls before, this is by far the best time to discover what all the fuss is about.
  22. May 23, 2018
    For those new to the series, you can expect a captivating crawl through a mesmerizing dark world, full of unforgiving encounters, majestic foes, spectacular loot, and beautiful environments.
  23. Jun 6, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered is still essentially Dark Souls, just slightly better looking and with better online functionality, which is both a good and bad thing.
  24. Sep 26, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered doesn't make any dramatic changes to its original release several years ago. The struggle to progress is constant, but just as every moment could be another death, it could also be a moment of great triumph and self-accomplishment. Playing at 60fps makes me wonder how I ever managed to play at half of that rate several years ago. It's a beautiful remaster, even if it isn't a complete overhaul. It's a great entry for newcomers or a great walk down memory lane for fans of its original release.
  25. May 28, 2018
    Something more could be done regarding graphics and additions/improvements to the game formula, but Dark Souls Remastered remains a successful re-release of an extraordinary game.
  26. May 24, 2018
    Dark Souls: Remastered proves the original Dark Souls to be a pretty solid experience even seven years later. This remaster of FromSoftware's 2011 title includes few but necessary enhancements, like 4K support and, at last, solid 60 FPS gameplay.
  27. 85
    This is certainly the best way to experience Dark Souls on console.
  28. May 23, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered is the best version of a wonderful classic game, with 60 fps rock solid, a great netcode and a real high definition. Too bad for some low quality textures and the oversaturated colors that create a bad cohesion between characters and locations.
  29. May 30, 2018
    Improvements are quite marginal, despite the considerable boost for framerate and resolution, but Dark Souls remains a game design masterpiece even seven years after its publication.
  30. Aug 26, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered has aged well, despite the progress of its successors. Newcomers might fight it abrasive, but it is still worth a pickup for old fans and new alike. Here’s to a release of Demon’s Souls Remastered.
  31. Aug 7, 2018
    The core experience is still a truly fantastic, deep adventure that should be played by pretty much everyone who can tolerate a stiff, unyielding challenge – but the minimal effort put into this remaster also smacks of a fairly lazy cash grab. New players should dive in without a second thought, but for those who’ve traveled through the Kiln and back before… well, just be aware that there’s almost nothing truly new on offer here.
  32. Jul 3, 2018
    Despite its shortcomings, Dark Souls Remastered is a welcome release that will hopefully breathe new life into the community and multiplayer activity with both new and old players. It may also be the last souls game release for quite some time, given From Software’s latest endeavours.
  33. Jun 12, 2018
    To play this remastered edition of the game is to be reminded of how the original exerted an unmistakable influence on such contemporary video games as Nioh and The Surge.
  34. 80
    The remaster may not bring much to the table, but the benefit of the improved frame rate and visuals succeed at making a great game even better. If you are new to the franchise, then now is certainly the time to jump in. However, veterans will possibly feel a bit cold to the lack of effort on display. Dark Souls still remains one of the greatest games of its type however and the remaster gives a suitable reason to explore Lordran once again, if you needed one that is.
  35. Jun 3, 2018
    This Dark Souls Remastered targets people who played the original game on console, or the ones who never played it before. It’s still one of a kind game, but this remastered version is definitely too lazy.
  36. May 30, 2018
    I guess, when it comes down to it, I was one of those optimists that was hoping for a real transformation that would make Dark Souls feel truly new again. Remaster doesn't do that, but from the vast number of players that are putting down their summons signs, a lot of new players are diving into this incredible game or maybe like me, easing back into that familiar rhythm. Dark Souls Remastered doesn't do anything but give us the best version of one of the best games ever made.
  37. May 29, 2018
    Dark Souls is the Dark Souls of all Dark Souls and it deserves a remaster. Period.
  38. May 28, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered updates one of the most important games of the past generation. Its improvements in terms of resolution, frame rate, multiplayer and some playable details are particularly welcome for console gamers, but not without other flaws for an overly automatic implementation. The PC player, however, has reason to find this edition somewhat more irrelevant.
  39. May 27, 2018
    Just a polished version of an already great game, but for me, it was a bit more special. With the technical issues eliminated, Dark Souls can shine and is a much more satisfying experience.
  40. May 25, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered is the best version for Dark Souls on consoles, and it's still one of the best action-RPG of all time. The 60fps framerate is a real pleasure, as the other technical improvements too. We would have preferred a real remake, but it's still a very good way to (re)discover the series.
  41. May 25, 2018
    Bafflingly, only some textures have been updated, and it’s incredibly jarring when you see shiny new textures sitting side by side with the old. It often feels like Dark Souls Remastered is a face lift applied to only half the face.
  42. May 24, 2018
    Dark Souls Remastered keeps the original feelings with advanced graphics performance, which gives many players a chance to try this game on the latest console. But obviously 60 dollars is way too much for a remastered game that almost changes nothing, some old fans may think this edition lacks sincerity.
  43. May 23, 2018
    The game is there perfectly ported on the actual generation. Probably From Software could have done something more in terms of contents and from a technical point of view.
  44. May 23, 2018
    If you’ve played Dark Souls before then there isn’t really anything in this version of the game that makes for a compelling reason to part with your cash. The term ‘Remastered’ implies that a great amount of work has gone into this release, and although it’s a definite improvement – especially with regards to the frame rate – it isn’t extraordinary.
  45. May 23, 2018
    Bar the technical improvements and additional online functionality, there's nothing else new here.
  46. May 23, 2018
    An excellent game that may not be beautiful, but it's as fun and hard to beat as it was 7 years ago. If you didn't play it in 2011 you have to this time, especially if you love the souls-like games.
  47. Jun 6, 2018
    Dark Souls is an amazing and important game, but the remaster does little to spice things up, providing little reason to really go back to Lordran. Blighttown runs at 60fps though, so that might be reason enough for some.
  48. May 23, 2018
    The reduced launch price is definitely a plus point to allow another masochistic ride between Anor Londo and Oolacile, but keeping in mind that Dark Souls Remastered is just the shadow of that flame that many expected.
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  1. Jun 1, 2018
    Providing you’re willing to persist with the tough nature of its opening hours, Dark Souls is one of the most rewarding games ever. And the challenge never truly lets up – you just learn to manage it. It’s not a special remaster but it is, still, a very special game.
  2. May 29, 2018
    Reviving Dark Souls means embracing these imperfections and leaving the majority of them intact. Save for a few glitches like the ability to gain infinite souls, Dark Souls Remastered keeps most of the original game’s flaws rather than significantly revamping or fixing issues with the original.
  3. May 23, 2018
    It has a steep learning curve, it will punish you, it will reward you should you persevere. Dark Souls Remastered is perhaps the best point to jump into a franchise that has defined a genre, but in at least some ways it is the most definitive version we now have, even if some details still need refining in the lighting department.
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  1. May 25, 2018
    This isn't necessarily for old players. This port is mostly for the ones who only played Bloodborne and/or Dark Souls 3. At least we don'tThis isn't necessarily for old players. This port is mostly for the ones who only played Bloodborne and/or Dark Souls 3. At least we don't have to witness the disaster of Blighttown anymore. I'm honestly happy they remastered it cause my PC is not good for gaming and my PS3 is dead. Full Review »
  2. May 25, 2018
    Too many people are using the excuse 'this is for new players' to defend this disgusting 'remaster'. Most remasters are FOR new players, butToo many people are using the excuse 'this is for new players' to defend this disgusting 'remaster'. Most remasters are FOR new players, but that does NOT mean that no work should be put in. This is a 7 year old game for $40 with very minimal changes. This is coming from someone who feels Dark Souls is one of the best games ever made and one of my personal favorites, this 'remaster' is a disgusting lazy cash grab that they KNOW people will buy because it is Dark Souls. That's not OK, and all supporting this port will do is show other publishers that it is OK to release old games almost exactly the same as they were originally and able them as remasters. Now I'm not expecting a remake and complete redesign of the game, but let's compare this remaster to another remaster. Skyrim SE, a game that got a LOT of hate yet was a better remaster by far. It made the game look MUCH better on console that the original did, with fairly substantial graphical updates, something DSR has not done. AND it brought mods to console, something which very few games has done. Now look at DSR, it's Dark Souls, but you can pop multiple souls at once, and roll on O. Oh and moving ivy. It gets 1 point because it's an amazing game, and 1 point because it's not full price ,(however $40 is still far too muc,) please don't support this game so this doesn't happen in the future. just because it's Dark Souls does NOT mean it's good. Full Review »
  3. May 26, 2018
    It's saddening to see how many Dark Souls fans give this game a free pass, just because it's "the one and only original", instead of warningIt's saddening to see how many Dark Souls fans give this game a free pass, just because it's "the one and only original", instead of warning potential players about the issues this "Remaster" has.

    For all new players out there: Dark Souls originally came out in 2011, so be prepared to play a game that lacks any of the quality of life improvements that have been made in the last years. It's a "raw experience", that will feel clunky if you are not used to how the game played in 2011.

    I'm a long time fan of the series, and just wanted to play Dark Souls again with a higher frame rate. This game, however, has serious problems with it's controls. There is an undeniable delay at times, which leads to button presses taking up to second to be realized. This single issue alone makes the game almost unplayable to me. Hopefully, this will be fixed asap.

    Let's face it, this version of the game is a cash grab, plain and simple. It's great that Fromsoft gives new players a chance to now "experience" the whole series on current generation consoles, but considering remastered version of games like "Shadow of the Colossus", the remaster of Dark Souls seems laughable at best.
    Full Review »