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  1. Positive: 86 out of 111
  2. Negative: 3 out of 111
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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Mar 18, 2020
    Death Stranding is creating a new game genre and therefore paves its own path towards more interactive experiences. It is a brave work thanks to its novelty, which fortunately is not a bragging right for its creators, as it may have seemed, but an exceptional title that will reward the brave who play it. [Issue#299]
  2. Jan 29, 2020
    Death Stranding stands as a powerful author’s game which drives a strong message of how our over-connected society is evolving, and how we can help other players. Unlike many AAA games, it shines on a truly spiritual level. Well written, engaging and visually magnificent, it offers, despite some pacing flaws, an astonishing solo game with elegant multiplayer elements. A unique representation of Hideo Kojima’s talent.
  3. Dec 16, 2019
    Death Stranding is a bold and artistic vision that is not compromised in its design. It is a video game that encourages the player to be a good person, and to care for the fellow man. There have been anti-war themes in games before, but these inevitably become standard shooters that wear a mask of morality. Kojima Productions (with a little help from Guerrilla Games) may not have created a new "genre," but it did make a 3D action title that is unlike anything else. It is so rare to play a triple-A, 3D game that does not treat the player like a child, and is steeped with exploration and discovery. This is a contemplative odyssey that is ultimately a story about the triumph of the human spirit in spite of entropy.
  4. Dec 2, 2019
    It is easily the most ambitious and utterly crazy thing I’ve ever experienced, one that is rich with potential for emergent gameplay and unique, lasting experiences, with a star-studded cast delivering a compelling story that unfolds like a fever dream.
  5. Nov 18, 2019
    Hideo Kojima’s latest creation might not be his best ever, although some may argue, but it is definitely his most unique work yet. Death Stranding requires time to show you what it has to offer, and no matter if you love them or hate them, you’ll see many other developers use them in the next generation of video games.
  6. Nov 15, 2019
    Death Stranding lives up to its towering expectations, if it does not exceed them. That does not automatically mean that the game is perfect. For example, the story and the actual gameplay are very unrelated, and the game has a rough edge. And yet Death Stranding is extraordinary. The complex and layered story, the serious gameplay full of comic notes, the deserted and oppressive world and the subtle connection with other players create extreme contrasts and a range of emotions.
  7. Nov 4, 2019
    Death Stranding reinvents how video game design can work. It takes you through an experience you didn’t expect, doesn’t hold back with its design intentions and execution, and takes the gamer through a journey like no other. This is a masterpiece that only Kojima could pull off.
  8. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is the birth of a new genre. Death Stranding is a masterpiece that can only be generated by a mind like the one that Hideo Kojima has.
  9. Nov 1, 2019
    I was hooked from the first time I saw the title screen until the credits rolled 72 hours later. Death Stranding is immensely satisfying, and everything I could have hoped for and more from Kojima Productions.
  10. Nov 1, 2019
    While Death Stranding will surely be the most divisive game of this generation, there is no arguing that it offers new ideas on pushing the medium forward and shows that games don't always typically have to be "fun". The story is beautifully presented and is surprisingly restrained and focused for a Kojima title. All of the actors put on amazing performances and while its gameplay will be too slow for many, those willing to peel back the layers will discover a thoughtfully designed experience that will leave you ruminating for weeks after finishing.
  11. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a game about connection, and it connects not only every character of the game but also every gamer together. It's a masterpiece with great philosophy thoughts and combines great storytelling with innovative gameplay.
  12. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is unlike anything else out there right now. It's huge, innovative and utterly unashamed in what it wants to be. Kojima Productions is heavy-handed in its implementation of modern political themes, but they tie into the narrative and involve the player in ways that feel compelling.
  13. Nov 1, 2019
    If there’s one game you should play this year, it’s Death Stranding. It’s a system seller, and I love it.
  14. Nov 1, 2019
    Following years of mysterious anticipation, Death Stranding delivers on all fronts. An accomplished, fascinating set of gameplay mechanics allow you to make deliveries the way you want to, while social features let the game live on once you've put the controller down. It may become slightly tiresome as you hit the halfway mark, but the phenomenal narrative is on hand to pick things back up again and its outstanding visuals are the cherry on top. Death Stranding doesn’t raise the bar for any particular genre, it creates an entirely new one.
  15. 100
    Like any genre-pushing work of art, Death Stranding is sure to be divisive. That said, the unflinching vision of its director is a breath of fresh air in an industry increasingly unwilling to swing for the fences.
  16. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is like nothing I have ever played; beautiful, heart racing, heart breaking, frustrating, epic, stunning, and utterly nuts. I laughed, I cried, I cursed, and I went to the toilet an awful lot. Death Stranding isn't just my Game of the Year, it's a contender for Game of the Generation too.
  17. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is dizzying, unshakable in its belief it is doing something worthwhile, and it's one of the most important games of this decade.
  18. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a story of rebuilding America by connecting people far and wide. Stealth, exploration, combat, and inventory management are all necessary in order to succeed. With a fantastic cast, incredible set pieces, an engaging story, and Kojima's brand of incredibly enjoyable crazy, you won't want to put your controller down.
  19. 100
    Death Stranding does belong in an art gallery more than it does sitting on consoles next to more traditional "games". As I sit here to write this, I am fully convinced that there are going to be plenty of reviews from my peers that veer to the other extreme as far as their scores go. And fair enough, because as a “game” Death Stranding doesn’t do much. But as a work of art, Death Stranding is something mesmerising, intelligent, and powerful, and we never see this kind of work within the big budget, blockbuster space. This was a rare treat to play, and I rather like this new-look, independent Kojima.
  20. Nov 1, 2019
    In the end, Death Stranding’s biggest mystery isn’t any of the elements we’ve had teased in three-plus years of trailers—it’s what people are going to think of it. Even from a man known for making love-them-or-hate-them projects, this may end up being one of the most divisive games ever created. For me, it was an experience that I can truly say was unlike any other I remember. And, if nothing else, Death Stranding makes me respect Hideo Kojima for convincing Sony to invest millions into a game that’s about a man delivering packages to holograms.
  21. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is the most unique big-budget game I’ve ever played, a socially-minded injection of inventive ideas into a genre that has long survived by being lazy and brutish. This ambitious formula-flipper is brimming with empathy and carefully courts cinematic influences, an ensemble cast and a world of eye-watering scale, delivering a sticky gameplay loop to tie it all together and create a console generation-defining experience.
  22. Nov 1, 2019
    At the end of the Death Stranding adventure, after playing nearly 60 hours, it's hard not to be convinced that a new step has been taken for our beloved media. It's also hard not to see in it the culmination of Hideo Kojima's work, with a title that merges gameplay, screenplay and staging in a coherent universe full of video game and cinematographic references. A true love letter to video games and those who play them, Death Stranding is a complete game, sometimes clumsy, but that has undoubtedly left its mark on us.
  23. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a one of a kind experience that will stick with you for years to come.
  24. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is one the best games to be found in PS4. Kojima-san delivers an open world in which we have to represent a bridge between the narrative of the game and other players in order to keep moving forward as part of a world that needs us. The game introduces characters that keep on evolving until we reach an ending for the ages through a story told like very few would be able to. Death Stranding knows how to toy with our emotions, and it manages to arise anguish, tension, solitude, sorrow, joy and provides a conclusion that completely stuns us. The end is only the beginning.
  25. Dec 3, 2019
    Death Stranding is a masterpiece that offers a complex and overwhelming story, with a risky gameplay that encourages us to enjoy the trip and with a soundtrack and a graphics section that leave some of the most amazing and incredible scenes in the history of video games.
  26. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a masterpiece. Hideo Kojima creates a memorable adventure, that will be talked about in the years to come.
  27. 95
    Death Stranding is not a “fun” game, but it’s an important and meaningful experience that earns its payoff through every bit of frustration and slog. Its a look at life and death, connection and solitude; a game about building up what matters most and supporting each other selflessly. You’ll be bored at times and downright frustrated at others, but it comes with a great reward at the end that is made sweeter by the trials that precede it. It’s brilliantly unique in its design and implementation of online elements.
  28. Nov 1, 2019
    A deep and intriguing world that we fight, love and run through during dozens of hours, searching for answers to an amazing plot. With an interesting trekking-simulation gameplay and a great sense of loneliness and asynchronous cooperation, Death Stranding isn't like other games and surely isn't for everyone.
  29. Nov 1, 2019
    A fresh new gameplay experience with breathtaking photorealistic yet surreal visuals, Death Stranding provides an experience that goes beyond the usual boundaries of videogames. Future developers may draw influence from the game’s redefined concept of terrain and its traversal.
  30. Nov 1, 2019
    Hideo Kojima has fully weaponized the walking simulator writing a love letter to the delivery service workers of our shipping and handling world. Death Stranding is about ending isolation, and does it so gracefully that I can't imagine it being done better than it's done here.
  31. Nov 1, 2019
    With Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima covers major themes such as the afterlife, parenthood, the connection between people and even climate change and the extinction of humanity. He portrays all of this in a fabulous and unique way. The core gameplay seems contradictory at first, but once it clicks, the concept offers infinite satisfaction.
  32. Nov 11, 2019
    Death Stranding will not be for everybody. It seems meticulously engineered for a pretty specific kind of nerd. My wife, for example, loves this game, and when she loves a game, she dumps hundreds of hours into it. Me? I merely like this game, and probably wouldn’t invest a bunch of time into it were it not for work. Of course, there will be people who won’t like the game at all; it will feel like a chore to them. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to determine whether or not Death Stranding is a game for you. I recommend experiencing it in some way, though, be it through a stream or a borrowed copy, because I think it will be talked about for years to come.
  33. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding screams Hideo Kojima in every single detail. If you are looking for a journey and an experience, something that you will hold dear for quite sometime, this is the game you have been waiting for. It may lack some variety in the quest design, but the asynchronous multiplayer and the depth of the storytelling are captivating.
  34. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is Kojima´s most personal game. A complex and emotional work of art, which is not adequate for everyone because of the slow pace and the unusual gameplay. But once you get it, it´s something you will never forget.
  35. Nov 1, 2019
    What I found as I journeyed cross country with Sam Porter Bridges is a game unlike anything else I’ve played. Its central mechanic is a monotonous, everyday piece of modern life, and somehow Kojima has managed to make that a very satisfying thing to do. At times that distracted me heavily from the storyline, and I think the midgame would have been more compelling if the story beats popped up more frequently. Still, the quality of the narrative is undeniable. Death Stranding is an outstanding title that ended up blowing away the expectations I wasn’t even aware of. For an auteur like Hideo Kojima, that sounds like an unequivocal success.
  36. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a new masterpiece from Hideo Kojima. You need to accept its slow and repetitive gameplay to appreciate the plot and the marvelous setting.
  37. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a game that takes risks. It’s s not afraid of being unique and manages to constantly surprise the player. In a time where AAA games follow the same formula over and over, Kojima chooses his own path with an adventure like no other, relying on gameplay never seen before and a fantastic narrative.
  38. Nov 6, 2019
    Death Stranding might not be for everyone, but Hideo Kojima delivers here a unique universe, where you sometimes feel like you’re one with the game. I love: the BB cries that induce a visceral reaction in me, the music, the gorgeous scenery and the fact that Kojima gives enough room to the story. I hate: Kojima’s lucubrations and the dubious product placement.
  39. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a remarkable experience. Full stop. It's the first game I've played where everything from the story to the gameplay work together as a truly cohesive product. The social online system is intriguing and works well, and I'm curious to see if this idea will be explored further in future games. Everything about Death Stranding feels organically interwoven, which makes the experience all the more impressive and enriching. That also means that not all parts of it are excellent. The delivery gameplay is good and occasionally great, but given its pacing and setup, it doesn't always serve the game well, especially given the low difficulty level. Setting aside those minor gripes, Death Stranding is a new and brave direction for a game, and it pays off in many ways. This may not be for everyone, but everyone should try it out if they have the chance.
  40. Nov 18, 2019
    For all of Death Stranding’s surrealness, the most powerful statement it winds up making is that this work is worthwhile, even at the bitter end.
  41. Nov 14, 2019
    Death Stranding isn’t a masterpiece; it doesn’t have the nuance or depth for that kind of lofty praise, but it does straddle the line between being just a video game and a tool that pulls people together. Death Stranding revels in the mundane and the simple joy of taking a hike while delivering packages from one place to another. It also has something to say about human nature and the resilience of our species, and while the message itself gets muddied in all the other overwrought filler that bogs down the game, it feels earnest, heartfelt, and genuine.
  42. Nov 7, 2019
    I have found the same joy and emotions in Death Stranding that I had experienced years ago after finishing MGS3. If you are willing to visit Kojima-land with all of its flaws, Death Stranding will become a true experience that will push you out of your comfort zone and stay with you for a long time to come.
  43. Nov 7, 2019
    What separates Death Stranding from full marks? Only its inaccessibility, but the reward for getting through its many layers is sweet beyond imagining - a brilliant story, incredibly varied gameplay and revolutionary asynchronous multiplayer. Keep pressing on. It’s well worth the trouble.
  44. Nov 2, 2019
    Death Stranding is unlike anything we have played before, despite it's obvious influences from previous Kojima games. And just as in his other works, there are a number of messages and meta discussions engraved in the experience, which certainly will again deter those who only want to play casually. No offense to that, but in the case of Death Stranding, it probably just makes the experience more difficult to digest. It requires a more open mind than other games. Partly because the story is a bit more overwhelming than usual, but also because the deliveries we actually have to make can feel repetitive if we lose the overall picture. For those who are still willing to try something new it's one of the most unique experiences in years. A journey that affects the entire emotional spectrum and that makes us reflect far beyond the final credits.
  45. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is the oddest AAA game I’ve played this year and I mean that as a compliment. Imagine the television show “Lost,” with its time-hopping story line about characters stuck on a mystical beach, crossed with the go-out-and make-things approach of “Minecraft” and you’ll get a sense of Kojima Productions’ peculiar title.
  46. Nov 1, 2019
    If Hideo Kojima’s non-conventional storytelling, flair for the cinematic, and fourth-wall-breaking silliness gets you out of bed every morning, then Death Stranding is going to appease, surprise, and maybe even delight.
  47. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding seeks to subvert the concept that we have of an open world, giving more importance to exploration and discovery. A game with a story that hits the primary emotions of the player, addressing existentialist themes as few games have accomplished to do.
  48. In the end, it might not be what we do in Death Stranding so much as the ideas that underlie the experience that make it so engaging, and make us so willing to overlook the elements that don’t quite work. Its grand — and timely — vision of how to unify a broken country; its take on killing only as a last resort; even its commentary on our culture’s growing reliance on having the world delivered to our doors. Kojima has given us lots to chew on.
  49. Nov 1, 2019
    A hiking simulation you'll want to keep playing because of the unique stealth experience, a social element and a crazy but epic story that grips its claws into your mind. Not for everyone, but once you get sucked in, you'll get the experiences of the year. Yes, in plural.
  50. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a hard game to absorb. There are many intertwining threads to its plot, and silly names, corny moments, and heavy exposition belie an otherwise very simple message. That comes through much more clearly in the game's more mundane moments, when you find a desperately-needed ladder left behind by another player or receive a letter from an NPC thanking you for your efforts. It's positive without ignoring pain; in fact, it argues in both its story and its gameplay that adversity itself is what makes things worth doing and life worth living. It's a game that requires patience, compassion, and love, and it's also one we really need right now.
  51. Nov 1, 2019
    I don’t think it’s fair to compare it to “blockbuster” releases pumped out by studios primarily interested in rushing out their next iteration year after year. Talking about Death Stranding requires a much different approach, and an understanding that many games don’t ask of their players. It feels like it’s on another level entirely, one that many developers haven’t reached or simply won’t.
  52. Nov 1, 2019
    Kojima’s latest creation is unique, perhaps even too unique. You’re essentially playing a courier, but an intriguing plot and phenomenally designed open world conspire to keep things interesting. Death Stranding may not be a perfect experience, but it comes pretty damn close.
  53. Nov 1, 2019
    An experiment extraordinaire, Death Stranding is a game like no other. Full of repetition and lengthy chores, yet ingenious and philosophical in its own accord. It is a sight to behold, and something you have to dedicate your whole month if you want to witness its true potential.
  54. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a very weird game that amazes us with its narrative, complex lore and atmosphere, but falls short of expectations with it's wacky rhythm and it's dull gameplay.
  55. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is an ambitious game, filled with so many different mechanics and ideas that almost always work well together. The story and acting is fantastic, and its visuals are a thing of beauty, not to mention the powerful soundtrack.
  56. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is one of those epic games where you reach the ending after many, many hours and you have the sense that you played something unique, fresh and a game that could be a comparative point for other games to come. Kojima reaffirms our acknowledgment for his talent of creating engrossing worlds, both in terms of lore and visuals, with well-designed gameplay. What drags it down from a higher grade is its overreliance in, basically, one quest type and the utterly derivative action sequences (thankfully not many of them).
  57. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding succeeds in touching all the right strings, combining simple gameplay in concept, but exceptionally multifaceted in execution, to a registically impeccable narrative, with the right balance between innovation, quotationism and self-titling. This is a game that’s certainly not for everyone, also due to the lack of a “traditional” multiplayer component, but it's able to leave a timeless mark on the player.
  58. Nov 1, 2019
    Death stranding is as peculiar as extraordinary. Playing it is a precious and worthwhile experience, making the game one of the best of its generation.
  59. Nov 1, 2019
    An idiosyncratic but outstanding game that entertains with fresh ideas, a crazy story and star power.
  60. 88
    Death Stranding is a good game, as well as the most ambitious work born from the mind of Hideo Kojima. It's not perfect, but successfully captures the player in a dark and fragmented world, so it's really worth fighting for.
  61. Nov 1, 2019
    Kojima has done it again. Death Stranding presents an exciting story full of plot twists that are truly amazing. The game has one of the most interesting exploration systems we've ever seen and its way of connecting the community is very interesting. It wont leave anybody indifferent.
  62. CD-Action
    Nov 22, 2019
    Although it’s lacking in certain parts of the overall experience, Kojima’s latest seems like a middle finger shown to the portion of the industry which seems to have lost the capability to design an open world game without RPG elements and a ‘service’ component. [13/2019, p.34]
  63. Nov 10, 2019
    Death Stranding’s core gameplay mechanics will not appeal to everyone. What I found to be dull and monotonous at times, others will find relaxing and rewarding. It’s rare for a game with such a big push, such a huge marketing presence, to be so niche in its design. However, if you have the patience to trudge through this long journey, you won’t be disappointed.
  64. Nov 1, 2019
    Despite having a well-designed and quite addictive gameplay loop, a great story with a powerful ending, Death Stranding falls shorts in key areas. With a long and lethargic pacing, players will turn away, and then, it’s lack of difficulty will surely seal the deal to leave this adventure for later.
  65. Nov 1, 2019
    While not for everyone, Death Stranding still is a breathtaking experience thanks to a beautiful world filled to the brim with amazing characters. The gameplay lacks some variety in some ways, yet with such an amazing story you just want to keep playing. The same thing applies for the stealth-sections which are some of the best Kojima has ever created.
  66. Nov 12, 2019
    Death Stranding isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for a neat experimental exploration of the fetch quest, you’ll enjoy it. If you are looking for something more traditional, though, you should probably look elsewhere.
  67. 80
    This game does manage to be fun, even if it is one of the heaviest experiences of 2019. Everything from story to gameplay is begging to be dissected, filled with imagery and symbolism -- just like so many Kojima games before this one. Entering Death Stranding, it’s likely that we all thought Kojima’s calling card was lengthy cutscenes and stealth and action gameplay.
  68. Nov 24, 2019
    Death Stranding has its fair share of gameplay issues but also boasts more heart and a willingness to take chances than any other game in years.
  69. Nov 21, 2019
    Death Stranding might be the most unique AAA game of the generation, with an addictive core gameplay loop that manages to combine a new concept with tried-and-true design philosophies, and a story that - while messy - has a sweet emotional core that’s likely to stick with players long after the credits roll.
  70. Nov 20, 2019
    Overall, Death Stranding is a good game but not quite something that I’d really recommend. Yet, at the same time, Death Stranding is still an incredibly unique game and worth having a go at if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.
  71. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 18, 2019
    A lengthy open world experience that manages to evolve constantly instead of becoming dull and repetitive, and a unique online experience that needs to be played to be believed. Get out there and get yourself connected. [Issue#169, p.76]
  72. Nov 7, 2019
    Its sometimes highfalutin story may not be for everyone, and the gameplay will undoubtedly turn some away. However, if you can get into the weirdly zen-like groove of Death Stranding, with its enticing world and deep lore, you may very well find it to be a wholly unique journey you'll end up loving every step of.
  73. Nov 1, 2019
    A meditative game, with a strange pace and far from the the usual blockbuster. Intriguing and unique, but with some structural problems that tamper its potential.
  74. Death Stranding is a game that focuses on the journey rather than the goal. If you are looking for a different and unique adventure, you should try Death Stranding.
  75. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is filled with things that must be seen, a sprawling, genre-spanning sci-fi adventure from a developer like no other. It's tackier clumps of writing and stunt casting seem overwrought, but its direction and its stars shine brightest.
  76. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is an easy, easy game to complain about or even be angry at, but it's also a lot more fascinating than many other, more conservative works.
  77. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding starts off at a poor pace but eventually blossoms into a captivating tale with intriguing themes, solidified by compelling performances and an eventually satisfying pace to its gameplay. Not all of its systems mesh comfortably, but there’s enough here to drive you towards the eventual poignant conclusion.
  78. Nov 1, 2019
    Above all, Death Stranding is a sermon on the importance of belief. The power of putting one foot in front of another when hope looks lost, in the belief that things will get better. By working together, a series of small intentional steps can make a difference, and in this often fractured, angry and confusing world; that’s as hopeful as it gets.
  79. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a weird game that I could not stop thinking about while reviewing it. It has plenty of sluggishness to it. Sometimes I never wanted to play it again, but once that back half hit I was enthralled. There were times I couldn’t wait to play it. I spent over 50 hours in this game and eventually I want to spend more. Kojima and his team have crafted something that truly feels unique, for better or worse. It is hard to compare it to anything else, but that doesn’t always mean it was fun. Not everyone will adore this game, but I guarantee no one will ever be able to forget it either.
  80. 80
    Hideo Kojima has long been a visionary auteur, his feted career stands as proof. With no walls to contain him, he has given birth to Death Stranding. It's an experience that will be remembered for a long time, from its early hype to the untethered lunacy of its narrative. It's an art installation of a game that filled me with rage as often as it did joy. It is sweeping in both lustre and purpose, though it wears a few warts on the pleasant, bare bones of a game about deliveries that has no right to be as memorable as it somehow is.
  81. 80
    Death Standing proves itself as a unique, palpable new IP, filled with rich storytelling both in narrative and gameplay. The beginning of the game suffers from long gaps of time intended for learning the ropes, but the ship rights itself once it finally turns the corner. Despite that with a handful of missteps, a deep, potent message of coming together rings through every aspect of Death Stranding that dazzles the game as a whole. If you give it the time, Death Stranding will offer you something most games never do.
  82. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is, first of all, a game which, tries, experiments, and is full of ideas. Playing the role of the lonely Sam Porter Bridges, the player is connected with everyone else thanks to a clever system of collaboration, which works really well thanks to a thoughtful game design. But to enjoy the long run through what seems to be the most beautiful Iceland landscape, you will have to go through a thick, complex and most of all tedious story, which seems to never know when to stop, or being simply essential.
  83. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is not the overly-strange inaccessible walled garden the marketing campaign has made it out to be.
  84. 80
    Death Stranding is equal parts amazing and exasperating. It features stellar acting, graphics, and sound. It’s a revelation in many of its gameplay mechanics, while also relying on typically frustrating things like fetch quests and inventory management. What it does without exception though is meld the gameplay with the message, creating something truly unique in the end.
  85. Nov 18, 2019
    A courier job in real life is not very diverse or addictive, and it seemed that an attempt to build the entirety of its gameplay on such a routine was doomed to failure from the very beginning. But Hideo Kojima managed to turn not the most interesting occupation in the world into a pretty immersive experience with a caustic satire on a modern society, bogged down on the Internet and obsessed with likes on Instagram. However, Death Stranding is too inconsistent a game to be unconditionally recommended to everyone. The question is whether you can avert your eyes from the many flaws in the gameplay in order to become part of this bold experiment.
  86. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding’s attention to the real may make it difficult to enjoy, but it is undeniably an experience that will both scourge and soothe the heart.
  87. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Jan 14, 2020
    A lot of interesting mechanics were implemented, but ultimately left stranded by tedious core gameplay. [Issue#242, p.44]
  88. With intensely interesting lore and characters, an awe-inspiring aesthetic and one of the most mind-crushingly dull gameplay loops I've ever experienced in a high-budget video game, Hideo Kojima's supernatural epic is pretentious and profound, filled with tedium and terrifying wonder.
  89. Nov 5, 2019
    Death Stranding is not a game for every type of player. Its special but repetitive and sometimes outright boring gameplay will make you either love it or stay away from it like fire (or BT). If you have weeks or even months of free time, Death Stranding is the game for you. Otherwise, it’s better to invest it on a real trip with less cargo and no babies.
  90. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is The Tree of Life of videogames. Some people will hail it as a technical and narrative masterpiece that pushes the medium forward. Others will simply be bored to tears by the slow, repetitive gameplay. Both takes are valid. Death Stranding is a bold project that’s sure to be as divisive as the political anxiety it’s commenting on. It won’t change the minds of Kojima detractors who think he should just make movies, but the game’s thoughtful social components showcase why he still plays such a vital role in the games industry.
  91. Nov 1, 2019
    The real issue is that Death Stranding’s gameplay really is as simple as it appears to be, and the elements around it – the story, combat, and lackluster mission objectives – aren’t satisfying enough to anchor the title and get players invested.
  92. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding might be Kojima's boldest game to date. It may also be his most tedious. Either way, its originality outweighs its sometimes exhausting structure and poor pacing... but only just. Maybe not a game I would recommend to everyone, but certainly one of the most interesting games of 2019.
  93. Nov 1, 2019
    We will all remember Death Stranding, the game that was brave enough to oppose the norm. But in the end, it falls a victim to its high ambition as it struggles plenty due to numerous pivotal decisions in storytelling and gameplay.
  94. 70
    A work of unbridled ambition and imagination but also a pretentious, contrived, and frequently quite dull gameplay experience - Death Stranding is peak Hideo Kojima.
  95. Nov 1, 2019
    If Death Stranding wasn’t so padded out it could have been something special; instead, we’re left with a repetitive letdown that’s far more enjoyable to watch than play.
  96. Nov 1, 2019
    Kojima’s mysterious would be epic has its moments but can’t carry the weight of expectation.
  97. Nov 1, 2019
    There is a fascinating, fleshed-out world of supernatural science fiction to enjoy across its sprawling and spectacular map, so it’s a real shame that it’s all been saddled on a gameplay backbone that struggles to adequately support its weight over the full course of the journey.
  98. Nov 18, 2019
    Death Stranding is less like a masterwork from a newly liberated veteran, and feels more like a debut effort of an imaginative and yet still unrefined game creator. Its convoluted story is propped up by a solid cast, and the very dull gameplay is just helped along by the well implemented multiplayer. It will only really appeal to fans of a very specific game subgenre, or those who enjoy unbridled narratives.
  99. Nov 15, 2019
    In the end, there is much to like about Death Stranding, and I can’t stress enough how much I loved rebuilding America with thousands of concurrent players — that spirit of cooperation was magical. It’s just tragic that the core gameplay loop was let down by dodgy combat scenarios and a listless, meandering story. Death Stranding is still one of the most memorable gaming experiences I’ve had in a while and I certainly don’t regret playing it, but I can’t rate it higher when it whiffs so hard on so many areas that needed more focus.
  100. Edge Magazine
    Jan 3, 2020
    There is, after all, something quietly revelatory about a big-budget videogame that has as much in common with the work of Bennett Foddy as Ubisoft's boilerplate sandboxes. Far from a masterpiece, then, but Kojima's first post-Konami release HAS laid the foundations for something greater. Which is fitting, since that's what he's had us doing for 60-odd hours. [Issue#341, p.102]
  101. Dec 15, 2019
    If Death Stranding were a movie, it undoubtedly would have been a hit, which is a good sign for Kojima Productions’ move into the cinematic space. Though the video game has enough spectacular moments to earn a passing grade, the amount of downtime keeps it from receiving a glowing recommendation.
  102. Dec 5, 2019
    I wanted to like Death Stranding. I'm a big fan of Kojima's previous games and I enjoy them for the mishmash of ideas they always are, and in theory I've no problem with playing a delivery man (I've put far too many hours into Euro Truck Simulator), but this game drowns its exciting systems and ideas with a messy execution and dragged out campaign. By stretching it out to such a long playtime, you can't escape Death Stranding's weaknesses - repetitive missions, simple combat, and a badly told story.
  103. Nov 26, 2019
    I have to give credit to Hideo Kojima for trying to make something different. For me it didn’t pay off, but I did feel there were moments of brilliance here and there. Death Stranding is an ambitious game, but it’s also one that’s self-indulgent and overwrought. With better pacing and the excising of some of its less flattering content and features, Death Stranding could have been something special. As it is, however, it’s just a slog that ultimately turns around and spits in your face.
  104. Nov 8, 2019
    Perhaps the most interesting part of Death Stranding's legacy will be the fascinating and barmy hype train we've all been riding for the last few years. It's certainly been a fun ride, but the destination wasn't worth the wait.
  105. Nov 1, 2019
    If you do manage to hold out, you will be rewarded with flashes of brilliance, it’s just that those flashes are buried as deep as the core story is buried in the endless dialogue.
  106. Nov 1, 2019
    I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to all but the most rabid fans of Hideo Kojima's work. And even then, I feel like this game may cause some of them to balk and question their devotion. It pains me to say it, but Konami may have been a necessary evil for him, a check and balance against his crazier, more self-indulgent impulses.
  107. Nov 1, 2019
    A bloated, showy post-apocalyptic melodrama that makes a meal of some engrossing mechanics and themes.
  108. 50
    There is a lot to love about Death Stranding, it’s just whether players are willing to slog through the strains of fetch quests and collect-a-thons in the process to get to moments of genuine satisfaction.
  109. Nov 15, 2019
    There's no reward for pushing through the tedium, and one's free time would be better spent with most any other game. That being said, Death Stranding's social systems really are brilliant, and hopefully we can see the concept expanded on in future games.
  110. Nov 6, 2019
    Kojima's first post-Konami project is a bizarre, self-indulgent mess that never quite manages to tie its myriad pieces together.
  111. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is an irredeemable piece of garbage that should serve as a warning to publishers who give developers carte blanche to create ‘art’.
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  1. Nov 1, 2019
    Try it if you want all the Metal Gear ridiculousness and overwrought drama with none of the stealth-action thrills.
  2. Nov 11, 2019
    I am so glad Death Stranding exists. It’s serenely beautiful and conceptually fascinating, while also being frequently tedious and at worst, completely laborious...An experience of visual wonder and quite incredible ideas; an impossible elevator pitch, somehow brought to fruition; something that you have to experience for yourself, just to see if you like it. All brought down by the underpinnings of a game isn’t refined enough in its core mechanics or coherent enough in its narrative delivery to justify the hubristic run-time.
  3. Nov 1, 2019
    Hideo Kojma's first post-Metal Gear game is a messy, indulgent vanity project - but also a true original. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  4. Nov 1, 2019
    Every inch of Death Stranding teems with meaning or implication. Even the stupidest and most pretentious developments build to create a multi-layered game, one with numerous potential points of attack to analyze. It is a story about fatherhood. It is a broad dig at the gig economy. It is deeply concerned with upcoming environmental disaster and American politics, old and new.
  5. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding builds a complex and surreal world, and it's hard not to marvel at the way it all comes together.
  6. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding feels like two games in one, designed for seemingly opposite audiences. One is a wholly unique open-world adventure with asynchronous cooperative multiplayer that allows me to feel like I’m part of a community, building a world from scratch. And the other is a long, confusing, deeply strange movie. The former is pulling most of the weight, but they share equal screen time. And, like a steamer trunk full of sperm, it’s impossible to separate the good from the bad. It’s all in the same box.
  7. Nov 1, 2019
    Death Stranding is a game that demands to be argued over and analyzed for years. It starts rough, and then gets better and better as it goes along, culminating in an ending that is both hugely important to its universe, and also very small and personal to Sam. It has big ideas for things it wants to say, and then it layers them in with heavy-handed messages about togetherness and bonding with your fellow man.
  8. Nov 11, 2019
    It's wonderful that Hideo Kojima gets to do whatever he wants to do. It's equally wonderful that I can do whatever I want to do, and what I did was stop playing his game...Death Stranding is a hassle. A slow, monotonous, fiddly, irritating hassle. It's pure indulgence, every whimsical fancy that crossed the studio's minds has been tossed in without regard for the player's time or the gameplay experience.
  9. Nov 1, 2019
    To fully embrace Death Stranding, you have to let go of that desire to know everything. Much like watching Lost or playing pretty much any JRPG, the overall narrative is just a means to an end. It’s a setup for creating dramatic, emotional moments. It’s not always easy to get to those moments, and you’ll have to suspend your disbelief quite often to fully enjoy them, but for a certain kind of player, that long, exhausting journey will be worth the effort.
  10. Nov 8, 2019
    I’ve never played anything like Death Stranding, and I doubt I ever will again. That alone is worth the $60 price tag.
  11. Nov 1, 2019
    A thoughtful and gorgeous game of work and exploration, held back by lackluster action sequences.
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  1. Nov 9, 2019
    Definitely a waste of $. Good graphics and odd cinematic, but everything else is boring and stupidly over complex. You'll spend more timeDefinitely a waste of $. Good graphics and odd cinematic, but everything else is boring and stupidly over complex. You'll spend more time managing inventory and traversing overly detailed, poorly explained menus than you will actually doing something other than hold R2 or L2 to walk. The idea of different terrain aspects impeding your traversal is interesting, but Kojima doesn't do anything else with it other than make playing the game frustrating. So much with potential, yet the worse possible execution. This game seems more like a money grab so he can start his career making cheesy movies.

    The scenery is essentially 1 color pallet per region of the same things; funky terrain in green, magenta, grey, or white. I never knew the US had so many mountains... Many of the predetermined animations for movements locks your character into a path even when you try to change directions. This leads to janky movements, odd traversal, and stupid collisions that could have been easily avoided. The world is really empty, beyond the idea of feeling alone. You never run into other couriers, even though they say they're out there. There's a deer in the opening cutscene, but there are literally no animals in the game. There was more to the world in MGSV than there is here!

    In terms of NPCs, there are "characters" in the game that you'll experience through cutscenes, but there's no one to actually interact with beyond holograms of people holed up in a random bunker. the game tries to convey a sense of being alone, but you're constantly interrupted by everyone chiming in. I guess it was too hard to animate actual interactions with NPCs. If it weren't for the few predetermined cutscene/encounters, all of the enemies could be easily avoided and overcome. The enemy AI is near non-existent, even on hard. Pretty much the entirety of quests are all the same overall; be a delivery man. Yes, there are some unique "challenges", such as not getting an item wet, or keeping it "flat". However, it's still the same crap over and over again. Very little variation, which is disappointing and adds to the tedium. Don't expect any unique quests or side storylines.

    Overall, the game get kudos for its rendering of mossy rocks and always shiny looking skin. The story is just so cheesy, and not in an artistic way. If this game didn't have the Kojima name behind it or essentially a Sony console exclusive, it wouldn't have gotten any attention. The hype was fake with this one! Keep your money and buy a game from developers that actually care about their customers.
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  2. Nov 8, 2019
    Is a very monotonous game, it has great music and world detail, but no more. The story is compelling but not enough to compensate for theIs a very monotonous game, it has great music and world detail, but no more. The story is compelling but not enough to compensate for the immense boredom. Full Review »
  3. Nov 9, 2019
    The trailers for this game sold me the idea of something awesome, like a spiritual succesor to Metal Gear....
    12 hours on this "game"... and
    The trailers for this game sold me the idea of something awesome, like a spiritual succesor to Metal Gear....
    12 hours on this "game"... and is all about walking and delivering all those packages...
    Clumsy mechanics... same repetitive action... fights or action sequences are extremely infrequent... It doesn't give me any excitement to keep playing. The graphics are nice, and the story seems interesting at best... but that's as far as good things go.
    For me is a total waste of money that I could have saved for some better game.
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