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  • Summary: Demon Synergy: As the Demon Gazer, turn foes to allies and power them up using the Trance Demon Mode, or fuse with them using the Demon's Cross.
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. 90
    Demon Gaze II is only one or two tiny steps away from breaking away from its genre trappings to be a game that is so good that people who don’t usually like the dungeon crawlers should give it a play. The developer has done a great job in making the game more accessible (while still leaving plenty of ultra-difficult stuff there for the really committed), and the art direction for the characters and monsters is so vivid and vibrant that you can’t help but admire them.
  2. Nov 7, 2017
    Dungeon crawlers aren’t for everyone, but Demon Gaze II is the perfect place to start for players who have yet to try out the genre.
  3. 80
    Demon Gaze II offers a friendlier introduction to the first person dungeon crawler than most. More story and less customisation will upset some but the colourful characters and enjoyable gameplay loop will win over new players.
  4. Nov 25, 2017
    If you like the original, this sequel delivers exactly what you expect: more and better content. A good title that never gets to shine.
  5. Nov 7, 2017
    Demon Gaze II deviates from its predecessor in ways that makes the game a little bit easier to get into if you not typically into dungeon crawlers. While some of the more frustrating elements of the original game have been eliminated, it also leads to a game that is somewhat more bland as a result. Still, Demon Gaze II is an otherwise effective dungeon crawler that is worth a look for both genre veterans and newcomers.
  6. Nov 21, 2017
    It's better than its predecessor, but Demon Gaze II fails to make a lasting impression. The main culprits are the mediocre graphics and clichéd storyline. These flaws aren't gamebreaking, but they're serious enough to consider spending your hard-earned money elsewhere.
  7. Nov 7, 2017
    Demon Gaze 2 expands and improves on everything from the first game, but when the first game was the video game equivalent of 3am fast food, though, those improvements don’t amount to a ground-breaking new title in the genre. Demon Gaze 2 is just a fairly decent, quirky JRPG.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 3
  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
  1. Jan 2, 2021
    Not as good as the first game in terms of characters, story, and balancing especially when they used preset characters this time.

    But overall
    Not as good as the first game in terms of characters, story, and balancing especially when they used preset characters this time.

    But overall it's still worth playing since this one have a lot more content, better dungeon design, and some new combat features compared to the first game. Though playing the first one before would probably makes you enjoy the postgame content even more.
  2. Apr 6, 2021
    Waifu dungeon crawling. This game is packed with content from gaining waifu allies, making connections with them, there's the main campaignWaifu dungeon crawling. This game is packed with content from gaining waifu allies, making connections with them, there's the main campaign which I feel tells a really good and different kind of story than what I'm used to seeing, theres a post-game campaign, and plenty of dungeons to explore and grind through. I'm not a dungeon crawler expert, but for what I experienced I had a good time with it, that story especially. My biggest complaint is level grinding felt like a massive chore. I never really found a true and reliable way to grind for levels so I went with whatever I could come up with which made it feel tedious and kept putting me to sleep Expand
  3. Sep 27, 2018
    My review score is for the main story section of the game and not the post-story content. I played through the main story on theMy review score is for the main story section of the game and not the post-story content. I played through the main story on the next-to-highest difficulty level.

    I started out with low expectations because I recently played Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls. Wow, Demon Gaze II is much better.

    In case you don't know what type of game this is: you go into dungeons first-person style and you move one square at a time, with the game automatically mapping dungeon tiles that you pass through. One of the main appeals of games like this is the actual mapping of dungeons (for those of us who used to do this on graph paper in the 80's and early 90's).

    The story is above-average and gives you a great reason to continue going into the various dungeons. It's well written, isn't full of plot holes, and is relatively interesting. It's light-hearted, but with moments of darkness here and there. It's reminiscent of the typical interesting anime story. It's not at all amazing or masterpiece-worthy, but the last few scenes (of the main story) might make you tear up. The various dungeons also have a good number of events and side-stories to keep your dungeon-crawling interesting.

    The combat is turn-based and group-based, where you chose commands for your five party members, and then they play out along with the enemy actions. During the main story, I always had enough options available to effectively progress through the fights. And when I died, I just needed to rethink my strategy instead of grinding levels or gear. Surprisingly, I never needed to grind for anything at the next-to-highest difficulty during the main story. Simply mapping the entirety of the dungeons and partaking in extra events was enough to get the gear and levels I needed.

    Unlike other DRPGs, you can't create your own characters. Instead, you recruit set characters as you progress through the game. The benefit to this is that each character has their own story that you can see by playing a touching minigame, which also unlocks abilities for that character. I should mention that the game has a few perverse elements, primarily some character portraits, enemy portraits, the touching minigame, and a few of the character side stories.

    There was enough character variety that I had no problems creating the party I wanted and changing it when needed to suit my strategy. Characters not in your party don't level up with you, but they level up relatively quickly after joining.

    Equipment variety is great. There's plenty of different weapons and armor. There's a basic upgrade system where you can upgrade the attack on weapons or defense on armor. Because of the equipment variety, you'll frequently get different pieces of equipment that are slightly different, but different enough for you to easily choose one over the other for your chosen character build. There's no obvious set of ultimate gear - just about anything works as long as it fits your strategy.

    The game is long. I took me about 55 hours to get through the main story (mapping the full dungeons along the way), and that's without grinding. It took me another 35 hours to get to the final boss of the post-game dungeon.

    The only issues I had with the game are:

    - Magic users are weak until late-game, primarily due to a lack of MP. By the time you get to end-game, you might decide that it's more cost effective to use physical damage dealers, as their skills do more damage than most spells and cost nothing.
    - The overall ascetic is too cartoony and bright for me. I prefer my DRPGs to be dark in tone, story, and atmosphere. I was able to easily get used to this since the rest of the game is great.
    - The primary post-game dungeon:

    It's a huge grind. I was all ready to get the best gear and level my characters until they got their ultimate skills, but I quickly realized that post game dungeon is much harder than the standard game. I changed the difficulty to the lowest setting it would allow (middle setting), but it was still harder than the standard game and required me to grind for gear at a few points.

    And there's hardly any post-game story. It's basically: go into this dungeon and kill the last boss. It took me 35 hours to get to the last boss, and I estimated it would take 5-10 more hours of grinding to be able to beat the last boss. After grinding for katanas and getting 80 of them that weren't as good as what I already had, I realized that it wasn't any fun and quit.

    But don't judge this game on it's post-story content. It's a great game that has something for all DRPG fans: Good story, good mechanics, lots of dungeons to explore, and grinding.