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  1. Positive: 5 out of 23
  2. Negative: 2 out of 23
  1. Jun 18, 2020
    From the graphics to the gameplay, Disintegration breathes new life into the first-person shooter genre. The first-person shooter and real-time strategy elements mix nicely and the story will grab your attention early on. Disintegration is a solid new IP that will hopefully grow with future installments, should V1 Interactive choose to expand on this universe.
  2. Jun 11, 2020
    Disintegration is what every debut work from a newly founded studio should be: a commitment to creating something new that also respects the most classic mechanics of two well-differentiated genres. But, best of all, Disintegration it's the special feeling that V1 Interactive has discovered something unique: a genre that I didn't know I needed until I played through it.
  3. Jun 25, 2020
    Disintegration's main draws are the intriguing story and unique gameplay, that make it transcend the boundaries we'd normally associate with genre. If not for some minor flaws - like an overabundance of invisible walls and mediocre AI - it would receive an even higher score.
  4. Jun 10, 2020
    Disintegration is probably THE hidden gem of 2020. Yes, some aspects are quite generic, like the story and the sound presentation, but the beautiful visual aspect and the spectacular gameplay make this experience one of the most interesting this year.
  5. Jul 1, 2020
    Disintegration absolutely nails the idea of managing a squad and blasting away at the opposition from within your high anti-gravity horse, but some rough edges in the multiplayer department derails this ambitious concept before it can truly stand out from the pack.
  6. Jul 9, 2020
    By blending FPS and RTS mechanics, Disintegration carves out its own niche but despite a promising world and engaging multiplayer, the main action is often undercut by a generic campaign.
  7. Jun 14, 2020
    It offers a distinct personality and really attractive challenges, but it needs a little more variety and a more balanced gameplay.
  8. Jun 23, 2020
    I really want to love Disintegration - even if it's just for it's originality, satisfying robot shooting and for the fact that it can be played in single player - but the final product is just not as original as that it wants to be. With a stronger focus on the graycycle-action and without all the unnecessary RTS-elements, an potential follow-up might be hit.
  9. Jun 11, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  10. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jul 30, 2020
    Neither a remarkable FPS nor RTS, it’s nevertheless fun to zoom around in multiplayer with your gunships blasting away. And sometimes, that’s okay. But it’s never really more than okay. [Issue#178, p.78]
  11. Jun 19, 2020
    Disintegration falls somewhere between its spiritual forefather and the potential it could have achieved. Neither single-player nor multiplayer is satisfying enough to guarantee staying power in the ruthless battle for gamers’ souls.
  12. Jun 18, 2020
    Unfortunately, Disintegration failed in mixing shooter with tactical strategy, and while the concept of the game seems appealing, it's too shallow to be considered a great title.
  13. Jun 17, 2020
    I came away from Disintegration with a feeling of total apathy. There's nothing truly terrible and there's nothing really exceptional. Even if its multiplayer is mildly popular, it's certainly not going to be the next Halo. It's an ambitious project that has some original ideas which could allow it to stand out from other shooters, but in the end, Disintegration fails to be anything more than another title to add to the ever-growing pile of generic science fiction games.
  14. 60
    Disintegration's blend of FPS and RTS is an interesting one, but unfortunately it fails to fully deliver on both. It's a competent game and can be fun at times, but most of its mechanics fail to work in the simplest of ways. Maybe with a little, more time Disintegration could have been something special.
  15. Jun 10, 2020
    Despite all the game's flaws,they've created something new, and it works. There's a world and a concept here that has the potential to deliver something truly epic - and the gameplay itself, when it's at its best, is pretty damn great. There are lessons the team will have learned in making Disintegration, and I hope they get the opportunity to grow as a studio and create a truly special sequel. The potential is there.
  16. Jun 10, 2020
    Those looking for a more solid FPS might want to look elsewhere, but it’s a fine alternative to the team shooter, where you can have the camaraderie without the people.
  17. Jun 19, 2020
    Disintegration is a dull experiment. Taking shallow replicas of two genres and squeezing them together results in a largely forgettable game that can hardly even be considered a curiosity. The technical issues and average presentation don't help matters.
  18. Jun 17, 2020
    The flaws in Disintegration’s execution are easy to spot. Restrictive level design and a limp narrative hamper the single-player, while the multiplayer suffers from a dearth of content and no way to make the squad combat sing. Perhaps a sequel could expand on the genuinely good ideas V1 has brought to the FPS table. Disintegration is an interesting genre blend that ultimately falls short.
  19. Jun 16, 2020
    Disintegration is a tactical FPS with good ideas, but a poor execution.
  20. Jun 11, 2020
    Disintegration is a hybrid between FPS and RTS that ultimately fails to deliver a satisfying experience on both ends. Its uninspired singleplayer campaign is filled with technical issues during cinematics and during missions. I never felt like I was having fun while playing the same type of objectives over and over again. Not even the somewhat decent multiplayer modes can save Disintegration from falling short of its expectations.
  21. Jun 10, 2020
    How ironic that a game that purports to be about fighting against conformity ends up giving in to a stultifying homogeneity.
  22. Jun 15, 2020
    An interesting mix of first person shooter and real-time strategy, from the co-creator of Halo, but the chalk and cheese mix of gameplay elements never really gels.
  23. Jun 10, 2020
    While Disintegration promises a fresh take on the sci-fi FPS genre, it delivers an underwhelming experience with an incoherent storyline.
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  1. Jun 10, 2020
    While the gameplay in Disintegration is really interesting, the game's plot never felt like it lived up to its promise.
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  1. Jun 17, 2020
    Disintegration is something different in the over saturated FPS market. It skillfully combines squad management and first person gunplay toDisintegration is something different in the over saturated FPS market. It skillfully combines squad management and first person gunplay to create a satisfying cerebral experience for the player. While the strategy elements are nowhere as deep as what you’ll find in an RTS; they strike a nice balance between plentiful and streamlined and you can effectively multitask in the heat of intense sci-fi firefights. Issuing commands, shooting and dodging incoming fire, healing teammates, scanning the environment, and using special ordinance abilities all simultaneously puts you in a zen like flow state. This is a tough game to compare to others but I’d say if you like the ability multitasking of Doom Eternal and the light but fluid squad tactics of Star Wars Republic Commando than this will be your jam. Just make sure you play on a high difficulty setting. Full Review »
  2. Jul 30, 2020
    Very disappointing. The game is available for free at XBox Gold and I started the campaign.
    You direct two people through the map and you can
    Very disappointing. The game is available for free at XBox Gold and I started the campaign.
    You direct two people through the map and you can only give support from above. The map has the well-known hose levels.
    It is as boring as it sounds.
    Full Review »
  3. Jun 20, 2020
    An attempt at something different but fails at launch with dead multiplayer, subpar graphics, stale gameplay and an assortment of ideas gone wrong.