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  1. Mar 24, 2020
    Doom Eternal has a lot in common with Doom 2. Both could never dream of matching the surprise or legacy of their immediate predecessor, but they each confidently expand on the historic foundations those games set. Using fast-paced first-person shooting as the framework, each sequel has wildly improved level design, a wider selection of demons to massacre, and a larger arsenal that come together to refine its core identity in the smartest, most respectful ways possible. However, Eternal is more ambitious than its 1994 counterpart, pushing even further and creating one of the best first-person shooters ever made in the process. The Doom Slayer has faced many nightmarish opponents and toppled them all, yet his greatest victory might be slaying the impossibly high expectations set by his genre-defining precursors.
  2. 100
    Id Software takes all of the elements that made the previous 2016 entry a great FPS and turned everything up to eleven. The action has never been faster, more violent or as fun to play as this. Doom Eternal is not just a great FPS or a standout sequel, It's a pinnacle of what the genre has to offer.
  3. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal doesn't just set the bar, it breaks it. Many of the best games of the FPS genre do what has already been done, and can do it really, really well, but Doom Eternal does what no other game has done before, crafting a fast-paced power fantasy that sets your brain cells on fire. It's an addictive exploration of the mythic Doomslayer character that delivers hours of blood-drenched fun, dozens of memorable collectibles, and a fan-pleasing story book-ended with gorgeous worlds and unforgettable music. Doom Eternal is a ripping, tearing masterpiece.
  4. Mar 17, 2020
    97 GoldenEye 007, Half-Life, Halo: Combat Evolved. Hell, DOOM (2016). DOOM Eternal is, in my professional opinion, the new best first-person shooter of all time.
  5. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal cranks the dial to 11, throws gas on the fire, puts the pedal to the metal. Pick any cliche metaphor you want: Doom Eternal holds its slayer horns high and proud, refining just about everything Doom 2016 did well. It’s tense, frantic, and absolutely transcendent. Doom Eternal is metal as f***.
  6. Apr 2, 2020
    DOOM Eternal follows in the footsteps of a storied gaming lineage. id Software has done an incredible job at putting care into this series since it was revitalized in 2016. Any player who considers themselves a fan of first-person shooters will immensely love DOOM Eternal because it pays tribute to the genre’s roots and how it has grown over the past three decades. Though it may feel brutal, smearing the entrails of thousands of horrifying hellspawn with a powerful arsenal is one of gaming’s best rewards. Don’t hesitate on this one.
  7. Mar 23, 2020
    Doom Eternal is not only a superb shooter, but carries the DNA of some of the best works by Id Software, and takes the studio back to the good old days of the 90s.
  8. 95
    DOOM Eternal is simply a really good game. It provides players with a brutal and extreme power fantasy while also presenting a challenge, a tightrope act of balancing that few games can ever accomplish with a masterful hand. There’s an almost tactical feel to the encounters as you manage health, shields, ammo, and movement around the arena, yet those tactics never slow the pace of gameplay. It’s got a solid single-player campaign that somehow weaves in engaging live-service elements that serve to enhance the experience instead of ever distracting from it. id Software lovingly recaptures the spirit of classic DOOM while making a game that feels perfectly at home at the tail end of this console generation.
  9. 95
    A triumphant celebration of blood, sweat and fury, DOOM Eternal is a genre and generation defining FPS that through some occult ritual, somehow manages to comprehensively blow its 2016 GOTY contending predecessor completely out of the water with remarkable ease. With a stunning story campaign and innovative Battlemode multiplayer offering, this one is for the Slayers.
  10. Mar 17, 2020
    DOOM Eternal is the most metal game in all of creation. It is rage and fire, the purity of armed combat dialed up to eleven and unleashed on a horde of eyeballs that simply aren’t ready for the retina-searing action that’s about to burn a new circle of hellish good fun into those ocular organs. Long live the Doom Slayer, long live the king of first-person shooters.
  11. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal is loud, brash, hellishly violent, and 100% entertainment. It might not be the perfect video game, but it absolutely is the perfect Doom game.
  12. Mar 28, 2020
    Doom Eternal aspires to become the best shooter of this generation thanks to its frenetic and addictive gunplay and its incredible soundtrack, which together with the design of its settings and its multitude of secrets, brings the saga to its greatest exponent.
  13. Mar 22, 2020
    DOOM Eternal is an example of how to make a great sequel. Doesn't break with the 2016 game and allows us to embody a character that is a demon killer. It makes us feel powerful and is one of the most brutal games we've enjoyed in a long time.
  14. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal is a mad and frantic trip to hell, the best game in the series and a new height of excellence for the FPS genre.
  15. 90
    Doom Eternal is incredibly demanding, laser-focused, and unapologetically brutal, and it's all the better for it.
  16. Mar 28, 2020
    The story in Doom Eternal can be completely ignored and one won't have any less fun with the game, so it's not a huge blemish on the experience by any means. Doom Eternal is a non-stop thrill ride, barraging players with incredible fast-paced action from the opening mission to its blood-soaked finale. Fans of the franchise should be thrilled with it, and anyone looking for a meaty FPS to fill their time can't go wrong with this game.
  17. GamePro Germany
    Mar 25, 2020
    Doom Eternal builds on the strengths of its predecessor and once again delivers bloody and action-packed retro ball games that encourage tactical thinking through resource management.
  18. Mar 24, 2020
    Whether you're a new Doom fan or a veteran one, Doom Eternal is bound to delight & entertain you. It's gloriously fun.
  19. Mar 22, 2020
    id and Bethesda stunned us with Doom 2016, and Doom Eternal is their final blow. An amazing single-player campaign filled to the brim with content and lore is coupled with some of the best FPS level designs and combat. Doom Eternal is a must play.
  20. Mar 22, 2020
    Ultimately, Doom Eternal is a violent and visceral tribute to single-player shooters, one that rewards skilled players and punishes those who may think they already know everything there is to know about the first-person shooter genre.
  21. Mar 20, 2020
    Doom Eternal is completely badass. The soundtrack, the level design, the combat – it all comes together to create a package of adrenaline-fueled rage and destruction. Put simply, it’s the best first-person shooter of this generation.
  22. Mar 19, 2020
    DOOM Eternal has raised the bar of the first-person combat genre and has done it in ways that only id could pull off. The developers took time constructing a game loop of carnage and mayhem while pushing the skills of the player and providing them with all the tools needed to survive. It comes down to great game design, and I’m so happy to have experienced it. There’s a light at the end of all this death and destruction, but getting it isn’t easy. DOOM Eternal takes the player on a journey, and it’s one that I didn’t want to end. There’s no point in denying that this is a must-play title.
  23. Mar 19, 2020
    A fantastic game, taking all of the elements which made DOOM 2016 such a surprisingly enjoyable reboot of the franchise and implementing dozens of new concepts in a way which makes the entire experience feel fresh all over again. There is more of everything in DOOM Eternal than players could have asked for, but the lack of a classic deathmatch and Snap Map functionality, something which was such an integral and entertaining part of DOOM 2016's community, makes it impossible to give the game a perfect score.
  24. Mar 18, 2020
    Despite its rather lacklustre story, and irritating platforming mechanics, Doom Eternal takes all the best elements from its prequel, polishes, refines and adds a mixture of new strategy, combat and gunplay elements to produce one of the most enjoyable FPS on the market today.
  25. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal: this is a big "yes", a destructive trance to which we get attached very quickly, which offers us a biblical story revisited very interesting and gameplay of incredible nervousness. A true ode to fast-FPS, immersive, which offers, over a more than honest lifespan, smart, intense battles and a memorable and varied hell dive. An apnea from which you only come out to rest your eyes, your heart, your mind ... and catch your breath!
  26. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal is everything its predecessor was, times two. A surprisingly engaging story grounds the insane action, that takes run-and-gun gameplay to a whole new level of awesomeness.
  27. Mar 17, 2020
    DOOM Eternal delivers one of the best FPS campaigns of all time. The way it weds fast-paced, sensational action with gratifying platforming makes for a single player experience that will be remembered as one of the PS4's very best. And with a smooth frame rate to boot alongside the phenomenal feeling of handling any one of the game’s weapons, id Software has truly outdone itself. DOOM Eternal is outstanding.
  28. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal is far more than gore, double jumps, and brutal executions. It's an impeccably designed game that perfectly balances every single aspect of its action to create one of the most challenging, exhausting, and consistently fun shooters in years.
  29. Mar 17, 2020
    DOOM Eternal is simply the best game of the IP as it shows an unmatched mastery of the Fast-FPS genre from id Software. The pure uncut cocaine of shooters.
  30. Mar 17, 2020
    Supremely difficult, extremely rewarding and, above all else, absolutely unrelenting, id Software has once again set the bar for the hyper-violent twitch gaming genre with Doom Eternal.
  31. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom Eternal keeps the strong foundation built back in 2016 intact, while adding some of its own panache in the process.
  32. Mar 31, 2020
    Doom Eternal does its legacy proud. Unabashedly difficult, frantic, and single player-centric, it knows what it is…and does it well.
  33. Apr 4, 2020
    DOOM Eternal exceeded expectations, both where difficulty and enjoyment are concerned, and while not without its faults, it feels like a must-play game for FPS players. It knows exactly how hard it is but doesn’t shame players for choosing whatever difficulty they want, and with how many collectibles there are to amass, it offers a surprising degree of replayability.
  34. Mar 27, 2020
    Although its multiplayer is a little underpowered, Doom Eternal’s challenging campaign is a reminder — as was its 2016 sibling — that old school mayhem fueled by adrenaline and alien guts still packs a wallop of fun. The game’s story is a bit too convoluted and portentous and its platforming is over-exacting sometimes to the point of momentum-halting frustration, but it’s hard not to recommend Doom Eternal to fans of shooters from any era.
  35. Mar 26, 2020
    Nothing wrong with excelling at one thing. And when it comes to cathartic, gore-fuelled gunplay, there is none better.
  36. Mar 23, 2020
    Though it can take a bit to get the hang of it, the intricacies of Doom Eternal's combat, combined with its enhanced mobility and option-heavy level design, create a ton of white-knuckle moments that elevate everything that made Doom 2016 work so well. Its combat is just as quick and chaotic, but requires you to constantly analyze everything that's happening in order to come out victorious. Once you get the hang of the rhythm of Doom Eternal, it'll make you feel like a demon-slaying savant.
  37. Sometimes all a person wants is a way to forget about the rest of the world while mindlessly ripping mancubuses to bloody shreds. In this modest ambition, and others, Doom Eternal succeeds sparklingly.
  38. Mar 23, 2020
    When everything comes together, Doom Eternal’s combat, mobility and levels combine to create one of the most satisfying gameplay loops and FPS campaigns in years. The Doom Slayer came, he sawed and he lived up to his reputation.
  39. Mar 20, 2020
    DOOM Eternal is a good sequel to the 2016 game, and adds interesting platform phases.
  40. Mar 17, 2020
    It’s only when you stop playing, feeling somehow frazzled, energised, and jittery, that you realise the game has as much in common with the audiovisual arts as it does with a double-shot of espresso.
  41. Mar 17, 2020
    When you’re right in the thick of it, zipping around like a toddler after a pack of Smarties, efficiently and methodically laying waste to the hordes of hell at 900 gibs per minute, this is the strongest Doom has ever been. It’s the combat of Doom 2016 expanded in clever ways, built upon in layers, like the skin and muscles of a demon that you remove in chunks with each trigger pull. Playing it is like catharsis, a virtual wall punch for the modern age.
  42. Mar 17, 2020
    If you’re primarily a solo player, this is an exceptional FPS with more action than you’ll find in most other games’ campaigns (and an incredible metal soundtrack to boot).
  43. Mar 17, 2020
    A significant improvement on the reboot and while there are still a few flaws the core combat is some of the best in any first person shooter this generation.
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  1. Mar 17, 2020
    An even faster and bloodier but slightly wayward follow-up to a thunderous shooter reboot.
  2. Mar 17, 2020
    There's a lot here...I'm having a good time. [Quick Look]
  3. Mar 24, 2020
    Doom Eternal’s philosophy is simple: make the most intense experience possible. That mostly works out. Combat, while occasionally busy, is sure to satisfy even the most voracious of shooter-mavens. The ripping and tearing is as good as it has ever been. There are a few sticking points— a shaky story that’s hard to engage with, the few moments when style trumps substance, a glitch here and there—but there’s no denying that the highs are among the highest you can experience in any first-person shooter. Crank up the difficulty, throw your elbows around, and embrace the chaos. From the deepest diehards to fresh-faced demon slayers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Blood, guts, music, mayhem. You might get the occasional bloody nose or interrupted by an unwanted tutorial pop-up, but there’s nothing else like it.
  4. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom (2016) turns things up to 11 for the beloved demon-mulching shooter series. With Doom Eternal, id Software cranks the volume up to 20. There’s a booming soundtrack, pulse-raising action and stunning hellish landscapes aplenty, but the sequel still isn’t without its flaws. [Campaign score = 80]
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  1. Mar 20, 2020
    Excelente juego y un homenaje tremendo a este legendaria saga, acción y heavy metal a montones.
  2. Mar 20, 2020
    Going to give the game a 0 out of ten because there are some serious issues that should of been addressed before release and because this gameGoing to give the game a 0 out of ten because there are some serious issues that should of been addressed before release and because this game is nothing but a stupid jumping simulator. 90 percent of the game the player is required to jump through this an that an swing around like a damn monkey. Just because you add a new feature to the game doesn't mean you should utilize it to the point of overkill where that is all your players are doing. They dropped the ball massively here. I am playing on a 65" LG HDR tv not a cheap tv with the viewing set at 110 for the FOV on a brand new ps4 pro an I am constantly having stuttering in all of my lateral movements. This issue alone has cause me to lower the difficulty because the harder difficulty the easier you die an when you can't move an you are constantly being frozen for a split second here an there you just get killed because the game has a flaw in the movement. On top of that I cannot stand sh!ty pull this lever an you have a few seconds to get to this challenges more so when the movement of the character is flawed for whatever reason. On top of this their are way to many collectables in the game an I dont feel like being a damn acrobat to collect this crap, I would of preferred a more detailed environment that has objects hidden then trying to make the Doom slayer a circus preformer.

    Don't get me wrong I love the Gun play but then when you have to constantly switch items by taking your thumb off the joy stick in order to tap on a analog this causes you to become dependent upon whatever you have equipped most of the time because you need to keep moving to stay alive. This probably is no issue for mouse an keyboard but on a controller its very flawed an I think had they thought about this when making the game they could of not added so many new items to make you like the predator with shoulder mounted grenades amd kept it simple .

    Also the only things they seem to of done is nerf the doom slayer while boosting the demons by giving them bullet sponge health even after taking out their weak points, the shotgun is nerfed to hardly do any damage so it seems unless its to basic demons. They added a ton of abilities for guns yet on a controller their are to many to try an switch during combat to an effective way unless they greatly increase the slow time effect while choosing the weapon.

    Its becoming rather boring already after about 12 hours in because its pretty much acrobatic BS to find your way around a level an to collect all the collectables so you can collect other collectibles.

    I cannot say that I enjoy this game as much as I did Doom 2016 because they seem to of tried to add so many new things that it ruined it pretty much, had they kept the same gun play without adding in all these extra features to try an wow the players I think they would of done better but all things swinging around like a ape BS has me pretty much thinking the game is a steaming puke compared to the previous iteration. Fan boys will probably want to flame me but I was really looking forward to this game an I feel like it missed the mark because they didn't follow the KISS method of game development an they over thought it all so it doesn't feel like a doom game to me but a knock off of one.

    I would say this is probably not a good game for people who have accessibility issues or arthritis.

    For now I will leave my rating where it is an see if they fix the movement issue an for future iteration I hope they try not to mimic other games or scifi items.

    The longer I play this game the worse it gets, the devs lack any ability to be creative with their enemy AI the best their dumb @sses can come up with it lets give everything a **** shield an make it move real fast an give the players no ammo. Going to to avoid ever bying another doom game again now way to go **** idiots.

    The multiplayer is trash as well you can't use the same abilities as in the game the bfg does no dmg unless you score a direct hit on a player demon, then you start off with hardly any ammo while the player demons can constantly summon demons to attack you an since no one uses a mic even when you play as a demon the **** idiots get killed because they try to solo the slayer. All in all the game is **** all around just like hugo martins idea of being a swinging monkey.
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  3. Mar 20, 2020
    Great game ruined by jumping...DOOM 2016 was better. If i would jump like idiot i would play Mario...