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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
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  1. 90
    A really quite brilliant game. There is fan service in there, and some people will look at that and the anime trappings and not be able to move past it, but underneath this exterior lies a heart that is in many ways the precise opposite of what you might be expecting. It's almost - dare I say it - feminist in the critique it provides over the way that women are treated in this fairy tale world.
  2. Jun 6, 2019
    Dragon Star Varnir does what few JRPGs do as it features in-depth party customization as well as a delightful cast of characters. Factor in a boatload of additional content to master and you're left with a must-have RPG.
  3. Jul 3, 2019
    There are things that are easy to point out as flaws, such as the unnecessary and weird flying battle system, but the root of Dragon Star Varnir is solid. The story is interesting, the characters create a curiosity to see where the plot goes, and the darker tone is so revitalizing to the genre. Yes, anime tropes exist, but when the plot revolves around girls trying to save their life from the creature growing within them, a lot of these issues can be overlooked. The beautiful artwork of the characters, the graphics of the dungeon, the music are all high points, adding the cool plot brings this package to a high recommended level for JRPG players.
  4. Jun 16, 2019
    It’s not going to be remembered as a classic, but Dragon Star Varnir is one of the better JRPGs available on PS4. Its engaging story and deep character development enables you to look past its somewhat budget presentation and enjoy it for what it is – a JRPG that feels like it has come straight out of the PS2 age.
  5. Jun 6, 2019
    It’s anime based characters appearance, and the game’s overall look, are par for the course when it comes to games by Compile Heart and Idea Factory. Scratch the surface, however, and you’ll find a gem of a game that’s both enjoyable in terms of story and gameplay.
  6. Jun 6, 2019
    While it still maintains some of the annoying quirks of past Compile Heart titles, Dragon Star Varnir is worth playing for its fantastic battle system and likeable characters.
  7. Jul 16, 2019
    Deep, strategic combat and an intriguing story will keep you playing, even though Dragon Star Varnir mostly plays it safe. The level design is especially old-fashioned, but don't let that stop you.
  8. Jun 28, 2019
    The battle system as well as the ability mechanics are interesting, but Dragon Star Varnir seriously suffers from a lackluster presentation.
  9. Jun 19, 2019
    The sensitivity with which the narrative plot approached delicate themes such as fate or madness, combined with the wise management of the main characters, make it a must-have product for lovers of the ruolistic genre.
  10. Jul 11, 2019
    Dragon Star Varnir is another step in the right direction by the people at Compile Heart, with a mature storyline and a solid combat system. To achieve higher goals, better graphics and smoother gameplay are needed, but JRPG fans will undoubtedly enjoy it.
  11. 70
    Compile Heart has become increasingly proficient at producing titles with dark premises and Dragon Star Varnir is proof of that. And fortunately, unlike other Galapagos RPG titles, the focus on narrative doesn't leave the actual gameplay hanging by the wayside.
  12. Jul 5, 2019
    Dragon Star Varnir knows its limitations and only tries to hide them in the first hours. The combat system is the only positive thing to defend in this video game. The rest, however, seems a little bit disappointing beyond the design of main characters.
  13. 65
    The $60 price point for recycled assets and a game that has more reading than voice over just seems a little too steep for me.
  14. Jul 24, 2019
    Dragon Star Varnir's dark world of witches and warfare is unlike anything else Compile Heart and Idea Factory have put out. Unfortunately, the experience is brought down by less than stellar visuals and doesn't make the most of its main gameplay innovations.. There's an interesting story to unfold here, but actually playing the game to get to it might be a challenge best left unmet.
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  1. Jun 12, 2019
    An amazing cast of characters, one more lovable then the next. The gameplay is a combination of what Compile Heart and Idea Factory fans haveAn amazing cast of characters, one more lovable then the next. The gameplay is a combination of what Compile Heart and Idea Factory fans have grown to love and a more in-depth costumization making it possible to make each character any "class" you would like, tho obviously each character is suited better for one or 2 things respectively. All in all another great niche title that anybody fimiliar with this style of games will most certainly love. Full Review »