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  1. Jul 21, 2020
    It took a console generation, but with Playstation 4 and Xbox One on their last leg, Codemaster does pretty much everything right with F1 2020. Last year's excellent version has been expanded with a greatly improved career mode where, in addition to driving, we also get to control our own team in detail. Outside of the that addition however, much is the same as F1 2019. If you do not care about a career mode or updated drivers and teams, you will be fine with last year's version. For F1 fans, however, F1 2020 is in many ways a perfect racing experience.
  2. Oct 8, 2020
    F1 2020 provides one of the best racing modes where every aspect of your own F1 team is highly manageable and customizable. It is well balanced, providing great experience to new players, as much as seasoned sim racers, and it is a true showing of one of the greatest racing games of this generation.
  3. 95
    Easily the best F1 game ever made, rammed full of content that reads like the fans' wish list. Edge of the seat racing backed up by a hearty team management sim, split screen racing and audio and visuals which are edging ever closer to perfection.
  4. Jul 13, 2020
    You won’t find a more complete racing experience in gaming. In the grand scheme of things, Codemasters does most things as well if not better than every other developer of racing games in the industry. Visually, the game is stunning and the gameplay is balanced for all players. On the downside, a little more imagination would place this undisputed king of racers even higher on that mountain.
  5. Aug 6, 2020
    Whilst it may seem daunting, there’s a wealth of things to do in F1 2020 for newcomers and hardcore devotees alike.
  6. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jul 30, 2020
    The sprawling yet accessible career mode has been honed and the game engine absolutely purrs. When ‘prettier menus’ tops your wishlist, hats must come off. [Issue#178, p.77]
  7. Jul 27, 2020
    Codemasters has delivered a masterful racing experience with F1 2020. Despite the heavy jargon-filled opening, there are plenty of helpful tutorials that break down everything to make this easy-to-understand for those who may not necessarily be car enthusiasts. For those who are after a deep and engrossing racing experience, the My Team Career mode is a joy to play through, with plenty of features to deep-dive into that extends across many hours. Whether playing online or offline, the developer has put forth one of the best racing experiences that can be enjoyed by F1 fans or newcomers alike.
  8. Jul 14, 2020
    The most satisfactory F1 videogame in the Codemasters series, both from a driving experience and management perspective.
  9. Jul 10, 2020
    F1 series' farewell to the 8th generation of video games couldn't have been more glorious. F1 2020 is a superb racing game that is made with lots of care, is packed with quality, details and content, and is a perfect option for both arcade and simulation fans.
  10. 90
    F1 is my preferred format for racing, and I would argue that Codemasters as given more respect to the F1 license in building it up over the last few years than anyone else. F1 2020 is on the cusp of being a top-flight annual licensed sports game like 2K's NBA, EA's FIFA and Sony's MLB The Show, and it has managed to get there without nickel-and-diming consumers to anywhere the same extent. This year's edition might be iterative on the track, but the off-track improvements show that Codemasters hasn't yet run out of ideas yet either.
  11. Jul 9, 2020
    The ultimate benchmark of the genre.
  12. Jul 8, 2020
    F1 2020 is the highest point of the series. What Codemasters shows with this game is that they also understood that they have a game on their hands and that it isn't wrong to make it more fun; that the rules can be slightly bent in pursuit of a more inclusive and more content product, without neglecting its essence.
  13. Jul 6, 2020
    Overall, F1 2020 is a really great game a fun and challenging play. Whether you looking to continue your yearly quest of trying to take down Mercedes, or you’re a complete newbie to the sport and just wanting to get out there and run, this is a great game for both. Even if you’re a casual race fan with a controller, the game will push you as hard as you can to make the best laps possible. The addition of ‘My Team’ has been long-awaited and is great to have. The biggest negatives that I found were the lack of customization for your ‘My Team’ car and driver (though with this mode being in its infancy, totally understandable), the menus can be a bit much, and loading times can kill the player experience. Once you get out on track though, my goodness it’s so much fun to go toe to toe, wheel to wheel with the AI.
  14. Jul 6, 2020
    F1 2020 is the ultimate title for racing fanatics as it’s a game for those with an unrelenting will to win, no matter how long it takes. There’s a ton of game to be played here, and regardless of your skill level, it’s hard not to love just how well-crafted the latest addition to the F1 franchise is.
  15. Jul 6, 2020
    Codemasters' F1 series continue to put in the mileage, upping the competitiveness, expanding the F2 series and adding the My Team mode for what is the most comprehensive package to date.
  16. Jul 6, 2020
    F1 2020 feels really rewarding with its fast-paced and realistic racing with plausible on-track happenings and mishaps, making the game all the more intense than any version before it. Playing the race weekend with all its goodies is almost hypnotic as you drive laps over and over again, searching for those optimal driving lines and set-ups. After the race, you’ll find yourself soaked in sweat as you have been so intensely focused on driving. F1 2020 is a perfect remedy for not getting to see the whole F1 season this year.
  17. Jul 6, 2020
    Brilliantly authentic, incredibly immersive, F1 2020, for me, is one of the best racing games I have played for a long time. Managing your team is a brilliant addition that will perhaps entice new players on-board. The game is very user friendly, It has a massive amount of modes, features and options that will suit any type of player of every skill level. It looks good, sounds great and performs very well. Right, I am off, this F1 team is not going to manage itself.
  18. Jul 6, 2020
    F1 2020 is simultaneously the deepest yet most accessible Codemasters Formula One experience to date. The heavy reliance on recycled vignettes and the same old faces we’ve been seeing for virtually an entire generation admittedly means F1 2020 doesn’t necessarily look as fresh as it feels but, between My Team and splitscreen, this is the most fun I’ve had with the F1 series for years.
  19. Jul 6, 2020
    F1 2020 does not reinvent the wheel, but instead adds the most diverse experience seen in the racing series for years through a variety of game modes.
  20. Jul 8, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  21. Jul 29, 2020
    Speed, strategy and tension during a race, come together in one of the best simulation experiences in the sports games sector and ultimately position F1 2020 as the best Formula 1 simulator to date.
  22. Jul 6, 2020
    Codemasters does it again. What could well have been an update to F1 2019 with a coat of new paint and some extra circuits, makes the optional Career mode with your own team feel fresher than ever. In addition, it races just a bit tighter, so that F1 2020 also climbs the top tree of the podium again in this rare, shortened season.
  23. Jul 6, 2020
    With a driving model more accessible than ever, F1 2020 will let you enjoy its brand new My Team mode even if you are a newcomer.
  24. Jul 6, 2020
    Codemasters has taken profit from the last five years to make a great simcade that, despite being quite continuist, is among the best Formula 1 games in history.
  25. 86
    F1 2020 is the perfect title for those who want to enter the world of Formula 1. Graphics and sounds are ok, there are many game modes and, thanks to the different settings available, the driving system can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of virtual pilots.
  26. Jul 13, 2020
    The newest virtual F1 iteration will keep you playing for a long time, thanks mainly to its deep, yet accessible gameplay and the added splitscreen feature. The MyTeam mode is worth mentioning as well, because it’s a great addition. Less impressive are the graphics and audio design (some commentator bugs and interviews); these aspects of the game leave some room for improvement next year.
  27. Jul 10, 2020
    It might not be equal to the leap we saw with the 2019 version, but F1 2020 is a superb racing game that emulates in the best possible way the official championship.
  28. Jul 6, 2020
    Codemasters has not risked much in this latest installment before the generation change, although new features such as the My Team mode are appreciated.
  29. Jul 6, 2020
    F1 2020 is by far the most accessible simulation racer available, without sacrificing what genre fans love. There are dozens of menus to get lost in with customizable options, but also just as many accessibility features for newcomers. Sadly, the differences between My Team and My Career aren’t as vast as I’d have liked, but nothing really takes away from the fact that this is a damn good racer.
  30. Jul 20, 2020
    With the new team-mode and intelligent detail tweaks Codemasters can lift their Formula 1 experience to a new level once again. Overall an absolute powerhouse of a racing game that is only held back by its microtransactions.
  31. Jul 12, 2020
    F1 2020 is the most complete and accessible entry in the franchise until now. Fans of the series must not miss this one, and newcomers will certainly feel welcomed thanks to all the new options and customization.
  32. Jul 6, 2020
    The last chapter is almost perfect: F1 2020 presented itself on the starting grid with an additional driving model specifically designed for beginners and new aids available for anyone, as well as with an interesting new managerial mode of brand.
  33. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Oct 7, 2020
    Latest F1 game is more than solid addition to the still growing family of racing games. F1 2020’s biggest strength is My Team mode, which allows you to run your own racing team from the manager’s perspective. [Issue#305]
  34. Jul 20, 2020
    F1 2020 continues to be one of the best racing simulator franchises out there at the moment. Whilst the game is visually lacking in places, that doesn't take away from the game's overall consistent quality. With tonnes of new additions, and some I didn't even mention like the new split-screen mode and two new tracks, F1 2020 is terrific value for money. It has a couple of flaws, but is overall a great racer that is welcoming to new players and challenging for grizzled veterans.
  35. 80
    F1 2020 manages to breathe new life into its single player content with the My Team mode. Managing your own team is compelling and feels more involved than the usual career options. The game's visuals are starting to look long in the tooth and the load times feel lengthy. Despite this, the core of the game remains intact. Racing is aggressive and enjoyable and there's plenty of sink your time into.
  36. Jul 10, 2020
    F1 2020's career mode provides an impressive level of depth while the new driver assists make the game more accessible for new or inexperienced players. The simulation-style may be overwhelming at first, but extended playtime leads to an enjoyable experience. However, the AI and inconsistent penalties cause frustration, as do the occasional crashes. Ultimately, Codemasters created a platform for F1 fans to revisit history or create a legendary career.
  37. Jul 6, 2020
    Codemasters’ F1 series is continuing to improve and stake its claim as the best racing game for simulation veterans and newcomers.
  38. 80
    F1 2020 continues the positive trend the series has had over the last multiple years by not only improving on existing game modes and game mechanics, but also introducing the brand new My Team mode and even new racing options that make the game more accessible than ever.
  39. Jul 6, 2020
    This is the most complete series entry to date, with a full Formula 2 season, followed by up to 10 consecutive senior campaigns in an enthralling Formula 1 career. The new My Team mode allows for an even more personalised pilgrimage, and on track everything sings. It’s a shame we’re missing the story introduced in the previous entry and we hope Codemasters return to this and flesh it out in future outings. But all things considered, F1 2020 includes a frightening amount of content that makes this an essential for fans of the motorsport. This is, after all, the only complete Formula 1 season in 2020.
  40. Jul 6, 2020
    F1 2020 is as good as it gets on the current generation of consoles. Codemasters has perfected its craft to make F1 2020 the pinnacle of the series. My Team is fantastic and will keep people interested in a single player experience engaged. Featuring Michael Schumacher was the right decision for the adding the classic cars, but having him as an actual presence in the game would be better. The casual difficulty should help attract some new players, while the overall racing gets a boost thanks to refinements and the new Overtake Button. The online multiplayer needs a new innovation as the current state still leaves a lot to be desired.
  41. Jul 6, 2020
    A terrific offering overall from Codemasters for hardened and casual players, but we wouldn't say no to an overhaul of the established systems and features in place for F1 2021 which we're assuming will be the series' first foray onto next-gen consoles.
  42. Jul 6, 2020
    If it wasn’t for the addition of My Team, F1 2020 would go down as being great for newcomers, but past the best before date for those who have enjoyed recent iterations. Some elements are now very tired, but being able to oversee the running of your own team proves to be incredibly satisfying and just enough of a distraction – for now. F1 2020 highlights just how much of a team sport Formula 1 is, and that can only be a good thing.
  43. Jul 13, 2020
    F1 2020 continues to offer a great sim racing experience, and boosts its value by adding an engaging management mode. Elsewhere however, the presentation remains underwhelming, alongside a scattering of minor technical issues.
  44. Jul 13, 2020
    F1 2020 is a good racing game. The racing action is intense and the game options are endless. It is also cool that you can start your own team in career mode. Still, the game suffers from two flaws: the gameplay is almost identical to F1 2019 and the loading times disrupt the fun.
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  1. Jul 6, 2020
    I've not driven an F1 car in real life, but I do get to drive a fair few different racing games each year, and I'm happy to report that F1 2020 is up there with the best of them in terms of being fun to play. It's incredible engaging with a wheel and pedals, and you can customize the game to match the difficulty level you're looking for. It looks good and sounds as good as you can hope a turbocharged hybrid F1 car to sound. If you're a fan of the sport, it's probably worth picking it up.
  2. Jul 13, 2020
    Combine all this with a new split-screen mode for a nostalgic hit of couch-multiplayer or the throwbacks to previous classic cars and F1 2020 is undoubtedly the most feature-complete Codemasters lap to date.
  3. Jul 6, 2020
    A new team management mode provides some of the best single-player racing action around, alongside the series' ever-improving authenticity. [Eurogamer Recommended]
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  1. Jul 6, 2020
    (single player review, i dont play f1 online) game is really nice, surprising actually how much they get done to improve the game inside a(single player review, i dont play f1 online) game is really nice, surprising actually how much they get done to improve the game inside a year. what it lacks in raw simulation feel next to the likes of ACC it makes up for just about everywhere else. i have always purchased the f1 games for the single player aspect because it never fails to deliver a compelling career and this year is no different and gives you even more reason than ever to keep on racing. its great to see that long gone are the days of needing to finish first or it was all for nothing, f1 2020 gives you every reason to fight for even 17th place instead of 18th but it would be worth nothing if the gameplay on track wasnt exciting and thankfully it is, f1 games have always nailed the excitement of a race and the games will very often replicate what can happen in real life that looks pretty standard on tv but is actually exciting to be a part of - for example, a car breaking down on tv looks pretty unexciting but when it happens to vettel after fighting you lap after lap for 20 laps in game its very very exciting indeed. The AI is some of the best ive ever seen without doubt, they fight each other lap after lap, make mistakes, succumb to pressure, have mechanical issues, tyre failures... just about everything that creates the illusion they are real racers for you to race, sure they can be aggressive or block you when you feel they shouldnt but the reality is if you get blocked or shunted you shouldnt have been there to start with, people complain but its those people that try and dive inside 17 cars on the inside of the first corner and then get squeezed out, but you diving wasnt the problem it was all the AI... no. slowly but surely the days are going that you are the only driver on track effected by something and thats fantastic and immersive.

    details are everything and as minor as they may be - ultimately its what makes you as the player go oof, when the lighting changes because a cloud passes the sun, or when theres a three wide battle just ahead of you and dust and rubber flings up into your face, the tyres graining or when you brake check vettel under safety car and he loses his temper and hits you in the side... its ALMOST all there lol

    The on track racing is exciting, AI on point, wheel support is good, the career is super fleshed out now giving you a reason to keep on going, its just a really really good racing game and codemasters has been seriously hit and miss lately, when they hit it they really hit it but when they miss its a big miss, this is another hit, but for every hit theres seems to be a miss on the horizon so im already worried about dirt 5.

    the only reason for a 9 instead of a 10 is i can see where they cut some corners and dont put much effort, im seeing a lot of the same race finish animations, like from the pit wall and stuff, not a big deal at all but quite clearly a few things have not been touched, but im already over it just because of actually the size of leap taken here, f1 2019 gave 2018 the lick of fresh paint it needed graphically and 2020 gives us the fleshed out game-play now to go with that, thats great in my books.
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  2. Jul 7, 2020
    I'm not sure how they were able to improve the game so vastly under covid but as someone who plays f1 consistently over the years take it fromI'm not sure how they were able to improve the game so vastly under covid but as someone who plays f1 consistently over the years take it from me that this game is head and shoulders over 19. Perfect racing sim Full Review »
  3. Aug 31, 2020
    When I heard the F1 2020 would have a My Team, much like many long term fans of the franchise. I was ecstatic as it was a feature theWhen I heard the F1 2020 would have a My Team, much like many long term fans of the franchise. I was ecstatic as it was a feature the community had wanted for a long time. However despite the introduction of my team and the re-added Split-screen, not seen since F1 2013, the basic formula for the game has not changed since last years game which is both a good and bad thing.

    Let’s start with why it’s a good thing. F1 2019 is a stellar game, everything about it felt clean and polished, and 2020 is exactly the same the graphics are among some of the best racing graphics on console right now, the handling model is not to different, so it feels familiar to players like me, but it’s also not difficult to get to grips with.

    Getting to grips with this game is one of the big new features that Codemasters have pushed with the marketing for this game, the introduction of the casual race settings allows anyone to be able to jump onto the game and be able to stay on track and try to race with the AI, rather then immediately crashing at the first turn like in previous games, this feature won’t allow you to be able to go as fast as people who play with no assists but it’s a way to ease yourself into the experience without being overwhelmed.

    The other big feature, My Team has been where most of my time has been spent, the ability to make your own team is awesome and seeing it race with real F1 teams is a long awaited dream come true for many players. However off track is where my issues with this mode start to arise. Many parts of this mode feel like they have been copy and pasted from 2019, for example the R&D tree is identical and so are the post session interviews with Claire, and I get that they don’t want to change what isn’t broken, but after a few years of seeing the same things it becomes annoying more then becoming familiar. This a recurring theme with this years game its a lot of the same as 2019, there are new HUD displays and new look menus, which I like much more then 2019’s menu, but the annoying things are still there, like the wide range of multiplayer glitches, which include entering lobbies pressing ready up and nothing happening meaning you have to try and find a new lobby which is difficult enough as almost every lobby you are offered is full, and are never able to race cleanly because of that.

    The clean racing brings me to another point which has its pros and cons, The Podium Pass, which I really enjoyed when it comes to doing the solo and career features as it gives you a lot to focus on besides the normal weekend structure, which has rightly not changed as it is a great way to learn and speed up around a track over a weekend, and the rewards are great I changed my entire teams design to fit the livery I like the most, which I found through the podium pass. However my issue with the Podium Pass is that not everything can be done specifically by you and makes some challenges very unfair in the respect the for this current season as it wants you to have clean multiplayer races around the two new circuits that have been added for this year. However this isn’t something you can really control as you can try and be as clean as possible but that doesn’t stop someone from hitting you and the race being ruined.

    The additions that come with the Deluxe Schumacher Edition are nice but I don’t feel they are enough to justify the £65 price tag. Sure, you get 4 of Schumacher’s championship winning cars, one of which came with the standard 2019 game but all are incredibly hard to get to grips with, as well as the early access which I feel was the main draw to getting this edition as it allowed people to get ahead.

    Overall, this game is very good, the foundations it was built up from in last years game were great especially the feel on the track. The addition of My Team adds a new level of longevity to the game, however the bugs and annoyances of the previous game have not been improved upon which can be very frustrating as you progress and put more and more hours into the game.

    F1 2020: 8/10
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