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  1. Jul 12, 2021
    F1 2021 is the best partner for any F1 fan. The new games modes further push the franchise beyond what the 2020 entry achieved. This, in conjunction with the simulation style that Codemasters provides, is truly a gift for car lovers, one that each year gets closer to perfection.
  2. Jul 13, 2021
    F1 2021 impresses. Whether you're an avid competitor or want to pursue a storytelling career on your own, you'll be given countless opportunities to customize the game. That makes F1 2021 a versatile title. Once on the track, it is still a very solid racing game, suitable for both controllers and (semi) professional racing wheels.
  3. Sep 22, 2021
    I appreciate F1 2021 for its experimentation with new modes and options, proving that this franchise is much more than the average annual drivers’ update. Not only does driving feel more realistic than ever, 2021’s story mode is a pleasant surprise that I hope attracts further development for the series’ next iteration. For now, though, it remains a great F1 simulator that will generate the same excitement happening in the real world’s F1 competition right now.
  4. Aug 30, 2021
    The Breaking Point narrative mode allows the player to join races while feeling like they’re the lead in a Hollywood movie. That being said, the mode’s story is linear and your racing efforts don’t necessarily have an effect on its scenario. While the career mode is as well made as always, if you’ve played the series before, there’s just not enough to make the experience feel fresh again.
  5. Jul 12, 2021
    An excellent game on the track that presents Braking Point, its story mode, as a great novelty, and becomes the worst section of the whole title. If the idea is to keep this new mode, there is a lot of work to do. At the moment, it tastes like a precooked story, made in a hurry and without affection. Nothing to do with the rest of the proposals, which introduce us fully in the F1 world. If you come for the races, it is a spectacular videogame, but if you come for the story mode, be cautious.
  6. Jul 12, 2021
    Codemasters’ best Formula One game so far adds an excellent story mode, along with a raft of new tweaks and options to make it more accessible.
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  1. Jul 12, 2021
    Perhaps the most important thing about F1 2021 is that Codemasters has not messed with the actual mechanics of driving the cars, beyond tweaks necessary for the 2021-spec cars. With a good force-feedback wheel, the cars are engaging to drive, and you can feel subtleties in cars from different teams—a McLaren handles differently from an Alpine, a Red Bull, or a Mercedes. If you're a fan of the sport, you'll probably enjoy F1 2021.
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  1. Apr 2, 2022
    If I have "only" 5000 characters max, unfortunately Codemaster will get away EASY with this abomination which should represent F1. Only theIf I have "only" 5000 characters max, unfortunately Codemaster will get away EASY with this abomination which should represent F1. Only the problem with CM for years is still that they add nonsense to this thing like a story mode, while their online design is just horrendous. In this time 2022 it's unheard of that desync happens, lobby design is a nightmare, they add filters but they don't even work for assists, this online part is even so bad that complete leagues HAD TO BE CANCELLED! When the community found out that Esports drivers even got their own "version" of the game with a different handing model the community was disgusted to say the least. And here comes the MOST IMPORTANT issue at hand. The behaviour of CM towards their community, the biggest fans of the sport, is just disgusting, disgraceful, and an absolute joke. Serious issues like XBOX series X SHUTTING DOWN thanks to their crap design is still present almost a year after release. Patches come almost not, and if they come they "fix" things which aren't important! This shows the incompetence of CM of not beeing able to fix REAL issues, and try to fool us by patching other things, which in turn BREAK other aspects like Force Feedback, or Ai suddenly not moving when on slow lap, weird behaviour over curbstones. The person who "designed" the online lobbies isn't much better. There are 2! ONLY 2! important assists which are important to diffentiate a lobby, and that is Traction Control and ABS, the rest people without assists don't care about. But somehow in lobbies it shows: ASSIST RESTRICTION: HIGH, and when you enter the lobby it says full TC and ABS and the rest off like PIT ASSIST and DRS ASSISTS! I mean, those shouldn't even count towards making the difference. Assist restrictions should only change when the 2 MAIN assists change. And when it says HIGH, it should mean that ABS and TC are OFF. but the locig within CM has amazed me year after year. It's getting worse with the year, and this year they advertised the NEXT GEN version, well, on PS5 it doesn't feel next gen in what way soever. Loading takes ages, still screen tearing like all years, and I can keep going. They still use their EGO engine, i guess they call it that because of their own EGO, becuase they DON'T LISTEN to their community, they IGNORE the community, transparancy is nowhere to be found, even problems from the BETA are still present while even adddressed by the community, but that's too hard too code out I think. There are a lot of people at CM who don't take responsability for their failures, tell the prettiest lies about versions beeing 2 years in development while it's just a polished up 2 year previous version with even the same bugs as that 2 year old version. CM fails year after year, releases broken games, it's a disgrace to the have the official F1 license, because it doesn;t represent the greatest sport on earth in any way. EVEN THE TRACKS ARE OLD, TERRIBLE DESIGNED, OLD LAYOUTS, AND THEY REFUSE TO LASER SCAN! How on earth can this have an OFFICIAL license when EVERYTHING IS OUT OF DATE!? Their EGO engine is so old, it can't possibly handle the NEXT GEN consolse, and that shows by the crap design of their NEXT GEN version. CM must be stopped by being able to release these failures year after year and scamming people in paying full price for a broken piece of **** which they are unable to fix. F1 has to cancel the license immediately, and get a studio which is capable of designing something that IS ACTUALLY DECENT, stable, has good online lobby design, stable connections, and so on and so on.

    This is and has been a disgrace to the F1 sport and title for many years now AND IT HAS TO STOP! And for anyone who doesn't believe these FACTS, just go to their forums

    They let you fill out meters long forms, spend tons of time in reporting an issue which won't even be adressed or fixed because they don;t know HOW. Completely oblivious people over there.

    And I hope with all my heart and love for this sport, that F1 finally sees what a joke CM is and how they damage the sport with these things and their behaviour towards the community, THE FANS OF F1, and immediately take away the license.

    Codemasters has had more than enough tries and possibilities to make something good, but it has gone for bad to worse. And I fear for the 2022 edition with the new rules and their outdated EGO and EGO engine.

    F1 unworthy!
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  2. Mar 9, 2022
    A very good game, with beautiful graphics, solid sound and addictive gameplay. Story mode however is a little disapointing, with basicA very good game, with beautiful graphics, solid sound and addictive gameplay. Story mode however is a little disapointing, with basic scenarios to overcome and not much in the balance.
    And multiplayer is a mess, lobbies do not refresh consistently, do not start correctly and some other bugs, and I am not even talking about the "players" who confused this game with Destruction Derby...
    I recommend this game to any racing fans but beware, it might get a little repetitive after one or two season of carreer mode.
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  3. Jan 15, 2022
    Really good game and very fun. Has different customization options and great gameplay.