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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
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  1. Aug 3, 2020
    FAIRY TAIL is bombastic, breezy, and full of fun to watch characters, except, this time, it's us making it all happen.
  2. 90
    The very best thing about FAIRY TAIL is just how much fun the game is. Absolutely nothing about this game feels like a chore. It’s a delightful romp through Fiore following Natsu’s story from X791 arc onward. Not having to grind for hours on end may be the most refreshing part of it all. My JRPG junkies know all too well how much time we tend to spend power leveling characters just so we can move the needle forward. Every aspect of Fairy Tail has been expertly crafted and balanced perfectly in this reviewer’s opinion.
  3. Jul 31, 2020
    Fairy Tail is a return to form for the classic turn-based RPG combat of yesteryear. A huge cast of memorable characters, tons of side content, and incredible combat all come together to form one of this year's most impressive JRPGs.
  4. 90
    Fairy Tail is pure comfort food for people who, like me, count the JRPG as the favourite genre. It lacks the subversive intelligence of a NieR: Automata or Final Fantasy VII Remake. It also lacks the rich refinement of a Persona 5 or the epic scope of a Trails of Cold Steel. Even in comparison to Gust's own titles, it lacks the rich character development of Atelier or the sheer beauty of Blue Reflection. But Fairy Tail has one thing in spades; it's joyous, and it's the right kind of frivolous. It's a celebration of an anime that I can only assume is both silly and fun in its own right and that works as the perfect promotion for Fairy Tail: I really want to watch the anime now. Fairy Tail isn't going to be on any of my game of the year lists, but not every release needs to be pitched at those lists to be well and truly worthwhile. Fairy Tail being the game that reminded me why I loved JRPGs in the first place is more than enough.
  5. Aug 7, 2020
    Fairy Tail is a great example of how good RPGs based on anime series can be, even if you don't know much (or anything at all) about the anime in question. I appreciated its challenging combat, extensive amount of quests and enemies to tackle, and the way it absolutely nailed the anime's aesthetic. I'd love to see other anime series tackled by Gust in the future – possibly a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure game someday. For now, I'm going to go and watch more Fairy Tail since the game has me hooked.
  6. Aug 3, 2020
    Fairy Tail is over-the-top, comical and captivating – and it’s one of the most enjoyable JRPGs I’ve sank my teeth into in some time.
  7. Aug 2, 2020
    Fairy Tail is an incredibly satisfying turn based RPG, with tons of growth systems to invest in. You need a good knowledge of the show to get maximum enjoyment, but for fans it doesn't get any better than this.
  8. Jul 31, 2020
    Fairy Tail covers some of the best story arcs from the series, but sadly that requires players to chug through uninspired quests to witness them. Luckily, the battle system is engaging, and that character interactions are consistently entertaining. This is a game for fans, and it shows during every moment of the gameplay, which might turn away newcomers in the long run. Still, I had a great time hanging out with the Fairy Tail guild and helping them return to their former glory.
  9. Jul 31, 2020
    The Fairy Tail franchise and the JRPG genre are a perfect match, and this game perfectly captures the silly yet surprisingly intense charm of the original series. It's a shame that the game often puts so little effort into adapting major story scenes, but that sacrifice is outweighed by the abundance of fun little character interactions and vignettes that are sprinkled throughout the game. Fairy Tail lets you live in the world of Natsu and co. like no other anime game has done before, and any fan of the series is sure to crack a smile at this dedicated RPG experience.
  10. Jul 31, 2020
    A junk food JRPG that won't push you to the limit, Fairy Tail is a comfortable blend of fantasy and strategy that's authentic to its source material of magic and mayhem.
  11. Jul 29, 2020
    It seems as though the limited budget available for Fairy Tail has been used in the right places, saving on unimportant parts, and spending on the important bits. The gameplay, ranking and battling systems are well thought-out, and presented beautifully. For a game with such a low budget, everything has been implemented very well. It is very clear that the author of the manga, Hiro Mashima, was closely involved in developing this instalment, as it represents the feeling of the anime/manga incredibly accurately.
  12. Aug 20, 2020
    Amusing anime rpg to Hiro Mashimas manga series of the same name.
  13. Aug 6, 2020
    Fairy Tail it's a game that has its forte in a simple but effective combat system alongside the ambience from the series and a déjà vu from other titles from Gust.
  14. Jul 30, 2020
    A JRPG that's not so inspired and too repetitive, but brings with it plenty of things to do and is perfect for Fairy Tail fans.
  15. Aug 31, 2020
    Although minor things like no English voiceover work set back the overall quality, I still find Fairy Tail to be a step above most other anime-based games. The quality of graphics aren’t top-tier for a modern 2020 game, but they look pleasingly anime-like in color and design so it doesn’t feel like a throw-away entry of any sort. Overall, if you’ve been itching for a new anime game and you love Fairy Tail, then Fairy Tail on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC is a fun and refreshing new take.
  16. Aug 26, 2020
    Fairy Tail is a straightforward game that does enough to keep it interesting throughout. Those of us not familiar with the show will have to put in a little extra work to understand everything that is going on, but fans of the series will really enjoy the pieces here. There is even an added epilogue treat that should really excite people who know the story. While there are a lot of anime games pumped out regularly, this one feels like it plays it safe where it needs to, while still delivering an enjoyable experience all around.
  17. 75
    Fairy Tail is a good first attempt to bring this massive franchise to home consoles. GUST does a great job of not only recreating the world and characters of Fairy Tail but goes out of its way with great writing and character development. It's not every day you get to play a game that rewards you for every task you complete in it. Combat is a highlight but the exploration leaves much to be desired.
  18. Jul 30, 2020
    If you are already in love with the rowdy license of Hiro Mashima, FAIRY TAIL will be able to enchant you with its irresistible irony; otherwise, the absence of important narrative pieces could preclude the total understanding of the story and favor a premature abandonment by the player.
  19. Jul 30, 2020
    Fairy Tail has some obvious budget-related shortcomings, but it’s also a very solid take on the franchise that doesn’t take the easy way out and becomes a musou. It’s definitely a game for fans of the franchise, so if you’re not familiar with it, you’ll find better alternatives.
  20. Jul 30, 2020
    As a licensed JRPG, Fairy Tail is solid and fun, thanks mainly to its combat system, but taken as a role playing game as a whole, it can feel bland and uninspired. Recommended to Fairy Tail fans only. All the others may want to wait for a price drop.
  21. Aug 24, 2020
    It’s a shame that more time and money wasn’t spent on Fairy Tail, because, in the end, I really enjoyed large chunks of the game. Once I started playing, I could play for hours and be entertained. The guild building is really fun, as is the combat. This could have been a great game, but the developers leaned too hard on the license and not enough on fleshing out the elements of the game. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you should definitely give it a shot. If you are an anime fan and like turn-based combat, this might be a good game to put on your wishlist for later. Otherwise, you can safely give Fairy Tail a pass.
  22. Aug 14, 2020
    Fairy Tail is a JRPG title that's incredibly accurate to its source material, and while the game is more tailored to fans of the series, it still offers a level of enjoyment most anime-based games do not.
  23. Aug 10, 2020
    FAIRY TAIL is a good experience as long as you are a fan of the anime series. It offers an interesting combat system and enough challenges to keeps those who are already in love with the anime engaged, but if you approach it as a typical RPG player you'll probably have a hard time finding a connection, as it is less deep and complicated than your average RPG game.
  24. Aug 3, 2020
    As a fan of the anime and manga series, I found enjoyable immersion in Fairy Tail for the PS4 and recommend any fans to give it a chance. Other than this fan service, though, there is little to compel a player to continue in this game past the first few hours due to the repetitiveness of battles, missions, and story tropes.
  25. 70
    Fans of the franchise that have been longing for a full scale game based on the property should be somewhat satisfied by Fairy Tail, although a lot of it is heavily inspired by Gust's flagship franchise.
  26. Jul 30, 2020
    This game proved that its a decent RPG and not just a game based on the anime, although it could've been more if not for the limited areas and the repetitive missions.
  27. Jul 30, 2020
    Fairy Tail is a correct game with very intuitive development that fans of the series will like much more for the good setting and details it has, but even they can choke on certain moments in history by forcing them to complete repetitive secondary missions.
  28. Jul 29, 2020
    A very good JRPG, graphically simple but perfect for Fairy Tail's manga fans. It's not for "everyone" due to the link with the Japanese visual novel, but a very good game in terms of length and combat strategy.
  29. Jul 29, 2020
    There's also a social element to the game as you can level up social ranks between characters once they’ve been on enough missions together, leading to unlocking new skills which can be used in battle or more bonuses for those characters. Fairy Tail carries on going even when the storyline is done; there's plenty to upgrade in the guild, and a multitude of characters to rank up, unlocking new content and cutscenes. That, combined with an enjoyable battle system, makes Gust's latest a solid experience for anime fans.
  30. Jul 30, 2020
    Fairy Tail is too simple a role-playing game to capture the interest of genre fanatics, but it could be an introduction to the genre for the younger generation, even though it suffers from generally poor technical performance.
  31. Sep 20, 2020
    Mediocre graphics is a big letdown of Fairy Tail (a common flaw of many Japanese video games based on anime/manga), but it plays much better than you might assume by looking at screenshots and watching trailers.
  32. Sep 12, 2020
    Fairy Tail is a good gift for fans of the series, but everyone else will not understand the enthusiasm of the characters, the history of their relationships or the rules of the world. The attached encyclopedia offers a brief reference, but this is clearly not enough for a full immersion. Of course, the leader of the Fairy Tail Guild Makarov can attract, but this will only cause a passing interest among newcomers. Bright fights and magic delight, but the slow story with boring tasks and pumping make you yawn from the monotony. But if you are a fan of the original manga or anime series, you can safely add one point to our rating, because you will find yourself in the world that you have been waiting for.
  33. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Aug 22, 2020
    The turn-based combat is Gust at its best, and watching skills evolving into stronger versions, rather than characters learning new moves and making old ones irrelevant, is a nice way to show the characters growing in strength that feels right out of the anime. Mechanically it’s punching above its weight and is more magically charged than some bigger JRPGs, but it’s let down outside combat by stiff animations that feel a generation old, actions rarely feeling like they match up in conversations. Plus, multiple tedious side-quests to level up your guild bottleneck story progression. We love the characters and combat, and it feels like a beloved PS3 game we missed out on, but in 2020 the magic wanes. [Issue#179, p.76]
  34. Aug 3, 2020
    If you want a pretty easy anime game with a fun story and an honestly very easy platinum, this game is for you, but it is hard to recommend outside of a preexisting base of Fairy Tail fans.
  35. Jul 31, 2020
    Fairy Tails is a disappointing jRPG which looks and plays worse than it should. Hard to recommend to fans and newcomers alike.
  36. Aug 5, 2020
    After playing Fairy Tail for a handful of hours, you'll look at your accumulated time and wonder what else you could have done with it. For example, you could have been playing something much more enjoyable, I can guarantee that much.
  37. Aug 21, 2020
    A strong sense of atmosphere and occasionally enjoyable combat go a long way toward making a game great. When you add disappointing graphics, a severe lack of variation and a number of flat-out boring sidequests, however, this just isn't enough to justify the price tag.
  38. Jul 29, 2020
    The fan service cannot be enough to make people forget the omnipresent repetitiveness and compulsive farming from which this video game adaptation of Fairy Tail suffers.
  39. Aug 3, 2020
    If the gameplay in Fairy Tail were more interesting, then it would be worth players bringing themselves up to speed, but what is present in the final product will only be of interest to the hardcore fans of the franchise.
  40. Jul 31, 2020
    As it stands, this one is strictly for the diehards and those with a tolerance for rather repetitive side content.
  41. Jul 31, 2020
    A mediocre JRPG, Fairy Tail does only the bare minimum with what it offers. It's a game for dedicated fans, but fans deserve a better game.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 80 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 80
  2. Negative: 29 out of 80
  1. Aug 2, 2020
    The game was Censored with a patch after they sold people on it. That is false advertising. Would not recommend. Fairy Tale being censored? IfThe game was Censored with a patch after they sold people on it. That is false advertising. Would not recommend. Fairy Tale being censored? If they spent more time and effort on actual game development, then the game may have received warmer reviews. They obviously have their priorities messed up.

    The game seems flat, with little attention to detail. Missing animations and boring screenplay make for a sad performance.

    The combat is okay and the characters are enough to spark joy in any fan but the whole game seems rushed. Lots of cut corners.
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  2. Aug 2, 2020
    I was so excited for this game... The series is the perfect franchise to be made into a turn-based RPG.. and after all the tease, it turns toI was so excited for this game... The series is the perfect franchise to be made into a turn-based RPG.. and after all the tease, it turns to be a massive disappointment. First off, a lot of characters doesn't even have character models... They have dialogue pictures but you won't ever see them during gameplay... The gameplay itself is boring and there isn't even any challenge ... You have to willfully sabotage your play in order for you to lose in any battle... The entire game had potential but it seems that koei rushed production and we have a half-assed game as a result... Full Review »
  3. Aug 13, 2020
    First and foremost the selling price doesn't quite worth for the game's content. Music is bad, battles and missions are repetitive and canFirst and foremost the selling price doesn't quite worth for the game's content. Music is bad, battles and missions are repetitive and can feel that the production team didn't put much effort in developing this game since there's drop of fps even when the graphic is not nice, plus lots of time the game only shows characters talking to the wall since they don't even bother to make models for other side characters. Full Review »