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  1. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is hands down the best yet for the series, and may be the best Ubisoft title ever.
  2. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 suffers from quest overload, but will give players plenty to do even after story completion.
  3. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is an artistic lesson in juxtaposition. On one hand you have a group of devoted followers of a “message of peace" that live in violence. You have a calm and charismatic leader who insights calamity. There are communities united in anarchy. Far Cry 5 provokes its audience to think and wrestle with the uncomfortable answers to our own “what-ifs” about faith, family, and the power of community.
  4. Mar 26, 2018
    Simply put, Far Cry 5 is the best Far Cry game to date. It has the best story, the best progression and introduces a lot of changes (for the good) while maintaining that explosive old formula that works so freaking well. God Bless Hope County.
  5. Mar 26, 2018
    If you're wondering whether bringing the madness to our doorstep, making the entire campaign co-op and including an impressive toolbox to create new levels and missions while still retaining that visceral gunplay the series is known for keeps Far Cry 5 fresh and worth playing on Day One, my answer is: yes, absolutely.
  6. Apr 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 joins the list of successes that Ubisoft has had since it published Assassin's Creed: Black Flag in 2013. The story mode apart from being entertaining offers a huge number of hours of solo or cooperative play. Far Cry 5 is undoubtedly the best installment of the saga so far.
  7. 90
    Ubisoft may still be playing it safe but Far Cry 5's mix of spectacular visuals, great combat and strong story make it one of their best games yet.
  8. Apr 3, 2018
    Far Cry 5 boasts a wonderfully harmonious flow to its adventure, with its smart changes to exploration, discovery, and progression distinctly bolstering the enjoyment of creatively engaging and experimenting with its spectacular open world.
  9. Apr 1, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is the best game in the series, very complete and with multiple options. Whenever you play it alone or with a friend, it will be a consistently fun experience. It's not the most innovative game, but the formula has been updated and works surprisingly well.
  10. Mar 27, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is a chaos simulator with a preposterous story, tons of quality of life improvements over past games and an enormous amount of content. It's a blast if you let yourself just accept the silly premise and not invest too much in the politics of the game, or lack thereof.
  11. Mar 27, 2018
    I've always enjoyed playing Far Cry games, but Far Cry 5 is probably my favorite. It has a few flaws and some missed opportunities, but overall it takes the Far Cry formula that's worked in the past and improves upon it. If you've never really enjoyed Far Cry games in the past, then those improvements may not be enough to change your mind about the game. However, anyone who's a Far Cry fan, or anyone who has yet to experience a Far Cry game will probably really enjoy their time in Montana.
  12. Mar 27, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is another excellent entry in this enduring series. This is an adventure that you will not forget with a memorable world and characters.
  13. Mar 26, 2018
    This game stands out as an exceptional entry in a series that has consistently delivered action-movie thrills. If you’ve felt series fatigue creeping in with recent entries, Far Cry 5 is just the antidote you need. It’s an incredible game. Play it. Love it. Just don’t get brainwashed by the cult.
  14. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5's setting is stellar and good for a tremendous amount of entertaining gameplay. Whether it be the main story, side missions or random activities, you won't get bored anytime soon in Montana's Hope Country. The game does owe a lot to its predecessors but ups the ante creatively in many respects. Also, the Seed family is a phenomenal group of antagonists.
  15. Mar 26, 2018
    The plot and characterization revolving around Joseph, the Heralds, and the cult are very engrossing, and combined with the solid first-person shooter gameplay and free exploration, it’s a game that’s hard to put down. The fact that you can play the entire game in co-op is icing on the cake.
  16. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5’s calculated chaos uses the well known formula from the Far Cry series, but delivers it in a new and sophisticated fashion.
  17. Mar 26, 2018
    With a captivating scenario, diverse gameplay options, breathtaking background, and a colorful cast of characters, Far Cry 5 is primed as one of 2018’s earliest Game of the Year contenders.
  18. Mar 26, 2018
    By focusing on characters and story over cliche open world tropes, Far Cry 5 manages to be completely and utterly engrossing from start to finish. It’s one of the finest takes on the open world genre that we’ve seen, and while it may not deliver much in the way of revolutionary new ideas, it still stands as the best Far Cry game since Far Cry 3.
  19. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is another improvement to a series that hit its stride quite a long time ago. It gets a recommendation not because of any of its individual features, but because they all combine together into a game that becomes paradoxically funny and horrifying, occasionally at the same time. It depicts a part of America lovingly with its tongue very firmly glued to its cheek, but when I close my eyes, I still see Joseph Seed staring back at me.
  20. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is a game that struggles in trying to serve two purposes. On one hand, there's a dark, horrific tale of a cult taking over a small town. On the other, it's a playground of destruction, letting players fly and drive around, blowing up things with a bear and a dog. Both sides are good, but they don't really meet in the middle. If you can survive the tonal whiplash, you'll find a great game here and Far Cry Arcade only makes it better.
  21. 90
    Far Cry 5 is the best Far Cry to date. The great additions and refinements made to the franchise are fantastic. Along with the inclusion of Far Cry Arcade, which extends your play time, Far Cry 5 is the ultimate open-world first person shooter.
  22. 90
    Far Cry 5 is an absolute blast from beginning to end, chock full of things to do and involve yourself in. The narrative is interesting, and everything you do in Hope County feels meaningful in some way or another — making for an experience that feels as rewarding as it does enjoyable.
  23. 90
    Ubisoft have cherry-picked everything that has made the Far Cry series successful, and distilled it into a single, laser-focused package. Far Cry 5 probably isn't going to blow anyone's mind, but it provides a continuously fun experience that avoids the repetition and formulaic nature of past titles.
  24. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 was a blast from start to finish, pulling me into the experience instantly with an Americana rich world full of memorable characters and built with a strong core of addictive first-person gameplay.
  25. Mar 26, 2018
    If you’re itching for a hootin’ and hollerin’ good time with the good ol’ boys and gals of ‘Murica, look no farther than Far Cry 5. The solid core of the game provides a perfect vehicle for a nuanced and thought-provoking story in an underused setting. Some of the content might make folks uncomfortable, but if you hang on tight like Clutch Nixon would, there’s a very worthwhile adventure to be had in Hope County.
  26. Mar 26, 2018
    Choice is the driving theme in Far Cry 5, a game which opts to venture out of its comfort zone while fine-tuning every aspect of what makes the series so great. It’s incredibly relevant, Montana is a gorgeous slice of new terrain that is fraught with peril and the road ahead that Far Cry Arcade represents is exciting to say the least. Simply put, the fifth numbered chapter in Ubisoft’s series of madness, freedom and exploration is Far Cry perfected.
  27. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is well done in every respect: its narrative improves the pace of progression, the gameplay is solid and the content is on a high level.
  28. Mar 26, 2018
    With new gameplay mechanics, overhauled progression systems, a strong narrative, and the Guns/Friends for Hire system, Far Cry 5 is the overhaul that the series desperately needed. It is easily the best of the series, and represents a positive step in a new direction. Come for the storyline, stay for the co-op chaos.
  29. Mar 26, 2018
    The best Far Cry yet, with well written characters, lots of freedom to play how you want, and a lot of fun to be had on your own or with a friend.
  30. Mar 27, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is another wide-open playground with all the necessary ingredients for causing a real ruckus: loads of enemies and allies, temperamental wildlife, and plenty of explosions. Amidst all the insanity it manages to tell a serious story with respectable characters and a powerful ending, though it’s not the most memorable in the series.
  31. Mar 27, 2018
    After a mind-boggling start, you come to understand Far Cry 5 better along the way, until the point where you do not want to leave Hope County anymore. The well-shaped world is filled with stuff to do and the charismatic villains are a great addition to the experience.
  32. Mar 26, 2018
    The fans of the Far Cry series should not worry. Here's a bold game with a great story, memorable villains and fun gameplay. If we add the Arcade Mode that's already included with the game and the future DLC's, then we'll be playing Far Cry 5 for a long time.
  33. Apr 1, 2018
    Far Cry 5 has an interesting story and a theme that explores dark corners of the North American psyche. The Story has some pretty good moments that make you think about what a group of people is capable of when they follow an extreme ideology and they try to impose their vision of the world not caring about anything besides what one person or a book says. But the story just establishes the setting of the game; on top of it there is a pretty fun game, full of action and adventure in witch you'll be running from religious fanatics and blowing everything that stands in your path to put an end to madness.
  34. Mar 27, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is precisely what it says on the tin – It’s a Far Cry game through and through, and if you weren’t a fan before then this isn’t going to be the title to make you change your mind.
  35. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5, following in the steps of the previous episodes, offers a very large map to explore and plenty of things to do, with a good first person shooter experience and interesting action/stealth possibilities. The game is not perfect in all of its aspects, but it's often very funny and always enjoyable, with a fascinating and unique antagonist.
  36. May 7, 2018
    Far Cry 5 established itself as one of the best in the series, The game features some gorgeous scenery, an engaging story and the overall story is great fun and the theme is very realistic. The game mixes up the missions so it doesn't get repetitive halfway through the game. Far Cry 5 is a great entry to the series for newbies and veterans alike.
  37. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 offers plenty for fans of the series, with a few new fun additions. The mission design is a little underwhelming, but it's a lot of bombastic fun. Eden's Gate and Joseph Seed are the best villains in the series to date.
  38. Mar 26, 2018
    We cannot deny that Far Cry 5 is another "more of the same" entry, warts and all, but the religious fanatic setting is spot-on, and Montana is simply wonderful (and Joseph Seed is one of the best villains the series has ever had). The open-world approach to the game works as usual, and the more you look at it as a big, sumptuous playground, the better. The Arcade mode has a lot, plenty of potential that will show its best in the upcoming weeks and months, when the community starts toying with the powerful editor. Even as it is now, Far Cry 5 is an excellent chapter in the series.
  39. Mar 26, 2018
    For the isolationists out there (like me), one selling point of Far Cry Arcade was not only being able to play by myself, but also the fact that any perks or benefits that I got from playing Arcade could actually be carried over into the main game, which added a different dimension to the prospect of boosting my character.
  40. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry is enormously big, has a beautiful open world, soaked in a great atmosphere. It's stuffed with content and is sometimes a bit chaotic, but the story is well built up and is highly memorable with great bad guys and girls. It does, however, have some frustrating moments and lacks good stealth gameplay.
  41. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is an exciting new ride into a world of charismatic villains, crazy enemies around every corner and beautiful landscapes. Hope County's large sandbox hides so many opportunities and activities, different weapons and vehicles, lots of characters to interact with and frantic battles in the usual Far Cry fashion.
  42. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is a massive game with tons of content and Far Cry Arcade has the potential to keep the game fresh and exciting for months to come. In the end, Far Cry 5 didn't make the most out of its rural setting and didn't innovate much on the typical Far Cry gameplay formula although it still ranks as one of the best games in the series.
  43. Jun 6, 2018
    This fresh take on the Far Cry franchise is clearly visible content-wise, but a tad more discrete on the style. If you're not bothered by the slightly repetitive formula, you'll enjoy the many strengths of this episode.
  44. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    May 21, 2018
    A mostly excellent sandbox that delights with its gorgeous world, breadth of activities, and stellar shootouts. It can be a bit grindy, mind.[June 2018, p.93]
  45. Apr 10, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is a handsome, mechanically dazzling, engaging title fused to story that doesn't deliver despite early promise.
  46. Apr 4, 2018
    Far Cry 5 builds impressively on the solid gameplay elements which made the series what it is today, and is a fun, rip-roaring open-world gaming experience that few in 2018 will surpass.
  47. Apr 3, 2018
    While Far Cry 5 doesn’t reinvent the wheel and is not a massive change of direction for the series, it does fix many of the problems I had with earlier entries, and it jettisons a lot of unnecessary baggage that had accumulated over the years. The end result is a lot of mindless enjoyment with memorable characters that go to waste thanks to the disconnected plot. It’s not going to be my game of the year, but as a fan of this formula, I still found it worth the time I put into it.
  48. Mar 27, 2018
    If you embrace the madcap, if you let go of expectations of narrative and plot and just give in to the cult of Far Cry, then there is a lot of entertainment to be had. It's not a game I would describe as good so much as entertaining. A stoner's paradise of silly action and happenstance. That's the level on which it truly works and can be enjoyed.
  49. Mar 27, 2018
    Far Cry 5 may not be the biting allegory on the rise of the ‘alt-right’ in Trump’s United States that some envisaged, but it still cuts close to the bone of the culture of God-fearing, gun-toting rural America. And deliberate or not, makes for a fascinating backdrop to a compelling, if conflicted, action romp.
  50. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 will try to convince you the world is coming to an end. While the threat of the Eden’s Gate cult is ever-present, what we value most from our time traveling through Hope County are the individual encounters with clever quest-givers, our favorite specialists, or a trusty co-op buddy. It’s a shame the story unnecessarily brings things down to such a dark place, spontaneously interrupting your thrill-seeking pursuits with nothing but bad vibes. Far Cry 5 is like the 4th of July. There’s some serious subject matter being considered, but the experience is mostly about blowing stuff up.
  51. Mar 26, 2018
    There’s still a sense that Far Cry needs to push things further, with too many mundane and repetitive tasks littering its map screen, and that more variety is needed in its core mission design. This is a phenomenal open-world shooter and an excellent Far Cry. With a little extra push, it could have been even more.
  52. Mar 26, 2018
    Off the beaten track, Far Cry 5 is strongly reminiscent of its predecessors. If you have no problem with ticking off small tasks in an Open World shooter, you can blow off steam with sufficient weapons, tools and vehicles. But much more was expected from the now fifth Far Cry installment.
  53. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is the return of a great series that set a new standard for all FPS with open world structure and free roaming dynamics. Yet, despite its undeniable qualities, it is a product that unfortunately fails to excel from any point of view.
  54. Mar 26, 2018
    Despite an intriguing premise and a colourful cast of unforgettable characters, Far Cry 5 manages to deliver an utterly familiar experience. This is not all bad however, and we're happy to kill, adventure and toy around in the great sandbox that is Hope County, Montana.
  55. Mar 26, 2018
    A polished and refined instalment that values your time more than the previous games and keeps the focus on entertaining you throughout.
  56. Mar 26, 2018
    As fun, solid and diversified as a Far Cry can be, but not as exotic or surprising as the other episodes of the saga, Far Cry 5 enhances the standard Ubisoft recipe but does not really create a revolutionary experience for the players. A great game, but not a turning point for the franchise.
  57. Mar 26, 2018
    The best Far Cry yet and one of the best open world shooters of any kind, with an impressive variety of missions and non-linear structure.
  58. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is exactly that - more Far Cry. If you've never been a fan of the series, this doesn't do anything to change your mind. If you loved liberating outposts and blowing shit up in the Himalayas, you'll enjoy doing it in Hope County, too. Its sprawling world, varied missions, and memorable characters all make for an incredibly entertaining experience, and helped me to overlook the niggling technical issues and occasional frustrating fetch quests in my 30+ hours in Montana.
  59. Mar 26, 2018
    The 5th installment in Far Cry franchise is yet another effort by Ubisoft to build on a successful formula, And while some elements such as story and AI are not as good as we’d expected, the core mechanics of THE gameplay are so great that it’s just impossible not to love it. Far Cry 5 tastes as good as its big brother, Far Cry 3. Maybe even tastier.
  60. Mar 26, 2018
    It seems like Far Cry 5 tries hard to be different in some ways. But in the end, it is obvious it doesn't want to - it can't - step too far from its predecessors. There's a feeling that even though its world is new, appealing, offers some good tweaks, a magnificent set of allies and villains, and a potentially unlimited content in Arcade mode, we still have the same game flawed with the same A.I. problems, we still complete the same kind of missions and see the same animations. As we sure can have fun and witness a fantastic ending, this can be forgiven. Until next time.
  61. Mar 26, 2018
    The new features, updates and overall expansion of scope in Far Cry 5 help separate it from other titles, but even though this is arguably the best entry since Far Cry 3, it might be too similar for people burnt out on the franchise.
  62. Games Master UK
    Apr 19, 2018
    Neither toothless nor incendiary, Far Cry 5 does its setting justice but colours within the lines. [May 2018, p.60]
  63. 75
    The half-baked narrative, annoying characters and tonal inconsistencies are disappointing, but they don't ruin the fun. For the most part this is a collection of the best elements of Far Cry's past, complete with compound bows, parachutes, fire and hilariously deadly animals (look out for the bush turkey!), with a few quality of life tweaks for good measure.
  64. Mar 28, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is a baffling case - some things have been greatly improved, but numerous elements feel neglected. This gargantuan, exciting sandbox packed with activities provides lots of satisfaction, but it's hard not to feel like the developers have missed a good opportunity to make some statement with the game - both the plot and the campaign itself feel undercooked. It's most definitely not a bad game, but it would be nice to finally redefine madness and make something better than the excellent Far Cry 3.
  65. Mar 27, 2018
    Far Cry 5 had much to live up to coming in under the shadow of previous games in the series. While it doesn’t quite reach the same level, it stays true to enough of its series staples that fans and newcomers alike should expect a good time.
  66. 75
    Far Cry 5 takes steps forward by upping the stakes with a sinister villain and bold new setting, while also stumbling backwards with its non-linear approach and separation of character progression from the world.
  67. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 adds new material to the franchise, but it is not innovative enough. It all feels a bit too familiar and bugs are keeping this game from being a smooth experience.
  68. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is an amazing action game that maintains the essence of the saga. However, its weak plot and map division are elements that make this game inferior to its previous installments.
  69. Mar 26, 2018
    Public executions aside, Far Cry 5’s world is meticulously constructed, and it’s a remarkable facsimile of Big Sky Country. Unfortunately, too much of the action in it is uninspired. It’s a beautiful but bland recitation of what’s come before, from both the series and Ubisoft’s open-world playbook. It’s never bad, but considering how great the past games have been, its overall predictability is disappointing.
  70. Mar 26, 2018
    That clash of bucolic, frontiersman-like Americana and end-of-days gloom brought on by the cult informs every aspect of Far Cry 5, but also highlights some of its biggest shortcomings.
  71. Apr 24, 2018
    A beautiful open world full of fun activities, well-made cooperation with a variety of companions, absolute freedom in how you purge a crazy cult... Far Cry 5 is an excellent, though slightly repetitive, game, until it is backstabbed by a stupid script in combination with unusually annoying bugs.
  72. games(TM)
    Apr 20, 2018
    Worthy of your time, despite being predictable. [Issue#199, p.74]
  73. Apr 5, 2018
    Its political commentary runs as deep as listening to one of the game’s villains cite streaming media as one of the world’s ills. If anything, the game is a reflection of the current moment, not a way forward. But it is enjoyable all the same.
  74. Mar 28, 2018
    Far Cry 5 manages to deliver some satisfying open world action with a focus on co-operative play, but a few poor design choices, disappointing story and occasional bugs hamper the overall impression.
  75. Mar 26, 2018
    The best thing we can say about Far Cry 5 is that it's competent, and the worst that it's far too safe. Ubisoft is clearly more interested in making an experience that appeals to everyone to satisfy the bottom line. That's a real shame, because there's the makings of a highly entertaining sandbox survival adventure here. Sadly, you won't see any of it, because there's no encouragement to experiment when running and gunning is as effective as it is.
  76. 70
    It’s a shame that the plot turns what could have been an interesting, critical title into one that’s simply yet another serviceable AAA game for mass consumption. Did Ubisoft have something interesting to say about extremism and violence? Probably not, but maybe embracing parallels with current events would have made this production seem less like a backyard rodeo.
  77. Mar 26, 2018
    This game was all over the place regarding quality. There are some things I really like about Far Cry 5, and others I just think are awful. If the story had been told in a more linear, coherent way I think it would have been much better. This game almost gives you too much freedom to the detriment of cohesive gameplay design. Each thing you do has so little effect on the rest of the game world that it feels futile. The only bonus from this is that it facilitates co-op gameplay well.
  78. Mar 26, 2018
    It’s a finely tuned open-world game stapled onto a story that’s insultingly bad.
  79. Mar 27, 2018
    A decent video game undermined by bad pacing, weak characters, and a wishy-washy world view. Play it cooperatively with a friend, ignore the characters and their motivations, and you'll probably have a good time.
  80. Mar 26, 2018
    Ubisoft set a high bar for itself in 2017 when it presented a thoughtful concept that turned Far Cry’s outlandish and often politically charged lens on the United States. The game ultimately settles something closer to the devil-may-care attitude of past Far Cry games. While not devoid of fun, the game feels hollow. Four previous Far Cry games — 3, 4, Primal, 5 — were built this way, and the formula has grown stale.
  81. Mar 26, 2018
    More future primitive than highly evolved, there is some fun to be had here, but ultimately it’s a game that adds nothing of substance to either genre or franchise.
  82. Mar 26, 2018
    There are great individual moments in Far Cry 5. The gunplay is excellent, its unpredictable world generates daring stories of accidental heroism, and when it leans into the whole red-blooded American patriotism schtick, it’s genuinely funny. It doesn’t always fit together as well as it should, sometimes forcing the player to work around the game rather than with it – but the wildly vacillating tone is the bigger issue. It’s at once disorienting and noncommittal. Paradoxically, this is an extreme satire of modern America that says pretty much nothing about it.
  83. Mar 26, 2018
    Divorce it from its narrative and Far Cry 5‘s biggest overall problem is just how little mechanical innovation separates the game from Far Cry 4.
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  1. Mar 29, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is an awesome open-world action game, delivering the most fully realized, player-driven entry in the series to date.
  2. Mar 26, 2018
    Sadly, the game which unfolds around these interludes isn't half as enjoyable. The first instalment to be set in North America, Far Cry 5 is Far Cry at its least engrossing, clumsiest and most basic, though there's still just enough going on here to keep a returning fan involved.
  3. Mar 26, 2018
    The game’s missions flow together organically and let you shift from capturing a cult outpost using an array of explosives and guns to scaling cliffs in search of hidden caches of equipment and lore-filled collectibles. It fails, however, to meaningfully move beyond the rest of the series in merging the violence and chaos these experiments produce with the community of people scattered throughout its world.
  4. Mar 26, 2018
    Obviously, an ending can’t take away your experiences with a game. All the times I took an outpost down without triggering an alarm, or guided a missile into the wing of a banking plane, or just wandered into a meadow so beautiful it made my jaw quietly drop, are all safely intact inside my head. But an ending can shatter the belief that all those moments were building to something meaningful, a feeling so vital to actually caring about a world and not just treating it as a collection of well-crafted toys. Far Cry 5 destroys that illusion with one final, massive swing, and that might be its ultimate sin.
  5. Mar 28, 2018
    It’s time to visit Hope County and do… pretty much the same thing you do in pretty much every “AAA” Ubisoft game.
  6. Mar 26, 2018
    Far Cry 5 is an interesting game to play in 2018, and it’s easily the best the series has been since Vaas asked us if we knew the definition of insanity in 2012.
  7. Mar 27, 2018
    Again and again, Far Cry 5 served up its opposite: Moments that were incredibly loud, but increasingly timid. And because of that, Far Cry 5 itself will always be more of a curiosity than a destination.
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  1. Mar 27, 2018
    The absolutely best one in the franchise so far. Stunning graphics, incredible gameplay (it never felt so good to shoot people and rideThe absolutely best one in the franchise so far. Stunning graphics, incredible gameplay (it never felt so good to shoot people and ride vehicles!) and a very interesting story with charismatic characters. Finally, Montana is so beautiful I can't believe it. 10/10 for me. Full Review »
  2. Mar 28, 2018
    Like watching paint dry...

    The story is so blah and inconceivably unbelievable (yes, it's Far Cry, but 3 was excellent and engrossing, and
    Like watching paint dry...

    The story is so blah and inconceivably unbelievable (yes, it's Far Cry, but 3 was excellent and engrossing, and 4 okay), that it's hard to immerse yourself into the world. It's supposed to be this newly formed area within some state in America that is government land, yet the government/nobody is doing anything about it because they are too scared of the cult?????

    You fly in, in a helicopter, at the beginning of the game, and it's all about getting out of the area to get the national guard, yet you find a helicopter within the game and can't fly it beyond the "limit" of the game area... WTF?

    Anyway, gameplay mechanics are the same as usual, which are good, but being the 5th installemnt into the series, it's starting to feel very old.

    8 hours in and I couldn't care less about continuing... :(
    Full Review »
  3. Mar 27, 2018
    Generic and predictable. It's really just another rehash of the Far Cry series that's not really remarkable enough to be interesting.

    Generic and predictable. It's really just another rehash of the Far Cry series that's not really remarkable enough to be interesting.

    Money is important and you don't get anywhere near enough from gameplay. Serious grinding required to experience the full range of vehicles and weapons unless you want to pay for shortcuts through its insidious micro-transaction system.

    The game is Infested with micro-transactions and not worth buying as a result. Yes you can play it without spending extra money but it feels like your being hamstrung from the start without spending more money than you have already paid for the game. Wait until it's a fraction of the price on sale.

    Further cash grab, in addition to the micro-transactions in game - Day one DLC and season pass on top of your full price game.

    3/10 for looks only...looks great, shame it's so anti-consumer.
    Full Review »