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  1. Mar 12, 2018
    Before the Storm is a must-play component of the series and the franchise is something that anyone who enjoys a strong narrative should try out.
  2. Dec 20, 2017
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a beautiful, delicate novel about psychological and moral growth.
  3. Jun 26, 2018
    Due to the fact that this is a prequel, the storyline and characters of Life is Strange: Before the Storm feel a bit contrived. Nevertheless, despite these inconsistencies, fans of the original Life is Strange will still be moved by Chloe’s adventure.
  4. Mar 13, 2018
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm presents itself without riddles, but with purity, to offer us an excellent narrative adventure that helps us to complement Chloe's story and other holes of Arcadia Bay's life. Despite its shorter duration, it has not lost its charm. The extra episode, Farewell, will thrill you to tears.
  5. Mar 7, 2018
    Before the Storm made me care about Chloe and Rachel, giving me backstory into both of their lives before Max comes back. The journey is bittersweet, knowing the tragic events from the first game for both characters. As a prequel, Before the Storm succeeds because it tells its own story that leaves you content, while also connecting to the original game in a meaningful way. Deck Nine may not have a hand in the original, but it made sure to do Chloe and Rachel’s story justice, capturing the essence of Life is Strange while providing plenty of nods to fans.
  6. Games Master UK
    Feb 22, 2018
    Fans won't be disappointed. It's a prologue clearly made by people with love for the original. [March 2018, p.68]
  7. Apr 18, 2018
    It's rare that a prequel truly works, where a story can captivate despite the audience knowing what's coming and where the path will lead. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is one of those exceptional stories because it draws you in on its own terms. The only problem: You know it's building you up just to break your heart.
  8. 80
    Is this game as good as the original Life is Strange? Personally, I don't think so. But it's still great nonetheless and definitely shouldn't be missed by fans of the first game.
  9. Mar 9, 2018
    Life Is Strange: Before the Storm isn’t a story that needed telling, and it was a risk for Deck 9 to try and add to a beloved series, but they’ve pulled it off. It answers the question of who Rachel Amber was and what she really meant to Chloe, showing something that feels more grounded like a TV teen dramas and speaks to the struggle to find your place in the world.
  10. Mar 7, 2018
    A prequel that manages to retain almost everything that made the original game something truly special, despite its 'natural' nature and its focus on 'just' feelings.
  11. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Feb 22, 2018
    An essential addition. [Feb 2018, p.90]
  12. Dec 19, 2017
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a beautiful journey through Chloe Price's teenage years. It's a brilliant exploration of what happens when a directionless teenager meets a special person that changes the course of their life forever. It's a journey that explores the themes of loss, love, finding one's self, and whether the road to happiness ultimately lies in truth.
  13. Sep 11, 2017
    Episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a genuinely fun and well-written return to the intriguing world of LiS with similar profound themes, extensive character development and ‘hella’ interesting high-school drama. Deck Nine have introduced compelling new ideas in their prequel while remaining respectful of the original source material, and fans will be hard-pressed to find fault in their faithful rendition of the somber atmosphere of Arcadia Bay.
  14. Mar 12, 2018
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm delivers on its promise of a captivating story that brings humanity to the idea of presumably senseless teen angst. It's a joy to experience and the gameplay is fun where it can be found. Here's hoping for yet another series of episodes.
  15. Jan 12, 2018
    While overall it is not as impressive as the original Life is Strange, it still is a heartfelt story of two teenagers and their pursuit of happiness.
  16. Jan 3, 2018
    Before the Storm is a good pit-stop between the first and second part of Life is Strange. The game itself is pleasant but not memorable. Chloe and Rachel's relationship is portrayed very convincingly but there is too few new things and the whole thing relies too much on the first game.
  17. Edge Magazine
    Jan 9, 2018
    When Before the Storm embraces its individuality, it produces stunning moments. [Issue#315, p.106]
  18. Dec 21, 2017
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm, despite a great second episode, ends feeling rushed and loses the focus on Chloe and Rachel's relationship.
  19. Dec 20, 2017
    Despite an uneven final episode, the bond between Chloe and Rachel cements the surprising prequel, sometimes even soaring above the heights of the original game. It still has all the faults of Life Is Strange as a series, but its domestic focus helps it resonate even greater than its successor. If Rachel Amber is the Laura Palmer of Life Is Strange, then Before the Storm is her much-deserved Fire Walk With Me.
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  1. Dec 24, 2017
    Intelligent and enriching, this is a preview worth playing. [Recommended]
  2. Jan 15, 2018
    Before the Storm elevates Life is Strange and compensates for some of its failings. Imperfect as it may be, I consider it absolutely essential to a full understanding of Life is Strange – whatever your own personal reading of it may actually be – and the series as a whole to be one of the highlights of my entire gaming life.
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  1. Apr 9, 2018
    A prequel of Life is Strange, that explain to us and show how Rachel and Chloe meet, Rachel and Chloe that in the original game was one of theA prequel of Life is Strange, that explain to us and show how Rachel and Chloe meet, Rachel and Chloe that in the original game was one of the reasons that made the story move for most of the game. The story not just show how they did met, but how they relation go (wich you can pretty much choose), what conflits they been through and why Chloe cares so much about Rachel in the original. The story also sets some things for the game, show a little more with David and some other characters that are important in the original.
    The game posses one very important thing for this kind of game, wich is that you literally become Chole when you play it, it's perfect how when you started it, you completely forget the real life and get transfers for the game world. Everything contributes to this transference, the sounds the reality that they did implement, like you can interact with pretty much everyone that shows up in the game, and Chloe have a very natural comment for almos everything that are in the ambience, you can feel her pain, her doubts, her happiness and sadness with lute, wich not just put you in the universe game but make become her. The environment of the game, as i said, is perfect, there are some situations that just blowed my mind, you can play a rpg inside the game, roll the dice and choose what to do, and that tooks like 20 minutes and have nothing to do for main story, but was just insanely great. It did showed how Chloe never get over her father death, telling us about appreciate what we have.
    The way that they did presented us the relationship between Chloe and Rachel was very good, it could sound a little forced for some people, but it was like that trigger relationship, that happen fast and apparentely for no big reason, the chemistry flows very fast and they meet eachother very fast and easy, justified by some events. They did gave a lot of time for them, you really get to know Rachel well, maybe not as much as it could, principally because in the original game it is revealed somethings about her that could have been explored in here, but i was good. They gave us the possibility to choose if they was just goingo to be big friends or if they had something more than just a friendship, i liked it.
    The gameplay it's pretty much like the original one, but now we don't have the time mechanics, and kinda for replace this they added a discussion mechanic, that you need to see what the other character is talking and use that against him, and maybe then winning the discussion, it is pretty good.
    We do revisited some places from Life is Strange, i liked the blackwell part that we did had in this game, it does work and make sense, showing how Chole get to know some important places from her some graphites and stuff.
    The first 2 episodes are phenomenal, it have like 2 hours or even more, and you just don't see the time, it never like get you out of the game, always concentrated and foucused in what was happening, getting curious and envolved with the plot, but the 3rd one wasn't that good, it really got bored and they did choosed a story to go that i didn't find that much interesting, i was curious about different stuff. They could have explored more the relation about Rachel and Chloe more with Frank or Nathan. The 3rd one also got bored and it had some strange and maybe dumb decision that i didn't enjoyed and had nothing to do with anything, that role Elliot sequence for me was just for consume time, wasn't good and had nothing to do with anything.
    Another problem of the game is that i felt in some moments that the choices that i had to do was like the telltales games choices, that wouldn't make any difference and are just there to remember us that it is a game, i hate it, in the 3rd episode it does happens like a bit to much, and i didn't enjoy it.
    Even with the choice that they did go in the 3rd episode wasn't that good, i have to say that it did got plausible, once that it was already happening i bought the idea, it was good because you could pick sides, it was very understandable what some of the antagonists that made de plot run, wich was Rachel parents, were doing.
    If you did enjoy the original one, i highly recomend this, the first 2 episodes are just great, with a low and and not very interesting ending.
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  2. Aug 31, 2017
    Incredible and magical as it should be, charismatic characters, interesting and varied, a wonderful soundtrack and an impressive artIncredible and magical as it should be, charismatic characters, interesting and varied, a wonderful soundtrack and an impressive art direction, the game touches on delicate and controversial subjects with a lot of respect and makes the experience very immersive and magical, looking forward to the next episode Full Review »
  3. Aug 31, 2017
    MY GOD. I was so waiting for this, and i understand why now. Life is Strange Before the Storm is the best game of 2017. This Soundtrack, mamaMY GOD. I was so waiting for this, and i understand why now. Life is Strange Before the Storm is the best game of 2017. This Soundtrack, mama mia. This characters so good, actually feel them in my heart.
    Please,buy that game and enjoy to replay that. They add mystery in a game, bud i will so waiting for next episode. Deck Nine, thank you from my heart.
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