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  1. 90
    It’s refreshing to see a game tackle hard issues so earnestly, and I can honestly say this is a story which will stay with me long after playing.
  2. Oct 11, 2016
    Mafia 3 will divide the audience; it's forced to live halfway between the technical problems and the excellence of a truly overwhelming narrative.
  3. Oct 17, 2016
    When Mafia III gets things right, it really gets things right. It has the kind of soundtrack and vibe that most other games would kill to have, and it's built around an incredibly compelling protagonist. It's nowhere close to being perfect, but there's enough good stuff here that, ultimately, it's hard to stay too mad at Mafia III.
  4. Oct 11, 2016
    Mafia III is a game full of contrasts. It has some issues, but its vision of the gang world makes it very attractive as a sandbox. The narrative, the historical context and the music are just amazing. If you can forgive its technical troubles, you will see that Lincoln Clay has the strength of a hurricane.
  5. Nov 8, 2016
    Mafia III feels like a small miracle. A sandbox game not only with a cohesive story, but a cohesive story about a young black man waging war against white institutions – how the hell did this get made? On the surface, Mafia III is yet another sandbox crime game. But lose yourself to its machismo and tone, and verily, you will find yourself playing something you have never experienced before.
  6. Oct 27, 2016
    Never has a mainstream video game focused on the awful side of America’s racial legacy with such frank insistence. And never has a video game had such an interesting cast of black characters.
  7. Oct 24, 2016
    Ultimately, technical gaffes and issues of design repetition weren't enough to stop me from appreciating Mafia III. The writers and voice actors turn in the strongest work, crafting and performing a story that manages to rise above the conventional open-world structure it's working within.
  8. Oct 19, 2016
    It’s a diamond in the rough, though, and this jankiness is a mild distraction at worst. The appeal of Mafia III is the stories it tells – both the textual narrative, and the multitude of emergent ones that come from simply existing in a place as rich and complex as New Bordeaux. It certainly has its flaws, but in balancing the over-the-top action of a crime game with a pointed look at real-life racism, and in its fantastic re-creation of the ‘60s American South, Mafia III has achieved something special.
  9. Oct 13, 2016
    Mafia's return is a bittersweet one. On one hand, there are several visual issues that burden the game, and the feeling of being an errand boy completing repetitive missions is always there. On the other hand, Hangar 13 ha created a world with its own personality, a really interesting city and the soundtrack selection is superb. The adult, violent and vengeance-themed plot is another remarkable point.
  10. Oct 12, 2016
    Hangar 13 has done a great job with the setting and building an atmospheric world, but some visual issues and repetitive tasks make it less enjoyable than it could've been. Still, it's a game that fans of open-world action will like.
  11. Oct 11, 2016
    Mafia III took me through a grand tale of loss and, in the end, after all of my macho escapades, I was left more empty, realizing no amount of killing could change what was done. For that reason, Mafia III is not a game to be missed by anyone.
  12. Oct 11, 2016
    Mafia III has so many technical issues that it's really hard to ignore them. But the game is something you should try because of the way Hangar 13 has dealt with the racism issue. Everyone should play this game and learn the hard way how terrible racism can be.
  13. Oct 10, 2016
    It wouldn’t be surprising for Mafia III to emerge as the AAA game with the best story of 2016 as Lincoln Clay’s revenge tale, and its wonderful documentary-style presentation, are engrossing from beginning to end, with a host of unique characters that make New Bordeaux feel unlike anywhere else in video games. You’d be hard pressed to find a game that presents some of the most shameful times in our nation’s history in a more elegant way, though the realism that comes from being so on the nose is shocking.
  14. Oct 11, 2016
    Quotation forthcoming.
  15. Oct 18, 2016
    In its greatest moments, Mafia 3 is one of the best games this year. But the road between those moments can be repetitive. It's worth playing to the end, just to experience the story of Lincoln Clay.
  16. Oct 14, 2016
    There’s a lot to like in Mafia III, the presentation is very impressive and the discussion of race is brought up appropriately. The story unfolds well and doesn’t disappoint, but the mission structure brings about a host of disappointments. Missions rarely give the opportunity to let side characters develop, and the main story consists of doing the exact same objectives over and over until the credits roll. Unfortunately, Mafia III is as disappointing as it is impressive.
  17. Oct 13, 2016
    Mafia III’s compelling story and combat really shine through, and it is simply a fun game.
  18. Oct 11, 2016
    It is a pity that they created an open world city that's so great and so well recreated as the New Orleans of the time to not make too many tasks to perform freely - one of the facets that we hope can be overcome in the future.
  19. Oct 10, 2016
    Mafia 3’s strong characters and confident storytelling kept me engaged, even if the gameplay rarely delivered anything but bog-standard and repetitive open-world action.
  20. Oct 10, 2016
    Mafia III is a game with two souls: It tells an impressive story about revenge and honor in an accurate historical context, but it suffers from many technical flaws.
  21. 75
    While Mafia III is not a game-changing entry, it is a genuine attempt to tell an entertaining story. It’s too bad that technical and graphical issues get in the way of progress on occasion, and a few gameplay mechanics cause the game to quickly boil down to the same handful of mission types, which means to get to the next chapter of the main story takes some monotony.
  22. Oct 13, 2016
    The narrative on Mafia III is great and exciting, maybe one of the best of the year, same with the attention to little details recreating New Bordeaux and general adjustments to the gameplay of the franchise. We cannot say the same of the general open world structure that gives us repetitive activities to unlock the premium content, in the same way, we're sad to see the final game with a myriad technical issues.
  23. Oct 25, 2016
    It's unfortunate that the Mafia III gameplay isn't anywhere near as compelling as the storytelling. An ingenious mix of setting and characters has been established to generate a believable spin on organized crime, but the game mechanics are nowhere near as impressive in either design or execution.
  24. Oct 12, 2016
    Mafia III is an enjoyable and fun game, even if you can't expect the splendor of GTA V, the insanity of Saints Row IV or the great locations of Far Cry 4.
  25. CD-Action
    Dec 12, 2016
    It could have been a really great sandbox for one evening. It’s a shame the developers decided to extend it by over a dozen completely redundant hours, because they had fresh ideas for around one fifth of the campaign and made the rest of the game repetitive as hell. [12/2016, p.48]
  26. Nov 3, 2016
    Mafia III has me torn. On one hand, it presents a crucial and engaging narrative full of astute social and political commentary and emotionally anchored characters, but on the other hand, it falls short in nearly every other aspect that is synonymous with successful open-world games. Overall, my experience with Mafia III was not a bad one, and the story was strong enough to keep me engaged until the credits rolled. It’s just unfortunate that the artistry and vision that went into the narrative did not carry over to the rest of the experience.
  27. Oct 26, 2016
    It is not a game without redeeming qualities, but it lacks the exceptional qualities to capture the hearts and minds of many players—particularly fans of the previous Mafia games who thrived on the details missing in Mafia III. All I can hope is that Mafia III is but the first (stumbling) step in a fascinating new direction for open world games.
  28. Oct 25, 2016
    Mafia 3 is a great step forward for storytelling in games that is dragged down by its consistently unpolished and poorly executed mechanics.
  29. Oct 17, 2016
    With a fantastic story at its centre, it’s such a shame the open world is quiet and unappealing, and the control system struggles in hostile environments.
  30. Oct 14, 2016
    Such a strong story deserves more than repetitive mission structures. It's a shame for Clay and his surroundings that the game mechanics aren't on par. Still a good game.
  31. Oct 14, 2016
    A game of inspired highs diluted with pedestrian lows. Worthy, but achieves less than its true potential.
  32. Oct 14, 2016
    Mafia III is a game with a great plot, great characters, and great setting, but it’s hamstrung by the repetitive nature of its mission structure. Having to go through the same tasks in each territory means a sense of fatigue enters quickly, and there isn’t much in the way of distractions within New Bordeaux to break things up. The pieces of a great game are all here, but they just don’t quite fit together.
  33. Oct 13, 2016
    The story and the city are the main stars of Mafia III. But the game is lacking in gameplay and worthwhile main missions to be something as good as this saga deserves.
  34. Oct 12, 2016
    It's obvious that Mafia 3 is a game with huge potential, with a great prologue and a couple of missions later on. Sadly, it seems the developers did everything they could to undermine the quality of the game. However, despite many shortcomings, Mafia 3 still has this special "something" that makes you want to come back and find some more TL-49 fuses.
  35. Oct 12, 2016
    Mafia 3 is a great storytelling about revenge, hatred and discrimination. The setting is convincing and the game offers a lot of fun, but the open world gameplay gets repetitive very quickly with only a few missions that are actually excellent.
  36. Oct 11, 2016
    Sadly, the much anticipated Mafia 3 doesn't live up to the hype. The great story and background are ruined by the absolute lack of polish, be it on the technical standpoint with appalling graphics, or the AI that's completely useless.
  37. Oct 11, 2016
    A flawed game at times, but an equalling captivating one in others. It’s repetitive gameplay loops and standard mechanics hide an engrossing tale grounded by top of the class performances. It’s a tale that pays off in closing, if only just barely.
  38. Oct 10, 2016
    Mafia III is an ambitious game that tackles serious, relevant themes. Unfortunately, it lacks technical polish, and the mechanics aren’t much better than anything on the market, let alone offer anything new.
  39. Oct 10, 2016
    Mafia III is a game with a great, interesting story and is quite enjoyable if you can look past the repetitive gameplay and technical issues. The open-world feels more like an open-map with almost no activities to engage in, which is a shame.
  40. Games Master UK
    Dec 4, 2016
    Amazing setting and stylish narrative let down by a dull and painfully repetitive open-world structure. [Dec 2016, p.59]
  41. Oct 12, 2016
    Mafia III is a missed opportunity to put an important time in American history in the spotlight, and ends up being one of the most lifeless and one-note open-world experiences I’ve come across. You can see the potential for a great game here, but it sticks to safe and simple gameplay and storytelling conventions, and ends up being a bloody bore.
  42. Oct 12, 2016
    Mafia 3 is a constant struggle. The setting is amazing, but there is no legit reason to really explore it. The story is intriguing, but repetitive missions make it difficult to get through. Cinematically speaking it is a great game; unfortunately gameplay-wise there is room for improvement.
  43. Nov 25, 2016
    While it is repetitive, the driving and fighting mechanics are enjoyable as long as you remember to take a decent sized break every few missions. Ultimately, this is a game for those who care more about the story than anything else.
  44. Nov 4, 2016
    Mafia III is a game that’s held back by its conventional anchors. It wants to be game about the South but remains content to use its setting rarely as little more than a local color curiosity. It proposes a radical representation of race but falls prey to the conventional chores of open-world banality. Though it initially seems eager to “Tell about the South,” Mafia III does not have the patience or interest to do so. Its violence and exploitation-style racial politics, however, make the trip to New Bordeaux worth effort—as long as the person heading down South isn’t looking for anything more than a sightseeing tour.
  45. Oct 19, 2016
    Mafia III as a narrative alone is a commendable effort, and is unlikely to be forgotten for that very reason. It takes a hard look at a life many of us have never led, and challenges players with an experience most could never truly know. Ultimately though, even the strongest of stories can't save Mafia III from falling prey to genre conventions, and too many at that.
  46. Oct 18, 2016
    The worst that can be said of Mafia III is that it’s tolerable. This is also the best that can be said. A perfectly sufficient game that does nothing unique with a unique setting, providing instead hours upon hours of predictable, uniform material. Likeable enough, but nowhere near as gripping as it should have been.
  47. Oct 13, 2016
    Mafia III’s main plot is one of the better-written stories I’ve played in recent game history. The problem is the gameplay is bloated with a lot of busy work and weak side content that detracts from this great tale.
  48. Jan 29, 2017
    Its stealth is too repetitive, its gunfights too familiar, and its driving too boring to support anything else that’s going on. Despite how clever it manages to be in portraying the conquest and control of a criminal enterprise, the nuts-and-bolts missions feel like busywork, and it never fully explores the most interesting aspects of its setting. It’s better than Mafia II, but that’s damning it with faint praise.
  49. Edge Magazine
    Dec 14, 2016
    This is a game whose best moments are diluted by a torrent of filler, whose beauty is obscured by its technical shortcomings, and whose obvious potential is squandered by a lack of polish. That weird orange sky is, alas, the least of its problems. [Christmas 2016, p.110]
  50. 60
    If it's picked up as a sandbox game, it's a lackluster one, one with a few truly transcendent ideas, but a terrific and daring story.
  51. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Nov 27, 2016
    It’s never a good thing when gamers have to blindly drop their hard-earned cash on an unpolished ride. Especially one whose engine needed way more time spent up on the hoist in the tuning phase. [Christmas 2016, p58]
  52. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 21, 2016
    The longer you spend in New Bordeaux, the more exasperating you'll find its stylish flourishes. Worthy topics and good kill list missions mask a so-so open world. [Dec 2016, p.67]
  53. Nov 7, 2016
    It is really rare to play such an uneven AAA title. Mafia III has some amazing moments that exist next to some really bad ones. The most important thing for this series - the storyline and atmosphere (by the way, totally different than before) - is truly great. But in order to enjoy the game you have to forgive a metric ton of issues, ugly graphics and some repetitiveness.
  54. Oct 19, 2016
    For all its brilliance – and there are undoubtedly some very special moments here – Mafia III never manages to maintain its initial momentum. There are too many other open-world games that do what it does better, smarter, and with more stability. Like its motley cast of gangsters, Mafia III is simultaneously likable and unpleasant, a tempting offer that all but the most dedicated gamers would do well to refuse.
  55. Oct 17, 2016
    Mafia 3 is the definition of a mixed bag. At times it is a great experience with a compelling story, interesting characters and an exciting world to discover. But after a few hours the game falls into a repetitive grind with the same type of mission over and over again. It is still an okay game, but it could have been so much more.
  56. Oct 15, 2016
    It masterfully hits the target in terms of its characters, story, and setting, lulling you into a misplaced belief you're playing something really special. Unfortunately, once the grind of taking over territory kicks in, and the lack of originality in much of its mission design is laid bare, it almost completely ruins the experience. It's fortunate then, that the excellent gunplay, the occasional enjoyable story mission, and the spot-on presentation provides just enough of an incentive to see things through to its bloody conclusion.
  57. Oct 12, 2016
    Every aspect of Mafia III's writing--from the dialogue to the mission descriptions--is excellent. The obvious care and craftsmanship that went into its narrative elements should serve as a model for all other triple-A titles. The gameplay, however, just can't live up, and repetitive missions and technical problems drag the experience down further, turning a game that could have been truly great into one that has to settle for "fair."
  58. Oct 12, 2016
    Mafia 3 starts off with a bang, but does not manage to maintain its momentum. Despite great gameplay, a fantastic cast and a riveting story, the lack of depth and varied mechanics and opportunities halt an otherwise great game in its tracks.
  59. Oct 11, 2016
    Mafia III’s ambitions are large and its narrative vital, but ultimately this satisfying revenge yarn is hampered by dated mechanics and progression systems that belong in a 2007 GTA knock-off.
  60. Oct 10, 2016
    Mafia III has a very powerful beginning, but it fails when the player advances in the game. The only part that can be seen as great is its story, but the tremendous graphical and gameplay issues make this game a deception.
  61. Dec 1, 2016
    Mafia III offers a rich narrative set in an authentic open-world. However, its memorable protagonist Lincoln Clay and beautiful setting in New Bordeux are squandered by menial, repetitive tasks, annoying glitches, and inexcusably daft AI. When the credits roll, there are surely moments to look back fondly upon, but it’s hard to recommend sifting through the trash to find them.
  62. Oct 26, 2016
    Disappointing in the most devastating of ways; starting fantastically with gorgeous, well-written, superbly voiced cutscenes, all set in a really interesting time for modern America, sadly though by the time you’ve sunk tens of hours into it the only thing raising a smile is the soundtrack. At best Mafia III is very much a big missed opportunity.
  63. Oct 18, 2016
    Like the era it paints, Mafia III feels like a relic. It's dated, has obvious flaws, and doesn't hold up particularly well when compared to a lot of modern works.
  64. Oct 14, 2016
    Mafia 3 is a game of real gravitas in terms of its story, which tackles some serious subject matter. However, the efforts and intentions of Hangar 13 here are let down by repetitive gameplay, a lack of side missions, and some embarrassing glitches that sadly leave the whole experience lacking.
  65. Oct 12, 2016
    It’s one of these rare half-broken, half-brilliant things where the world-building and storytelling are so vivid, that it may be worth overriding conventional expectations just to have the rest of the experience.
  66. Oct 11, 2016
    A horrible waste of a strong narrative, whose politically-charged storytelling is squandered on a dull and horrendously repetitive GTA clone.
  67. Oct 7, 2016
    Mafia III lacks seriousness to become a boss in the open-world action game genre. It sure has a very interesting setting and its scenario is efficient, thanks to some amazing cut scenes. But it just doesn't feel like it's a finished game in terms of visuals, and its mechanics tend to be just too repetitive. Too bad.
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  1. Oct 11, 2016
    Mafia 3's first few hours are some of the best you'll play this year—but the next few dozen are among the most disappointing.
  2. Oct 14, 2016
    In the end the whole thing fails to come together. It shows shades of innovation, especially at its start, but never really builds beyond a core set of gameplay redundancies. Give credit to the game for dealing with some ugly racial and social issues in a way that doesn't seem forced or out of place, but unfortunately there's just not much to love in Mafia III.
  3. Oct 20, 2016
    Mafia III’s biggest problem, then, is that the stuff you actually do as Lincoln is mind-numbingly repetitive.
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  1. Oct 7, 2016
    Maybe it is just the copy I got. Graphics look last gen, Buggy as can be, NPC'S are dull, boring, and game play seems repetitive. I seeMaybe it is just the copy I got. Graphics look last gen, Buggy as can be, NPC'S are dull, boring, and game play seems repetitive. I see everyone giving it a 10/10 rating, but I just couldn't find enjoyment out of this on the PS4. Full Review »
  2. Oct 7, 2016
    Awful. This isn't Mafia at all. It's a GTA rip-off that is so poorly done that I wouldn't even pick it up from the garbage bin. Technically,Awful. This isn't Mafia at all. It's a GTA rip-off that is so poorly done that I wouldn't even pick it up from the garbage bin. Technically, it's a failure. Story wise, it's a failure. Character wise, it's a failure. What does this game have to even do with the Mafia like the first two? Disgraceful. Full Review »
  3. Oct 7, 2016
    This game have nothing common with older Mafia games and if is this mafia game it s really bad i m disappointed. Please give this franchiseThis game have nothing common with older Mafia games and if is this mafia game it s really bad i m disappointed. Please give this franchise back to original developers 2K Czech they know how to make proper Mafia game. Full Review »