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  1. Apr 2, 2020
    Memories of Mars was my first ever survival game and, based on this, probably my last. The exemplary building mechanic doesn't balance out the numbingly repetitive gathering grind, nor the mundane combat. Whilst there is some fun to be had here, you'll have to invest far too much time to find it. Much better to let this particular memory fade away.
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  1. May 5, 2020
    Memories of Mars (on ps4) is an unexpected let-down.

    The concept is great, but the execution (or at least the port) is terrible. The game
    Memories of Mars (on ps4) is an unexpected let-down.

    The concept is great, but the execution (or at least the port) is terrible. The game lags, freezes and crashes constantly. My co-op friend and I have both tried to find official servers that did not lag on a constant basis, but we found nothing. Aim for the PC version or a dedicated server, otherwise you're in for a buggy mess.

    Enemy variety is very limited. Combat, at least on the ps4, is frustrating because of the aforementioned lag. There isn't much variety as far as weapons go either, but they are fun to use.

    The song is great. I write that and not 'soundtrack' because there literally is just one song. Unfortunately, as good as it is, it's bound to get boring at some point. Sure, you can turn off the song and replace it with your Spotify playlist, but players shouldn't have to do that. As for the voice acting, I believe you can find better actors in the original Resident Evil game.

    Building your home is surprisingly fun. I've marveled at player-made structures on several occasions. The addition of more furniture would have been nice, but I still get a kick out of building structures.

    I suppose that the controls would be better in a lag-less server, but since I've never experienced that in MoM, I can only say that it's clunky. I even died on two occasions because my character kept running for three whole seconds after I'd stopped, leading me to an untimely death off a cliff.

    Memories of Mars looks stunning, and it's in the day and night cycle that the graphics shine the most. You can't really play the game without stopping once in a while to look at the redness of marsian regolith darken at the arrival of dusk, or the night sky's cluster of stars being outshined by the bright yellow trail of a meteorite falling not so far away.

    The word to take home is 'lag'. Most of my complaints about the game have to do with just that. The game has a lot to offer. I want to like it, and I think I would if I was to play on PC. Unfortunately, I have the ps4 version and as of right now, the game's frame drops and incessant lags are too damaging on the game's quality for me to ignore in favor of any saving graces.

    I suggest waiting for some real improvement in the coming months as the game is quite a recent port and the developer seems to be actively working on its issues, which is always appreciated. Memories of Mars has more to offer than the struggle that is the ps4 port, and I'm looking forward to playing an optomized revision of the game
  2. Mar 25, 2020
    Horrible frame rate very little to do and there are only like 3 enemy types
  3. Aug 8, 2020
    Just Lag lag lag lag lag and more lag.

    It’s a good and solid idea but is unplayable because its lag don’t stop ever