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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Aug 3, 2020
    Gundam Extreme Versus Maxiboost ON is easily the best console release available for these games. Not only does it represent a decade’s worth of serious arcade multiplayer balancing, it also has an extensive singleplayer setup to keep any Gundam fan occupied. Put simply, this is a thoroughbred multiplayer game with an immense amount of depth and variety. The sheer scale of this undertaking may seem daunting at first but stick with it and your path towards becoming a Newtype will be assured.
  2. Aug 19, 2020
    For newcomers, the steep learning curve might be a hard pass. But I implore you, practice a bit, overcome that initial challenge and a world of metal carnage awaits. For fans, this is the truest Gundam VS and the ultimate crossover.
  3. Aug 7, 2020
    Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On may not be newcomer friendly, but it is one of the best Gundam gaming experiences available. It takes everything that makes the arcade version great and brings it to console players. The expanded roster of Mobile Suits with both online and offline modes makes every moment spent playing rewarding. The tutorial desperately needs some addressing, but this is the Versus game we’ve been waiting for.
  4. Aug 5, 2020
    Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On is what Gundam Versus should have been in the first place. A more properly thought-out offline suite, split-screen support, LAN mode, a deep roster, and an improved netcode all lead to a superior package that can appeal to even non-Gundam fans. However, the lack of a proper tutorial and some questionable decisions with the online hold it back as a whole. Regardless of these issues, it has absolutely lived up to the hype of players who experienced it during its arcade reign.
  5. Aug 3, 2020
    Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost ON is a fantastic arena fighter that is sure to not only grab Gundam fans who are already in love with the franchise, but arcade players who are looking for that next addictive fighting experience.
  6. 83
    Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Maxi Boost on is an excellent conversion of a successful coin-op. The gameplay loop remains simple and straightforward, but fans of the original game will surely find themselves at home.
  7. Jul 30, 2020
    Arena fighters simply don't get much better than Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. MaxiBoost ON. Challenging pilots from around the world is so much fun that once you start playing; it's hard to stop so you'll boot this up whenever you want an online fighting fix.
  8. Aug 14, 2020
    Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost ON is the ultimate Gundam Versus experience on consoles. The series' steep learning curve remains, but once you've broken through that initial barrier, there's a massive amount of metal-mashing fun to be found. As both a comprehensive gameplay package, and as a celebration of all things Gundam, it's very, very hard to fault.
  9. Aug 11, 2020
    Even with a few issues, though, we're still dealing with a dream of fan service wrapped around a very solid arena fighter. There's not a lot of meat in the various modes of play but the pure gameplay variety should be enough to keep fans of this sort of title coming back for a long time to come. Any fan of Gundam should have a great time and anyone who enjoys an arena fighter should have a great time as well.
  10. Aug 6, 2020
    I absolutely have to give Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs Maxi Boost ON credit for its sheer depth of goods as a Gundam fighting game. It packs a lot of fanservice into one game for a franchise so vast and full of different mechs, and it doesn’t lose out on offering a quality fighting system to do it.
  11. 80
    Gundam Extreme Vs Maxiboost ON may not be completely perfect, but it is a game people have been waiting for. It brings a classic arcade experience home, giving people everything to enjoy. It drives you to do better with its offline and online, solo and multiplayer modes. There are even cosmetic unlockables to encourage you further. It’s the sort of game that can become a staple, due to how much it offers and the investment required to truly “git gud.”
  12. Jul 31, 2020
    Arcade aficionados and Gundam fans alike will have an absolute blast with Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON. While there is a bit of a learning curve, the sheer speed, depth, and fanservice on display make it a shining example of the fighting game genre.
  13. Aug 10, 2020
    Multiplayer is the same battles, only with ranks to contend with. There’s an arcade mode that you can finish in less than an hour, and the Maxiboost missions that will keep you busy for ages. When you’re not engaged in furious combat with a host of other Gundams, you can mess with the Gallery and just look at them. There’s even a list of short animations associated with some of the arcs! Overall it’s truly just battling. If this is something you’ve always wanted out of a Gundam game, you’re in for a treat. But I can’t emphasize enough how pared down this experience is. But if fighting is what you want, then Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Maxiboost ON is exactly what you need.
  14. Aug 10, 2020
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On is the best Gundam arcade fighter on PlayStation 4 but as entertaining as it is it's still a 4 years old game with lackluster visuals and very few people playing online.
  15. Aug 2, 2020
    Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost On brings the venerable arcade series to PlayStation 4 with a huge roster mobile suits, an expanded single-player component, and plenty of cosmetic unlockables. It feels like an odd anachronism in this day and age, but its strengths as a multiplayer game are real, even if it suffers a bit from its poor camera. If you like Gundam even a little bit, you owe it to yourself to at least give this game a shot.
  16. Aug 24, 2020
    Sometimes bigger is not better. With over 180 different mechs, this game should be a dream for Mobile Suit's lovers, but its dull single player and widely perfectible multiplayer, keep it just above the average.
  17. Aug 11, 2020
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. MaxiBoost ON is a difficult game to recommend. As a fighting game, it isn't bad; on the contrary, it is impressive that, with such a high number of characters, it manages to be a balanced game. The problem is, it doesn't have much more than that to offer, even for Gundam fans.
  18. Jul 31, 2020
    Extreme Vs isn't going to make a Gundam fan out of anyone that isn't already one, but there's a lot to love for any existing fans. The core fighting mechanics are solid, although it's disappointing there isn't more variation in terms of match types. Even still the incredible roster makes up for any shortcomings the game might have, and it's plenty of fun to spend hours trying out scores of different suits with ridiculous flashy attacks.
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  2. Negative: 8 out of 33
  1. Jul 31, 2020
    In terms of what it is and what it promises its players and fans, Extreme VS. is a solid game that delivers authentic Gundam action in anIn terms of what it is and what it promises its players and fans, Extreme VS. is a solid game that delivers authentic Gundam action in an arena fighter that feels like it's been polished for mastered game play.

    Easy to learn but hard to master, this is a perfect game for Gundam and Arena Fighter fans alike. The only downside is the lack of game modes, but the variety of Mobile Suits to choose from as well as the customization options make up for this fact. It's not a game that thrives on depth, but it more than makes up for it through its breadth.

    All in all, I'd recommend this game for any Gundam fan and for any Arena Fighter fan, and if you're a fan of both, then this is an absolute must buy.
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  2. Aug 5, 2020
    Much better than PS4 Gundam Versus. This is long awaited fan demanded VS game that's been popular in arcade.

    Definitely recommended,
    Much better than PS4 Gundam Versus. This is long awaited fan demanded VS game that's been popular in arcade.

    Definitely recommended, balanced, it has all kinds of Mobile Suits and Gundams included.
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  3. Aug 8, 2020
    It's an awsome game for fan Gundam, this game have a lot of units to play, cool combo. But I never see no one play ranked online. Nah justIt's an awsome game for fan Gundam, this game have a lot of units to play, cool combo. But I never see no one play ranked online. Nah just search some room and now it's time to fight Full Review »