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  1. Jun 8, 2020
    While the game’s not terribly impressive visually, some aspects of this elevate the game. The draw distance is laughably small, shrouding the game in fog at all times, heightening the experience. And the monster AI isn’t terribly robust, but everything is fair; any time we died it felt more like user error. Learning the rules of the ship is the key to surviving. When to fix a broken pipe, when to hide, when to run. As you die over and over, all these rules craft you into a more skilled player and make a more enjoyable experience.
  2. 60
    Monstrum has a rough start and it does not do well to educate new players. There's a real lack of explanation when it comes to enemy behaviours and objectives. Once I'd come to terms with it, I found a game that was surprisingly fair and accomplished in the art of building tension. It's not a great game to look at but there's fantastic sound design at work that does build apprehension well. As basic as it is, there's a decent thrill here, however short it lasts.
  3. May 20, 2020
    Terrifying visuals are undermined by choppy controls and a frustrating use of procedurally generated levels. Monstrum could have been a terrifying horror experience, instead it became a boring one.
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  1. Jul 22, 2020
    Meh port of a game that literally forces u to either run or run because every monster teleports to ur location with piss poor audio that onlyMeh port of a game that literally forces u to either run or run because every monster teleports to ur location with piss poor audio that only plays half the time so the monster can be on the other side of a door and u won't know till too late and if u get close to completion of a escape they literally just spawn at u so u better b prepared to run dont hide cuz regardless they will find u or stay in the 5 feet of u just standing around lead to many of times of trying to out wait them for it to never come my advice stay away from this especially at $30 so tired of dev's thinking these mechanics is a form of difficulty truly **** sad that the only way to extend this day of a game is to rely on crap like that instead of giving people just the experience and let them move on would love to have them come on and say again that the monster's dont teleport but the hunter cuz I have 2 videos proving the brute just teleporting into a completely closed container in the cargo hold with no sound right in front of me but hey guess low lifespan gotta lie to keep up bs appearances right 10/10 will never buy another junkfish product. Full Review »