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  • Summary: Moon Hunters is a myth-weaving adventure for 1-4 players, solving ancient mysteries and building mythologies. Explore a hand-painted pixel art world that's randomly generated yet rich with legends, non-linear stories, and secrets. How will you be remembered?
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  1. Aug 10, 2016
    A few bugs aside, including some framerate jumps, the game is very playable and quite fun. But creating your own, individual lore for each character is where Moon Hunters shines.
  2. 70
    Moon Hunters is a welcomed addition to the PlayStation 4's library, which offers interesting, immersive and unique gameplay. It is not without its faults, nor perfect on a technical level, but is very much worth your time and money.
  3. Jul 28, 2016
    Moon Hunters is certainly an ambitious idea from Kitfox Games, and for the most part it hits the right notes.
  4. Sep 7, 2016
    In theory, I love what Moon Hunters is going for. The art, the music, and the overall style of the game are all superb. As a narrative experiment, it works decently. My friends and I used to gather around the lunch table and talk about our epic Everquest adventures or even the crazy Starcraft matches we had the nights before. Real stories do arise from playing games. Moon Hunters writes those stories down for the player. The problem is, they seem a bit blown out of proportion relative to the actual experiences I had with the game. Running around sections of nothing is fine in theory – a barren wasteland peppered with scared, lost souls – but dull in practice.
  5. 55
    Moon Hunters is worth playing, just not on PlayStation 4. The lack of online play is a devastating blow to the overall package. Throw in the constant technical issues, and you have a bad port of what is a really interesting game.
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  1. Sep 29, 2016
    I was really lookin Forward to this Little Indie Gem. Heres the pros and cons:
    + very good lookin 2D Pixel Graphics and Artwort
    + 4
    I was really lookin Forward to this Little Indie Gem. Heres the pros and cons:
    + very good lookin 2D Pixel Graphics and Artwort
    + 4 different unique classes (more can be unlocked)
    + randomly generated Areas
    + brilliant Soundtrack
    + Coop is a blast
    + many many Secrets
    - some technical hickups like slowdowns
    - extremely short (can be finished in about an hour)
    - no online coop (offline only)

    The game would deserve an 8 if the technical lows are gettin patched.
    Its for anyone thats interested in some light Hack and Slay Gauntlet-style witch small RPG Gameplay Elements - Id say wait for a Sale but its totally worth the Price Tag even with the small issues mentioned.