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  • Summary: Explore the galaxy as Myrah Kale: research plants and animals, battle hostile entities, and unravel a mystery surrounding a rare material called Morphite.


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  2. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. Oct 4, 2017
    Morphite is a game with exactly as much depth and complexity as you want there to be.
  2. Nov 2, 2017
    Morphite definitely has its place on the PS4. While its shortage of depth discourages extended play sessions, the game fulfills its desired role as an escape - not just from the real world, but the explosiveness of other games. The things you're able to do are a collective excuse to soak in the experience, and that's precisely why I wanted there to be more of them. Regardless, it does enough to ease whatever tension you might be feeling and replace it with a serene brand of happiness, making it a solid stress-relief title.
  3. Oct 10, 2017
    A neat concept and an intriguing story make for a decent experience. However, the repetitive nature of both the gameplay and the virtual worlds you're exploring keep Morphite from reaching the lofty heights it aims for.
  4. 55
    Morphite is exhausting in its meandering loop of planet-hopping, and it doesn’t work hard enough to keep the players’ interest.
  5. Oct 2, 2017
    What you end up with is a sci-fi exploration title that is, ultimately, dull. There's barely anything going on in Morphite. Once you’ve beaten the story and upgraded your equipment, there’s very little reason to go back to previous locations, and new ones are too similar to offer any meaningful extended play. Myrah’s adventure may pique the interest of genre die-hards, but the limited scope of the game makes it difficult to recommend.
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  1. Sep 19, 2017
    Solid 8. I loved it. I read the harsh criticism of playstation lifestyle and it really burned my biscuits because this game is $15. You simplySolid 8. I loved it. I read the harsh criticism of playstation lifestyle and it really burned my biscuits because this game is $15. You simply cannot compare a $15 game to a $60 game like no mans sky or anything else. That is apples to oranges
    They do not exist in the same universe when you consider the cost to make a game, the resources required, the financial outlook of a game selling for a mere $15. They would have to sell 4x the amount of a AAA game to make the same amount of money. So its a totally different business plan, a totally different adventure. A $15 game should be 'good' for about 5-7 hours. I know that is completely subjective but when you look at the best games and how they sell and for how much and the content/price ratio, that is the ballpark you come up with. You can't expect the 3DS to do 4k and you can't expect a $15 dollar game to perform AAA. All that aside, this game is like No Mans Sky but without the hype and bs. Imagine NMS is AAA and then imagine that this game is the small studio Indie version. If that sounds amazing then it will be. It was for me. You simply cannot sepperate game expectations from game cost. I mean you can but enjoy being unhappy.