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  • Summary: Prepare yourself for the adrenaline of the 2017 MotoGP. Enjoy all the bikes, teams and tracks of the official Championship. Try the new Managerial Career mode and put yourself in the shoes of a team manager, trying to make the right choices both on the track and off it.
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 21
  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. Jun 30, 2017
    In contrast to MXGP3, with MotoGP 17 Milestone created a complete racer with superb mechanics and a fantastic riding model that is as close to reality as a videogame can get.
  2. Jun 16, 2017
    Some new gameplay features like the manage system help the player to forget the graphics and the general lack of innovation.
  3. Jul 1, 2017
    MotoGP 17 is a step back from Valentino Rossi the game. Although it brings a new manager mode and classical riders, it does not justify the price tag.
  4. Jun 16, 2017
    Quotation forthcoming.
  5. Jun 29, 2017
    Business as usual, which means: a lot of depth and content in the racing department, but also mediocre graphics and a lacklustre atmosphere.
  6. Jun 21, 2017
    MotoGP 17 is the last chapter of the historical motorbike simulation series created by Milestone. This year title is full of official contents and enriched by a nice Manager Modality, offering to the fans lots of hours of fun. With a solid gameplay and old-gen graphics (that is becoming every year more annoying), it’s a game suggested only to great fans of motor sports, especially with strong sales. For the others, better to wait for the switch of graphic engine, that is finally next to come.
  7. Jul 5, 2017
    MotoGP 17 is, all in all, the choice motorcycle racer for fans. Unfortunately, this is due to a lack of options rather than anything else.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 3
  2. Negative: 1 out of 3
  1. Aug 7, 2017
    Still too much bugs..

    1. soundtrack wont play when you enter career mode. 2. Exactly the time When you finish the race a.k.a cross the
    Still too much bugs..

    1. soundtrack wont play when you enter career mode.

    2. Exactly the time When you finish the race a.k.a cross the finish line, then everybody also 'finish' their race by slowing down, celebrating, etc. so they're not push and race till finish line anymore. for example, if you have a 5s gap to the second place while in the last sector of last lap, and then when you cross the finish line, the second place (and the other riders) imidiately celebrating even still in the last corner. Therefore, in the results tab, you win by 8s margin.. wtf..

    3. When you finish behind a rider with a very little gap (about 0.070s or less), you still win the battle in the end. It turns up you finish 'ahead' of him by 0.001s or even less (could be exactly 0.000s). When i recheck and freeze the replay video in the finish line, i'm sure that i lost the battle because actually my opponent cross the finish line CLEARLY ahead of me, and by some MARGIN TOO (maybe about 0.07s)

    4. Still continuing from 3rd point, when that happens, it screwed the point system and podium celebration. You can be finish ahead in the timesheet (for example battling for third place - the podium!), but you still didn't get the podium celebration. So wierd. And the point? I dunno.. because in some point i realized that the opponent sometimes did not get the right points too.. so you race the championship for nothing..

    5. There still some extended hairpin that when you touch it, it feels like in gravel. Although it is an "asphalt"..

    6. This one is one of the most silly feature that motogp 17 has.. when you touch someone's bike from behind, or his sides, you both became slow down, it's like halted. Even when in the straight line, you touch someone's rear end, you both became slow and overtaken by others.. the worst part is.. when YOU being touched from behind (which is pretty often in simulation mode - another silly AI behaviour), then you also slowed down.. wtf is this crap.

    7. When you have a chance to seal the world title if you finish the last race at least (for example) 3rd position, the race target did not follow that chance.. the team still telling you that finish in 10th position is the target.. what a motivation!

    8. After you seal the world title in the last race of the season, no confirmation even for who is the world champion with how many points, etc.. and worse, you did not get the "congratulations!" thing.. it's like nothing happen.. and carry on.. like: "for the next season, which team you want to? Stay in your current team? Stay in moto3 class (even in the real world, regulations said that a moto3 world champion MUST step up into moto2 class) Step up to moto2 class? Or even demote to redbull rookies cup?" WTH...
    Even in the email section there is no review of your season, congratulations for sealing the world champion, farewell email from your old team, welcome email from new team, etc.. it's like we're in the stone age that dont use email..

    9. How can milestone remove the sighting lap every time you go out from garage??

    10. In some circuit, the AI's racing line still messed up.

    11. You'll struggle to achieve a good result in qualifying - that's good. But in the race they're slow as f*ck.. they can't even match my slowed race pace.. with low class team i still can win the race easy..

    12. AI too stupid. They will ALWAYS pass a rider by late braking, no matter what even they will go wide by doing so. It worsening when i want to hit a corner then suddenly got hit from the inside (even i already close the room in the inside) they still come thru using grass - and then getting me wide, and because we touched, we slowed.. wtf is that??

    13. Still about AI's stupidity. In the straight when there's a CLEAR and EASY chance to pass me, sometimes, they BRAKING INSTEAD! Although i only accidentally block them a bit! They won't take the other line and choose to brake..

    14. Others that need improvement: braking power still too much. In real world a moto3 bike need to brake at about 4-5 seconds, way before entering the first corner in Qatar circuit. But in this game you can brake really close to the corner and brake about 2-3 seconds.

    Other than that, i like this game because it's the only official game that motogp has..
  2. Feb 27, 2019
    the good:

    managerial career
    ai quali pace


    graphics (looks like a ps3 launch title)
    ai race pace
    no real events
  3. Sep 25, 2017
    Poorly coded game. The managerial side of the game is excellent, but, unfortunately, the AI and simulation part seem to be coded by people whoPoorly coded game. The managerial side of the game is excellent, but, unfortunately, the AI and simulation part seem to be coded by people who have never watched MotoGP, or have ever ridden a motorcycle - or even a bike - at that.

    Pros: well thought out career modes, good ways of distinguishing riders and bikes.

    Cons: AI makes no sense - essentially increasing the difficulty of the game does nothing to improve the AI; instead it gives their engines, brakes and steering more power/stability, very inconsistent riding, AI faster in races than qualifying (soon the AI will get faster as their tire wear goes up)

    Overall: a game that any seasoned racing gamer will probably pass on after the first few races.