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  1. Sep 27, 2016
    Mount & Blade: Warband is one of the most unique experiences available on PS4. It's a game that people will overlook due to the slightly out dated graphics, but for those that do take the plunge, a polished and addictive gem awaits them.
  2. Sep 16, 2016
    The tasks may seem menial at first, but when you get in your first proper big battle with all the chaos of swords clashing, archers firing arrows, and cavalry charging the game just comes together. Mount & Blade: Warband is one of the hardest games I’ve played and that just makes it so very satisfying when you succeed.
  3. Dec 13, 2016
    Any player with a taste for a medieval warlord’s life and a tolerance for dated graphics shouldn’t pass up the chance to sink their teeth into Mount and Blade: Warband. Though the PC version may be a bit easier to recommend thanks to the prevalence of mods and a more established community, folks without that option will do just fine on consoles.
  4. 80
    An RPG that is more about building an army and then leading it into battle is in many ways so much more interesting than an RPG where you’re in control of a one-man army and in pursuit of personal power. I only hope that the release of this game, now, means that there is more Mount & Blade coming, because there really is nothing else like it out there.
  5. 80
    A true curio in the most literal sense, Mount and Blade: Warband will sharply divide PS4 players according to the premium that they place on aesthetics. For those who can look past such failings though, hundreds upon hundreds of hours of play awaits with a game that combines medieval combat, strategy and role-playing quite unlike any other. Just don’t stare at it eh? It’s rude.
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  1. Nov 29, 2016
    While, the games graphics are lacking and the controls are... not the best. I still love this game. I have played it most on the computer andWhile, the games graphics are lacking and the controls are... not the best. I still love this game. I have played it most on the computer and have put hundreds of hours into it and for console, I still love it. it's not as good as it is on the PC simply because of the controls. but it's still a great deal of fun.

    The general idea of the game is that you are someone for a various reason (which you get to choose when you start the game), you are now out on your own to become a Lord/Lady, raise up and army and pillage, plunder, make friends or enemies and conquer. You can either join up with a faction to help them expand their territory or to conquer the whole world, or you can go about your own to start your own kingdom, recruit your friends to become your vessels or have other Lords come to you, or you can befriend a pretender and put them on their play of the throne. Fight wars against other factions and win to gain more "right to rule" and leads your armies across the fields into battle.

    Over all the game is a massive epic adventure in which your actions help decide how the world changes.
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  2. Feb 15, 2017
    With the last of my PSN credit, i saw this on sale for £7.99. i watched a review on youtube, from a very obese geeky looking man expressing aWith the last of my PSN credit, i saw this on sale for £7.99. i watched a review on youtube, from a very obese geeky looking man expressing a deep love for Mount & Blade on the PS4.
    This has been the most unexpected delight of my festive season purchases. I have been averaging 5 hours a day in one of the most challenging unique campaigns of any game, ever.
    Warband is in effect a sandbox realm of some 20 cities, dozens of castles and all with villages. Trade, fraction wars, deception, betrayal, crime pillaging and kidnapping, all happens all the time.
    To start, expect a grind. You start off as a nobody, free to wonder, but vunerable to looters and bandits on the roads. There is no right way of playing Warband. You can aim to be the hand of a king, who will lead other nobles under the fraction to besiege enemy castles or towns. Then, you may be chosen as lord of that castle etc. Earning rent to fund a larger army, or businesses in towns. Or, you could work as a mercenery for a kingdom, battling for a weekly wage. Or you could master coin and just make endless cash trading and questing for towns and villages.
    But the option i tend to sway to is to become a king and crush all the other fractions.
    My current play through, i am some 1000 days in. Ive 9 cities and some very powerful lords under me. I own businesses in all the towns in the realm and im at peace with all other fractions. Its taken years to gain the Right To Rule, so that other kings no longer see me as a warlord. I have a high honour rating and some 5k elite troops amongst my towns to defend. It doesnt sound a lot, but its a constant challenge dealing with the egos of the nobles beneath me, and here lies the genius in warlord. Its about managing nobles and ensuring you have as little betrayal as possible. This open ended gameplay and relationships i can really control makes this an endless stategic minefield.

    Battles are chaos. You will get odd glitches, but they tend to favour you. Such as enemies running into trees on horseback and taking a little time to wedge out. I found it essential to get a good mount and armour early on, as keeping mounted in battle makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep alive. Once levelled to 20 or so, your character should be strong enough to take on a group whilst mounted. It becomes a block and slash game. The graphics are very weak for ps4, but the 100 troop battles rarely have much FR drops and whilst somewhat last decade now, its still satisfying to be at the top of a ladder slashing at enemies, getting splattered red in their blood. The sounds are sometimes very satisfying when you charge an enemy mounted and slash their.throat on passing. Its not probably gory enough, but its addictive.
    The depth of mechanics going on all the time is really something unlike any other ps4 title, be it a caravan being raided meaning raw materials have increased in price, impacting your profits, or, be it you letting a defeated lord go free after battle gaining his favour and honour, or be it recruiting a companion you can level up how you like, the game keeps you endlessly on your toes. The grind is from the off to build reputation, but once youve got enough you can do as you please.
    Ive introduced Warband to a number of gamer-mates, non of whom have looked at all interested. This is a very solititude experience and not a game to watch someone grind through. Its always rewarding. Sometimes i would spend 60 days in game raising elite troops and befriending villages nearby a town i was plotting to.attack to help wirh enlisting new troops if i was successful in my attack and had to defend the inevitable strike back. Some of the most entertaining battles in game were being 230 men vs an epic 1300 or so. But on the walls, tactics and grouping makes a huge difference and even on harder game settings can be won. I wont lie though, warband is hard. Even on the easiest setting, auto saves mean you must expect to occassionally be captured by the enemy. Those troops you raised from bandits, dead. Having towns or castles helps tackle this loss by allowimg you to put whatever troops you like in there, at a cost.
    Overall, ive played about 10 years in game between a few play throughs. Taken 100+ hours and find myself dipping back into it over a number of AAA titles. I couldnt recomend this enough if youre a fan of sandbox games with huge freedom, this is still a bargain even at full price £29.99
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  3. Jan 5, 2017
    I love this game, I've lost so many days and weeks playing it. I first played it on PC years ago and when my PC broke down I was so annoyed II love this game, I've lost so many days and weeks playing it. I first played it on PC years ago and when my PC broke down I was so annoyed I couldn't play it and now it's on PS4. Graphics aren't as good as newer titles but this game is still good. The controls take some getting used to as I am used to playing it on PC but this game is still very fun.

    Side note - Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is due out at some point this year and has better graphics and probably gameplay, if you want to get an idea of what this is going to be like then buy Warband and play it. You won't regret it
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