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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Sep 26, 2019
    I don’t have any criticisms of Mutazione worth mentioning. Die Gute Fabrik has done a masterful job in crafting Kai’s tale, and it held my attention from start to finish. It was so good, in fact, that I have reached the end of this review without celebrating the absolutely marvelous art style which is what brought the game to my attention in the first place. This tale of a girl reconnecting with her grandfather while learning about the connections he made is not to be missed.
  2. Sep 19, 2019
    Mutazione only took four or five hours to complete, but every moment spent with it was magical. From its extraordinary and beautiful landscape to its ordinary tales of life, love and loss, I was enraptured from start to finish.
  3. Sep 19, 2019
    Mutazione has a beautifully written narrative filled with wonderful characters and a captivating story.
  4. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 12, 2019
    Visually beautiful, and packed with great dialogue and emotional intrigue. The strong narrative makes you feel a part of the story. [Issue#168, p.93]
  5. Oct 8, 2019
    The world of Mutiazone is full of life and drama, and its interesting scandal-filled story and engaging characters do a fantastic job of conveying this story in a way that leaves you genuinely invested in the characters and the island itself. Although the world can feel a little small and repetitive at times, the soundtrack and beautiful visuals ensure that the player stays entertained and longing for even more at the story's conclusion.
  6. Sep 21, 2019
    Mutazione is simple, but achieves what it sets out to do: tell an emotional story about community, family, and forgiveness among a memorable ensemble cast. It's relaxing, compelling, and unique. That it also looks and sounds magnificent is just the icing on the cake.
  7. Nov 18, 2019
    Mutazione is a great example of how games can immerse you in a world in a manner that no other medium can achieve. Whilst it doesn’t push any envelopes, it is easy to recommend to anybody who is interested in games that can get an emotional response. Don’t let the description soap opera put you off; this is a movingly, melancholic and meditative experience.
  8. Edge Magazine
    Oct 10, 2019
    A hypnagogic summertime escape to a place that lingers in the mind - prepare for some weird dreams. [Issue#338, p.116]
  9. Sep 27, 2019
    Mutazione has a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and talks about nature and spirituality. Nevertheles is very limited in terms of gameplay and interaction.
  10. 70
    Mutazione is an intriguing adventure with a soap opera plot and may well end up being your game of the year but if you need your games to offer more than a bit of wandering around and a lot of pressing X to advance conversations then this might not be for you.
  11. Oct 24, 2019
    Although Mutazione seems like a journey full of exciting adventures, the bad execution of its ideas led to a very boring adventure experience.
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  1. Sep 23, 2019
    A kind and gentle adventure that's filled with vivid life. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Sep 30, 2019
    At first blush, Mutazione seems like a fairly relaxing narrative game about gardening, but it is actually more of soap opera — a chill one where you get to make gardens of mutant flora.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 23 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 17 out of 23
  2. Negative: 5 out of 23
  1. Sep 30, 2019
    The most relaxing and satisfying game I think I’ve ever played. Music, art style and story are all incredible. One of my top gaming experiences.
  2. Feb 3, 2021
    No complaints at all about this game. I really feel like I got to know the characters, understand the lore of the world and explore it. TheNo complaints at all about this game. I really feel like I got to know the characters, understand the lore of the world and explore it. The game takes about 5 hours to get through on average. It’s worth it to try in one sitting, although the walking around trying to figure out what to do might be tedious at first. Personally it took me three sittings. The neat thing is the more time you spend with the game, the more rewarding the game feels. Going around and talking to everyone develops the characters and builds the world brilliantly. The subtle touch to have every character’s text make a different sound gives the player a clue as to how the character might sound, as there are no voice actors. The music by Alessandro Coronas and sound design both meld together wonderfully and create this beautiful breezy aesthetic. And when **** hits the fan, the music emulates it astoundingly. Also, the writing is so damn good and surprises you at every turn. I won’t spoil too much. I recommend you play the game IMMEDIATELY, if it’s your kind of thing. Full Review »
  3. Jan 27, 2020
    This is a game I heard about some time ago, but it's release on PS4 passed me by. Finally got to play it at the weekend, and I'm really gladThis is a game I heard about some time ago, but it's release on PS4 passed me by. Finally got to play it at the weekend, and I'm really glad I did! I'm a huge fan of Night In The Woods and Oxenfree and Mutazione is very much in tbe same style. Fantastic writing, great characters and an amazing soundtrack, make this a game that is very diificult to stop playing. It's just such a relaxing and fun game to play. If like me you were horribly disappointed by nightschools follow up to Oxenfree, Afterparty (which was terrible and a massive let down) then Mutazione is the game you need to play. Full Review »