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  1. Positive: 8 out of 9
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  1. Sep 12, 2019
    Sony has sold millions of its PlayStation VR headsets and until now it’s been tough to recommend one experience as a killer app. Soulful, technically proficient and at times almost tearfully beautiful, No Man’s Sky Beyond is as close as we’ll get.
  2. 95
    This cannot be stressed enough: No Man’s Sky Beyond is a killer VR app on any platform, but it is a showcase-worthy example on the PSVR. Dust off those Move controllers and head back into the Euclid galaxy–you’ll be instantly glad you did.
  3. Sep 8, 2019
    The drastic improvements made to No Man’s Sky in its Beyond expansion are the new gold standard for how to gracefully cope with a game’s flaws post-release. The game laid the foundation with its release, but it took Beyond to elevate it into something magnificent. Successfully transitioning to VR is a creative victory on its own, but realizing just how full and vibrant and rewarding an experience this game has now become is almost poignant. Beyond represents the courage of convictions, a concept that has not only met the lofty expectations it set forth, but transcended them.
  4. Aug 23, 2019
    If you have never played the game before, the No Man’s Sky Beyond update is a perfect opportunity to start. It’s become a very player-friendly game and it is chock-full of fun things to do. Play it as a science-fiction Minecraft if you like, and build the base of your dreams. Or, take to space and explore like a Star Trek captain. And if nothing else, this is one of the best VR games you can play right now, period. If you can stomach all of the bugs, glitches, and other irritations, you’ll enjoy your time with the game. For us long-time players, Beyond is just the latest in a long series of improvements – but boy is it a big one. And like all the previous updates, it’s completely free.
  5. Sep 4, 2019
    With smart enhancements and general improvements Beyond is even better then Next, while the PSVR-enhancements literally give this game a new dimension.
  6. Aug 30, 2019
    Quotation forthcoming.
  7. Aug 19, 2019
    The addition of a virtually flawless VR mode - at least from the point of view of game dynamics - represents the missing piece of an enveloping videogame mosaic, which captivates the senses and enchants them with always abundant doses of audiovisual wonder. Some technical problems remain, but nothing prevents No Man’s Sky from dragging the audience on a journey without boundaries, towards the extreme limits of the universe.
  8. Sep 14, 2019
    No Man’s Sky, now in its third year, has vastly improved in virtually every way, from the number and scale of things you can build alone or with friends to the story and progression. But in its heart still beats a vicious grind and painful monotony that’s difficult to swallow even with all the new content and quality-of-life improvements. Even so, it’s easy to be drawn to its addictive ecosystem of upgrades and exploration, and with functional multiplayer and VR capabilities in play there’s a lot to love about this space-faring exploration adventure.
  9. Aug 18, 2019
    Like everything to do with No Man’s Sky, the VR and multiplayer additions aren’t without their problems, but this is still a clear step forward for the constantly evolving sci-fi epic.
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  1. Aug 15, 2019
    A really good game made great with Vr. Graphics are a bit blurry but its expected from a ps4 OG. The immersion is fantastic.
  2. Jan 12, 2020
    I really disliked this game on release, tried my best to get into it but ended up actually hating it after 10 hours. Didn’t touch it for 3I really disliked this game on release, tried my best to get into it but ended up actually hating it after 10 hours. Didn’t touch it for 3 years, not sure where I’ve been but I had no idea they had updated the game so much and after reading so many new positive reviews I decided to try again.

    Without doubt this game has changed for the better, I’m totally hooked- can’t get enough actually and I find myself at work planning what I’m going to do when I get back in. There are SO many new things they’ve either added or tweaked that I’m going to suggest checking out some YouTube videos so you can see for yourself rather than read about it.

    After playing for about 20 hours on a TV I decided to try it out on PSVR and man oh man was I blown away at how I was zoomed into this new reality, this new universe (and at my stupidity for not thinking about doing it in VR from the start!) and for about 12 hours straight I VR’d it. Sure I felt like a drunken pirate on land the next day so perhaps playing VR for that long is advisable for only the foolish but my point is I got lost in the game.

    Nothing else existed- if a game can do that I’ve got to give it 10/10

    If you haven’t played this and survival, exploration games are your thing then get this and if you have a PSVR...don’t be like me and only remember to use it 20 hours in and then try make up the lost time, set your alarm hourly because they pass by like minutes and you might forget to feed your pets/kids.
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  3. Jan 9, 2020
    Well done Hello Games team, you have truly created something inspiring and unique and I enjoy every minute of it.