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  1. Mar 14, 2019
    It was almost inevitable that One Piece World Seeker would have some faults, but it’s hard not to love the game regardless of them.
  2. 85
    Overall, despite the occasional combat snag or nagging disappointment I couldn’t play as Franky, One Piece: World Seeker absolutely shocked me with how good it is. It’s a massive, familiar, comfort food sort of open world game, that just happens to have the upbeat vibe, wacky characters, and bright colors of One Piece powering its engine.
  3. Apr 5, 2019
    Overall, One Piece: World Seeker captures the entire spirit of the franchise and compresses it into a new and unique story, on an island that you'll enjoy exploring and with characters some of you may have even grown up with.
  4. Mar 16, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker nails what makes the series as beloved as it is, and does justice to its source material in a way other One Piece games haven’t. It may not be perfect, but it’s still well worth a look for both longtime fans of One Piece and newcomers who want to see what a proper game based on the series can be.
  5. Mar 13, 2019
    Ultimately, One Piece: World Seeker is a super fun game that does the iconic franchise justice and serves as an engrossing and delightful standalone experience. Now more than ever, I’m eager to dive into the series egregiously long story and see what else the Straw Hats have been up to for the past two decades, and what brought them to where they are in this title. The game’s shortcomings are easy to overlook thanks to the gorgeous environments, captivating music, engaging story, and utterly loveable characters. I highly recommend it for fans of the series, curious newcomers, and pirate enthusiasts everywhere.
  6. Mar 21, 2019
    With One Piece: World Seeker it feels like we are finally getting higher quality licensed anime games, but it still has a way to go to be truly incredible or essential, even for fans of the series. Still, if you want to run and rocket with Luffy and the crew, this is a great place to do so.
  7. Mar 18, 2019
    I liken One Piece World Seeker to a filler arc or a movie for the series. It’s non-canonical, but nonetheless can be an enjoyable experience. The game leans heavily on the player to be knowledgeable to the series and might be a turn off for those not familiar with the series. This is a competent title, but it falls short of what the teaser trailer promised.
  8. Mar 20, 2019
    One Piece fans will be able to overlook World Seeker’s issues, but those not as big on the series won’t miss much by skipping this title.
  9. Mar 20, 2019
    One Piece World Seeker may not be the game it wishes it was, but the thing it actually became is a perfect example of how much fun a mid-tier game can be if you approach it from a forgiving perspective.
  10. Mar 13, 2019
    One Piece fans will be satisfied with the return of classic characters and a spectacular set of moves for Luffy, but those in search of a complete, challenging open world adventure have far better options in the market.
  11. Mar 13, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker features impressively rewarding exploration that'll have you immersed in its beautiful and expansive world. That being said, the combat falls flat and tedium will rear its ugly head much sooner than you'd expect.
  12. Apr 8, 2019
    As a whole the game works due to fun gameplay and nice graphics and even the story had us captivated enough to want to keep on playing. Still, the world around you feels mostly empty and the audio is almost absent while playing which is pretty strange. The side missions are far too simplistic as well so make sure you take these minor complaints into account if you're on the fence about buying this game.
  13. Apr 4, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker tells a good story but is ruined by poor gameplay. Exploring the open-world is extremely dull and meaningless.
  14. Mar 14, 2019
    A good game for One Piece hardcore fans, but with repetitive gameplay and not much variety. An approach to the open worlds mechanics that's simply too old.
  15. Mar 13, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker is a shallow open world action game saved only by its nice art direction and technical achievements.
  16. Mar 13, 2019
    The One Piece franchise is well used in World Seeker, providing plenty of fan service to the players, but unfortunately Gambarion failed to build a great and satisfying open world around it.
  17. Apr 30, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker is lacking in so many areas. It may be lovely to look at, but an overall shallow and repetitive experience take away any semblance of joy fans are likely to find.
  18. Apr 12, 2019
    One Piece is an anime/manga franchise that deserves a game that would blow everyone's mind. That's why when you get a mediocre title, it hurts so bad. Enjoyable storyline, graphics and open world, simply were not enough to turn this disappointment into an experience worth a recommendation. But if you are not a demanding player, there are a few things you could still like here.
  19. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Apr 10, 2019
    The likes of Spider-Man and Just Cause are many knots ahead of this one. Even when you upgrade to get more skills, everything feels oddly stiff. Movement lacks momentum, and fights are either trivial or annoying as you’re peppered with gunfire. World Seeker is an entertaining take on an anime open world game, but this ship’s a fixer-upper. [Issue#161, p.83]
  20. 60
    Luffy's charm really helps sell this game, with the open world being quite beautiful at times. But some issues with the combat, lack of Straw Hats interacting with the world, and the lock on system being a pain during some fights gives this enough flaws that some folks might not be able to ignore.
  21. Mar 22, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker is a game that does what its name suggests; seeking over the world, building on its own strengths, and trying to further improve its shortcomings. It is a bona fide One Piece experience, that is bound to delight fans of the manga and anime series, but various problems and issues popping over here and there are promising to test players in a way that even Luffy would not approve.
  22. Mar 21, 2019
    In some ways, One Piece: World Seeker is an exciting adventure that makes you feel inside an official OVA. Sadly, it has a poor combat system and an outdated mission design that makes you forget everything it does right.
  23. Mar 19, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker has a lot of great ideas poorly implemented in a game with wasted potential. Looking from the outside, all of its basic mechanics and elements work just fine, but all of them have many issues or don't go any further to offer something unique or remarkable. Yeah, its fun in the beginning but it becomes boring and repetitive in the long term.
  24. Mar 18, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker does not manage to meet the expectations built on its several showings. Instead, we are presented with a conventional open-world game that in spite of having a nice story, it is lacking in most of all the other aspects.
  25. Mar 17, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker is a game for the fans, it has its enjoyable moments in the beginning but the scarce amount of combos and repetitiveness takes that little joy away.
  26. Mar 14, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker starts on some excellent premise and lands clumsily on a repetitive loop of unimaginative quests, clunky traversals and boring fights.
  27. Mar 14, 2019
    One Piece World Seeker looked like 'the game' for One Piece fans, but finally is just a game for those fans, leaving everyone else bored with its bad mission and combat design.
  28. Mar 14, 2019
    While fans can likely find enjoyment in spending time with the One Piece crew, there are far better open world adventures out there.
  29. Mar 13, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker is a solid attempt at an open-world licensed anime game but the same attention to world building isn't applied to its gameplay to craft something that's truly memorable.
  30. Mar 13, 2019
    A series of elementary inattentions in game design echo a dull and decidedly non-dynamic open world.
  31. Apr 27, 2019
    Far from being a bad game, One Piece: World Seeker sticks to the fundamentals but never tries to transcend them. Devoid of originality, the title looks like a basic open world on which have been grafted characters from the manga. The title clearly lacks ideas to renew the gameplay, coupled with an overall lack of soul, the result crumbles against the competition.
  32. Mar 18, 2019
    World Seeker is a missed opportunity to make a game that lives up to the franchise it is based on. The story and the fan service are good, but gameplay-wise it falls very short.
  33. Mar 15, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker could have been a great adventure action game but its poor quests design and its too simple and boring combat ruin the game.
  34. Mar 14, 2019
    A game with a weak story and nothing really interesting apart from exploration and graphics, with only few engaging moments. It is somehow authentic but absolutely not the One Piece game fans were expecting.
  35. Mar 14, 2019
    The gameplay works like a hot needle and repeats itself constantly.
  36. 50
    There's a basis here to grow into something truly spectacular, but the first entry of open world One Piece hasn't delivered on its promise.
  37. Mar 19, 2019
    It’s a crying shame that this One Piece game is so one note.
  38. 50
    Even as fun as it can be zipping around the island with Luffy's outstretched arms, the numerous issues start to bubble up very quickly and they make One Piece: World Seeker start to feel very monotonous and lackluster way too early into the game.
  39. Mar 14, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker can certainly offer serious fans of the franchise something with its resplendent visuals and a solid story, but the lack of polish and often unpleasant gameplay make it a poor attempt at capturing the magic of the popular anime.
  40. Mar 13, 2019
    It looks great and the story is decent, but One Piece World Seeker's 20 hours of one-note combat and repetitive, misleading quests aren't worth suffering through.
  41. Mar 27, 2019
    One Piece World Seeker has ambition, but fails to perfect the execution. The camera is horrible, side quests don't add anything and the large island feels empty. Thankfully the many skills and interesting main quests save what little there is left.
  42. Mar 24, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker tells a surprisingly well-realized story that fans of the series are sure to enjoy, but only if they can make it through repetitive and frustrating gameplay.
  43. Mar 13, 2019
    A loving piece of fan service that looks and sounds just like the anime, but unfortunately it plays like a bad Xbox 360 era open world game.
  44. Mar 13, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker, apart from a select few elements, is tedious. The basic gameplay loop has nothing special going for it, and none of the elements that make One Piece special do anything other than highlight just how bland the game is as a whole. One Piece at its best is full of joy, surprises, and most of all, a sense of adventure, all of which are sorely lacking here. Trust me when I say that even the most die-hard One Piece fans should look elsewhere.
  45. Mar 13, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker represents the anime's umpteenth blown attempt to capture its charm and imaginative creativity in a video game.
  46. Mar 14, 2019
    One Piece: World Seeker is an unfinished game. Its open world is shockingly barren, its gameplay is clearly undercooked, and its presentation is placeholder. Eventually, Luffy's skill tree does allow for a little more fun, but the title still ends up feeling like an in-house development build that's used for playtesting, not a full price retail release. As a One Piece game it's bad enough, but as an open world title in 2019, it's borderline unacceptable.
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  1. Mar 13, 2019
    Japanese developer Ganbarion has put together one hell of a game, certainly the most ambitious ever created for the One Piece franchise. I’ve played Monkey D. Luffy in fighting games countless times, and I’ve never connected with the character nearly as much as I have just running through the green grassy hills of One Piece: World Seeker. [Impressions]
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  2. Negative: 96 out of 182
  1. Apr 2, 2019
    This game is a good idea but had poor execution. Giving fans an open world One Piece game is a great idea but the open world feels so lifelessThis game is a good idea but had poor execution. Giving fans an open world One Piece game is a great idea but the open world feels so lifeless and empty that it is kind of boring. I wish they would have given us a way to sail to other islands by using the Thousand Sunny and letting us have ship combat with navy or other pirate ships.

    The missions and combat are really repetitive and the enemy AI doesn't seem to do much but take their beatings, which consisted of me just mashing 1 button.

    The bosses don't fare any better as they really require no strategy other than block their attacks, then counter with your own, repeat steps til the boss' health is depleted.

    Luffy's crew are reduced to a support cast that either offer cooking or crafting and the rest are either seen just standing around or in cutscenes. They are not playable or able to join you on any of your missions.

    The only pros I can think of are the way you travel the map is fun, the skill tree is a good way to reward progress, and the story is really interesting. This is a half decent One Piece game but needed some more polishing before release.
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  2. Mar 21, 2019
    If you are a One Piece fan, you should at least enjoy the scenery and awesome cutscenes.

    That said my score is based on a product that is a
    If you are a One Piece fan, you should at least enjoy the scenery and awesome cutscenes.

    That said my score is based on a product that is a great "pilot" for a next game.
    People should stop comparing Spiderman to this game, the budget is in a whole other league and the target is a lot different as well.

    This game has great scenery, with pretty basic button bash options.
    The way how skills and karma work are great for a first time, we can at least build further on this concept.

    I think that a true One Piece fan should appreciate this game and have hopes on the next possible game. Yes, the open world feels kind of empty and the fights are pretty boring, but at least you get to bash a button and see one of your awesome anime characters use a nostalgic skill.

    I will not go to details, because I hate to spoil things.
    Believe me the nostalgic things and the cutscenes are worth your while.
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  3. Mar 19, 2019
    I dont like this game but i like lists:

    1. The "World" The world, while beautifully rendered is completely empty, no animals, no
    I dont like this game but i like lists:

    1. The "World"
    The world, while beautifully rendered is completely empty, no animals, no significant things to discover, mostly nothing. the only part that feels a bit more alive is steel city and even there it feels empty. you only have one kind of tree and one kind of grass spread around the map. but a lotta shiny things to collect. For an open world game this feels more like a tech demo with just some stuff rammed into it so its not completely bare. but not a thing worth exploring.

    2. the gameplay
    this is is weird to me. world seeker is some weird hybrid of a character action game and a stealth game. the game clearly is designed to be played a stealth. the enemy have detection zones, you have solid snake boxes in which you can hide to avoid detection, you have some stealth kill related powers. on the other hand, luffy feels like a character in a character action game, most of his moves are cool dmc like action moves and you feel like that how you want to play a OP game. ruffy isn't a ninja.
    also, i played on normal, there isn't really a reason to stealth. there's like 5 enemys on the map at once and i can very easily beat thos just by punching them. and if a core concept of the game is ignorable on the normal difficulty this feels like a failure. and if you say "but stupid critic, you can play on harder and then you need to stealth!" i say "but if i only need a feature of a game when i play on a harder difficulty, doesn't that sound like a badly put together game?"

    3. the story
    i was not able to care, its so convoluted and unnecessary. The crew is pretty irrelevant but you have that sweet new original character jeanne whos everywhere always and super enganging...

    4. the crafting system
    its bad. there stuff you can collect on maps, only glowing dots for everything though, no models no animations, just little sfx effects you can collect. bare bone like almost everything. with your sfx in hand you can now craft one kind of equip which gives you numerical boni to things. that's it. its so bare bone and boring.

    5. enemy design
    welp. except for the bosses which are the OP characters you love, even though very repetitive fights, the enemy's are mostly the same, with two major variants. they are boring to fight and work all the same. On that note, the gun shots are a **** to evade with no clear tell of when they are going to shoot which makes the game very unsatisfying.

    6. the travel system
    this is fun. except for the lazily limited options to hold on to and no option to bounce off of building sides, its just fun.

    overall this game is bad. it looks pretty if you look at it for less than 2 minutes but its empty, repetitive, lazy and just not engaging. the idea of a OP stealth game going through development and getting released without anyone saying its maybe not the best genre for this franchise is bizarre to me.

    i really like OP and i really wanted to like this game but i just cant.
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