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  1. Oct 23, 2017
    Not for everyone but if you can see past its issues, herein lies a phenomenal old school RPG.
  2. Sep 11, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity is a wonderful RPG with the best essence of the classics like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale that it's adapt perfectly to PS4 and Xbox One.
  3. Sep 6, 2017
    Pillars is for me not only a game that revolves around souls or that captures the soul of a classic like Baldur's Gate, but primarily a game that has its very own, wonderful soul.
  4. Sep 5, 2017
    If you like old-school RPG and for some reason you missed it on PC, don't miss it again. With this game, Obsidian proves once again why they are the masters of narrative and classic RPGs.
  5. Sep 5, 2017
    All that aside, PoE is an experience I am still working through at the time of this article. It’s tough and long, but absolutely rewarding, and it makes it very clear why games in the lineage of the genre — Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and so on — are still held in such high regard today. Someday I hope to tackle those, but until then, PoE will keep me very busy.
  6. Sep 5, 2017
    With Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, Paradox Arctic managed to do make a computer RPG playable on consoles with little frustration, thanks to the cleverly redesigned UI and controls. For the rest, Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is just as great as it is on PC, with excellent writing, world-building and characters, an involving and challenging battle system, and true roleplaying.
  7. Aug 29, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity is worth looking into for any RPG fan. The game has a great plot and world to explore, and Obsidian has given players enough options to ensure that anyone can see the end of the story, regardless of skill level. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, and if you’re on a higher difficulty it’s not afraid to tear your party to pieces, but if you didn’t pick this up on Steam due to being a console gamer, you don’t have an excuse now.
  8. 90
    An epic adventure in absolutely every sense, Pillars of Eternity arrives on PS4 in highly impressive form and confidently stakes its claim as one of the best RPGs of the year.
  9. Aug 29, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is a proper send off before Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is released next year. Simply the PC game and its expansions released for console in their original form -- with the only changes being ones that make it playable on console -- those already familiar with Eora don't need to revisit on console, but any RPG fan who prefers console to PC gaming owes it to themselves to check this one out.
  10. Aug 29, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity is a wonderful role-playing game, expertly weaving deep, tactical combat and captivating writing - a combination that will appeal to unabashedly old school gamers, but will also yield abundant rewards for players new to the genre. What Obsidian has crafted here, ostensibly as a love letter to the isometric computer role-playing games of the late '90s, is not merely an exercise in tickling the nostalgia itch of those pining for another Planescape: Torment or Baldur's Gate, but a contemporary to those classics, and one that will surely be held in as high regard in the years to come.
  11. Sep 7, 2017
    A game that will know how to reward those players who decide to invest time in immersing themselves in the history and to be carried away by mechanics with which Obsidian has distilled the essence of the classic occidental RPGs.
  12. Sep 1, 2017
    It works surprisingly well on consoles. Technically and in terms of control systems perfectly adapted to PS4 and One, you can dive in head-first into this prime example of old school roleplaying.
  13. Oct 16, 2017
    Although the porting issues affect the experience enough to bog it down a bit, they're not so extreme as to ruin it. PoE is that rare game where each of its components, from the story and writing to the audiovisual aesthetics, are individually exceptional yet manage to combine into something greater still. It presents a level of immersion that leaves a lasting impression, and you owe it to yourself to experience it firsthand.
  14. Sep 11, 2017
    Overall, Pillars of Eternity on PlayStation 4 is a good porting of an excellent RPG, very complex and deep. It's a tip of the hat to a certain genre of games, and someone could be disappointed by this old-school approach, but it will definitely win the hearts of the adventurers looking for some heavy stuff.
  15. Sep 10, 2017
    Soaking in the world of Eora is therefore an imperative that no fans of role-playing and fantasy should be allowed to miss.
  16. Sep 7, 2017
    One of the best RPGs of the recent years finally lands on consoles, with a new (and mostly good) UI and both of the expansions bundled in, and, even after more than two years, can still be a very good choice for all the role playing games aficionados on both Ps4 and Xbox One.
  17. Sep 6, 2017
    Quite obviously not the greatest port around, but still a decent job for a game that remains one of the best in the entire genre. If you have the game on PC, there's really no need to pay attention to this Complete Edition.
  18. Sep 5, 2017
    The outstanding classic-style RPG Pillars of Eternity makes a surprisingly virtuosic transition to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the Complete Edition, bringing both systems all of the content that's been released on the PC version so far.
  19. Aug 29, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is without a doubt a brilliant game that nearly singlehandedly revived a genre that has been replaced in the hearts of many by World of Warcraft, The Witcher, or The Elder Scrolls series. And while those series (and their respective genres) are amazing in their own right, Obsidian’s re-imagining of the poorly-aged genre is a must play for any fan of similar games and a great jumping off point for those interested in dabbling in something more complex.
  20. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Oct 15, 2017
    A love letter to old-fashioned RPGs, but like all passionate romances you'll need to take the rough with the smooth. [Nov 2017, p.92]
  21. Sep 11, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is a seamless port to PS4 of a masterpiece of a PC RPG. Obsidian extreme level of quality arrives on PS4 with perfect adaptation and with its stellar gameplay intact.
  22. Sep 10, 2017
    The setting and characters are wonderful, and anyone looking for a meaty, densely plotted RPG will find a lot to like. Simply put, games like this rarely get made, and seeing one on a console is like finding a unicorn egg in your cornflakes.
  23. 80
    A surprisingly good port of a purposefully old school computer role-player, that proves even the most PC of games can work on consoles.
  24. Aug 29, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity is a stellar entry into its genre, but one that won’t win over people who are not already fans. It is huge and richly detailed, with more history than some actual periods of real life, and a rare amount of care and attention. It’s probably a better experience on a PC, but it’s still definitely worth playing on console if it’s your only option.
  25. 80
    Pillars of Eternity was certainly crafted with PC in mind, but it’s no less an enjoyable experience on console. I admit I came in with a bit of a bias having played it on PC first, and I had those expectations coming in, fair or not. Yes, I missed a mouse and keyboard with item management and combat, but as a whole, I’m incredibly impressed with how Obsidian has managed to translate this hardcore cRPG to console. More than anything, I’m thrilled that console gamers now have the opportunity to romp through Eora. It’s an adventure no RPG-fan should miss.
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  2. Negative: 21 out of 111
  1. Sep 17, 2017
    Wasn't to sure about this going in to be honest, after playing witcher, dragon age, Skyrim etc, but wow it had me hooked almost instantly!Wasn't to sure about this going in to be honest, after playing witcher, dragon age, Skyrim etc, but wow it had me hooked almost instantly! Loved it, very tactical, can also be very punishing but not make you rage quit punishing, story's great, voice acting great, locations very cool, I even love the art style, genuinely can't fault it, if graphics are all that matters ( which is to me a big issue nowadays, people let it go, if it's a good game it's a good game simple as that, get over it fickle children) then maybe pass, I think it looks and plays great. Do yourself a favour, if you like rpgs give it a try, you won't regret it! Full Review »
  2. Feb 6, 2018
    I signed up to Metacritic just to leave this review.

    I like fantasy games and I like RPGs. I don't care about graphics. This is just a
    I signed up to Metacritic just to leave this review.

    I like fantasy games and I like RPGs. I don't care about graphics. This is just a terrible game. Poor in so many ways.

    Fanservice - you get an unskippable loading screen to tell you about Kickstarter. You get other loading screens that mention it. Then you get many random NPCs that are written by Kickstarters. Then there are all the memorials dotted around the map written by Kickstarters. Does anyone care about immersion anymore?

    Loading screens - 36 seconds every time I want to enter a room or area. If you want to talk to someone on the upper floor of a building, it is a two minute wait to get in and out, all together. If you need to reload because you made the wrong decision, it's a good minute and a half of loading screen. I spend more time reading my book than "playing" this.

    Combat - you enter a new area, you meet a couple of huge beetles you dispatch without issue. You open a door - surprise! Six enemies that can kill you without effort. There is no indication in some areas of how tough you need to be in order to advance.

    Quests - you should NEVER be allowed to unwittingly make a choice that means you cannot advance another quest. I am thinking about letting the spider queen live, which means you can't enchant a weapon. Is there a warning? No. Does it make sense? No. Why should you kill something that is no threat to you?

    The reputation thing - far too easy to end up with a grab bag of reputation. How can I have a reputation for honesty and deviousness? Wouldn't it be a sliding scale?

    Unplayable. I'm in Act II and I have decided to try to sell it.
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  3. Jan 18, 2018
    This game is not bad, it's just that, it's not very accessible. And it has its problems, too.

    Yes, I've gotten accustomed to the fact that,
    This game is not bad, it's just that, it's not very accessible. And it has its problems, too.

    Yes, I've gotten accustomed to the fact that, even 12 hours into the game with a full party, you will still encounter a mob that can crush you like it's nothing. But I can't get over the fact that you have to PAY money to craft stuff, or the fact that potions cost ridiculous amount of money to buy (the ones that are actually useful later on in the game), or the fact that there are two values to handle your health, or the fact that gears cost ridiculous amount of money to buy, or the fact that you can't really find any useful gears while exploring or off of enemies, and so on and so on...

    And then there is the combat... I've played Divinity Original Sins prior to this game and I loved its turn based combat where you have every means to control your party and use strategy against your foes. In this game however... it's a mess as it's running in real time. Although you can pause the combat so you can collect yourself for a moment once in a while, it's not meant to be strategic. But to be frank, I don't know what the hell combat is supposed to be. And since you can't rotate the camera, whenever there are more than 4 enemies on screen (happens a lot), it's pure chaos. And since it's running in real time, you can't really control your party, even if there's a pause option.

    And then, there is the difficulty. The game suggests to play on easy (they couldn't bother making the normal diffulty the recommended setting). After 9 hours or so, I just wanted to get through this game as quick as possible so I turned the difficulty down all the way to its lowest setting, ignoring every side missions and skipping 80% of the dialogue. And even THEN, I was getting crushed by some of the mobs.

    And if you've skipped most of the side quest, you're underleveled for the last boss.

    But all that being said I thing this game still has its qualities.
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