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  1. Positive: 50 out of 56
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  1. Nov 13, 2014
    PES 2015 proves to be an incredible game, with an intriguing pace, deep tactical customization and improved online modes. Konami was right, the pitch is theirs.
  2. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Dec 28, 2014
    The best in the series since PES 3 way back in 2003. [Christmas 2014, p.82]
  3. Dec 5, 2014
    If you can look past the superficial failings of PES and accept MyClub as a FUT substitute then you can console yourself with the beautiful game in its finest representation.
  4. Nov 19, 2014
    The absence of important licenses can be a big drawback for some, but there's no doubt about the great comeback PES has achieved this year, especially in gameplay and AI terms.
  5. Nov 18, 2014
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 on the PS4 is definitely the best PES game in years, a well designed and surprising football simulation that is better in terms of AI, the feeling of the game and the technical side, than its predecessors. There are some minor flaws but they aren't as important as the fact, that Konami's new game is extremely enjoyable.
  6. Nov 14, 2014
    PES 2015 is pure fun, direct and rewarding.
  7. Nov 14, 2014
    It embraces its PS2-era roots while offering almost everything you could want from a modern football simulation.
  8. Nov 13, 2014
    The pretender has had its time in the sun, its 15 minutes of fame, but the King is back, long live the King! Pro Evolution Soccer is once again the Daddy of virtual football!
  9. Nov 10, 2014
    FIFA and PES seem to have swapped shirts, with neither catering to the original audience they once set out to attract. Based on this year's offerings, though, it's PES that has the clearer direction of where it's headed. Perhaps most tellingly of all, PES 2015 is more satisfying in defeat than FIFA 15 is in victory.
  10. Nov 10, 2014
    Modes and presentation still need some work, but Konami has finally delivered with the gameplay. On the pitch, where it matters, PES 2015 has a clear edge over FIFA 15.
  11. Nov 10, 2014
    PES 2015 doesn’t reinvent the wheel completely, but is a noticeable improvement on its predecessor, with some brilliant new inclusions that make it feel more on a par with other sporting peers.
  12. 90
    After several years of seemingly going through the motions, PES 2015 absolutely nails the football side of things whilst making small advances other departments. There is still work to be done for next year, but for now, where it matters most, PES is on the up.
  13. Nov 18, 2014
    This could be the real reborn of the PES series. The gameplay is extremely funny and fluid and from a technical point of view it’s finally something good to see.
  14. Play UK
    Nov 16, 2014
    The Germany of football games - intelligent, exciting, controlled, technically impressive and a world champion with a bright future. Every game feels fresh and exciting. [Issue#250, p.62]
  15. Dec 4, 2014
    Your verdict on the Pro Evo vs FIFA debate this year comes down to one of looks. If you want the gorgeous graphics and the flawless presentation, FIFA is your game -- and it looks like it will be for some time. If you're after the best possible representation of football on a console, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is the game for you.
  16. Games Master UK
    Dec 30, 2014
    The on-pitch action is arguably the equal of FIFA, but that's far from the only thing that matters. [Jan 2015, p.72]
  17. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Dec 16, 2014
    It’s been a long time coming, but Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is finally forcing EA to put up a fight again. Game on. [January 2013, p80]
  18. Nov 19, 2014
    PES is back to glory with this year's edition by delivering the kind of football experience players have craved since the days of PES 6.
  19. Nov 14, 2014
    PES 2015 could be more intuitive and precise in some regards, but this game as a whole represents a huge improvement over last-gen iterations and more importantly, it returns the series to a competitive standard with a defined concept to look forward to.
  20. Nov 12, 2014
    This is a great PES with which to kick off the new systems – it retains its heart while staking out vital new directions. It's not the largest of milestones and it has its stumbles, but it already puts the franchise on more firm footing than last generation.
  21. Pelit (Finland)
    Jan 21, 2015
    The disparity between Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 and the latest FIFA is obvious. Pro Evolution has better gameplay, while FIFA has the better team licenses. It’s up to the player to decide which aspect is more important. [Jan 2015]
  22. Nov 24, 2014
    A top notch soccer sim that deserves your attention this holiday.
  23. Nov 10, 2014
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is an improvement step in Konami's saga. This football simulator returns as a great competitor of FIFA and is the best PES in the sixth installment.
  24. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Feb 2, 2015
    PES progressed into the elite league after years in the second division and immediately joined the battle for the title. What loses to FIFA 15 in the presentation, it makes up in the core gameplay itself. [Issue#249]
  25. Jan 5, 2015
    PES is back. It still has a lot to catch up on in self-promotion, licensing, and user-friendliness, but as of the matches themselves, football from Konami is again at the top after many years.
  26. Dec 22, 2014
    PES 2015: Pro Evolution Soccer is yet another step in the right direction for Konami – even if it’s again let down by its lack of licensing and complicated online options.
  27. Dec 8, 2014
    I would much rather play soccer in this game than in FIFA 15.
  28. Nov 27, 2014
    A thinking man's FIFA, but still lacks that variety and depth.
  29. Nov 26, 2014
    After a few submissive years, Konami has put forth a game that caters to soccer fans with superb flexibility for creative expression, fluid gameplay and astoundingly intelligent AI.
  30. Nov 25, 2014
    So PES 2015 isn't quite the FIFA killer that many may have hoped, as there are many things that the current iteration of EA's footie series does better. Yet the gap has narrowed significantly with PES 2015, and the hardest part of any sports game -- the gameplay and feel of the sport -- has never been better than with this year's installment.
  31. Nov 24, 2014
    A rotation option, but not a primary starter.
  32. Nov 24, 2014
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 brings a mechanically crafted and intelligent game of football to these new consoles that even a lack of official licence or boring commentary cannot take away from its addictive and brilliant gameplay.
  33. Nov 20, 2014
    FIFA 15 is an excellent game of football and its presentation and modes are peerless. PES 2015, though, is arguably the best pure representation of the sport ever made.
  34. Nov 20, 2014
    PES 2015 offers strong gameplay and thanks to its precision and tactical gameplay it feels like real soccer. You really have to train and work for your goals, which is awesome. The illogical menus and lack of some licenses are a let-down.
  35. Nov 19, 2014
    On the pitch PES 2015 delivers a realistic football experience where every aspect of the game feels fluid and thoroughly incorporated. Although the online gameplay is still flawed and the lack of licenses may discourage some players, PES delivers on the pitch and that is what matters the most.
  36. Nov 17, 2014
    PES 2015 lacks FIFA 15's match day flair, instead letting its football do the talking. With exemplary action on the field and a much meatier online mode to get stuck into, football fans are in for a real treat.
  37. Nov 15, 2014
    The best PES in many years. It provides a smooth gameplay and a wonderful pace, but licenses, online and modes aren't enough to conquer the crown.
  38. Nov 15, 2014
    PES is getting better and better, getting closer to what it used to be. It's a good football game, but still there's room for improvement.
  39. Nov 14, 2014
    As a complete package, Fifa 15 still rules the roost. But where it matters – on the pitch – PES 2015 is far superior.
  40. Nov 13, 2014
    PES is stronger than it’s ever been, but it still has a way to go.
  41. Nov 12, 2014
    Even if there is some space for improvement, Konami finally takes a clear route with PES 2015. Swift and entertaining and, on top of that, it retakes it's personality, something that was gone in the last years. For the next entries in the franchise, we ask, once again, for more licenses and to keep working on its basics, because they finally found their place, something that all soccer fans will be thankful for.
  42. Nov 11, 2014
    PES 2015 is finally the episode we were waiting for : the one which gives hope to the fans. The game is visually uneven and Konami has still work to do on the collisions but it's a real good football game. And THAT is really new.
  43. Nov 10, 2014
    As we expected, PES 2015 is back in the game. This first edition on PS4 and Xbox One (even if this version is visually a bit disappointing) will please all of those who were missing the unique feeling from the series. Beautiful and incredibly enjoyable when you get to improve your skills and understand how it works.
  44. Nov 10, 2014
    With its right pace and more classic gameplay experience, PES 2015 tweaks the right things to be a huge leap forward over last year's game.
  45. Nov 10, 2014
    Most importantly, though, is knowing that PES 2015 is not inferior to FIFA 15. That in itself represents a huge step forward for a series that, for a time, looked as though it had no chance whatsoever of getting back to digital football's elite table.
  46. Nov 10, 2014
    A significant improvement on the last generation of Pro Evo games, and for the first time in years PES is more entertaining than the new FIFA.
  47. Nov 10, 2014
    If it gets patched out, then PES 2015 will go from being the best football game of this generation to one of the all-time greats. Until then it'll be agonisingly short.
  48. PES has come a long way compared to previous versions. Gameplay has become faster and more fluid. On the other hand, lack of major team licenses and some obvious animation problems degrade the overall gaming experience.
  49. Nov 17, 2014
    For the first time in a long while, PES is a better soccer game than FIFA. It is super realistic and offers a new mode that is very promising for the future. Too bad the menu's are so badly designed.
  50. Nov 10, 2014
    PES 2015 is the best game in the franchise in years, thanks to superb gameplay and the exciting My Club-mode. Despite its good looks, its presentation is worse and the licenses are yet again incomplete.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 412 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 79 out of 412
  1. Nov 11, 2014
    this game is not perfect but i ll give it a 10 because it s going in the right direction(simulation rather than arcade). it doesn't try to bethis game is not perfect but i ll give it a 10 because it s going in the right direction(simulation rather than arcade). it doesn't try to be spectacular all the time. this is how a football game should be. i tested almost every mode and i have to say as a fifa fan i m impressed. Unlike fifa 15 Pes 2015 doesn't feel staged. u cant always rely on pace. the stamina system works. GK are good without being super humans. dribbling, free kicks takes practices. it seems like years later fifa and pes have switched places. fifa is becoming more of an arcade game and pes more like a simulation. Full Review »
  2. Nov 11, 2014
    FIFA, get off the throne; the king is back!

    Alright, let's get the few negatives out of the way first; FIFA has more stadiums, more
    FIFA, get off the throne; the king is back!

    Alright, let's get the few negatives out of the way first; FIFA has more stadiums, more licenses and much better commentary. That's it.

    When it comes to gameplay and actual football, PES is back to it's best and simply light years ahead. This isn't ridiculously over-powered dribbling and charging around at 100mph, this is whatever you want it to be; precise passing, off the ball movement and possession based? You can do that. Sit deep and work on the counter? Sure. Big players and long ball tactics? That's there too.

    They have simply nailed it in all areas. Passing is sharp, shooting feels great, the AI find space and move brilliantly, the tactical depth is unmatched and that's before we get to the player and team styles. Players play like themselves; Robben, Ronaldo, Pirlo....they move and play like their real life self. The differences between each team is even better; Bayern pass you to death and press, Atletico sit deep and make it difficult, it makes every game different.

    The edit mode is missing a few things, but it's still terrific. You can fix just about everything from team/player names to kits and you can add missing teams; it makes the lack of licenses no big deal. Even the dreadful commentary doesn't get in the way, people new to PES will find it very, very basic and at times awful, but anyone who has played PES in the past will only laugh, over the years you even start to appreciate it.

    All in all, it is by far the best football game on the market. PES spent a few years in the basement, but the king has returned and reclaimed it's throne.
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  3. Nov 11, 2014
    Game-play is quality. You can play thousands of hours and you wouldn't even notice, every game is unique, every goal is unique. HUGEGame-play is quality. You can play thousands of hours and you wouldn't even notice, every game is unique, every goal is unique. HUGE improvement from pes2014.
    Keepers are alot better. Shooting is fabulous. Passing is great.
    Konami still need to improve somethings like Modes, Commentary(awful) and of course the licenses.
    Summary - Beautiful game, BEST of its generation, but not all-time best.
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