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  • Summary: Riddled Corpses EX is a twin-stick shooter made in the style of 8/16 bit arcade games. Travel through diverse locations packed with danger and huge bosses.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Jun 25, 2018
    Riddled Corpses EX might not leave a big footnote into the annals of video games but all the same it ranks among the most fun I have had with games this year.
  2. 75
    Riddled Corpses EX has a strong foundation with a steep but engaging difficulty. The game is grindy, though, and has a few things keeping it from feeling polished and complete. Either way, Riddled Corpses EX has everything an addictive twin-stick shooter should have, and it does those things well.
  3. Jun 6, 2018
    This is a twin-stick shooter that would feel at home as a Konami title during the mid 90s. With an engaging enough gameplay core, it’s certainly a good ride, especially if you have any desire to climb the leaderboards once your weekend with it is over.
  4. 70
    The pixel art-style and generic character design in Riddled Corpses Ex makes it a game which is fairly easy for people to overlook and dismiss as yet another bland twin-stick shooter.
  5. 70
    Riddled Corpses EX may not score highly for originality but if you stick with it there's a very addictive and satisfying game here.
  6. Jun 5, 2018
    While Riddled Corpses EX's gameplay and upgrades are enjoyable, its lack of content and excessive amount of forced grinding simply to pad the game's longevity result in it being a mostly bland and repetitive affair.
Score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 1
  3. Negative: 0 out of 1
  1. Jun 16, 2018
    Gamers today are a bit spoiled. When I was growing up during the NES and Sega Genesis era, most games did not offer multiple difficulties andGamers today are a bit spoiled. When I was growing up during the NES and Sega Genesis era, most games did not offer multiple difficulties and you got what you got. Either you got better at the game, or you were doomed to repeat the first few levels of a game for all eternity. In present time, if a game is too difficult we compare it to Dark Souls or Cuphead and write it off as too hard and run off to play something on very easy where the enemies stand there with a big neon sign that says “Shoot me derp a derp a derp.” The controller busting challenge of games like Battletoads or Contra is lost on today’s generation. Riddled Corpses EX took me on a nice nostalgic journey through its difficult yet fair zombie and demon filled world.

    The game offers 3 modes, all of which can be played in couch co-op with another player. The first is the standard story mode, which plays like a twin stick shooter RPG hybrid, where you collect gold to level up your character. There’s also an arcade mode, which challenges the player to complete the story with 3 lives, leveling up by collecting pick-ups along the way. The third is a survival mode, which is essentially what the name implies. Overall, these experiences are fun, although co-op play is hindered by the fact that there are no continues and in the event one of the players runs out of lives, they can steal them from the other player. I’m not sure if this was a glitch or how it was intended, but at one point my son managed to steal my only remaining life, essentially tagging me out of the game after depleting all of our reserves, only to quickly die. Needless to say, we didn’t spend much time in the co-op mode.

    The game plays much like an arena shooter in the vein of Smash TV, with each level starting and stopping, pushing you forward as you battle waves of enemies. Each of the 5 levels feature a number of waves culminating in a boss battle. Chances are you will have to grind a bit, as the difficulty I mentioned above is in full swing, and even after leveling your character of choice it’s a bit of a challenge. You’ll need to quickly maneuver, evading enemies and traps to complete the level. Finding gold and pick-ups is almost as important as survival, as the upgrades and additional characters require quite a bit for purchasing. In addition to gold you can find the likes of dynamite, which works as a bomb clearing the level, or a stopwatch that allows you to stop time completely if you’re overwhelmed. These can be saved for when you really need them, which is a plus because they drop at random.

    The overall presentation is a great throwback to the games of yesteryear, with the pixelated design and polyphonic soundtrack. I am sure that the game couldn’t have run well on the older systems the style pays tribute to; however, I often forgot I was playing a modern game. The visuals look like a strange mash up of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario World. There is a huge variety of enemies, each more grotesque or comical than the last, with zombies in various forms or guises making up the bulk of them. I noticed a few with attributes that appear to be throwbacks to older games, such as a form of zombie that looks spot on like the protagonist from the Splatterhouse NES game.

    The boss encounters are sadly the weakest link. I found the portions of the game leading up to them to be much more challenging, with the boss patterns being overly predictable, resulting in them being dispatched much quicker than most of the mid-sized enemies that pop up from time to time.

    There is a fair bit of replay value for those who don’t mind some grinding as mentioned previously. There are upgrades for each character, as well as a number of unlockable characters to access. You’ll also find a number of collectibles, which appear at random as various character heads, which unlock additional features. Having completed 4 of the 5 levels at this time, I have managed to earn multiples of all of them except for a single head, which may frustrate some players due to the randomness of this goal.

    If you’re like me and yearn for a simpler experience that rewards players who are willing to laugh at death in the face and keep coming back for more, Riddled Corpses EX will be up your alley. If you’re looking to shoot more enemies that stand still drooling with their guns filled with crayons, I’d recommend visiting another title.