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  2. Negative: 2 out of 46
  1. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a powerful story of loneliness, perfectly complimented by a beautiful art style and score.
  2. Jul 8, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a masterpiece of storytelling, art-design and thematic visualisation. While not necessarily lengthy or mechanically deep it is an astoundingly well-crafted game that should be experienced by everyone.
  3. Jul 5, 2019
    Clever, emotional and raw, Sea of Solitude is a personal journey that at times you feel like you’re intruding on. It is resolutely truthful and, just as Kay turns aspects of herself inward and outward, you can’t help but consider your own place, both amongst the people around you and inside your own head.
  4. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a personal journey inside the darkest paths of our existence. It can be a painful experience, but in the end we can find a heartwarming message: empathy will save us all.
  5. Jul 16, 2019
    As a platform game, it's hard to do much better than Sea of Solitude. With an intriguing story, varied gameplay and a beautiful world to explore, there's more than enough here to keep you invested for a decent amount of time.
  6. 80
    Sea of Solitude left an impact on me that I won't soon forget. From its heartbreaking story to it's powerful and striking visuals. Sea of Solitude is another good example of a game bringing awareness to mental health issues.
  7. Jul 9, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a haunting journey into loneliness, with Kay’s character arc perfectly encapsulating the feeling of being lost and adrift. With its abstract and metaphorical style, the game is a truly emotional experience, one which perfectly captures the inner turmoil of a soul mired by loneliness sending out a desperate SOS.
  8. Jul 8, 2019
    The real brilliance of Sea of Solitude is how each of the manifestations that Kay experiences have significance to a person or event in her own life.
  9. Jul 6, 2019
    Through a world of monsters and fantasy, Sea of Solitude tells a story about real problems that never get enough attention, especially in video games. It's like looking into the soul of another person.
  10. Jul 6, 2019
    Of course, it is not a game suitable for sensitive hearts because, excuse the expression, it hurts more than a kick down there. But it is that comforting pain, that pain with which you identify yourself, that pain that gives you hope to keep going, that pain that reminds you that you are alive, that pain that gives you the strength to keep fighting; that pain that, sometimes, is necessary.
  11. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is an atmospheric fairy tale, that handles topics like phobias, conflict and depression in a thoroughly competent way.
  12. Jul 5, 2019
    Powerful, moving and wonderful in the depiction of a series of real and extremely widespread issues, Sea of Solitude is a tale about what makes us human beings.
  13. Jul 10, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a short but impactful, memorable experience that treats the subject matter of depression, loneliness, and mental illness with both respect and honesty. At times the content may hit a little too close to home, but pushing through the pain and reaching the end of the game is a satisfying and worthwhile experience. It is, however, only the games powerhouse storytelling that holds it together as mechanically it’s a lot of walking with some minor platforming. There is a lot of potential for some innovative and memorable puzzles here, but the games heavy focus on its emotional narrative detracts from it being, well, a game.
  14. Jul 9, 2019
    Sea of Solitude has the heart to pull through and guide players to the end, where its messages really start taking shape.
  15. Jul 6, 2019
    Sea of Solitude tells an emotional story about what it means to be human and struggle with all of life's highs and lows. The gameplay itself isn’t as strong, and a few enemy encounters can drag down the pace. However, the introspective tale crafted by the team at Jo-Mei leaves an impact, and it's well worth exploring such challenging themes.
  16. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude tells a compelling story about depression, bullying and family problems. Nonetheless the game is too easy, guided and brief.
  17. Jul 5, 2019
    Although we would have expected something more, Sea of solitude remains a pleasant and recommended little game.
  18. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude provides an insightful look at how mental health devastates the lives of not just those it affects, but also loved ones on the outside. Kay learns a lot about herself by understanding the value of listening, coming to term with her flaws, and not just empathizing with family but also accepting that a simple fix isn’t always possible.
  19. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude provides a detailed insight into the emotional world of a person who has to deal with losses and fears. Thus, it contributes a great deal to improving the understanding of such feelings.
  20. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jul 30, 2019
    A personal journey through troubled waters that won’t strike a chord with everyone. The scenery sweetens the deal if you’re debating buying a ticket for this voyage. [Issue#165, p.86]
  21. Jul 19, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is very symbolic and effective when it comes to translating the concept of loneliness into a video game. Kays adventure offers a few emotional moments, but the platform and puzzle gameplay both make the journey a bit wobbly.
  22. Jul 9, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a journey through the conflicts that its author has experienced throughout her life. A reflection on solitude that, at times, can be too explicit without the proper subtext for the player to get involved in the experience.
  23. Jul 8, 2019
    It's a boat ride worth taking at least once given the gravity of its narrative.
  24. 70
    While Kay's emotional journey of self-discovery does not pull punches as she learns why she has become a lonely monster, Sea of Solitude struggles to stay afloat at times due to unimaginative gameplay that struggles to evolve beyond the opening moments of the game.
  25. Jul 6, 2019
    Sea Of Solitude is the perfect example that a small studio like Jo-Mei Games can develop a great title that sets a precedent and becomes indispensable if a large company like EA reaches out. Emotional, intense and precious... depression can have a good ending, if you can discover your light.
  26. Jul 5, 2019
    The story, and the way it confronts a universal but often misunderstood part of life, is Sea of Solitude's biggest draw. The gameplay is passable at best and tedious at its worst, but this is still a journey worth experiencing because of the way Jo-Mei Games has managed to weave a heartbreaking tale out of genuine characters and believable grief. Kay wants to know why she turned into a monster, and this is the driving force behind the whole game. What could have triggered it and why are these monsters so intrinsically linked? Despite some missteps along the way, Sea of Solitude is difficult to put down until you can answer those questions for yourself.
  27. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a nice atmospheric game that sucks the player into a very special universe with very good OST and art style. On the other hand, the level design is boring and some sequences are pretty boring.
  28. Aug 1, 2019
    Sailing through the mind of Kay is a very lonely experience. Looking for a solution, you will head into her mind alone, with no real answer to be found. However, playing this game will not just make you feel lonely, since the abstract and ambiguous story will also leave you confused. It’s definitely not a therapeutic experience, but its depiction of loneliness will make you think.
  29. Jul 9, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is sadly the least-essential EA Originals title to date. The game has heart and delivers a few brief powerful moments, but it’s held back by erratic design and a lack of content. Sea of Solitude is a pleasant-enough wade, but it isn’t the dramatic deep dive it could have been.
  30. Jul 6, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is an interactive experience that succeeds in what it set out to do, and we welcome its positive message. However, the storytelling is a bit weak and not as subtle as we would've preferred as it is conflicting with the game's artistic direction, and if you can't relate to the game's topics then there is not much left for you.
  31. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude gives you a beautiful world and an intriguing story but the gameplay fails to evolve enough to make this a compelling adventure.
  32. Aug 23, 2019
    Sea of Solitude tries to tackle some very serious topics about bullying, divorces and relationships depicting them quite nicely in its allegorical environment. What it’s missing though is any meaningful examination or resolutions in said issues. As it stands, it doesn’t offer anything more than acknowledging that these issues exist in our world without ever delving any deeper.
  33. 60
    Sea of Solitude boasts an abundance of heart, and has a genuinely great look, but the gameplay struggles to rise above anything other than basic.
  34. 60
    Like gamey meat, it’s not for everyone. Some players may want more to do than run around looking for seagulls and messages in bottles in between story moments and the occasional “fight” sequence. The story (which we have not spoiled here) is likely to resonate with many people, but for some it won’t be enough to overcome a lack of fun gameplay to take players in between exposition. It is a worthy attempt, but just falls a bit short.
  35. Jul 12, 2019
    Sea of Solitude has the story and visuals of a much better game. Kay’s story of loneliness is powerful, compelling, and clearly personal to the developers at Jo-Mei Games, and it’s enough to make whole game worth playing. Even if you’re fascinated by the story though, the tedium of actually playing Sea of Solitude will diminish its impact.
  36. Jul 12, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is a boldly personal game that has a lot going for it, notably its fantastic art style and score. Kay’s story toward understanding her fraught relationships can be genuinely moving at times, but more often it comes across as scattered and heavy-handed. Add to that its clumsy, far-too-traditional gameplay, and Sea of Solitude feels like an interesting idea poorly executed.
  37. 60
    A thoughtful exploration of the monsters people can unwittingly become, although it often struggles to offer a compelling gameplay experience.
  38. Jul 5, 2019
    Net of these sporadic moments, Sea of Solitude has not been able to convince us as we would have liked.
  39. Aug 2, 2019
    Sea of Solitude tries to tackle more dark and sensitive problems of family relations and depression but fails ultimately to deliver by generalising its story thematic. It still manages to deliver the message it wants to, but completely underestimating player’s intelligence and degrading him into childish storytelling it tries to tell.
  40. Jul 5, 2019
    By trying to say too much and do too much, the work is dispersed and the adventure is diluted.
  41. Jul 17, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is very outspoken about themes like lonelyness and depression, but it simply does not know when to shut up.
  42. Jul 10, 2019
    In essence, it’s a boat that looks nice from the outside until you jump inside and notice all the holes actively trying to sink the whole thing.
  43. Jul 9, 2019
    It’s hard to call Sea of Solitude a bad experience, but it feels very pedestrian at almost every turn. Bland gameplay means you’ll rarely be doing anything too exciting, in turn making the short run time all the more suspect. Beautiful visuals and themes that may resonate with some are minor highlights, although they’re not enough to make up for insipidity.
  44. Jul 5, 2019
    Despite the beautiful promises of Jo-Mei, the solitary adventure of Kay is not strong enough to reach us in the heart: wobbly on the technical and extremely classic in its mechanics, the game still benefits from a very nice artistic direction and a very good soundtrack to float a little.
  45. Jul 11, 2019
    I hate to be critical of something clearly inspired by someone’s personal journey and their hard-won life lessons, but simply sharing such things does not equate to a compelling experience. With a lack of focus, unconvincing voicework and gameplay that runs out of steam halfway through an already-brief running time, Sea of Solitude is like sitting through a few hours of a stranger’s therapy session — it certainly means a lot to someone, but I walked away unaffected.
  46. Jul 11, 2019
    So much of the game feels only slightly more cohesive than someone scribbling the word “depression” over, say, a picture of a person being eaten by a shark.
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  1. Jul 10, 2019
    A brief, frequently beautiful meditation on mental illness that can be overly blunt in its messaging.
  2. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude is not subtle in its warning about the power and danger of loneliness.
  3. Jul 10, 2019
    But seriously, it's pretty good. Y'know, it's fine.
  4. Jul 5, 2019
    Sea of Solitude isn’t the first game to explore mental health issues; 2017’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is one notable example. But those games are often rough around the edges. Sea of Solitude may tell a story that’s painfully personal, but it’s also incredibly approachable. The fantasy setting makes it easy to get into, as does the streamlined gameplay. Actually experiencing the story, though, is painfully difficult; it might even hit a little too close to home for some. Sea of Solitude is beautiful and dark and tragic — and if you happen to see yourself in it, those feelings only multiply.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 68 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 68
  2. Negative: 21 out of 68
  1. Jul 5, 2019
    Really beautiful, emotional and I love the character design. I want more games like this in my life.
  2. Jul 16, 2019
    This game is worth everyone's time, especially if they've dealt/are dealing with depression. At $20, it's quality > quantity & is worth everyThis game is worth everyone's time, especially if they've dealt/are dealing with depression. At $20, it's quality > quantity & is worth every penny. It doesn't overstay its welcome & is one of those rare, truly special games that every gamer (or fan of well-crafted narrative story in general) should experience at least once - not unlike 'What Remains of Edith Finch' - for originality alone. This one will stick with you - SOLID 10/10 Full Review »
  3. Jul 10, 2019
    This is a special game with a lot of heart and an interesting topic. The game has a few flaws but is definitely worth playing for the greatThis is a special game with a lot of heart and an interesting topic. The game has a few flaws but is definitely worth playing for the great art and atmosphere alone. Full Review »