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  1. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is wonderful. Everything from the combat to the soundtrack is crafted with a great respect for the originals, providing a fresh take on the popular series.
  2. 95
    Streets of Rage 4 is an absolute masterclass in maintaining the essence of a classic but also in reimagining certain aspects of its design DNA for a contemporary audience. Streets of Rage 4 is without doubt the best side scrolling brawler you can get on any system.
  3. May 12, 2020
    Does SoR4 do the franchise justice? Yes! It gives older gamers the game they’ve been waiting for while offering younger players the chance to play a comic-book esque beat-em-up that’s challenging and fun. The highlight of the game for me was the soundtrack, which works in synergy with the gameplay to heighten intensity as the game becomes progressively more difficult. The one big let down is the length of the game, which I don’t think has been reflected in the launch pricing, especially for PS4.
  4. May 26, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is so very addicting and the game is full of old school beat'em up goodness. The game has tons of references to past games in the series. SoR4 is also very replayable. Secret characters are unlocked based on the total tallied score of all games played, so you have to grind to unlock them all. It's quite fun to experiment with each character - older characters play just like they did from the game that they were originally from. If you're a fan of Streets of Rage or just the beat'em up genre in general, you owe it to yourself to check out Streets of Rage 4. There is so much to enjoy and accomplish in the game that it will have you returning a bunch!
  5. May 6, 2020
    After an exceptionally long waiting time, Streets of Rage 4 lives up to the very high expectations. This extremely colorful, smooth and spirited work by a team of skilled fans is one of the very best side-scrolling beat 'em ups you can play right now.
  6. 90
    You wouldn’t think that after so many years of rumors and waiting that Streets of Rage 4 would not only actually come out, but far exceed anything in the genre, but here we are. This is an absolute must-play for both fans and newcomers alike.
  7. 90
    Streets of Rage 4 is the rare retro revival that respects and celebrates the originals while also having something of its own to say. The visuals, sounds and mechanics aren't as envelope-pushing in 2020 as the originals were in the early '90s, but the balance between embracing nostalgia and reformulating the brawler for the current decade is struck wonderfully.
  8. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is a must for any beat ‘em up fans, especially those with fond memories of the original trilogy. The fighting is great, the visuals are great, and the soundtrack is great. Lizardcube and Guard Crush have managed to capture the essence of those classic games and upgrade it for the modern age.
  9. Apr 29, 2020
    It is obvious the love and attention that went into creating Streets of Rage 4, a game made first and foremost for fans, but made accessible and engaging enough for casual players to enjoy. Streets of Rage 4 is a must play, particularly fans who may have been on the fence.
  10. Apr 29, 2020
    A sequel, but also a celebration of the series so far, Streets of Rage 4 doesn't disappoint. That's amazing considering the many years of anticipation and excitement leading up to it. Fans couldn't have asked for more in a new entry in the beloved series. And even better, Streets of Rage 4 proves that there's still life in it. It's a tour de force of sumptuous art, mesmerising music, and trance-inducing action. Take nostalgia out of the equation, and Streets of Rage 4 is the best entry in the series yet.
  11. Apr 29, 2020
    After twenty-five years, one of the best beloved beat ’em ups of all time returns. Street of Rage 4 is a perfect continuation of the saga adapted to the current times with great gameplay, many end game incentives and a fun and frantic soundtrack. A perfect continuation for a legendary saga.
  12. Apr 29, 2020
    If you didn't try the previous games, you will like this one. If you did try them, you'll absolutely love SOR 4.
  13. Jun 12, 2020
    Streets of Rage is a declaration of love for Segas's Beat 'em Up classic and skillfully transports the game's principle into the modern age.
  14. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is a noteworthy homage to the Beat'em Up classic that exudes love and respect for the franchise without feeling tied down by it.
  15. Jun 5, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is a terrific return to form for one of the best beat-em' up franchises of all-time. It's beautifully managed to transition the features that made it so desirable back in the 90's. Whilst its mechanics haven't aged too well, and the difficulty hands you a caveat late-game; it's still a very accessible title to play that can be enjoyed by multiple people for a long time to come.
  16. May 12, 2020
    Every old school franchise should be so lucky to get such a great sequel that obviously had a lot of thought and care put in by the teams involved. Clearly, if you enjoy Streets of Rage or the side scrolling brawler, especially when playing with up to three other people, Streets of Rage 4 should be on your list of titles to get.
  17. May 4, 2020
    A successful comeback. Mechanically as well as technically sophisticated brawler. For franchise fans a sure hit, but it shows its quality even without putting on rose-coloured glasses this is a great game.
  18. May 4, 2020
    Streets of Rage is back after 26 years, and it feels exactly the same as before. It can serve as a great example to the new generation on how we used to game, and the original fans of the series will find themselves in heaven with it.
  19. May 1, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is a very good game, perfect for fans of the series and lovers of old-fashioned fighting games. It respects the identity of the famous saga while modernizing it. Its universe, its music and its careful and demanding gameplay offer a delicious experience that marks the return in beauty of Street of Rage. Jackpot!
  20. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 becomes, in its own right, one more numbered SoR. Lovers of the genre will have a great time with a title that offers everything that made the beat 'em up of the 90s great. And also, it is seasoned with light but very functional novelties. It is fun, and even epic if we play together. And although it is a bit short, it offers a lot of replayability. Essential for fans of the saga and perfect to get started in the genre thanks to its multiple configuration possibilities.
  21. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is a small miracle: the return of a series that, decades later, manages to evolve a genre considered "dead". Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games have created an adventure capable of welcoming modern players without betraying the feelings of historical fans.
  22. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is the rightful heir to the series, and if it doesn't do too much in the way of new stuff, it's still a blast to play. A must-buy for the nostalgic gamers.
  23. Apr 29, 2020
    The artistic direction, the fan service and the gameplay strike with precision and rhythm to knock out fans who in front of so much mastery and love for the fight can only bow humbly before entering the ring feverishly.
  24. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage is back with a new game that nails the feeling of the classics. It looks great, has a fair amount of unlockable content, and adds small changes to the combat to make it even better. We’ve experienced some issues playing online that, according to the devs, will be fixed soon, but that aside, the experience was fantastic and it definitely deserves that 4.
  25. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jun 4, 2020
    Combat so crisp it punches your nostalgia into next week, Streets Of Rage 4 is a time capsule well worth cracking open for a short bursts of expressive thuggery. [Issue#176, p.79]
  26. Edge Magazine
    May 22, 2020
    Any gimmicks would have muddied the waters - what you need to bring a golden-age beat-'em-up bang up to date, it turns out, is a team of fans with the hands of a heart surgeon and an eye for why we fell in love with it in the first place. [Issue#346, p.105]
  27. May 6, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 captures the nostalgic vibes of its glory days with a beautiful coat of paint and just enough modern flourishes to hook a brand-new audience, who we think will fall in love with a classic series if they give it a chance.
  28. May 4, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is an admirable comeback for this long-dormant series. It looks great, sounds great, and plays very well. Even if the experience is relatively short, it's the sort of game you and your buddies can easily enjoy playing and re-playing. If you're craving some classic brawling action with a modern edge, these rage-filled streets are calling your name.
  29. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 is an enchanting retro surprise, bursting onto the scene and overcoming many of the justified grievances fans might have with reviving such an esteemed property. The combat is fierce, the music is banging and its sense of style is simply marvellous.
  30. Apr 29, 2020
    A dive into the past, of course, but which does not bask in simple nostalgia, trying to offer the best of side-scrolling beat'em up genre, not just the Streets of Rage saga. A quarter century later, walking around a city full of thugs has probably never been this fun.
  31. 80
    After twenty-six years in the dark, it is amazing to see Streets of Rage 4 finally come to fruition. Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games have delivered a great entry to the series, incorporating a fresh art style, brilliantly simple gameplay that fans will slip straight into and a soundtrack that authentically harks back to the classic soundtrack that made the series so memorable. It captures everything that made Streets of Rage great in the first place and doesn't mess with that formula, for the better.
  32. Apr 29, 2020
    It can't be overstated that this is an experience that won't be as rich, as rewarding, as exciting to younger players as it will be to those who were raised on the Mega Drive. But for anyone with fond memories of this genre at its peak, on home consoles and in arcades throughout the 1990s, it's unlikely you'll play a better game of its kind than Streets of Rage 4 in 2020.
  33. Apr 29, 2020
    When the credits rolled, I felt better, gunning for action, as if life were a thing to rage through with a smile on your face. How often does that happen?
  34. Apr 29, 2020
    Twenty five years after the last episode, Streets of Rage sure is back. Filled with love for the series, Streets of Rage 4 is a dense and rich experience, thanks to more complex mechanics, lots of beautiful levels, and so many game modes to play it again and again. Too bad the promised soundtrack does not reach the same heights, and that we will have to wait for a correct online experience.
  35. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage is an excellent and well made game. Whether your a fan of the series or a newcomer, it is fun and addictive experience. The developers did a great job of making it feel like the old games but also make it have a fresh and updated feel to it. Right i'm off to beat some more people upside the head with a pipe.
  36. Apr 29, 2020
    An excellent return to form for gaming’s favourite beat ‘em-up franchise and while it doesn’t represent much evolution from the original games it’s still just as much fun as ever.
  37. May 3, 2020
    Streets Of Rage 4 brings back the retro franchise in such a masterful way that it can convert modern gamers into hardcore fans of old-school beat 'em ups. With that said, it's still a bit too dated in some regards although it remains a heck of a lot of fun.
  38. Apr 29, 2020
    It probably lacks a bit of courage, but Streets of Rage 4 works on every level, especially if you plan to play it with friends. Let's really hope that this is a rebirth for this beloved franchise.
  39. May 11, 2020
    This nostalgic ode to a time when video games were less sophisticated banks its appeal on slick street art/arcade-style graphics and a catchy soundtrack.
  40. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 delivers the greatest hits of the classic series and is at its best when played with at least one friend. If the primary focus was delivering a traditional Streets of Rage experience with a modern coat of paint, it absolutely succeeds. But while it layers on a few new and interesting mechanics, it’s still a very conservative update to the quarter-century-old format that feels like a slave to the past.
  41. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4’s simple approach to combat and content is enjoyable in short bursts, but it doesn’t have the hooks to keep you coming back. This beat ‘em up feels like an homage to the ‘90s, but it’s also stuck in that era.
  42. Apr 29, 2020
    Streets of Rage 4 makes a valiant attempt to drag the old-school franchise into the modern age. We've ended up with a beautiful beat-'em-up that's perhaps a little too loyal to the original games, but is ultimately a blast to play, especially with others. The appeal might wear off after a little while due to repetitive gameplay, but it's a huge amount of fun while it lasts.
  43. 65
    Streets of Rage 4 is a solid tribute to the genre it arguably helped shape, but this feels like more of the same with a fresh coat of paint rather than an all-out reinvention. What’s on offer here is reminiscent and nostalgic, and still a great time, but it ultimately lacks the oomph to elevate it beyond the games that came before it.
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  1. Apr 29, 2020
    Glorious artwork and a fan's eye for detail combine for a sequel that manages to best its forebears. [Eurogamer Essential]
  2. May 6, 2020
    With a few concessions to modern game design, Streets of Rage 4 could be a fun and rewarding experience. As is, it feels like a dated game only meant for people who played the old games in the '90s. If Streets of Rage 4 proves anything, it's that the beat 'em up genre died out for a reason.
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  1. Apr 30, 2020
    Street of Rage вернулся во всей своей красе! Стоит отдать должное разработчикам - проделана скрупулёзная работа, начиная с арта, приятнойStreet of Rage вернулся во всей своей красе! Стоит отдать должное разработчикам - проделана скрупулёзная работа, начиная с арта, приятной общей визуальной картинки, музыкальной составляющей в духе лучших частей серии (ещё бы, привлекли создателя с первых двух частей) и заканчивая бережным сохранением старых механик и грамотным привнесением новых, при этом ничего не сломав по пути. Видна любовь к наследию: в некоторых моментах просто хочется орать в голосину с отсылок на предыдущие части, ну и очевидный факт того, что добавили всех персонажей с предыдущих частей со всеми механиками. Лучшего продолжения и пожелать сложно. Об оптимизации говорить глупо, всё работает как часы. Ставлю 10 и иду играть дальше!)

    PS: На низкие оценки от игроков можно просто не обращать внимания, так как это ньюкамерский вброс, а игра всё же делалась с большим упором на аудиторию не понаслышке знающую серию Street of rage
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  2. Apr 30, 2020
    best beat em up game ever made! gorgeous in every respect! spectacular!!!!!
  3. Apr 30, 2020
    O melhor Streets of Rage de todos os tempos, gráficos, jogabilidade, quantidade de personagens, trilha sonora, modos de jogo, multiplayers ouO melhor Streets of Rage de todos os tempos, gráficos, jogabilidade, quantidade de personagens, trilha sonora, modos de jogo, multiplayers ou seja um jogo completo. Full Review »