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  • Summary: The makers of Super Mega Baseball have returned with a brand new, streamlined baseball simulator that’ll keep you coming back for more. Build your dream team and challenge your opponents to a good old-fashioned game of hardball, online and off.


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  1. 80
    Accessible but with a surprising level of depth, Super Mega Baseball 2 has managed to improve on the original with a very customisable experience. Some AI fielding anomalies aside, the sport is well represented in a bright fashion whilst remaining grounded enough to appeal to fanatics. It's a shame the online component is so limited but solo players can enjoy what is robust package.
  2. 80
    Super Mega Baseball 2 is an accessible, arcade-style game anyone can enjoy. I hadn’t enjoyed a baseball game myself in a long time, and I tied it to simply not being able to hit the ball while batting. Super Mega Baseball 2 pretty much fixes everything I didn’t like about modern baseball games.
  3. May 3, 2018
    Super Mega Baseball 2 is a big step up from the first game and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys video game baseball. After playing it over the past few days, I'm definitely already looking forward to Super Mega Baseball 3.
  4. 75
    A glorious throwback to the yesteryear of sports gaming. Being a filthy casual has never been so appealing.
  5. May 8, 2018
    A solid arcade baseball game that has a lot more depth than you'd initially expect. It is very accessible at the same time, which makes it a fun title for hardcore fans of the sport and casual players alike. The addition of an online mode is great since that feature was missing in the original release. Besides that, this sequel is mainly more of the same.
  6. May 6, 2018
    Super Mega Baseball 2 looks like a straightforward arcade game and it can be if you want it to be – but there’s a surprising amount of depth to this colourful sequel that will keep you coming back. The game’s vibrant presentation and frenetic flow set it apart from MLB The Show, and its raft of customisation options mean that you can tailor it to your tastes. Some cumbersome controls can grate, but if you’re looking for a baseball game a little less serious than Sony’s, then this is a great alternative.
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  1. Jun 2, 2018
    Super Mega Baseball 2 is everything I hoped it would be - Easy to get into, quick to start one off games, and the difficulty has 100 settingsSuper Mega Baseball 2 is everything I hoped it would be - Easy to get into, quick to start one off games, and the difficulty has 100 settings positions so you can quickly adjust game difficulty to suit your ability with one main difficulty slider, and increase it slightly as you improve.

    A full glossary of terms is helpfully included, as well as in game help which (importantly for me) is easy to access and understand. I’ve learned a few things since buying the game, which is superb!

    You can customise everything about your teams characters, right down to how sexy the ladies look, and if you find your pitching is strong but your fielding or batting is weak, you can adjust each of the 4 difficulty settings (or just the main one) from 0-100, for batting, pitching, fielding or base running.

    I read reviews that said it was easy to pick up but also quite in depth, which makes sense after playing it. It’s incredibly easy to get started, but you realise everything is also stats tracked, if you’re interested. Understanding who is a good substitute for who and when to use them is really easy.

    Pitching is absolutely spot on, with a perfectly designed mechanism. Easy to get to grips with, it requires skill which is also easily acquired and lets you comfortably get in a groove changing things up. Love it!

    I found I could play and win games without having to learn the entire game inside out, and I keep on learning more with every game I play. It’s the sports game I’ve been looking for, for ages, which lets me settle down for half an hours fun when I feel like it, and I’m still going back for more.

    If you’re looking for your first baseball game or something fun and solid which isn’t overly in depth with between the action content, this title is a breath of fresh air.

    It would be nice if the game made it clear what PS4 Pro enhanced features were implemented, or not. It would be more visually refreshing if the crowds wore a greater variation in clothing colours. A few more stadiums would neat.

    I bought his instead of MLB and am happy enough with the purchase.