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  • Summary: The pack contains a rank 10 Dredge Stoneguard character called Kivi, the unique Tank combat ability, the 'Sculptor's Tools' item, an exclusive Dredge Heraldry, a heroic tale called 'Shield Cleaver,' and an exclusive Banner Saga 3 overture track from Austin Wintory.
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  1. Jul 27, 2018
    A fantastic tactical role-playing game that confidently concludes the overarching storyline of the series in a manner entirely befitting with what has come before. Little has changed on the combat front - although this game does perhaps feel a mite easier than first two Banner Saga titles - but it's the storytelling where the release truly excels. The stakes are high, and after two and a half games spent getting to know dozens of wildly different characters, watching their fates unfold during the superb finale can be both exhilarating and soul-destroying.
  2. 90
    A fittingly bombastic end to one of the best tactical RPG series on PS4, The Banner Saga 3 closes the book on a trilogy that fans of strategy and epic, sprawling stories should embrace immediately.
  3. 90
    It’s not often that games are made with the kind of style and substance that The Banner Saga 3 has been, and, much like a good book, it’s nearly impossible to put down until it all comes to a close, where, inevitably, you’ll feel like a small piece of you was left with it in exchange for something new, the way all great stories make us feel.
  4. Aug 4, 2018
    The Banner Saga 3 brings this amazing series to a close. As we had expected, Stoic Games delivers an epic ending: there’s so much mastery in each element of the game you couldn’t ask for a better way to say goodbye to the Saga.
  5. Aug 23, 2018
    The Banner Saga 3 puts a cap on a great trilogy with a fantastic ending.
  6. Aug 10, 2018
    The third part of The Banner Saga feels more like a third chapter as opposed to an entirely new game. Nevertheless, the game is atmospheric, captivating and overall a lot of fun to play. Fans will enjoy themselves with this final part of The Banner Saga trilogy. Innovative features are lacking however, which is something you should be aware of if you've enjoyed previous iterations.
  7. Aug 3, 2018
    The culmination of this tedious saga might be far more alleviating for the player than it is for the game's characters.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 8
  2. Negative: 1 out of 8
  1. Aug 7, 2018
    The saga has finally come to an end with The Banner Saga 3 and unlike other trilogies that seem like the third game was never planned so IThe saga has finally come to an end with The Banner Saga 3 and unlike other trilogies that seem like the third game was never planned so I feels rushed; this series felt like it was planned from the beginning to be three games. Before i go any further with how much I love this game I will say do not jump into the series with the third game. You will be lost, and annoyed with immediately.

    The game story is the end of end times. You play (or make decisions as) a couple of characters, but mostly Rook/Alette who are the leaders of the caravan trying to protect the last city for humanity. Their storyline is very Game of Thrones with political discord, betrayals and characters dying like they're on the set of The Walking Dead. The other story is focused on those trying to stop this calamity you mainly play as a Varl (giant with horns) named Iver. This story is more about survival, and how far are you willing to push your crew to make it to the end in time to save everyone. The game is text the story is all text so if you hate that stay the hell away from it. For those who have played the first two games maybe replay them before you jump in this one because it can get a bit confusing on what is going on at first. I am unfortunately split on how I liked the ending. They have multiple endings which is good. I made bad decisions and believe I got the bad ending. I only say that because there was no closure for most of my characters. The game sorta just ended for me. This left me with a "that's it?" feeling. I do adore the story up until my ending, but that was mine others might have a kick-ass heroic ending.

    The gameplay is a great turned based strategy that is in a lot of ways like a game of chess. I love it even if I might not be very good at it. The multiple races make the game feel unique on how you build your team. You will want a balance of Horseborn (centaurs), Varl, and humans because they all bring different abilities to the fights. The leveling up is the same with using renown to level up, and buy resources. The level cap on characters is smaller than you'd imagine, but that is because there are over 40 characters!

    Overall the game is rounding off a great trilogy if you're a fan of the series then you probably already bought it. If you read my review, and never touched the games before seriously do not start with this one you will be lost and upset. The story is fantastic even though I got a terrible ending, but I blame myself. I give this a high, high BUY.
  2. Feb 11, 2019
    The pace of the Banner Saga is not diminished in a final part of the trilogy. The Banner Saga 3 fabulously and consistently concludes theThe pace of the Banner Saga is not diminished in a final part of the trilogy. The Banner Saga 3 fabulously and consistently concludes the story, offers quite a few challenging encounters and even bring some small gameplay improvements.

    Though I will rephrase last part: TBS3 doesn’t damages *anything*. Its predecessor tried earnestly to evolve but it didn’t result in anything but confusion. TBS3, on the other hand, focuses solely on what they already have. And these are: story, style and writing.

    As always narration is divided between two POV characters: old pal Iver leads expedition into darkness to fix the world, and imported hero makes last stand in human capital. Usual rules does not apply to those places: clan management now almost wholly consist of decision-making. No longer you have to sleep or watch for supplies. The buttons are still there but even on hard difficulty you will not use them. Do not relax, the game didn’t become easy. Stoic Studio merely implemented survival in slightly different ways. In city, you will stockpile resources: clansmen, fighters, varl, supply. Contrary to previous installments, most of your choices will bring benefit. Your task will be to think what choice will bring the most. In darkness, survival implemented via “no time left” moto: each passing day in darkness decreases your survival chance in Arberrang. Be careful of unforeseeable delays...

    Arberrang and darkness are quite contrary in a tone and feel. City is a pure realistic leader simulator. As you can imagine, when apocalypse is knocking at your door there couldn’t be much order. To top it off some ruffians think it’s perfect time to backstab each other. So you will have to resolve lots of conflicts, often in harsh ways: phrases such as “Let’s all be friends” won’t do much obviously. Stoic studio also does not forget about your previous choices: the herd of horseborn I had taken under my banner kept causing ruckus, and that dredge infant… who would have thought...

    Darkness on the other hand is silent and blue adventure into hell much like the journey into Moria from LotR. It’s the place where you can calmly enjoy the End of the World. But, seriously, the background paintings are outright gorgeous, and the value of occasional but regular banters with companions are amplified by the weight of your mission. I especially enjoyed the characters of Eyvind and Juno. Their love is simple and elegant, and Juno is a perfect implementation of wise, sad-eyed lady.

    Battles accompany both storylines of the TBS3. The main new addition is wave combat: now at some the encounters after you beat all enemies you may choose to keep fighting or flee. The choice will be taken away if you fail to finish the wave in given time limit. Your heroes will not get refreshed before each wave but you will be allowed to replace them. And thus TBS3 it's finally possible to utilize more than six heroes in single combat. The second and last addition of TBS3 is titles. Titles is hero development feature beyond level 10. Title is unique stat set that can be given to hero and is leveled directly by renown. Examples are ‘the Mountain” which raises strength and armor or ‘the Lone Wolf’ which boost damage if you are not adjust to allies. As you can see, contrary to talent system introduced in TBS2, titles are useful and add depth. Other than waves battles and titles, there are literally no changes. Personally I find TBS combat perfect as it is (except for the broken AI that still is not fixed), so I’m glad they conducted no experiments. I believe freed time was successfully invested in general polishing of the game.

    The Banner Saga 3 is fascinating adventure that I wholeheartedly enjoyed. Compared to its siblings TBS3 is the most atmospheric and touching one. But to measure one part against another is a meaningless and dishonest venture: The Banner Saga is integral art piece. It is interesting game with solid ingenious choices-consequence system and clever, challenging combat. It is the meaningful novel in a beautiful fantasy setting. And it’s a canvas of incredible style. Stoic Studio, “shut up and take my money”.

  3. Aug 22, 2019
    Конец, который заставляет задуматься над всеми тяготами, которые мы прошли вместе с Героями.Конец, который заставляет задуматься над всеми тяготами, которые мы прошли вместе с Героями.
  4. Nov 8, 2018
    Really good game, final of great saga. It was really enjoying for me and relaxing, however I expected someting more when playing this part.Really good game, final of great saga. It was really enjoying for me and relaxing, however I expected someting more when playing this part. The last part of Banner Saga should have more mechanics, new abilities and enemies. I was disappointed about this. However it was very rewarding o know full story, discover the background of it. There are also very emotional moments during gameplay, be careful with your decisions! Expand
  5. Jul 29, 2018
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love The Banner Saga; and that’s why I’m disappointed with the third part of the trilogy.

    This will be more of a criticism than a review because I’ll be listing all the things that I disliked so everything that doesn't get mentioned is something I liked or thought was fine. I’m looking at this game as part of a trilogy, not as a standalone release.

    The combat gets more gimmicky and boring the higher you rank your characters. Why even focus on tactics? Just chop away some armor and let your criticals, exploits or even critical exploits do the rest; voila. I remember getting acquainted with archers and the passive puncture ability in part 1 and loved it. It made archers so much more interesting, especially with Bird of prey. But now why bother with them? Every character can get puncture now, simply put three points into it and equip an item to enhance the change for the exploit further. The higher the rank the less exciting it gets, you’re just raising the chance something will happen. It’s more gambling than strategy, just percentages and chance game play. It’s almost the opposite of Banner Saga 1 where, especially on Hard, equipping items had to be thought out to create the synergy needed to win. And while I’m on the subject of items; in 3 they are all lame. Not one item, be it bought, found or won in battle was interesting, again, mostly percentage for this, percentage for that.
    Combat ends up feeling cheap and somewhat dumb and that’s such a weird experience in a game series which started out being all about quality and detail in a very authentic way.

    Banner Saga 2 had some shocking reveals story wise, the kind of which were basically exempt in 3. Most of it we knew already, the extra lore was very minimal. No real surprises, very blend. The follow up from siding with Rugga is pretty much non existent; it takes 3 short events and you're right at how the story would play out anyway. If you’re not going to give a storyline the proper attention then just don't bother with it. The possible deaths of Rook/Alette felt very unnecessary and forced, it didn’t do those characters justice at all. It feels rushed and somewhat amateuristic.

    And then there is the final ‘battle’, which was short and not in any way hard. Bolverk didn’t have any new abilities despite being resurrected by green giant serpent spit (I personally don't have any experience with that but it seems like something that would have somewhat of an effect on you). He’s basically just another Varl that gets to hits twice. If you ever played survival mode this battle will feel trivial. It takes a few minutes and then boom; that's the end of Bolverk, one of the most prominent characters of the series.
    The ending is so abrupt and empty in general. Not even some simple cutscenes of how our hero’s lived on after the game. So many loose ends, so many characters that don’t get mentioned in any way. Alette and Ludin romance? Vognir’s death? Etc. How is it possible they would end a story driven game without a proper story ending? It’s Mass Effect 3 all over again. The half the earth ending is just weird, it implies that the serpent somehow deserves to get his way while we know it’s an entity created out of jealousy and spite.

    When I first heard about the kickstarter campaign (which ended up totaling over 400k) I got excited; more funds must mean more detail, more story, more everything. But it even sounds like they used the same voice actor for Iver in 3 as they did for Bolverk in 2?

    Banner Saga 2 was a step up from it's already great predecessor; this third and final installment is a step down from both 1 and 2, and it's a shame.
  6. Oct 31, 2021
    A satisfying conclusion to the saga but some bugs, cuts in gameplay and a bit of technical issues prevent a higher rating for me. Details seeA satisfying conclusion to the saga but some bugs, cuts in gameplay and a bit of technical issues prevent a higher rating for me. Details see below. In short I am satisfied and a bit disappointed at the same time. This is the final game in the trilogy and as fan of both prequels. I was hyped for the conclusion. The story is starting shortly after the conclusion of the sequel. The survivors are currently in Aberrang the capital, residence of the king and mages. Internal struggles and conflicts had lead to a standoff between different groups while the land is slowly but surly overflow by a dome of darkness that transforms all lifeforms inside into strange beings that attack others. The Dredge have meanwhile reached the outsides of the city too and starting attacks. A separated smaller group of heroes tries to undo the darkness by going to the place were all has begun. A strong set up. Sadly here came my first disappointment and an immense one. I could not fully import my save file from Banner Saga 2 which was also created by importing from Banner Saga 1. I had done such a good playthrough with much resources, artifacts, many survivors and not many hero causalities. My save-file lead instead to a strange case. I had a full rooster in one part and barley enough characters to succeed in the other part. This includes a character being present in both groups far away from each other. In hindsight I should have started a new playthrough without importing. The story itself is great. There are hard decisions, intense moments and decisions from the past can haunt you. Depending on your decisions and progress you will get multiple endings. Gameplay: It is a mixture of a strategic RPG and survival management. The mixture of this made a challenging gameplay with lot of hard decision. Also the art style, soundtrack and graphics are unique and enhance the immersion. Firstly the strategic RPG parts. It is turn based but not with a speed attribute. You are in control of up to 6 characters per battle. Each side has alternating turns no mater the numbers except one is down to the last man standing. Example you have 6 characters so after 12 turns it is your same characters turn again. When the enemy has 8 it will be 16 before the same characters turn. Be careful! This is dangerous when you have spared the most powerful enemies until the end. You have an armor and health rating. Health is also attack power and this is an interesting concept. Lets say attack power 9 against armor 7 with 10 health. This is 9-7 = 2 damage and with this health is 10-2= 8. The possible damage output is lowered from 10 to 8 for the damaged character. It gives depth and some tactical options. There is more to it with abilities, items, obstacles etc. The survival / travel elements are tuned down. You are barley traveling compared to both prequels. There are random and scripted events where you have to made decisions. Your decisions mostly have consequences and you can gain or lose heroes, food, moral and people too. It is a cruel situation and as leader you have to make harsh decisions or let others pay the price. You are the leader of the Clan of survivors and must care for them. In the prequel you had to value buying food versus promoting units as both cost the same resources called “Renown”. You get this for defeating enemies and certain decisions. Here there is no need to make decisions. Also no training battles that improved the sequel. This weakens the experience a bit. There are some new additions with titles that give additional benefits, new classes and items etc. It is a good game but weaker than both prequels for me. Then there are some technical problems. I cant remember complaining about loading times in a game review especially on PS4. Here the loading times are long enough that I could not ignore it. Often I thought the game crashed because it took so long. Also but this can be because of the save file characters were present in events while they were not in my party. Like in the prequel the graphics look even better than before. It looks hand drawn and the world is beautiful. I truly like the art work for the characters, cities and items. The soundtrack is also weaker than both prequels but still good. Overall this hits more than it misses. A good conclusion but also weaker in some regards. I give a 7/10 here and still defend this game against harsher criticism as it is still good. Expand
  7. Dec 1, 2020
    First and foremost the 3 banner saga is but one game with around 20 hour playtime each, and with one story. Selling them separately is
    First and foremost the 3 banner saga is but one game with around 20 hour playtime each, and with one story. Selling them separately is just money-grabbing consider the price of the 3 when you make your decision.

    Battles (Turn-based strategy):
    It has one interesting aspect: the strength is both your health and your damage stat so the current health of a character is equal to the damage it deals with an attack (against health). You also have armor, and the damage one character takes is lowered by the flat amount of armor it has. Means you always have to decide either to go for breaking armor (in order to be able to deal higher damages for health later) or try to damage their health while they have higher armor in order to lower their damage output sooner. Otherwise every character has only 1 ability at the first game and 2 from the second which is a bit underwhelming, and there is also very very (very) low variety in enemy and terrain-types. The difficulty level isn’t dull, but isn’t too challenging either (in the first game the first fight when I had to rethink one or two times was the last boss). All in all the Battles are fine and aren’t the weak part of the game.

    - It is real bad. Most of the time there isn’t any choice option that is close to what would you do in that situation. The decision-points feel far-fetched too often, the consequences are thoughtless and / or random, and worst of all: sometimes provably doesn’t matter. (when you have 6 choice in a dialogue, and eventually all get you the same results). In this regard nothing works like it should have. Eg. there are several decision points when you can recruit / allow people to join your caravan. If you do something unpopular or you run out of food then people start leaving. So the game expects you to feel like it somewhat good or ‘right’ to have a bigger caravan, but it gives you no actual benefits, on the contrary: you have to feed more people which isn’t easy. So the whole logic collapse. The game punishes you by taking away people from your caravan that has no benefits but eat a lot. (after 2 games they seem to have realised it too because at the third game these man are at least able to forage for food).

    *** spoiler ***
    Another taste of Banners Saga’s logic: There is a point where one of your man stabs you in the back and leave (with several of your soldiers) after a conversation. I reloaded several times to choose other dialog options but the results were the same. Then I looked thoroughly in the events leading to this (by replaying), and found nothing special really: He helped me against a guy that seemed crazy then join me. Some times before that there was some dialog when someone – out of the blue – said not to trust masked mans. Maybe that was the point when I should have been “””smart””” because the guy wears a common foot solder helmet that covers one third of his face? Or maybe the fact that his ability called “backstabbing”? The whole thing felt cheap, and I felt the same on several other occasions.

    The main plot builds up some exciting threads, and made me curious but in the end left me disappointed. All in all the story is mediocre in my opinion.

    At this point I feel particularly misled, because watching the intro of the game, it had a really cool atmosphere with several drawed-cartoonish cutscenes, and vivid music that I liked. But in reality, those are the only cutscenes in the game, and there aren’t even background music at most part, just the mind blowing, while your caravan traveling from A to B. No voice-acting either.

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