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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 55
  2. Negative: 0 out of 55
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  1. Aug 22, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV is by far the best KOF to date, and also trumps those other recent big releases by a huge margin. If you are a fighting game fan in general, you owe it to yourself to own this beauty! The game play, characters and even the story line have been ramped up to perfection. I cannot recommend this one enough. Forget the other guys, THIS is the perfect fighting game for the PS4!
  2. Aug 22, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV is a huge game: fifty characters, a lot of modes and a robust, deep yet accessible combat system. It takes a while to get accustomed to the new 3D graphics (and the slight changes in the movement speed), but when you get the hang of it, you'll find yourself enjoying one of the most technical and rewarding fighting games of the last few months.
  3. Aug 22, 2016
    Whether or not you dig its new look, KOF 14 offers everything you could want in a fighting game: refined gameplay, a bevy of appealing characters, and accessibility that gives way to complex depth.
  4. 90
    The King of Fighter XIV channels the spirit of the 90s whilst very subtly evolving to attract more casual players.
  5. Aug 22, 2016
    Classic playability, characters and controls meet new moves and a whole new 3D engine. It plays as the best KOF ever and it looks better than any other past titles from the SNK saga. Only its visuals have some room for improvement, as some animations are not too smooth and some characters could look better, almost from PS3/X360 generation.
  6. Aug 26, 2016
    The fourteenth episode of King of Fighters is a fighting game that goes straight to the point. It doesen't get lost in useless graphical showoff, and gives back to the fans the good old combat system, flawless and huge.
  7. Feb 25, 2017
    While these complaints are not enough to cripple the game, it’s a shame that SNK has done such a tremendous job with most of the things that matter, only to stumble on certain design issues. Minor missteps aside, It’s pretty brilliant, and it’s safe to say that the series has made the leap to 3D surprisingly well despite still needing some polish, and maybe a bit of a facelift as well.
  8. Oct 19, 2016
    King of Fighters XIV is brilliant. It is certainly an upgrade on the last game, with upgraded visuals, a cool story mode, depth of characters, and great locations being the main boasting point. Having said that, the actual gameplay is brilliant stuff, with the combinations and movement of characters being a particular highlight. It is just a shame the online experience is rather hit and miss, even after the patch.
  9. Sep 15, 2016
    Steep learning curve and mediocre graphics aside, The King of Fighters XIV defends it crown with gusto.
  10. Aug 29, 2016
    In spite of it's completely outdated graphics, The King of Fighters XIV is still the new venture of SNK's combat game into the 3D era. And even if the visuals are quite poor, the title overcompensate with a massive roster (50+), state of the art gameplay and flawless multiplayer games.
  11. Aug 27, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV should be on every fighting game fan's list of games to try for this year because it has definitely improved in many ways since the last installment.
  12. Aug 26, 2016
    A game with great mechanics, poor story, cool characters, flawed graphics and with the flavor of the old school.
  13. Aug 26, 2016
    Though its visuals still betray the legacy of SNK’s rich and gorgeous 2D sprite work, The King of Fighters XIV revives the glory of the franchise where it counts most: gameplay and core mechanics. This will hopefully be the first step in a better future for the series, but even this unpolished first entry is worth the time for longtime fans and newcomers alike.
  14. Aug 25, 2016
    Massive content for a legend of the fighting games. Maybe the inconsistency in the visuals compromise a good product. Exigent and deep for every player in the fighting genre.
  15. Aug 24, 2016
    I am glad to have this series back, and this new iteration has been the most fun I have had with it to date. Sadly right now though it is only recommended as a local experience. Online is far too fickle at launch, so if that is what you are coming to King of Fighters for, you might want to wait it out.
  16. Aug 22, 2016
    While The King of Fighters XIV isn't as flashy or good looking as other recently released fighters, it is jam packed with content by comparison having 50 characters playable on the disc.
  17. Aug 22, 2016
    A fighting game that packs a punch and is worthy of the series’ name. Once you see past some questionable animations you’ll find countless hours of fun mixing and matching teams on and offline.
  18. Aug 22, 2016
    Visual inconsistency aside, the newest entry in the King of Fighters proves to be one of its best. The gameplay and mechanics are as solid as ever and there's plenty for newcomers and old guard alike to enjoy.
  19. Aug 30, 2016
    While the fighting mechanics are as deep as easily accessible and the roster is filled to the rim, I just can’t warm up to the visuals. Leaving the sprites behind doesn’t do it for me, since in this version the well-known as well as the new characters can hardly keep up with their colleagues in the Tekken or DoA franchises.
  20. Aug 22, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV is a deeper and exigent fighting game with great combat system and solid online & offline modalitites. If SNK improves some netcode issues, could be one of the great games in its genre.
  21. Sep 18, 2016
    King of Fighters' long awaited return has resulted in arguably SNK's best looking and performing title in their long and storied career.
  22. Aug 24, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV is a solid entry that’s sure to be played in tournaments for the next couple of years and establishes a foundation for newcomers to pick up a controller and learn what the hype is about.
  23. Aug 22, 2016
    One of the most important fighting franchises returns with a great game, where every combat is full of fun and enjoyment. It has its shortcomings, but when it comes to fighting it knows how to shine.
  24. Aug 22, 2016
    Maybe it's not the prettiest fighting game ever made, but it's an exciting one that also manages to offer a deep gameplay core.
  25. Aug 22, 2016
    While offering only discrete graphics and gameplay still to be refined, The King of Fighters XIV is an excellent starting point for the rebirth of the brand. Content-rich, affordable and fun, the last SNK title is still far from its former glory, but the basis laid are so solid to ensure more than a hope for the future of the series.
  26. Aug 22, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV offers addictive playability, with a wide roster, and the classic 3vs3 team fights. Whether online or solo, this iteration of the franchise offers a mode for each player, specially those who have kept in touch with the series. An all-round experience in the genre, aiming to take a seat among more popular fighting games, with the aid of SNK's experience with this long-running franchise.
  27. Aug 30, 2016
    A fresh direction for the series that acknowledges the characters that made it what it is, while adding enough new characters to make this entry worth playing.
  28. Aug 29, 2016
    The King of Fighters is back to claim its place as one of the most beloved fighting series of all time. Sadly though, it keeps using the same formula without even trying to innovate the core mechanics of the franchise which will only bring back the veteran enthusiasts instead of appealing to new generations. Quantity is not the same as quality and having a lot of characters on the roster won't make up for issues like a bad netcode or horrible 3D graphics.
  29. Aug 25, 2016
    A strong release for 2D fighting fans and an overall successful return for one of the genre's most legendary franchises.
  30. Aug 24, 2016
    Dated graphics and dodgy netcode slow King of Fighters XIV down a bit, but it's still a deep, rewarding fighter.
  31. Aug 24, 2016
    A successful soft reboot for the venerable fighting game series, and a great jumping on point for those dissatisfied by Street Fighter V.
  32. Aug 23, 2016
    Whether it will garner the kind of global success that it deserves remains to be seen, but as it stands, an argument could be made for King of Fighters XIV being the finest brawler of the generation.
  33. Aug 23, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV is a complete game. That should be enough, considering how Capcom is trolling Street Fighter's fans with Street Fighter V. Despite the bad graphics, KoFXIV has amazing gameplay, is fun and can be enjoyed by both casual and pro players.
  34. Aug 23, 2016
    Aside from some faulty matchmaking, the package is a fighting game worth playing. It looks good enough and runs smoothly, and even when lagging, the online play is nice and clean.
  35. Aug 22, 2016
    King of Fighters XIV is very much a new KOF game. It retains all of the hallmarks of the series, from the beautiful backgrounds and giant roster to the challenging combos and large amount to learn. If you’re into the genre and are looking for something that will reward you for putting in time, then SNK’s reputation for building fighting games that allow for that should speak for itself.
  36. Aug 22, 2016
    The King of Fighter XIV is a great fighting game, with a huge roster and a complex combat system and rich in finesse. Despite the subdued story mode and a non-beautiful visuals, SNK has created a videogame that could satisfy even the most demanding players. After six years, the King is finally back.
  37. 80
    Don't get thrown off by the new visual style — The King of Fighters XIV still offers solid fighting action for veterans and newcomers alike, and the slate of 19 new characters is a real treat.
  38. Aug 22, 2016
    With 50 fighters (17 of whom are all-new), 19 stages, and a host of gameplay modes, SNK is coming out swinging with King of Fighters XIV. The roster is diverse and interesting and the game is easy to get into. The game could definitely use a boost in the visual department, as the art style can come across as safe and bland, but the game itself is solid. As the beginning for a whole new era of SNK, King of Fighters XIV is a win.
  39. Aug 22, 2016
    Anyone who has ever enjoyed the series will find a lot to like about KOF XIV, and its user-friendly nature makes it a great starter game for the franchise.
  40. Aug 22, 2016
    King of Fighters XIV falls somewhere between XII and XIII. It's not exactly bare-bones and the roster is mighty, but the gaudy presentation and by-the-book story is distracting, and takes away a lot of the uniqueness of the series.
  41. Aug 22, 2016
    With plenty of opportunities available online or off, KOF 14 is a well-executed addition to the revered fighting series. Those disappointed in its new visuals may be unwilling to give it a chance, but if you remain steadfast in parsing through the multiple layers of its mechanics, you'll be rewarded with one of the most accessible, satisfying entries in the series to date.
  42. 80
    The King of Fighters XIV is a fully featured fighting game. It still feels like its classic predecessors, but it has been updated in some important areas to feel like a modern take. Its roster is both a celebration of the series that also signifies that this is a new step forward. I’m excited to see KoF back in the spotlight, and I hope to see SNK continue building on this great installment.
  43. Aug 22, 2016
    The strength of this game's combat system is undeniable, but with mediocre graphics and content, this is a game for fighting veterans only. If you love complex mechanics, big rosters and pure competitive play, you'll definitely love The King of Fighters XIV... keep in mind that there are better fighting games out there even for you though.
  44. Sep 12, 2016
    All the depth of 2D King of Fighters, none of the beauty.
  45. Aug 22, 2016
    The famous fighting saga returns with a renewed aspect and brings back the gameplay mechanics that made these games great. The King of Fighters XIV is a very entertaining game for the fans of the genre, even though the graphics could be better on the PlayStation 4.
  46. Aug 23, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV’s combo system is loose and expressive, and the character variety makes it easy to keep playing for hours. The learning curve is still a bit too steep for new players, but those who make the effort to climb it will find a fun, if unadventurous, fighter.
  47. Oct 27, 2016
    A solid and welcome return. [Issue#179, p.82]
  48. Sep 1, 2016
    The first game in the King of Fighters series since 2010 offers a no-frills story mode that echoes the arcade experience.
  49. Aug 23, 2016
    As a new entry in the series that pushes it into uncharted territory, King of Fighters XIV is an admirable effort. Boasting a huge roster, accessible action and smooth gameplay, there’s a lot to like, but the mediocre transition to 3D and inconsistent netcode hold it back from greatness.
  50. Aug 22, 2016
    In the end, it’s hard to deny that KOF XIV is just simply fun to play, however if you’re looking for a fighter that’s easy to get into and learn, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.
  51. Aug 22, 2016
    The King of Fighters XIV is a good fighting game but its complex gameplay may not be enjoyable for novice players. Its graphics are generally not very good, and it shows some irregularities. Despite all these points, the game has a lot of solo content, and a good online mode.
  52. Aug 22, 2016
    Ironically, the biggest sticking point with King of Fighters XIV is the one aspect designed to make it more appealing to outsiders; the new "Rush" mode allows even complete newbies to look like combo-crunching experts, but it's likely to divide opinion with serious players who prefer to rely on their own skill and knowledge when it comes to unlocking the game's most potent moves.
  53. Games Master UK
    Nov 9, 2016
    A solid but unremarkable fighting game that makes a dismal first impression. [Nov 2016, p.69]
  54. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Oct 15, 2016
    The faithful obsessives will love it, of course, but others will ask why they should persist with a game that does so little to help them - and isn't exactly easy on the eye. [Nov 2016, p.90]
  55. Edge Magazine
    Sep 27, 2016
    While there are some concessions in place for the mere mortals among us, there aren't quite enough. [Nov 2016, p.116]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 295 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 38 out of 295
  1. Aug 23, 2016
    Great: Full package that worth the price, ton of characters, easy to play, variety of combo, full of contents
    Poor:The story is nothing,
    Great: Full package that worth the price, ton of characters, easy to play, variety of combo, full of contents
    Poor:The story is nothing, graphic just like PS2 game(SNK havs to admire it), Boring script, Mai boobs shape should be improved a bit....
    I still give it a 10 because I have been playing this game since 1994 and I am really appreciate SNK effort.
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  2. Aug 23, 2016
    Kof is back i love the new game the gameplay beatiful, i see the next game from EVO
    As a fan of the series I do not feel beautiful
    Kof is back i love the new game the gameplay beatiful, i see the next game from EVO
    As a fan of the series I do not feel beautiful disappointed since I tried the best fighting game of the year
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  3. Aug 24, 2016
    Graphics ok, pretty decent for a fighting game. spectacular gameplay, speed and many combos. Perfect music, as is often in SNK. If you areGraphics ok, pretty decent for a fighting game. spectacular gameplay, speed and many combos. Perfect music, as is often in SNK. If you are looking for a challenge, this is your game. A great comeback of KOF. Full Review »