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  1. CD-Action
    Aug 10, 2020
    Prepare for anger, fear, pain and disappointment. As clichéd as it may sound, Naughty Dog has reached a new, seemingly unreachable level of narrative design. The Last of Us Part II will hurt you in ways that no game has ever done before. This is a story you must experience. [08/2020, p.36]
  2. Jun 24, 2020
    The graphics and lighting make this one of the best looking games I have ever seen, especially on the current-generation of consoles.
  3. Jun 22, 2020
    Naughty Dog’s bravest, darkest masterpiece to date and one of the greatest games of this generation.
  4. Jun 21, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 shows us one thing, that the video games industry (unlike Cinema which is moving forward at a much slower pace) has a lot more unexplored potential. Part 2 raised the standards of video games so much, and in almost every respect, including gameplay, visuals, AI, and the [insane] amount of attention to detail, that you would wonder how this much progress on 7-year-old hardware is even possible, and the good news is that this is not the cap, and we can even have better titles in the very bright future of this industry. Just imagine what Naughty Dog (and other elite studios) can do with the next generation of hardware.
  5. Jun 18, 2020
    With an enthralling story, complex characters, interesting gameplay and gorgeous visuals and audio, The Last of Us Part II is probably one of the most polished videogame experiences out there and it’s pretty easy to give it a great score and call it a day. But honestly, thanks to the intense pace, mature subject matter and stressful situations, it may not be for everyone.
  6. 100
    With terrible violence and stunningly realised characters, The Last of Us Part II is a singular game that blends cutting edge technology and silky big-budget design with stellar cinematic and literary storytelling, with breathtaking results.
  7. Jun 13, 2020
    Naughty Dog has crafted another game bursting at the seams with passion. Coming at the close of another console cycle, the studio proves its ability to evolve and defy expectations. The Last of Us Part II is no simple sequel. It is a fully realized vision of the world players were introduced to in 2013. Evolved gameplay not only asks players to be more tactical, it taxes them emotionally. But it is also a loving send off of beloved, grounded characters. Whether grabbing a pallet in water or carrying around a ladder, subtle nods exist to the first game, showing the studio takes to criticism and can improve.
  8. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us: Part 2 has no competition among current single-player survivals in terms of playability, atmosphere, graphics, sound or storytelling skills. Naughty Dog has once again confirmed that it belongs at the absolute top of the game.
  9. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is an astonishing achievement — a searing demonstration of how a video game can marry heart-stopping gameplay, gorgeous environmental storytelling and anxiety-inducing moral complexity.
  10. Jun 12, 2020
    The greatest game of this console generation? Of that there is absolutely no doubt. It’s also, quite possibly, the greatest video game of all time.
  11. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is a true rollercoaster of strong feelings that are elicited from some bold story decisions. It goes without saying that it is a marvel to look, listen, and play as it is portraying the most beautifully realized and detailed urban post-apocalyptic world we have seen in a game to date. Although the story takes some turns that could be helped by some adjustments in their longevity, it nevertheless hits some truly high notes in their sentimental impact to the player.
  12. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us II is a master piece and one of the best games ever, period. It's all you need to know. God bless Naughty Dog and its employees. They're true artists in the way they were able to contain so many emotions within this single game, at the same time scorching the world to the ground.
  13. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is a gut punch in the best way...A tour de force that takes the best parts of the original and molds them into their finest forms. The story will leave you reeling, and there are several unexpected turns that will keep you invested throughout. The level of detail and quality in the world creation and story building are at the top of their class.
  14. Jun 12, 2020
    Amazing fights, a great eye for detail and one of the most important videogame stories ever told. The Last of Us Part 2 is the best PS4 exclusive and everything we ever wanted.
  15. Jun 12, 2020
    Even though The Last of Us Part II relishes in making players uncomfortable and reminding them characters can lose everything at a moment’s notice, those bleak traits are part of the game’s appeal even if the charm’s a morbid one. It’s a monumental effort in storytelling and a model for tales of vengeance and repercussions pushed forward by gratifying gameplay, and while not everything you do will sit right with you, the game never leads players to believe the result would be anything different.
  16. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is the perfect combination of an excellent Hollywood movie with a fat budget with fun and flowing gameplay. The phenomenal writing will touch every player and won't leave an eye dry of tears. Combat and exploration are challenging and lead the player to use creativity and improvisation. A real masterpiece and a must-have for every PS4 owner.
  17. Jun 12, 2020
    Considering it's one of the most anticipated games of 2020, I knew the game would be great before I actually started. What really surprised me is that it is even better than I could have thought. The Last Of Us: Part II is not only the greatest masterpiece Naughty Dog has ever made but also the best story-driven video game of all time.
  18. Jun 12, 2020
    It seems like there has never been so much thought put into a videogame as in The Last of Us: Part 2. Not only how it should surpass its illustrious predecessor, but also how you can utilize the gameplay and story as effectively as possible, to draw the maximum of emotions from your players. This game takes interactive storytelling to a new level and is simply a milestone in video game history.
  19. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is a monument to gaming and at the same time a productive miracle, which touches the same fate as its predecessor. That is, to close a generation by making it reach its peak, to immortalize it in a precious and painful memory: sharp as a blade, and priceless as a tear.
  20. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us - Part 2 is a poignant and devastating story about what remains of humanity. It is not just the best game of the year, but the most representative game of this generation.
  21. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is a third person action game, a survival horror, an immersive sim, a walking Simulator, and snippets of so many others, all at the same time. Without the immensity of an open world, it masterfully emulates the sense of freedom, and without the classic features of an RPG, it has allowed us to make the characters our own. Or rather, the other way around. It is an evolution for the genre in terms of technical aspects and an exercise in maturity in terms of how it deals with its themes. Despite some sloppiness, it holds the highest of standards and sets the mold for what should be the next generation of AAA games.
  22. Jun 12, 2020
    In the end, it really comes down to the experience of playing The Last of Us Part 2 – of jumping into these characters’ shoes and confronting a world that feels both foreign and oddly familiar. In that regard, the game is in a league all its own and there are simply too many adjectives to describe the range of emotions that the game will make players feel, and many of those emotions are not positive ones.
  23. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Part II is a very powerful and moving narrative that fully immerses you into the story of Ellie and the world around her. In terms of gameplay, it is a flawless experience on the PlayStation 4 and together, The Last of Us Part II is easily one of the best games in a long-time.
  24. Jun 12, 2020
    Last of Us Part II might even surpass the achievements of its predecessor. For while it inevitably lacks that first game’s shock of the new, it instead trades on the player’s familiarity with its characters and their backstories to take them somewhere equally unexpected. And while it may lose its focus a little in the penultimate reels, Last of Us II eventually lands an emotional punch that will be felt long after the credits roll.
  25. Jun 12, 2020
    This is an unlikely comparison, but now that I’ve had some time to absorb The Last of Us Part II, it reminds me thematically of Shadow of the Colossus, another game about how consuming grief and anger can be. I was similarly poleaxed by that game’s clever manipulation of the player’s power, the way it also used the language of video games to make you think twice about your actions. The Last of Us Part II is another story that could only work as a game, the kind of challenging, groundbreaking work that comes along two or three times a decade.
  26. Jun 12, 2020
    There's no easy way to sum up The Last of Us Part II. It carries all of the flaws of modern video games but also tries to be so much more than that. It's a beautiful game, graphically and in terms of storytelling, but those qualities are coupled with a ridiculous level of violence and gore. Violence and gore that are the point and potentially overshadow the point. It's not perfect, but it's still amazing. It's the most well crafted third-person game that Naughty Dog has made so far, as well as the longest, with impeccable writing, acting, and pacing. Much like the first game and the PS3, anyone with a PS4 should seek out The Last of Us Part II. It is every bit as good as the first game, and together, the two games make Naughty Dog's most exceptional video game experience to date.
  27. Jun 12, 2020
    Have we ever seen such a cutting sequel ? Seven years after the first episode, The Last of Us Part II is a true masterpiece, at every level : not only has Naughty Dog released a bigger, richer, longer and darker adventure, but its surprising story plays wickedly with the fans hopes, and question the very nature of roles, and what humanity should stand for. If only more AAA games could choose for such strong choices despite the consequences, the media would surely be more interesting. Released at the very end of the PlayStation 4 cycle, The Last of Us Part II feels like the definitive synthesis of this generation.
  28. Jun 12, 2020
    When the credits rolled on The Last of Us Part 2 I was still buzzing from the excitement of the final few hours. My loyalty shifted between characters. I grew to love who I hated and dislike who I loved. I laughed, I teared up. I felt anger and elation. It’s the new high water mark for video game characters and I can’t wait for everyone to see just how special it is. As soon as it ended, I booted up New Game Plus and I’m experiencing it again with my eyes open, the context of the finished story imprinting new meaning into those early scenes and characters. I’m not swiping in the dark anymore.
  29. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterpiece that evolves the gameplay, cinematic storytelling, and rich world design of the original in nearly every way.
  30. Jun 12, 2020
    It is a game that turned me inside out with each twist of the screw.
  31. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us 2 is a masterful swansong for the PlayStation 4, and arguably the finest, most accomplished project Naughty Dog has ever embarked on.
  32. Jun 12, 2020
    Naughty Dog has taken everything to the limit to create The Last of Us 2 – the PS4, its design template, and its staff. In some respects, it’s gone too far, but the results are undeniably spectacular, and this is the studio’s best game yet.
  33. 100
    Although players will find themselves on a blood-soaked adventure that sends its characters on a violent and controversial quest for revenge, The Last of Us Part II feels like the next logical step in this story. Technically and narratively, it's easily one of the best games available for the PlayStation 4 -- if not the entire generation. Gaming doesn't get much better than this.
  34. Jun 12, 2020
    As unbelievable as it can be, The Last of Us Part II improves on pretty much every aspect of the first game to make this sequel a true masterpiece.
  35. Jun 12, 2020
    Naughty Dog has not only succeeded in following up their 2013 masterpiece, but also refined all the different elements in the sequel. The story is more complicated and also more relatable. The characters feel more alive than in other games and the surroundings are among the most impressive we have seen in gaming. But most of all, we appreciate the message the game carries constantly in the background. A message that reminds itself long after the game's ending has rolled.
  36. 100
    It's an empathetic emotional journey that recontextualizes the idea of the hero at the center of the story through new perspectives and unique methods of storytelling that only video games are capable of. It's a multi-faceted experience with symmetry, details, and layers that players will be discussing for years. Polish and production values not only meet but exceed the level of Naughty Dog quality that players have come to expect. The Last of Us Part II is an era-defining game, a perfect companion to the first that harmonizes with, rather than smothers, that original pivotal ending, crafting an unforgettable and emotionally challenging narrative with these beloved characters.
  37. 100
    The Last of Us Part 2 is a frankly incredible achievement. Intertwining deep, richly written characters, cementing themes of consequence and loss all the while widening a world that was so well established in the first game, Naughty Dog have crafted one of the finest action adventures of all time and one that invariably stands as the most opulent jewel of an already glittering crown of first-party PlayStation 4 exclusives. A rip-roaring and emotional masterpiece that will be talked about for years to come, *this* is why more than 110 million people own a PlayStation 4.
  38. 100
    The Last of Us Part II manages the striking feat of imbuing video game violence with meaning. Its combat is thrilling and darkly addictive, but this is a story about how violence changes people and rarely solves anything. The consequences of killing are made abundantly clear over and over again until, by the end, we simply no longer wanted to fight. I wanted to put down the controller as though it was a gun for which I no longer had desire to use. That's a neat trick, Naughty Dog. And one hell of an encore.
  39. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us: Part II adds a couple more inches to the already outrageously high bar that Naughty Dog has set for itself. This is the developer’s crowning achievement to date, expanding and improving upon the concepts that it’s been iterating on for over a decade now. Unparalleled presentation combines with an engaging gameplay loop that puts you in the shoes of its characters – and forces you to feel all of the tension and misgivings of its cast. It’s uncomfortable and not everyone will necessarily enjoy its direction, but that’s ultimately what makes it so essential.
  40. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is a remorseless epic delivering in its masterful storytelling, nail-biting gameplay and unrivalled production values. Naughty Dog have truly surpassed themselves yet again, crafting a heartfelt sequel that will leave you gasping as they continue to raise the bar for the video game industry. It's yet another must-buy for PlayStation 4 owners, supercharging Sony's unstoppable stable of exclusives.
  41. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog’s magnum opus; the result of years spent mastering its craft. It has visuals that defy the generation, audio design that is simply sublime, and a story that is genuinely thought-provoking. It’s more than a game; it’s a work of art.
  42. Jun 12, 2020
    Naughty Dog's PS4 swansong is an astonishing, absurdly ambitious epic that goes far and beyond what we could have imagined for a sequel to an all-time classic.
  43. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is a stunningly beautiful and impeccably written story of family, consequences, horror, and loss. It pulls you in and holds tight, forging a deeper connection with Ellie, her fellow survivors, and the hostile world in which they live. From start to finish, this could be the best game on the PlayStation 4 -- ever.
  44. Jun 12, 2020
    A genuine work of art, The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog's best game, bravest story, and proof that games can put players through the emotional wringer. A compelling yet devastating masterpiece.
  45. Jun 12, 2020
    The entire package is wrapped together in a gorgeous presentation that serves as Naughty Dog’s PS4 swan song. The Last of Us Part II’s harrowing tale and exploration of violence may not leave everyone happy by the time the credits roll, but it’s another stunning home run for Naughty Dog.
  46. 100
    The Last of Us Part II is a truly worthy sequel to one of the greatest games ever made.
  47. Jun 12, 2020
    We wondered if The Last of Us 2 would manage to surpass the giant The Last of Us. It’s done, no problem! Powerful, visceral, this follow-up highlights the talents of Naughty Dog who tell a strong, deeply human story with real meaning. Beyond masterful gameplay and the sublime universe of the game, the player is pushed into his entrenchments, facing himself, with rage in the belly, tears in the eyes and head upside down. Simply a masterpiece!
  48. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 is uncomfortably real. It’s gritty, heavy, and polished to a mirror sheen. Even now, a week on from completing it, I’m feeling its weight. It’s far from what I anticipated, but crucially it did the work to get me invested. An astounding technical marvel, The Last of Us Part 2 deftly weaves diverse exploration and fun combat into the mix, resulting in a truly brilliant package.
  49. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is an exceptional experience from beginning to end, uniting its gameplay and narrative into a cohesive unit while also delivering some of the best writing and acting seen in a video game to date. It is undeniably one of the best games I’ve ever played.
  50. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II outshines the original in practically every way. The game takes level design, combat, stealth, AI and interactive narrative and uses each element to elevate the other. Unpredictable, intelligent and self-aware, this game seems to pride itself on digging into your head and staying there – allowing its themes and messages to grow and mutate long after the credits roll. Naughty Dog knows just when to take your tools off you, remove the safety blanket and provoke you. It weaves inconsistent pacing and tension together masterfully to leave you as scared and vulnerable as its protagonists. This is a game that’s going to be talked about for a long time to come, and with good reason. A masterpiece.
  51. 100
    I really loved the moment-to-moment movement of The Last of Us 2. I enjoyed plotting my way around, trying to minimise the amount of combat I needed to get into. I loved the rhythms and structure of the game, and as one of the final big shows for the PlayStation 4, it makes me wonder why we’re even bothering with a “next generation.”
  52. Jun 12, 2020
    Whether or not you consider The Last of Us Part II to be a worthwhile continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story, there’s no doubt that Naughty Dog has crafted a sequel that’s every bit as ambitious and well-considered as the original, with quite possibly the best stealth-action gameplay realized to date.
  53. Jun 12, 2020
    It’s useless to beat around the bush: The Last of Us Part II sets a new all-around quality standard for triple A videogames: balanced in all its elements, it's a game capable of amusing, disturbing and making people think. This is not a game suitable for everyone, for its genre and the topics covered, but it has the potential to easily reach and overcome the prequel in its role as a milestone in the evolution of this incredible, exceptional medium.
  54. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us 2 is a masterpiece that not only manages to stand toe to toe with the first entry, it even surpasses it. The story of TLOU2 introduces a narrative concept which is very different from what we are used to, and it keeps on surprising us again and again. Furthermore, its landscapes, gameplay and visuals will forever remain with the players as the highest expression of videogames ever achieved on the PlayStation 4.
  55. Jun 12, 2020
    After going through the valley of the shadow of death, The Last of Us Part II comes out as a wayfaring stranger from future days. It's a technical and narrative triumph that defies some of the most basic concepts of the video game. It's brutally beautiful and painfully violent, it's capable of the best and the worst. It's a masterpiece.
  56. Jul 2, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 is the finishing touch that both its history and the console itself deserve. A perfect game in all its aspects, with a story that captures you from the first moment and with unforgettable characters. Essential.
  57. Jun 13, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II takes everything that made the first game such a sea of change in the industry and amplifies it. We have seen Naughty Dog itself raise the bar and while this is easily their best PS4 game, I think the original game’s narrative ever so slightly tops the sequel even if the scope is larger with a more expansive cast. Part II plays better than the first, with more involved stealth and combat along with many quality of life improvements to make it a more enjoyable experience. In terms of all-time great games, it is right up there with the original and you can flip a coin on which is “better”. The original hooks you more right away, while the sequel is more of a slow burn that builds everything up just a bit more. The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog’s finest game yet.
  58. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 is a stunning achievement in every sense of the word. From the beautiful, detailed world to the nail biting moment to moment gameplay, there is nothing quite like it. With an emotional story to boot and some of the most beautiful environments ever created, Naughty Dog has created another masterpiece.
  59. Jun 12, 2020
    An exciting and masterfully-structured story that will make you experience all kinds of feelings. An epic and amazing adventure that everyone should experience. The Last of Us Part II is one of the best games of this generation hands down and obviously, a serious candidate to be Game of the Year.
  60. Jun 12, 2020
    My longest game session was twelve hours straight. I even dreamed of the game, woke up in the morning with the thought of wanting to plunge into this world again immediately. I was so captivated by The Last of Us Part 2. I have never experienced this in a video game in this intensity before.
  61. Jun 12, 2020
    Naughty Dog delivers their best game yet –an exceptional game in every aspect. It is an incredibly shocking, epic, terrifying action adventure with an unforgettable story.
  62. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last Of Us Part II is not a fun game per se. This is a real interactive drama like no other game in the past. A brave, bold, experience that sets a new standard in the medium.
  63. Jun 16, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is difficult to play, and not because it is a poorly constructed game. Rather, it is a challenge because Naughty Dog forces people to take such a long, hard look at the terrible things people are capable of doing to one another. We can see people who we should hate and despise in situations where we pity them and can be appalled by what a character we like goes through and does to others. It is a bookend to its predecessor. People will be talking about The Last of Us Part II for years to come. They’ll be analyzing the story, if it needed to go to the lengths that it does, and considering the effect its world-building, gameplay mechanics, and accessibility options will have for years to come.
  64. Jun 22, 2020
    If you are the type of person who is going to raise a stink over Ellie being gay or Lev being trans or the game suggesting that self-centered individualism is toxic, and you know who you are, just stay away. This game isn’t for you...But for everyone else, this is one of the greatest masterpieces that the PS4 has produced. I’ll admit, I came into this title with a skeptical eye, ready to knock it down a peg from all the praise other critics had been giving it, but even with that pre-existing bias, I can’t deny that this is an amazing game, and you should play it.
  65. Jun 22, 2020
    It’s stunning. It’s important. And it’s a deeply well-told story to the point where I genuinely cannot fathom why anyone who has fully beaten the game, not just heard the spoilers, not just watched a streamer snark their way through it or watched ripped YouTube cutscenes, doesn’t appreciate what it has achieved here.
  66. Jun 13, 2020
    Naughty Dog again proves that it can rise to expectations. With The Last of Us Part II, the studio maintains its prestigious status with a continuation that keeps intact the shades of the original, although it fails to completely overcome it. In parallel, it attempts to resolve a multi-faceted conflict that is impossible to cut, judge, or limit to spectrums as simple as "good" or "evil." Although character characterization is commendable, sometimes they feel without growth since they make the same mistakes over and over again. The outcome is grimly satisfying (in a sick and odd sense). The result is a visceral delivery supported by its combat, stealth, and world-building. Part II reaffirms how far the medium has come and the impressive craftsmanship behind its creation.
  67. Jun 12, 2020
    Everyone deserves the opportunity to go into this game cold. Stop reading reviews. Stop watching trailers. Play The Last of Us: Part 2.
  68. Jun 12, 2020
    Ultimately, I can't call this game perfect, but I can call it compelling. I can say it is an absolute joy to play. I can say it is a natural extension of the first one which was best in class, but takes the story into an entirely new direction, taking a very different path.
  69. Jun 12, 2020
    It has some of the best action scenes in recent years.
  70. Last of Us Part II has been a production that gushed from every corner and dragged the player to completely different feelings.
  71. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us – Part II delivers exactly what you've been expecting: adult storytelling and perfectly balanced gameplay. This game will give you shivers down your spine for nearly 30 hours and something to remember long after its end.
  72. Jun 12, 2020
    Constantly switching between the tenderness of the past and the brutality of this new quest for revenge, The Last of Us 2 brings more immersive gameplay to a game that is, from now on, a new example to follow concerning mature adventure/action mature games.
  73. Jun 12, 2020
    To put it simply, The Last of Us 2 succeeds in achieving excellence in everything it does. Its poignant story, with strong themes, is well-paced, the gameplay thoroughly reworked, allowing the rage of its heroine to express itself, all wrapped in the most elegant of bows. Far beyond the simple, unfounded sequel that some feared, TLOU2 marks the expansion of the universe linked to Ellie and Joel's first adventures thanks to a new, emotionally-charged and challenging quest. The latest Naughty Dog title undoubtedly ranks among the best titles on the PS4.
  74. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II presents an absolutely crucial and challenging narrative about love and hate. Characters have convincing motivations that leave you thinking about more than what’s in front of you. The places it takes you to are awe-inspiring to explore, with unrivaled attention to detail, and although the combat is somewhat forgiving, it remains thrilling throughout much of the harrowing journey. The Last of Us Part II leaves a deep, emotional impact, and this unforgettable continuation should not be missed.
  75. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is bleak and at times leaves the player feeling hopeless as they play through one of the finest crafted pieces of gaming ever to grace a home console. This is one game that people will be talking about for a long time.
  76. 95
    Though it’s destined to displease those who built Ellie and Joel up as infallible, as an observation of impermanence, tribalism and the terrible cycle of violence that exists at the centre of what’s left of the human experience in this world. The Last of Us Part II is a spectacular sequel, it’s a brave and unexpected direction for the series, expanding on the world both narratively and mechanically, producing a far sounder and rounded experience that never falters or gets in the way of the game’s clear storytelling strength.
  77. Jun 12, 2020
    Naughty Dog has given the PlayStation 4 a phenomenal swan song. The gameplay may be more of the same, but the amazing story and incredibly detailed world make up for that big time! The Last of Us Part II comes close to perfection. A must have, beyond doubt.
  78. Jun 12, 2020
    I said that the original game is the very best of what video games can be on the PlayStation 3. And this game, available on the PlayStation 4 on June 19, also represents the very best of what video games can be.
  79. Jun 12, 2020
    With The Last of Us: Part 2, Naughty Dog delivers yet another masterpiece by telling a story about revenge, anger, grief, and regrets, that you should experience at least once in a lifetime, no matter what.
  80. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 will look deep into your eyes - and you will be scared. Naughty Dog shows maturity, courage and sheer class. Absolutely brilliant!
  81. Sep 5, 2020
    Not everyone is going to enjoy the motives of The Last of Us Part II. But if you try and manage to accept the subliminal and not so subtle messages as a fact that the world has gone awry and that people have the need to have somewhere or someone to belong to as their own way out, then... You will witness the boundaries of gaming expand. You will witness a true masterpiece.
  82. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II marks a real turning point from a narrative perspective on videogames. The game is arguably better than the previous entry in a mechanical perspective; both its level design, the animations and combat system have been much improved. Ellie is the cornerstone of the story, and we can feel through her the real message that Naughty Dog is telling us during the adventure. Despite its simple puzzles and some overly-long sections, the title shines in every single aspect. TLOU2 is brilliant.
  83. Jun 12, 2020
    It’s not for the faint of heart, and takes the post-apocalyptic formula to new brutality heights, but you’ll have dreaded fun while plotting your course both through the game, and for revenge. After all, it’s a dish best served cold, and more often than not you’ll be shivering outside in the rain-drenched black of night, bruised, bloodied and battered. Staring at the last two rounds in your weapon, wishing you had a fuse for your near-completed molotov while hearing the echo-location clicks of the poor bastards swaying in the corner, the pandemic turned into living purple 1-Down mushrooms.
  84. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us: Part 2 is a brutal, bleak and relentless experience that gives players no chance to breathe or relax. At the same time it is a game like no other and deserves to be played, if not enjoyed, by everyone with a Sony system.
  85. Sep 13, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is the high point of the PlayStation 4. The plot is controversial, but the game is the incredibly addictive adventure of Ellie, from which it is impossible to pull away from the opening and to the very end.
  86. Jul 19, 2020
    The Last Of Us II is an improvement on the first in nearly every way while still keeping what made the first game special. Story and characters are well done as expected and the game plays and feels amazing. In keeping with the spirit of the first game, The Last of Us Part II has become one of the best games of this generation.
  87. Jul 6, 2020
    Part II is an unavoidable achievement in so many ways. The few things it doesn’t get right don’t bog it down as many seem to think. Collectively speaking, this game subverts expectations in ways that make it stand out head and shoulders above the rest. For that reason alone, you should feel confident that the money you drop on this game will be money well spent. The PlayStation 4 couldn’t have received a better swan song.
  88. Jun 27, 2020
    The game displays a thorough, haunted understanding of what cruelty for cruelty’s sake can do to the soul.
  89. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jun 26, 2020
    Mechanically, The Last Of Us Part II is a masterpiece that’s as joyous to play as they come, but it’s let down by its messy structure, leaving us pining for the journey of the first game. [Issue#177, p.135]
  90. Jun 24, 2020
    With Part II, Naughty Dog has outdone itself with some of the most meticulously crafted levels and environments that I have seen in a game.
  91. Jun 23, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 has a lot to say about us as people after we connected ourselves to these characters in the first entry. The journey is one that is not for squeamish, but it was one that deserved to be told. As the player, we must once again witness the reality of this harsh world and those who are brought up in it...The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterclass in environmental design, and that cannot be overlooked. The messiness of the second act doesn’t overshadow how significant this adventure is.
  92. Edge Magazine
    Jun 18, 2020
    You can't argue that Naughty Dog hasn't thrown everything at this, and though its tendency towards maximalism doesn't always work, the results are frequently astonishing. This is the kind of game you get when you have unlimited budget and manpower and no one to say when - even if you wish sometimes that someone had. As a big-budget action game, then, The Last of Us Part II is almost without peer. As a sequel to that story, it is deeply, daringly, fascinatingly flawed. [Issue#347, p.88]
  93. Jun 12, 2020
    Without leaving the same taste in you mouth as the masterpiece that is its first installment, The Last of Us - Part 2 is an excellent game that will make us reflect on the value of loss in a cruel and violent world so perfectly reflected that the player is not comfortable performing certain crude actions. Undoubtedly, Naughty Dog again puts the finishing touch on a PlayStation generation.
  94. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 is not for everyone. It is a dark and riveting experiment. A symphony of madness, revenge, and brutality. It is the song of humanity’s greatest darkness, and an absolute delight to partake in. The fine folks at Naughty Dog have outdone themselves this time around. The clever blend of cinematics and gameplay all come together perfectly to create an unforgettable experience that rivals some of the greatest classics in American cinema. All that’s left to do now is see it for yourself.
  95. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 is an outstanding action game; a darker, more introspective follow-up that seeks to challenge the conventions of big-budget action games. In this it's not always successful, but its execution is impeccable, and its story proves an appropriate bookend to the story of Joel and Ellie. In short, it's some of Naughty Dog's best work.
  96. Jun 12, 2020
    Where it succeeds isn’t in how close it scrapes to the level of prestige TV, or to films. Its coup is not, “Look how closely we can make games resemble highbrow art.” It’s more, “Look what previously fenced-off realms we can get interactivity into."
  97. Jun 12, 2020
    While the end credits rolled, I felt hollow, hopeless, frustrated, and downright disgusted. I'll never play through it again. With that being said; there's no denying that what The Last of Us Part II accomplishes with its visuals, mood, and gameplay is nothing short of amazing.
  98. Jun 12, 2020
    A milestone in action video game storytelling and while the gameplay is not nearly as inspired, the experience as a whole is one of the best of the generation.
  99. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is a perfectly paced emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish and a worthy sequel that lives up to the original.
  100. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II is just as good as the original. The writing is consistently great, making for a dark and deeply emotional story that paves the way for incredible character growth and tons of exciting stealth gameplay. Parts of the game could be more streamlined; looting tends to detract from the moment-to-moment drama; and the environments lack something in terms of variety, but almost everything else is really, really well made.
  101. Jul 13, 2020
    If you enjoyed the first TLOU, you'll definitely find something to love in The Last of Us Part II. The game greatly expands upon just about everything that made the first game popular. The second game didn't get to me emotionally like the first game did, but it definitely has some heavy moments and the shock value is rather extreme at some points.
  102. Jun 12, 2020
    Part II doesn't re-invent the wheel, but it gives us a lasting glimpse of a unique world that's worth visiting time and time again.
  103. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jul 22, 2020
    Brave, brutal, dark. The Last of Us 2 is not for everyone, a lot of things bother me about it, but it is still exceptional and worth playing. [Issue#304]
  104. Jul 20, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II's purposely bleak, pessimistic narrative spares no one, and offers a deeply engrossing tale of vengeance that grabs and never lets go. The production values, and overall attention to detail are insane, making one wonder what the developer will do when it gets its hands on the PlayStation 5. The gameplay and overall structure and pacing, while still not the thing that matters here, is thrice as good, making this a far more enjoyable experience, with a higher replay value from the original.
  105. Jun 29, 2020
    An emotional rollercoaster that doesn't always hit the mark with what it tries to pull off. It does, however, provide enough amazing highs to outweigh its unfortunate lows.
  106. Jun 21, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 just isn’t as good as the first game, but nevertheless warrants a playthrough for most fans of the series.
  107. 80
    That’s a disquieting echo throughout this game, for reasons that extend beyond this game, and, at times, that can make The Last of Us 2 emotionally challenging to play. But that’s not a reason to avoid this game; if anything it makes The Last of Us 2 that much deeper of a gaming experience. At times, you’ll wish you the game gave you options, permitted you to make choices for Ellie in critical moments. Or maybe that lack of choice is the cold, hard lesson of it all.
  108. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us 2 is going to be divisive. Naughty Dog has made brave narrative choices for its difficult second album, which we massively respect. We would just have liked to have seen the same applied to the gameplay. It's still solid and thrilling, and if you loved the first game, this is a must-play. It's not as groundbreaking, but equally as heartbreaking.
  109. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II offers more of the same great stealth gameplay, as you face overwhelming odds in increasingly challenging and haunting environments. But with an ambitiously structured narrative that doesn't pay off, and the new cast lacking chemistry, this adventure can't quite live up to its predecessor.
  110. Jun 12, 2020
    While Naughty Dog has valiantly tried to accomplish the seemingly impossible, it has fallen short and in doing so revealed the bag of tricks used to exploit our emotions so effectively back in the day. The result is a polished, enjoyable romp that plays superbly but gnaws at the back of your brain in all the wrong ways.
  111. Jun 12, 2020
    It's a hard game to stomach, in part because so much of who Ellie is and what she does is beyond your control. She is deeply complicated and flawed, and her selfishness hurts a lot of people. At times, the pain you inflict feels so senseless that it can leave you numb. It's all messy and bleak and made me profoundly sad for myriad reasons, but the more I reflect on it, the more I appreciate the story and characters at its core. I wanted almost none of it to happen the way it did, and that's what's both beautiful and devastating about it.
  112. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Sep 3, 2020
    If you loved the original for its great characters and well-paced story – stay away from this game. However, if you’re aching to sink into the depths of depression, or just want to cut some throats and burn some zombies – Part II will deliver. [Issue#247, p.72]
  113. Jun 23, 2020
    Last of Us 2 is a hard game to critique. On one hand it sets new bars for performance capture and visual fidelity. Naughty Dog is truly head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to these areas. The world is impeccably detailed and the game is a true showpiece for visual fidelity. On the other hand it is just not fun to play at times. Whether it is the uncomfortable nature of what is happening or the fact that the game play feels like an afterthought to everything else included in the package. Combine that with a story that is sure to disappoint fans of the series and we have a mixed bag of emotions. There is no doubting the quality of this game, but I am not sure I needed or even wanted this sequel upon completing it.
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  1. Jun 12, 2020
    Trying to extend the story of The Last of Us in a meaningful way was always going to be an uphill battle. What’s so frustrating about Part 2 is that the game seems to have all the pieces necessary to do just that. But those pieces end up getting lost as the game also tries to tell an entirely new story, one that tries to expand the Last of Us world into a generalized setting for an anthology of loosely connected stories. The end result never comes together in a satisfying way.
  2. Jun 12, 2020
    So as the credits roll on my second playthrough I consider going back for a third, because this wonderful story does feels so good to play. It’s a game that’s never held down by the weight of its predecessor’s importance. Its writing and its performances feel pitch-perfect throughout, driven by the fact no movie or book or soon-to-follow HBO TV show could properly replicate the story it tells. It’s a video game and it could only exist as such. Now, just be sure you see it through to its incredible end.
  3. Jun 12, 2020
    But it's not fair to appraise Last of Us Part 2 as some kind of futuristic hybrid. It is a game -- a thrilling, harrowing and thoughtful one. Prepare to be riveted, surprised and, yes, traumatized.
  4. Jun 12, 2020
    Can a slick, mainstream action game really reckon with the violence that drives it? The answer is yes - messily, but powerfully. [Eurogamer Essential]
  5. Jun 12, 2020
    The first game’s story was polarizing; this one’s will clearly be as well. So many people worked on this game for so long, and at such cost, that I want The Last Of Us II to be more than the experience I had. It’s a visually beautiful game that feels distinct to play, and the story it tells and how it tells it, at the most basic level, certainly pushes the edges of what games have done before. None of those accomplishments elevated or redeemed it for me. Like the nature consuming Seattle, or the outbreak consuming humanity, its ugliness overshadowed everything else.
  6. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part 2 depicts individual people who are instead ruthless, capable, yet self-absorbed, and whose perception of violence is limited to how it affects them and their chosen family members. They are almost unbelievably unable to see the bigger picture. Part 2 ends up feeling needlessly bleak, at a time when a nihilistic worldview has perhaps never been less attractive. Its characters are surviving, but they’re not learning, and they’re certainly not making anything better. Maybe the most surprising thing that The Last of Us Part 2 offered me was the surety that, while the game was made with great skill and craft, we are actually much, much better than Naughty Dog thinks we are.
  7. Jun 16, 2020
    This sequel has more false stops than Return Of The King, and by its operatic and downright biblical finale, it begins to flirt heavily with pure bombast, with a self-seriousness as overgrown as any Bloater. But it’s usually smart to bet on Naughty Dog sticking the landing, and Part II invests so heavily in these characters—new but especially old—that by the time the actual ending finally arrives, it’s gutting in a wholly different way than the original’s.
  8. Jun 25, 2020
    It's decent. It's a good little game...The violence is inherently fun... I don't think I've seen a bigger gap between promise and reality since I played Fable 3. [7.5 out of 10 "if I were doing review scores still..."]
  9. Jun 12, 2020
    Yet, I’m glad I pushed through — because those dark, disturbing moments are what make The Last of Us Part II so powerful. It’s not just a game about violence. It’s one that grapples with the impact of that violence and shows players the consequences.
  10. Jun 12, 2020
    While the violence of the first game served a compelling moral tale, the over-the-top bloodshed of Part II is all in service of a rather clichéd and tiresome lesson about the endless cycle of revenge. The banter that elevated the first game above mere dystopian fantasy is gone too, as Ellie often navigates this ultra-violent world on her own. It makes for a lonely, depressing experience at a moment when many of us are already feeling lonely and depressed...Still, it’s a rare AAA video game that will take any sort of risk — and Naughty Dog takes a lot of risks.
  11. Jun 12, 2020
    The Last of Us Part II feels complacent, yet also preoccupied with its predecessor. Every facet of the original game has been expanded and enlarged in the sequel, but not actually improved. It is as if its only inspiration is the original game, and the well of pop culture it was drawing from. There is practically nothing here we haven’t seen and done repeatedly throughout previous Naughty Dog games. It sets out to surpass its predecessor, but the only meaningful contrast between them is in its even more oppressive bleakness and violence. It digs two graves, fills them with blood, and then just fu.king wallows in them.
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  1. Jun 19, 2020
    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
    I waited 5 years to play this
    And they gave me a horrible intro and **** ending I
    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
    I waited 5 years to play this
    And they gave me a horrible intro and **** ending
    I just want to forget about this game.
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  2. Jun 19, 2020
    It breaks my heart to write this, but I really did not expect such a poor story after all these years of waiting. While there were a fewIt breaks my heart to write this, but I really did not expect such a poor story after all these years of waiting. While there were a few genuinely good moments, majority of game filled up with plot holes. It just took elements of what worked for the first game without understanding what made them compelling. It seems like this game was done by other studio, but its not!!. The basic gameplay has stayed the same (for better or worse), environment puzzles are almost gone. So remove story from the table and you are left with the shallow gameplay that will have you looking for some other game. Full Review »
  3. Jun 19, 2020
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Stunning game, excellent storytelling that builds upon the unforgiving apocalypse. Top notch gameplay for its genre. Another masterpiece by Naughty Dog Full Review »