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  • Summary: After years on the road facing threats both living and dead, a secluded school might finally be Clementine’s chance for a home. But protecting it will mean sacrifice. In this gripping, emotional final season, your choices will define your relationships and determine how Clementine’s story ends.
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The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 3 Official Trailer
Score distribution:
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  1. Apr 3, 2019
    Telltale’s The Walking Dead has a great conclusion, and I’m happy the team responsible for it was able to see this through to the end. It’s a shame that their original parent company marred the overall experience significantly, but their ability to bounce back under another publisher and deliver to this degree is exceptional. I’m both sad and happy that this is the conclusion of Clementine’s tale, but the character arc is so well delivered, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Mar 29, 2019
    Despite some flaws on the second and third episodes, The Walking Dead : The Finale Season is the ending season all fan could wish for, with many great narrative choices and a message of hope very welcomed in such a game.
  3. Mar 27, 2019
    It is when the gameplay and story are working together rather than competing for interest that the final season shines. In particular, the last episode marries the two components in a satisfying penultimate section of the episode in which the player alternates between the two central characters, AJ and Clementine, in a way that feels true to each character.
  4. Apr 8, 2019
    The concluding chapters of Clementine’s journey remains as emotional and stressful as ever, but rarely feels purposeful enough to be a worthwhile finale for longtime fans. The key improvements to the gameplay and presentation sets them at an all-time high for the series, and the path AJ takes as a result of Clementine’s choices is truly impactful, but they are hindered by a lackluster cast and a meandering story that pales in comparison to previous seasons. While the real-life series of events that needed to occur for Clementine’s story to see its finale are certainly worth appreciating, it is unfortunate to see such a lengthy adventure end on such an uninspired note.
  5. Apr 24, 2019
    With the Final Season we got the end of Clem's story that we deserved. The narrative is reaching it's peak and leaves the players with a lot of emotions, after so many years. Skybound does a good job finishing Telltale's work and allows us to say the last goodbye to Clementine and AJ.
  6. Mar 25, 2019
    The Walking Dead’s and Telltale’s goodbye succeeds by closely examining the mother/son dynamic between Clementine and A.J.
  7. Mar 27, 2019
    Seeing Clementine’s story end is bittersweet. For anyone who has cared about her fate, it’s worth seeing if she can survive the terrible odds or if she’s doomed to travel the same path as Lee, but just know that you are likely to come away with mixed feelings.
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  3. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. Sep 5, 2018
    Well the game looks impressive with graphics and its good game to try it out and keep the good work, but I am sad about its the last seasonWell the game looks impressive with graphics and its good game to try it out and keep the good work, but I am sad about its the last season game rating in my opinion 10/10 Expand
  2. Apr 8, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Although the Final Season isn't as good as the first season, it still manages to be one of the most emotionally impactful games to date. The Final Season will have you shocked, smiling, and your heart racing in action sequences because you don't want Clem to die. Whenever someone puts their hands on AJ, I would say, "Don't you **** touch him!" I've never said that in any other game except season one of The Walking Dead.


    Done Running is an amazing start, probably the best start to a new season of The Walking Dead. It puts you right into the action and gives you an insight of what to expect throughout the season. Your heart is racing throughout the opening scene, and you're hammering that Q button to no end. Done Running manages to get you connected to the characters in such a short amount of time, too, especially Violet and Louis. The player might not like Violet when he/she first meets her, but he/she will love her by the end, based on your choices. Louis is kind of like the comedic relief throughout this episode, he always has something funny to say, which just makes the player immediately like him, well, it did to me at least. AJ, being born into the apocalypse, is shaped by your decisions, which is something that Telltale has never done before, making your decisions actually matter in the end. By the end of the episode, you're left with either your hand covering your mouth, wide-eyed or your mouth is just hanging open, wide-eyed. Done Running is an amazing start to the season and the best starting episode Telltale has done.


    Suffer the Children is an amazing episode, but the weakest in the series, in my opinion. I'm not saying this episode is bad, this episode is amazing. Suffer the Children takes away most of the action (until the end) and instead gives you emotional conversations with the characters, such as James, Louis, Violet, and even AJ. The player gets to connect with the characters even more, even choosing either to romance Louis or Violet. James is introduced in this episode, too. James, in my opinion, is one of the best characters throughout the whole series, he's mysterious, and even though he might seem weird, he's a great character once you talk to him more throughout the season. He's not one-dimensional like a lot of Telltale characters in the past, and he's not just some liability, and he's not annoying. AJ, in this episode, steals the show, being the best character outside of Clem. AJ is left regretting his actions, based on your decisions, on killing Marlon. Clem and AJ have very deep conversations throughout the episode, making you nervous for his well-being at one point. AJ is amazing in this episode. Louis finally shows his other side in this episode, making him not one-dimensional either. After AJ shot Marlon, he kind of turns into an **** but throughout the episode, you see him regret what he's saying to you and turns around in the end. The ending... oh man, that was heart-racing. Suffer the Children is mainly a character-development episode and it is truly something amazing, but, in my opinion, the first episode was better.


    I am speechless about this episode. This episode is perfect. This episode has the perfect boundary between character development and non-stop, heart-racing action sequences. Broken Toys might be the best episode Telltale has done, and allow me to tell you why. The characters (Louis, Violet, Minerva, and even Lilly) once again, show their other sides for a brief amount of time, AJ is something the player is worried about, especially after the end, James is now a badass, it's just awesome. This episode is non-stop heart-racing, probably because it's the penultimate episode for Clem's journey and the player is worried that she's going to get bit as Lee did in his penultimate episode. By the end, the player is going to worried and scared of what's to come next, it's amazing.

    I wish I had more things to say about Broken Toys, it was just so amazing that it left me speechless. Anyway, I forgot to mention that Telltale has a completely new free-camera and combat system, which is a much better improvement than the hovering camera and quick-time-event-combat-system.

    I'm gonna give this game a 9/10 right now, but it might change based on how I feel about the final episode which is coming out in just two days. Let's hope Clem doesn't die!

  3. Jul 2, 2019
    Me encantó sinceramente no quería que fuera un final tan bueno Después de la tercera temporada no me esperaba un final tan bueno Y por ciertoMe encantó sinceramente no quería que fuera un final tan bueno Después de la tercera temporada no me esperaba un final tan bueno Y por cierto motivo no pude jugarlo hasta ahora y agradezco que no me spoilearon nada, bueno a decirle adiós a esta saga con tristeza porque sé que el estudio ya cerró y posiblemente no vuelvan nunca pero con un poco de Esperanza sinceramente me encantó este esta saga de juegos sólo puedo decir GRACIAS TELLTALE Expand
  4. Mar 29, 2019
    #DashReviews #SkyboundGames #StillNotBitten

    The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the conclusion to the hit choose your own adventure game
    #DashReviews #SkyboundGames #StillNotBitten

    The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the conclusion to the hit choose your own adventure game series that started back in 2012. During development, the studio responsible for making this series, Telltale Games, went out of business and the owners of The Walking Dead IP, Skybound, task themselves with finishing the project. Is this game as good as the GOTY winning original or is it just as bad as its previous installment?

    In this final installment, Clementine is the lead just like in Season 2. Her main goal is to keep the orphaned child A.J. save while also teaching him how to survive. After these two encounters a horde of walkers, they are saved by children that are the sole survivor of a boarding school. Most of this seasons plot centers around this school and how Clem and A.J. adapt with living in a place fully run by kids. There are more interesting dynamics between characters in this season due to Clem mostly talking to kids her own age. Newcomers like Louis and Violet have great chemistry with the rest of the cast. With that being said, there are a few kids within the school that get little to no screen time. The new roster is so big that it feels like the writers forgot that some of these kids even existed. The story is engaging for most of the games run time. There are a few parts where the pacing would grind to a halt but nothing that really killed the overall narrative. The story really shines within its last few hours as its finale is bloody, intense and a perfect send-off to the series. The story has a few hiccups but this game narrative is near the level of the original.

    Before Telltale Games found out that this was their last game, they were trying to find a way to make their tired formula of gameplay new and fresh. They almost pulled it off but the limiting tools from the Telltale Engine still held this game back from its full potential. Choices are meaningfully in how the story plays out with most of them being hard to pick and made me really nervous about the outcomes. Choosing what dialog you want your character to say is completely unchanged from the other TTG projects but there is less focus on them to make way for more actual gameplay opportunities. Whether you’re in combat or exploring, you are given an over the shoulder view of the character and free range of the camera controls. It’s a very similar style that a third person shooter would have. This new style is a great addition for exploring especially since areas are more open and now have collectibles scattered throughout. I get what they were trying to do with the combat but their outdated engine makes it a bit wonky. Aiming is not precious during shooting segments and there is a very noticeable amount of lag in-between shots. The gameplay is passable but I feel like Telltale Games would not have had most of these problems if they would have just updated their engine sooner.

    All of the technical issues are due to the outdated engine. Long load screens can break the pacing of the story. Lag happens in intense scenes and during combat. One thing that surprised me though was the graphics and the presentation of the game. Even with TTG’s limitations, this game looks great. It truly feels like a comic book brought to life. A mostly great soundtrack with a few forgettable songs here and there. There is a lot of impressive shot throughout the game that makes it feel like a big blockbuster despite its technical shortcomings.

    The Walking Dead: The Final Season is a great send off to the franchise and to Telltale Games. If this game came out sooner and TTG embraced change to its engine, I have no doubt in my mind that this game would have helped keep the choose your own adventure games genre alive. Despite its shortcoming, this is a story you will not want to miss especially if you played the first two season in the series.

    +An amazing final narrative
    +Best exploration in the series
    +Graphics and Presentation
    +Hard choices throughout
    +Most of the new cast is great

    -Little to no character development for some
    -Telltale Engine performance
  5. Aug 16, 2018
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am happy this series finally ends. Also very glad that we are not playing some random family. Telltale stuck their style unfortunately. Yes It is unique and beautiful. But they pushed it so hard.
    Anyways, I liked they put new revisions like free camera, more fighting(not diverse moves though.), love interests... etc.
    Story is good, as always(even new frontier.) the new place gives me "lord of the flies" vibes. I liked characters, i mean well written and not one dimensional. Although, it was so predictable to Violet being our lesbian love interest option. I don't know maybe my gay-dar just worked. When she was saying thing like "I hate baseball", I said instantly, "Girl, i bet you like softball."
    I was flirting with other love interest Louis aka Jaden Smith, I liked his optimist and a bit jerk character.
    And finally let's talk about AJ...First of all he was also well written. When in the first season Clem was optimistic, child spirited and emotional. But AJ just born in this apocalyptic world. Raised by a teen, he doesn't know what is ethical or unethical at all. But, the ending was quite shock.
    So this game is worth to play. For the story of Clementine, what will happen to her in the end, i just want to see it. For that reason every fan of TWD: Game series, should play it. Not even hesitate.(AJ please don't get this "hesitate" thing wrong and don't shoot me ok.)
  6. May 1, 2019
    El último episodio que estuvo a punto de no ver la luz. Se nota en el producto final, en los dos últimos capitulos con la falta de opcionesEl último episodio que estuvo a punto de no ver la luz. Se nota en el producto final, en los dos últimos capitulos con la falta de opciones pero al menos permiten dar un final digno a esta gran historia.

    Casi a la altura de la primera temporada en narrativa, introduce nuevos personajes y vínculos muy fuertes, desarrolla las relaciones con personajes anteriores y ofrece opciones que se sienten verdaderamente relevantes. Los controles están perfectamente integrados y se introducen coleccionables para premiar a los usuarios más atentos.

    En conclusión, un final a la altura de lo que se merecía la historia que deja recuerdos memorables.

    Arte 8, Jugabilidad 8, Historia 8
  7. Aug 18, 2018
    Unfortunately this game is getting much worse than before, compared to Season 1. While they updated the graphics style and gameplay, theUnfortunately this game is getting much worse than before, compared to Season 1. While they updated the graphics style and gameplay, the actual content is getting more disgusting and vile. They are trying to copy other perverse games sich as Life is Strange and TLOU in terms of edgy and deviant behavior of the characters which is a big mistake. Expand

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