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  1. Nov 8, 2016
    It might not be considered a breakthrough a couple of years down the line, but today Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is THE experience everyone should witness and a perfect example of what VR can and should do.
  2. Oct 18, 2016
    I’m somewhat embarrassed to confess that I jumped, whimpered, swore and cringed in fear when playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a game which takes you on a dark ride in shaky, roller-coaster fashion a la the Coney Island Cyclone.
  3. Oct 13, 2016
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a ride Jigsaw himself would have built. A torturous ride through hell, filled with decomposing pigs, creepy dolls, and enemies with any number of limbs imaginable. This is an easy recommendation for horror fans, even more so for those who truly enjoyed Until Dawn.
  4. Oct 11, 2016
    Until Dawn Rush of Blood perfectly shows what the PlayStation VR is capable of. It brings you on an extremely terrifying and interesting ride, where there is only one thing you want to do and that is to survive.
  5. Oct 7, 2016
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood may be a brief and silly spin-off, something far removed from 2015’s fantastic adventure game, but it’s the most fun I’ve had with a virtual reality game to date, and it’s just a brilliantly entertaining pop horror experience with enjoyable shooty-bang-bang combat.
  6. Oct 28, 2016
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a fine example of how to infuse horror into the unlikeliest of genres, although replayability might be somewhat lacking.
  7. Games Master UK
    Dec 4, 2016
    With more fear than most games in its menu sequence alone, this is a masterclass in frights. [Dec 2016, p.81]
  8. Nov 29, 2016
    Rush of Blood employs an overbearing use of rote horror imagery, but its immediacy in VR makes it an effective horror game. Brevity aside, Rush of Blood is a PlayStation VR game that you want to own, because it’s one of the best games to demo the PlayStation VR with.
  9. Nov 15, 2016
    Until Dawn Rush of Blood is one of the PlayStation VR highlights and successfully takes the tried and tested rail shooter and transforms it into an over the top game that almost makes it like you are there. Add in lots of collectibles to be found and some different paths the replay value is quite decent. Great graphics and controls, Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a must have VR game for your PlayStation VR!
  10. Oct 26, 2016
    While repeat visits become somewhat predictable, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood offers up some genuine scares by tapping into some of our most twisted fears. While the game doesn’t take long to complete, watching your friends play it never stops being fun.
  11. Oct 25, 2016
    It's kind of predictable, especially in the jump scare department, but don't let that fool you. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a highly enjoyable on-rails shooter with creepy enviroments, convincing visuals and expert sound design.
  12. Oct 21, 2016
    Rush of Blood is probably one of the best PlayStation VR games at launch: it's a perfect way to show what the Sony peripheral can do, especially if you have a pair of Move at your disposal.
  13. 80
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood represents cheap thrills for people prepared to let go and buy into the scares. If you can do that, this is one of the best games out there for PSVR. A short and linear light gun game but spectacular, scary and oh so satisfying.
  14. Oct 15, 2016
    It’s got to be said that an immersive ‘light gun’ experience is perhaps the perfect use of VR, and Rush of Blood is a brilliant showcase of how well the technology works.
  15. Oct 13, 2016
    Like most other VR games, Rush of Blood is let down by the somewhat flaky tracking of your choice of controller, but it's still a gem (and another great one to inflict on others while you kick back and laugh).
  16. Oct 12, 2016
    Amongst the titles PlayStation VR has to offer, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is one of those you should put your money on, by far. The game is nothing really new, but it manages to amplify the survival concept.
  17. Oct 7, 2016
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is one of the best PlayStation VR launch games. It offers simple but efficient gameplay, a strong atmosphere... and can be really terrifying at times.
  18. Oct 5, 2016
    If Supermassive could have laid off the stupid boss mechanics, this would have been a perfect VR horror game. It skilfully walks the line of tense, psychological horror and creepy, boo-scares for an experience that you won't forget for a while - in fact, we've dreamt about it. Damn those spiders.
  19. 80
    The entire experience is a classic, arcade-style, on-rails light gun shooter. And like the old coin-op games of the past, there is a ton of fun to be had with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. It is lacking, however, in replay value unless you’re the type to challenge your own scores or are dying to see that “true ending.”
  20. Oct 5, 2016
    Horrifically brilliant, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is simultaneously what you want and don’t want VR horror to be. A blood-drenched fairground ride of cackling delight. Step right up.
  21. Oct 14, 2016
    Supermassives takes the rail-shooter quite literally. But they succeed. While it is visually not as impressive as the game that spawned this light shooter, it still manages to induce panic and delivers its fair share of jumpscares.
  22. Nov 2, 2016
    Rush of Blood is very short and repetitive but at the same time is a perfect demo to show us the 3D audio capacities of PS VR and the potential of horror experiences on this device.
  23. Oct 21, 2016
    Rush of Blood succeeds in delivering an experience that's both fun and spooky, although jump-scares are often far too obvious.
  24. Oct 17, 2016
    Worth the price, worth the time, and worth the last level.
  25. Oct 12, 2016
    The atmosphere presented by Supermassive is absolutely effective in getting you on edge; jumpy, uncertain of what’s to come next.
  26. 75
    A solid introduction to VR scares, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a surreal and creepy experience that keeps you on the edge of the seat, though more could have been done to take horror games to the next level.
  27. Oct 5, 2016
    It sounds like a cash-in of the highest caliber, but the folks over at Supermassive managed to balance their IP and show restraint in a way that very few developers are capable of.
  28. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Nov 27, 2016
    Until Dawn doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, but the sense of immersion is real, as are the heart palpitations. [Christmas 2016, p75]
  29. Oct 21, 2016
    It is a decent and ideal “entry point” to the world of Virtual Reality especially if you are looking for a game with a few good scares and lots of action.
  30. Oct 18, 2016
    The on-rails shooter genre is rarely all that frightening, yet somehow Supermassive Games put together a ride which is fun, scary, silly, and an enjoyable romp on PSVR.
  31. Oct 5, 2016
    A genuinely scary on-rails rollercoaster shooter, Rush of Blood takes Until Dawn in a new direction without losing any of the horror.
  32. Oct 5, 2016
    It's not a long game, but there are different routes to explore, and multiple difficulty settings with online leaderboards to entice you back. As with the main game, though, it's the jump scares that are the real stars here – and they help this likeable launch title live up to its name.
  33. Oct 5, 2016
    Rush of Blood is straightforward in its execution. It’s a simple action game that feels like an evolution of the light-gun shooter, but in this early age of virtual reality, it’s the right call. Pointing and shooting at scary things on a fun-house roller-coaster might not seem like the right direction for Until Dawn’s character-focused storytelling, but for PlayStation VR, it’s one of the best ways to get your feet wet, even if it doesn’t do anything bold or particularly innovative in the world of game design.
  34. Oct 5, 2016
    A good on-rails virtual reality shooter. At times the scares can feel cheap, and the fact that it uses the same scare over and over again means you’ll either get bored or annoyed by it.
  35. Oct 5, 2016
    Rush of Blood isn’t particularly scary, unless you’re deathly afraid of some of the many different creatures and monsters that come your way, but it still makes for an entertaining few hours. Were it not on VR, this might easily be discarded and overlooked, but that simple fact makes it stand out.
  36. Oct 17, 2016
    Rush of Blood is a simple on-rail shooter. It is an interesting introduction to virtual reality, but nothing more. The (few) hours spent with it, however, are sufficiently scary and entertaining.
  37. Oct 6, 2016
    Like many other PSVR launch titles, it feels like an expanded demo, but it's fun and considering its price, not a bad option. One of those games you want to show to your friends.
  38. Oct 13, 2016
    In this experiences theme park which is PlayStation VR there are better shows than this horror train mixed with shooting that is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. If you keep up with its own low expectations and its average duration, it can be enjoyable yet scary, even more if you pay it with two PS Move controllers.
  39. Oct 13, 2016
    Rush of Blood is a roller coaster ride through the unsettling world of Until Dawn. Always engaging, sometimes disturbing, rarely scary, it's a competent on-rail-shooter enhanced by the virtual reality.
  40. Oct 13, 2016
    A decent shooter on rails and a good enough spin off of the PS4 terror classic adventure Until Dawn. A bit repetitive and short, though.
  41. Oct 7, 2016
    It's a logical way to focus a VR experience, but the game can't help feeling as a "second class" in the technical department as well as in its gameplay.
  42. Jul 29, 2017
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood starts out swell, slowly teaching you the gameplay mechanics while staying within the creepy haunted house ride theme. But as the game progresses the flaws really begin to show. Between the lack of interesting enemies and the basic shooting gameplay it’s just not that entertaining and falls flat. I found that fighting my way through seven levels was more of a chore than a fun gaming experience. For $20 there are better games out there. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is game you can probably live without playing. [Tested with PlayStation VR]
  43. CD-Action
    Jan 12, 2017
    Rush of Blood has too many moments when you expect a jump scare, hunting for points and goodies is not as enjoyable as it should be and its bosses are boring. [13/2016, p.78]
  44. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 21, 2016
    Sadly, it won't leave much of a lasting impression. [Dec 2016, p.85]
  45. Nov 19, 2016
    Daft, short-lived fun. [Issue#180, p.46]
  46. Oct 31, 2016
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a good rail shooter, with interesting environments and plenty of scares. Just like its predecessor however, the horror relies too heavy on jump scares, making the experience feel predictable and somewhat cheap over all.
  47. Oct 20, 2016
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood features a haunting atmosphere and plenty of scares, but the experience is hampered by a constant need to calibrate the hardware.
  48. Oct 6, 2016
    Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a fun experience, but gets old too fast even while lasting only for two hours.
  49. Oct 5, 2016
    Even as a mere horror-flavored rail shooter lacking in any serious scares, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood isn’t terrible. Responsive, arcade-style shooting, the frequency of collectibles, optional side passages that add some sense of exploration to the linear rollercoaster, and an end-of-level letter grade system offer plenty of casual replayability. Coupled with its smooth, motion-based controls, and barring some of its weaker stages, Rush of Blood actually makes for a decently fun ride.
  50. Oct 11, 2016
    A rather staid lightgun game, with unexciting action and a lack of genuine horror. But the tech works well and the future potential is obvious.
  51. Oct 5, 2016
    Rush of Blood can be completed in roughly an hour and a half, and though you can unlock a few alternate paths in a couple of levels, they generally lead to more of the same--just in a different arrangement. Rush of Blood has a disturbing flavor overall, but that alone can't save what amounts to a largely predictable experience filled with straightforward action, dumb enemies, and predictable frights.
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  1. Oct 15, 2016
    I bought this with the Playstation VR when it came out on Thursday. I can't say enough how freaking cool this game is. I love it, my wifeI bought this with the Playstation VR when it came out on Thursday. I can't say enough how freaking cool this game is. I love it, my wife loves it, my son loves it (but won't play unless someone is in the room with him since he gets scared). I have let a couple neighbors try it...It's just awesome...I don't know what else to day honestly. It is not a long game by any means, but for 20 bucks, it is WELL worth the price of admission. I just finished the campaign and am ready to go back through again, but have been told by my son that it's his turn to play some more....anyway, if you get the VR, make sure to pick this one up as well. Full Review »
  2. Oct 16, 2016
    So I read some reviews that had me believe this wasn't all that good. Well there wrong! This game is bloody scary, addictive and made my ballsSo I read some reviews that had me believe this wasn't all that good. Well there wrong! This game is bloody scary, addictive and made my balls hurt were i was jumping so much. The graphics are a little jaggy in distances but once your on the ghost train hurtling through caverns like your on a rollercoaster with a pair of double barrel shotguns in YOUR hands, this game delivers massively. Great sound, sense of presence in the until dawn world combined with great guns mechanics makes this 1 of my favourite VR experiences Full Review »
  3. Oct 16, 2016
    For the price tag, this is probably my favorite ps vr launch title. You're going through an abandoned amusement park shooting targets andFor the price tag, this is probably my favorite ps vr launch title. You're going through an abandoned amusement park shooting targets and other creepy targets. I got some motion sickness during the fast movement of the roller coaster, but not overwhelming and didn't last long. My only knock on this title is that reloading so many times an start to hurt your wrists. Full Review »