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  • Summary: A mysterious figure known only as the Wanderer travels across the distant planet of Zircon V, a once prosperous mining colony that is now on the brink of destruction in the face of its dying star.
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  1. Mar 27, 2018
    Way of the Passive Fist is a game that continually left me wanting more and I highly recommend it.
  2. Mar 6, 2018
    Way of the Passive Fist is a fun diversion for an afternoon, with the Story Mode coming in at about four hours, but there isn't much reason to keep wandering beyond that.
  3. Mar 6, 2018
    The rhythm-based combat and malleable difficulty set Way of the Passive Fist apart from most brawlers in an interesting way. But while it starts strong, the combat doesn’t carry it over a host of issues. Without other ways to keep players busy it isn’t worth going back to after the first unsatisfying playthrough. Way of the Passive Fist offers an interesting alternative to the mash-happy games of the genre’s past, but after the novelty wears off, it fails to connect.
  4. 60
    Knowing parody of classic side scrolling brawlers. The joke wears a little thin after a while unfortunately. Something of a stiff challenge that might deter all but the most masochistic gamers.
  5. Mar 12, 2018
    Way of the Passive Fist starts out strong with an interesting concept, but that interest soon wears off thanks to poor execution. Once you've played the first chapter you've pretty much played all 10 as there is never any variation on offer. Combine this with the fundamental flaws of basing the gameplay purely around blocking and dodging and you have a recipe for a promising and unique but ultimately disappointing game.
  6. Mar 23, 2018
    Fundamentally, the palette of action choices felt too limited, and the stately procession of single challengers makes each melee seem slow and boring. The premise feels compromised by the use of defense solely as a way to build up to violent attacks, rather than a way of dealing with bosses on its own. There’s an interesting idea or two in here, but they’re not developed into a complete, coherent experience.
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  1. Mar 11, 2018
    On an aesthetic level, perhaps the most important level for beat-’em-ups, the sprite work is big and colorful but nowhere near as characterful or stylish as the games Passive Fist aims to emulate. The soundtrack fares better, though, powerfully evoking the 16-bit butt rock of the game’s early ’90s inspirations.
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  1. Aug 22, 2018
    Great game. Love the voice acting! Full disclosure, I am a die hard fan of the genre. WotPF doesn't reinvent the wheel, but if certainly givesGreat game. Love the voice acting! Full disclosure, I am a die hard fan of the genre. WotPF doesn't reinvent the wheel, but if certainly gives an interesting take. You can bang through the story mode in about 4-5 hours, with an interesting range of enemies and bosses, each with a distinct style. Great artwork, voice acting, and an energetic soundtrack that DRIPS with nostalgia makes this game a hidden gem of your PS4 or Steam library. I would highly recommend it Expand