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  1. 100
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a perfect example of a remaster done right, as the game brings Zack's story to a new generation of consoles in a way that both preserves the original's experience and improves upon it in every way, thanks to the addition of a few new mechanics and features, as well it's stunning overall presentation.
  2. Dec 13, 2022
    I’ll never forget my first playthrough of Crisis Core back in 2007 and I’ll also never forget my Reunion with it in 2022. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a triumphant example from both Square Enix and Tose of how an excellent remaster should look. If you can look past some outdated game design choices and see this as a faithful recreation instead, then you can truly appreciate what this game has to offer. This is a must-play for any fan of the Final Fantasy VII universe.
  3. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a brilliant example of what a Remaster should be. It's the same game I remember, but the updated graphics, controls, and combat make it so much more. You might feel fatigued with the respective mission structure, but there's so much for new and old fans to enjoy in this release, and I'm happy that it received the level of attention it deserves. This is a must-play game for any who truly wishes to understand the incredible narrative of Final Fantasy VII and what makes it so great.
  4. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a masterclass in how to do a remaster, vastly improving every little aspect of the original game without changing its essence. If the original was already one of the best games on the PSP, this remaster can easily be considered one of the best JRPGs on PS4 and PS5, offering a story, gameplay, visuals and soundtrack worthy of the best games of the genre of all time.
  5. Dec 6, 2022
    An excellent game in its own right, and one of the PSP’s best, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII’s remaster stands shoulder to shoulder still with some of the best and most enjoyable JRPGs of the modern day. There are certainly some aspects that have aged poorly in relation to other aspects, but the core pillars of the experience sing as loudly and as strongly as they ever have. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was already one of the great JRPGs, and a major player in advancing the genre, but now, 15 years on, it’s still right up there with the very best. With Final Fantasy VII hype greater than perhaps it has ever been, now is absolutely the time to check out this all-important prequel chapter.
  6. Dec 7, 2022
    Square Enix revives one of the most beloved PSP games in a formidable way. The appearance of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion could not be better, especially on the current consoles. The game mechanics should have received a significant adjustment to make the experience much more modern. Zack Fair's story is worth re-enjoying, especially if you've finished Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  7. 90
    I can see now why Crisis Core is considered one of the best PSP titles and one of the finest Final Fantasy games ever made. It has been “blown up” and remastered for the PlayStation 5 to the point that it looks and feels like a native title, and has a rich and emotionally impactful narrative that, being entirely honest here, was well beyond what I was expecting. This is another feather in the cap for Square Enix, which has had one of its finest years ever.
  8. Dec 6, 2022
    If you've ever played a Final Fantasy VII title, this is an essential experience.
  9. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an absolutely key and necessary piece to be able to fully absorb the essence of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Although this game does not have the same depth as the official remake of the first part in terms of changes made, Square Enix has done a phenomenal job to make the figure of Zack Fair enjoy and adapt like a charm in the middle of 2022.
  10. Dec 6, 2022
    I had some mixed feelings by the time I rolled credits on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. When I played FF7 Remake, I felt like I had played something noticeably grander than its source material. I didn't get that same sensation out of Crisis Core. Instead, I felt like I was playing an updated version of the PSP original. After thinking it over, I ultimately determined that the PSP original was pretty good and given the visual upgrades and the quality-of-life changes, I felt generally satisfied by Reunion. As a whole and in a vacuum, I heartily give this game a thumbs up. To Final Fantasy 7 fans, specifically, I have to say that Reunion is an absolute must play, especially given that nobody knows where this is all heading.
  11. Dec 6, 2022
    Ultimately, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion doesn’t do anything too crazy beyond massively upgrading the visuals and expanding the audio. And frankly, that’s good enough. The original PSP game was excellent with its strong central character and carefully crafted combat, and the addition of a right thumbstick on modern controllers to control the camera is a huge upgrade all by itself. By just taking this foundation and freshening up the graphics and sound, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is both one of the most successful video game prequels and one of the best action RPGs in general.
  12. 90
    Not quite a remake, but well beyond what's expected of a remaster, Crisis Core Reunion is exactly the kind of reverent and carefully-considered re-release that fans of the original deserve. Not everything from the 2008 iteration holds up equally, but the updates are plentiful enough that it hardly matters. Whether you managed to catch it on the PSP or you're diving in for the first time – this is without a doubt the definitive way to experience the excellent prequel to Final Fantasy VII.
  13. Dec 6, 2022
    Square Enix and Tose have done a phenomenal job bringing Zack’s origin story to life again after being buried away for so long. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is everything fans want and expect it to be, with rehauled graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, a new arranged soundtrack, and fully voiced dialogue. If you somehow missed your chance to play this back on the PlayStation Portable back in 2007, then this is the definitive way to experience one of the best prequel stories. It feels like a nostalgic dream to be able to step into the shoes of Zack Fair once again, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
  14. 88
    Crisis Core Reunion is the prequel that if you haven't played, then you absolutely have to recover and this operation is just for this, to aesthetically insert this chapter in line with the modernization work of the remake of Final Fantasy VII and add a piece for the future of the relative remake. The defects it carries with it are those of a game that - on balance - was released in 2007 on a portable console.
  15. Dec 28, 2022
    Crisis Core has been always fierce action RPG with great story background for iconic FF7 title. But Reunion brings it closer to recent reimagination of the legend in terms of engine and production values, but maintains its unique gameplay with DMW system in combat or hundreds of fast side missions.
  16. Dec 21, 2022
    While not a remake like the appropriately named Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Crisis Core is a 100% labor of love, taking the original game and cleaning it up while only making a few changes that allow people who never had a PSP to experience this somewhat hard to access chapter of Final Fantasy’s lore. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is smooth and fun, the structure of the game respects your time, and Cissnei is in it which is worth the cost of admission itself.
  17. Dec 14, 2022
    The return of a PSP classic we could not have wished for better. The graphics upgrade is very pleasant and the performance is excellent. In addition, the combat system is more than fluid and the New Game+ option is a welcome addition. Add to that a compelling story and characters and you have a must have up your sleeve. That the development regarding the latter is sometimes not deep enough is a bit of a shame, as are the here and there outdated animations, but that is fine to take for granted in this excellent remaster that is more than a graphical polish.
  18. Dec 6, 2022
    Between HD remastering and complete remake, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is a thick reissue that keeps the valuable narrative component of the original unchanged, today more than ever essential to fully understand the increasingly complex mythology of the seventh fantasy the final. By intervening on the fluidity of the combat system and even reworking the infamous OMD system, Square Enix has managed to rejuvenate and improve a still valid play system. On the flip side, however, the graphic restoration was only partially successful, as the landscapes and polygonal models of the secondary characters would have needed touch-ups of a much different entity. While waiting for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to reach the launch pad, Crisis Core still represents an obligatory stop for fans of the saga, perhaps even more than it was fifteen years ago.
  19. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is an excellent revival of the beloved PSP game with outstanding visuals, music and quality of life improvements, but Square Enix could not remake the boring side missions and some of the oddest story bits.
  20. Dec 6, 2022
    Between the remaster and the remake, Crisis Core Reunion brilliantly brings up to date one of the best games on the PSP. Thanks to graphics at the height of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we make the most of the touching adventure of Zack, a character still as charismatic and endearing. Far from being a simple visual facelift, the gameplay is also modernized through more flexible controls and comfort options that make combat more dynamic and fluid than ever. And if we find all the elements that made the strength of the original experience like its materia system, certain flaws persist like its rushed story at times, its linear structure or even its phases of play which are not all equal. Not enough to spoil this beautiful story which remains a central stone in the universe of Final Fantasy VII and which should play an important role in Rebirth, the sequel to FFVII Remake, scheduled for next year.
  21. Dec 6, 2022
    Thanks to a series of substantial visual updates, and an improved combat system, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion stands as the best remaster Square Enix has ever made. This is the definitive version to enjoy the adventure of Zack Fair.
  22. 85
    Crisis Core Reunion is not quite a remaster and not quite a remake. The upgraded visuals breathe new life into the game, but there are little reminders here and there of its PSP origins. However, with a $50 price point, Square Enix is at least somewhat acknowledging that it’s not rebuilt from the ground up. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will almost certainly reference events from Crisis Core. So, a playthrough is practically required for those looking forward to the next installment of the FF7 Remake series. Considering the condition of some of Square Enix’s past remasters, Crisis Core Reunion impresses. I hope this is an indicator we can expect the company to take more care with this sort of title in the future.
  23. 85
    For fans of the OG PSP game, Crisis Core Reunion is a fantastic remaster, seeing how meticulously a game can be updated with enough budget behind it. For fans of Final Fantasy VII on PS1, this is an opportunity to play the best game in the original Compilation (no offence to Dirge of Cerberus) on modern consoles. Its many changes and additions help bring these PSP mechanics closer to modern standards and the game is better off for it. For fans of Remake keen to understand more of this world and characters, Crisis Core is a great amuse-bouche before Rebirth launches next year.
  24. 85
    A fantastic remaster of one of the best Final Fantasy spin-offs. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is the definitive version of a game lost for fifteen years. With a masterful visual and audio upgrade and a combat system that, in my opinion, outshines Remakes with its fluidity and ease of use, Crisis Core shouldn't be missed; it's just a shame that the writing remained unchanged, and side content is just as repetitive as it was fifteen years ago.
  25. Dec 6, 2022
    Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion manages to be a lot more than the sum of its parts. There are a lot of things that you can complain about, from the dumb antagonist to the legacy of its PSP roots. It's a credit to the game that despite those flaws, it is still probably one of the best Final Fantasy spin-off games on the market, and Reunion is by far the best way to experience it. It should do a good job of tiding over fans until at least Final Fantasy XVI.
  26. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core Reunion offers a fantastic graphical upgrade and gameplay improvements while still showing its PSP roots.
  27. Jan 6, 2023
    Maybe not as impressive as the original was 15 years ago, but Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion remasters almost everything possible to remaster without entering the area of remakes. Some elements still smell of an old design made for a portable console, but it does not change the fact that this is the definitive way to experience Crisis Core, one of the best PSP games of all time.
  28. Dec 14, 2022
    Crisis Core: Reunion is much better than expected. it provided authentic content for players with great graphics and combat system. It's still a must-play masterpiece for "FF7" fans. It can be said that "Reunion" provides an almost perfect version for old players who want to replay "Crisis Core". For new players starting from "FF7 Remake" and wanting to know more about the story, now is the best time to experience it.
  29. Jan 11, 2023
    CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION is one of the best remasters out there thanks to its complete presentational overhaul and when you have such a great base game to work with, you're left with an action RPG that even rivals modern examples of the genre.
  30. Jan 27, 2023
    As a prequel to one of gaming’s most beloved classics, Crisis Core did a great job of enriching the original game’s world as an action RPG on the PSP. This remaster not only enhances the visuals but also improves on many of the original’s shortcomings. While there still are some inconveniences, altogether Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an exhilarating experience from start to finish.
  31. 80
    This isn’t just a PSP game any longer. It’s a key piece of FF VII lore, and it finally gets its proper due now.
  32. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion lives up to its promise of being much more than a remaster. With its renewed graphics and gameplay mechanics, it is a game that fans of the series should not miss!
  33. Jan 3, 2023
    Crisis Core Reunion is without a doubt the best way you can today to experience this very important Final Fantasy VII prequel that has been trapped on the PSP until now.
  34. Dec 21, 2022
    Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is essential gaming for Final Fantasy fans — not only because it brings a much beloved game into the modern day, but also because Zack was heavily teased ahead of the next instalment of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy.
  35. Dec 21, 2022
    Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion is a great update to the PSP classic. Numerous changes improve both visuals and gameplay, helping to modernize it for new and returning players. Some elements such as the story, characters, and large number of random battles may not land with everyone, but Square Enix has done an excellent job updating an important title in the Final Fantasy VII compilation, resulting in the definitive version.
  36. Dec 20, 2022
    Crisis Core -Final Fantasy 7- Reunion is a prime example of how remasters should be handled. A massive graphical overhaul, streamlined and satisfying gameplay mechanics and wonderfully remastered soundtrack outweigh the 2007 originals flaws in bloated side-content and repetitive structure. Square Enix have kept their honour and given Zack Fair the hero treatment he deserves.
  37. Dec 16, 2022
    Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is a game that fans of Final Fantasy VII and its remake will enjoy since many loose ends are tied up and beloved characters make a triumphant appareance. The game in its core is short and simple, with a massive amount of side content that isn’t very inviting to complete, but the effort put in the remastered version managed to make it a good addition to the series. The game can work as a hype-increaser before the arrival of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth or as a motivator to revisit the story of Cloud.
  38. 80
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a wonderful remaster of the first part of the Final Fantasy VII story, and the move from handheld to the TV screen, along with new graphics and voice acting, makes this a solid starting point for fans who may have never had the pleasure of meeting these iconic characters.
  39. Dec 14, 2022
    Crisis Core Reunion is one of the few remasters that really takes advantage of the new work that has been put into it. It is not only a new work at the graphic level, but also at the playable level and improvements in the quality of life of the game. It is still an old game but it can be given a chance thanks to its enhancements.
  40. Dec 12, 2022
    This remaster improves on what needed to be updated such as graphics and gameplay mechanics, but realizes the story and pacing were fine how they were. Crisis Core is still a fifteen-year-old game originally designed for a handheld platform and as such the improvements to this version can’t erase all reminders of its origins. Even with game elements that show their age, however, this is the best way to experience Crisis Core.
  41. Dec 12, 2022
    Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is one hell of a remaster. It's so effective at masking the age of the game and refreshing the visuals that at times it's hard not to be in awe. You don't have to wait any longer to check out this PSP classic - Reunion is the best possible way to experience Zack's adventures.
  42. Dec 8, 2022
    Even when its portable roots occasionally distract, Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion is the best way to play one of the PSP’s most beloved games, almost completely modernizing its graphics, combat, and music in the process.
  43. Dec 7, 2022
    Crisis Core Reunion falls short of the level of FF7 Remake. However, it is a very good remaster of the PSP game that was painfully outdated in some areas. Anyone with a penchant for Final Fantasy 7 should not miss this.
  44. Dec 6, 2022
    CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION is another success in Square Enix's re-release strategy. It's a release that succeeds at taking an old PSP game and giving it a fresh coat of paint that leaves it shiny for new audiences. At the same time, it stays close enough to the original to be a true nostalgic travel ticket to 2007. As mentioned, there are things that some prefer about the original, but it's wonderful to have an official way to replay Crisis Core, especially when you consider how important Final Fantasy VII will be to Square Enix for years to come.
  45. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an excellent remaster, that retains the faulty parts of a PSP game.
  46. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is an impressive visual upgrade that, above all else, proves the quality of the original game yet again. Much of it can feel dated at times, but thanks primarily to its enjoyable combat system, it remains an easy game to recommend.
  47. Dec 6, 2022
    This is, without a doubt, the best version of this unforgettable adventure. A PSP game at its core, but with many new features that make it feel much more modern.
  48. Dec 6, 2022
    Reunion reunites us with one of our favorite action rpgs of all time; the story of Zack Fair is as humane as ever. This is, in our view, a full blown remake not a simple remaster; literally everything in the game has been improved. You owe it to yourself to play this game.
  49. Dec 6, 2022
    It does feel a little patchwork in places, but Crisis Core is a reunion worth going to. The emotional gut-punch of a finale remains one of the best in the long running series, and that alone is worth the price of admission.
  50. Dec 6, 2022
    In short, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a very fun action-RPG with a remarkable story and a loveable hero in Zack Fair. There’s plenty of side content and the combat is satisfying with a welcome hint of uncertainty. While its appeal is big enough for a total newcomer to play, its true brilliance is only really visible to fans of Final Fantasy VII. When you know what comes after, everything in Reunion becomes more meaningful, resulting in a must-play title.
  51. Dec 6, 2022
    Repackaged into one of the sharpest Remaster releases I’ve ever seen, it’s a relatively irresistible package - warts and all. The blemishes upon its carefully airbrushed visage are, in many ways, part of the charm. This is a joyous little time capsule of 2000s Square - and perhaps a curious aperitif before Remake part 2. It’s easy to recommend.
  52. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is more than a remaster, yes, but just in some ways. In many others, it's still the same PSP game... for better and for worse. Nevertheless, this is the best version to discover Zack's story... or to reunite with an old friend.
  53. Dec 6, 2022
    Though I would have liked to see Square Enix make more drastic changes to the overall formula, Crisis Core has never looked or felt better to play. Zack’s story is gripping, hopeful, and emotionally devastating. So despite a few minor flaws, Crisis Core Reunion feels like “essential reading” for anyone interested in Final Fantasy VII and the ongoing Remake project.
  54. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Reunion is one of Square Enix’s better remaster offerings and is generally a pleasure to play. The responsiveness and tight controls, along with the new quality-of-life additions, make combat a thrill to take part in. The visuals breathe extra life into an already interesting world, and I never got sick of watching the redone summon attacks. The story of Zack, while tragic, is still filled with moments of some brevity and intrigue, thanks in new small part to Zack simply being a wonderful character. My gripes aside, I am thrilled that whole new generations of players can once again enjoy this prequel and see Zack’s story again after such a long time. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a must-play for anyone that loves Final Fantasy VII.
  55. Dec 6, 2022
    Ultimately, if you go into Crisis Core Reunion expecting a one-for-one remake of Crisis Core, quirks and all, you will not be the slightest bit disappointed. It is a greatly improved version of a great game, one that all Final Fantasy VII fans eager for more story would benefit from playing. While you shouldn't expect any new content or story revisions (sincere apologies to all of you who were hoping, I'll admit I was too), you can expect a powerful ode to the kindest man you'll ever meet and the legacy he passed on.
  56. Dec 6, 2022
    The rough edges are a reminder of Crisis Core’s charm and its PSP roots, a console that I’ll admittedly always have a soft spot for. Yes, the mini-games are awful but they don’t last very long, and yes, Genesis still sucks, but at least the rest of the cast manages to carry the game. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion isn’t perfect, but it’s got a lot of heart. And sometimes, that’s enough.
  57. Dec 21, 2022
    FFVII Reunion is a satisfactory for both who have played the original PSP version or those who have not. From Improved visuals to combat system, the game is ready to entertain your both eyes and hands. Pretty sure it will be the most satisfying year-end gift for FFVII remake fans.
  58. Dec 6, 2022
    Despite some balancing problems that simplify the game difficulty, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion is a work of love that respects the original game and its unforgettable story.
  59. Dec 12, 2022
    A faithful remaster of the PSP classic: Game mechanics are a little gray, but atmospherically up to date, it works as a prequel for the original game and remake.
  60. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core is a good example about what a remaster would be. Better combat, visual improvements, and the same DNA as the original game.
  61. Dec 6, 2022
    A good remaster of a video game that suffers the weight of its age, superior to the original in every respect, but not free from defects.
  62. Dec 7, 2022
    For the ongoing Final Fantasy VII re-examination, which Square Enix has officially dubbed the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core feels like required reading. Its place in the larger story is important and will likely grow in significance moving forward, but making your way through those story moments sometimes feels like a school assignment. Reunion is a well-executed remake of the 2007 game that delivers fun combat alongside a stilted story with an interesting and narratively important final act. If you plan on starting or continuing the Final Fantasy VII Remake journey, make sure to do your homework.
  63. Dec 6, 2022
    Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is an entertaining spinoff with action packed combat, but at this point it's showing its age a little.
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  1. Jan 23, 2023
    A more ambitious redesign is missing. Its portable game structure from fifteen years ago makes it limited as an RPG.
  2. Dec 6, 2022
    Despite something of an overdeveloped plot, Crisis Core Reunion goes beyond just a quick upgrade, making some fundamental improvements to visuals, sound and controls, and implements them with care. There are flaws, but it remains a joy to spend time with favourites Cloud, Aerith, and Sephiroth once more. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  3. Dec 13, 2022
    For all of its strengths, Crisis Core is ultimately too obsessed with itself to serve as a perfect prequel. The game’s core narrative is an excellent half or three-quarters of a story. The final plot arc, however, fails to recognize that VII is its own story with its own characters. Crisis Core’s depiction of VII’s characters, and its refusal to stop shoving new characters into existing narratives, makes for a disappointing conclusion.
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  1. Dec 14, 2022
    It's (unfortunately only) passable. Serviceable. It does look good, and it does have some of those magical surprises that made FF7(R) great.It's (unfortunately only) passable. Serviceable. It does look good, and it does have some of those magical surprises that made FF7(R) great. As others said: The dialogue writing is showing its age, but is still acceptable. The story itself isn't too shabby, so if you're just looking for more of that FF7-realm magic, you might get what you look for. The battle system works good enough, though a little more tactical engagement would have been nice. Materia Fusion is pretty cool. All in all, it's a good, solid 7, BUT: The price point is -for what it actually is, a good looking remaster- a little too steep. If this was a $39,99 title, it'd be a 7.5. Full Review »
  2. Dec 28, 2022

    Game is fun until Zack starts talking.

  3. Dec 16, 2022
    Another nostalgia bait from Square Enix, with somewhat better graphics and atmosphere-breaking remixed soundtracks, not to mention the worstAnother nostalgia bait from Square Enix, with somewhat better graphics and atmosphere-breaking remixed soundtracks, not to mention the worst re-recording ever, especially on Zack the new va totally deprived the charm of character
    They seriously need to stop milking FF7 besides there are much more possibilities in enhancing other numbering ones
    Full Review »