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  1. Jan 23, 2023
    Add to this a less-than-likeable Frey who barely manages to endear herself upon the player, and even less likeable NPCs and a bland, bland game-world I have no desire to learn more about, let alone live in (take me back to New York and my real-world troubles there, please), and you have a game that just… lacks.
  2. Jan 23, 2023
    While Forspoken delivers a solid action-based combat system and an array of challenging bosses, it fails to create an engaging narrative thanks to the surface-level characters and at times, unbearable dialogue. Not only that, the outdated open world feels like more of a checklist rather than an opportunity for exploration, leaving you yearning for landscapes from other games that are more memorable, and less lifeless. Ultimately, Forspoken lives or dies with its combat, so if you fell in love with it in the demo, it may be worth your time. However, if you’re looking for an engaging RPG that immerses you in its world with a strong main narrative and interesting side activities, this is certainly not it.
  3. Jan 26, 2023
    Forspoken is so uninspired and mired in cliches that its fantastic voice acting cast can only do so much to keep the game afloat. And while the movement and combat systems are interesting, they're often on the cusp of greatness without ever really realizing their full potential.
  4. Feb 6, 2023
    A below average game that does nothing well. It’s ugly, it’s boring, I’m tired of it. Steer clear of this mess.
  5. Jan 30, 2023
    Despite the sheer amount of words that have been written about the game – including by me, I’ll acknowledge as I pass the 1,500 word mark on this review – the reality is that it’s just a forgettable, mediocre game. It does plenty of things very poorly, but it also does one or two things well enough that you can’t say it’s completely and irredeemably awful. There’s no real reason to seek the game out, and there’s no reason (apart, maybe, from that stupid talking bracelet) to avoid it at all costs: Forspoken is just kind of there.
  6. Feb 25, 2023
    Despite enjoying some aspects though, Forspoken was unfortunately overall an incredibly disappointing experience. I can absolutely see it working for those who just want an open world with things to tick off, but any form of substance beyond busy work is severely lacking within the world of Athia. It was rather unsurprising to see the game label its side quests as 'detours' - momentary distractions from the driving path. But you quickly figure out once you rejoin the main road that it is, unfortunately, leading to very little.
  7. That’s Forspoken’s biggest problem – everything I like about it gets dragged down by the unrelenting dullness of everything else. The story is boring, the characters are boring, the enemies are boring, and the world is boring.
  8. Feb 17, 2023
    What a shame that Luminous Productions didn’t capitalise on its best assets. Frey’s taken some heat for being overly chatty in Forspoken, but without Ella Balinska’s fantastic performance, the game would be totally forgettable.
  9. Jan 23, 2023
    Where Forspoken should’ve been a striking and appealing fresh start for Luminous Productions, the end result sadly is a game not only bland and unpolished, but deprived of a reason to care for its unfolding mystery. A bevvy of technical inconsistencies, lackluster open world design and most disappointing of all, a handful of systems with genuine enjoyment at times that don’t see their potential fully realized.
  10. Feb 17, 2023
    Forspoken is somewhat reminiscent of the fusion cuisine that caused a furor in the average bistro in the early 1990s...The result is a potpourri of uncomfortably poorly written dialogue, a giant open world of cardboard and struggling to find 'meh' action and combat.
  11. Jan 27, 2023
    A litany of missed opportunities results in one of the most aggravating action role-players of recent years, with irritating characters, dull combat, and a frustrating movement system.
  12. Feb 1, 2023
    Those who stick out Forspoken until the end may derive enjoyment from how certain elements were tackled like I did, though, ultimately, it’s all too little too late. At the very least, exploring the open world and completing optional tasks after completing the story can be fun, albeit in brief doses, since there’s not much of interest within the environments.
  13. PLAY
    Mar 8, 2023
    Altogether, this is not just a keenly disappointing full-price PS5 exclusive, it’s also particularly discouraging as a female-fronted production with a story focused on the magic of relationships between women, and a rare triple-A game with a Black lead. Its message is almost entirely lost in the pyroclastic flow of missteps and missed opportunities. [Issue#25, p.78]
  14. Feb 14, 2023
    Forspoken is an absolute disappointment with ridiculously cringe storytelling, a dead open world and lacklustre AI that prevents the creative combat system from really reaching its potential. With obnoxiously bad optimization for both PC and consoles, this is a game that just tries to be an average open-world experience with some assumed original twist but fails even to meet its mediocre expectations.
  15. Jan 24, 2023
    Overall, Forspoken is a failed experiment. The few moments of joy are rarely not succeeded by the most absolute boredom or by questionable gameplay decisions. Look for something else, really.
  16. Feb 16, 2023
    Forspoken has a good foundation, but is a mess in execution due to a horrible protagonist, dull combat and technical problems. While there is enough to do in this pretty-looking open world it amounts to very little and so does the story.
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  1. Jan 23, 2023
    Forspoken is a good idea that is unable to build the playable and narrative style to make it shine. We want to explore its world, but there's not much to do, nor does the story push you to do so. [Not Recommended]
  2. Jan 23, 2023
    Forspoken takes it time to get over a wobbly start, but there's something worthwhile here amongst the noise.
  3. Jan 25, 2023
    I’ll come back here and rate the game once I’ve finished the last chapter. However, I’m not convinced that it’s going to become any more magical and entertaining than it is now. It’s a shame, because the game starts from a good place: A new fantasy IP with a take-no-prisoners female protagonist. And I can tell that a lot of the people who worked on the game were sincerely trying. But I can also tell that several others very much were not.
  4. Jan 31, 2023
    Forspoken deserves better than what shipped on January 24. The strength of its story and protagonist do outpace its many problems, but much like Frey’s early struggles in seeing her own greatness, it’s clouded by unfortunate circumstances.
  5. Jan 23, 2023
    Forspoken’s final hours feature a bizarre difficulty curve, where I found myself absolutely destroying certain bosses before the full dialogue could even play out, only to then be pitted against the big bad who, among other things, featured a one-hit kill cleverly disguised as a cutscene.
  6. Jan 23, 2023
    There’s a fascinating story and incredible parkour action buried under lackluster combat and a game lacking technical polish.
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  1. Jan 25, 2023
    Whoa! This game really is BAD! Somehow the writers (if there actually were any?!) have managed to create possibly the most irritating andWhoa! This game really is BAD! Somehow the writers (if there actually were any?!) have managed to create possibly the most irritating and unlikeable character in the history of gaming who is incapable of uttering a single sentence without swearing constantly, she's bitter, mean and just horrible in every way. Apparently there is a narrative but good luck figuring out what it is, as the writing is terrible. Not even the gameplay or game world are well done. The combat and traversal just feel too floaty, the "enemies" (a lot of which are just animals in the game world) are the most generic dull creations you can imagine. Then you have numbers spilling out all over the place during combat which looks awful, then there's the graphics which seem to switch between reasonable looking to low rez 720p and lower. As for the game world itself, it's just lazily designed and rather dull looking, there's just nothing very inventive about the world design...oh and the npcs are all brain dead. There's literally nothing good in this game at all. Quite an achievement for Square Enix! Full Review »
  2. Jan 25, 2023
    Whatever few positive points I can find to say about this game (the traversal can be satisfying, especially later on as more movementWhatever few positive points I can find to say about this game (the traversal can be satisfying, especially later on as more movement abilities open up) are swallowed up in totality the cloud of Forspoken’s mediocre graphics, disturbingly bad writing, and shallow combat. An absolute disaster of a game with a particularly unlikable protagonist. Full Review »
  3. Jan 25, 2023
    Damn didn’t think it was gonna suck this bad. First disappointment of 2023.