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  1. Oct 19, 2021
    Exploring the brand new Iki island is good for about ten hours of extra game time, taking beautiful and serene pictures with the built-in photo mode easily adds several hours more. Those who already own Ghost of Tsushima can upgrade to the director's cut for a low price. For those who want to take the step now, the director's cut is simply the best version you can get.
  2. Aug 23, 2021
    Honestly, I don’t know what else there is to say about Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut other than that it’s a must-play. That was true of the game last year when it first came out, and it’s just as true now that they’ve refined and perfected it on PS5.
  3. Aug 23, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is truly a masterpiece, much like its original release. It introduces an entirely new and separate experience with Iki while bringing and refining the beauty of the gameplay and visuals.
  4. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s cut is the definitive way to play one of 202’s greatest titles.
  5. Aug 19, 2021
    Overall, this is the best version of Ghost of Tsushima out there. While it is a year-old base game, there’s enough here for both newcomers and veterans alike to warrant another look. Yes, you could save a fair bit of cash going out and buying a 2nd hand PS4 copy. But if you want the most from your shiny new PS5 and are keen to delve into a sublime open-world sword game you really won’t find much better.
  6. Aug 24, 2021
    If you still haven't played Ghost of Tsushima then this Director's Cut is the perfect excuse to finally experience this masterpiece. With a stunning core experience, super-fun online modes, and a brand new campaign, you're in for one outstanding package.
  7. Aug 30, 2021
    Whether you played Ghost of Tsushima before on PS4 or are completely new to it, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is well worth your time on PS5 with its stunning visuals, great use of PS5 features, excellent combat, and superlative soundtrack.
  8. Aug 23, 2021
    My words will never do justice for Ghost of Tsushima’s brilliance. James Paley summed it up better than I ever could: “[Ghost of Tsushima] revealed itself as a compelling, masterful work of art. Nothing feels useless or extraneous. The story wastes little time, the fights are all exuberant and engaging, the exploration is addicting, and the entire game is gorgeous.” I couldn’t agree more. And the Director’s Cut is miles ahead of the original. Go get it.
  9. 95
    So far, Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is this year's pinnacle of Open World Games. Iki Island is stunningly beautiful and the technical upgrades make it even more enjoyable. Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut grandly stakes its status as one of the very best open world games on PS5 that proudly stands alongside the best games on the platform. If you've been holding off playing Ghost of Tsushima, now is the time to get playing.
  10. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut feels like the truest, purest way to experience this title, so much so that I'm willing to go through it once again from the top, when Jin rode into battle with his uncle and almost died. I want to ride through the grass, stumble into duels, climb mountains and battle Mongols for another few dozen hours while making a stop on a freaky island to fight a crazy woman who likes poison and the color purple. I want to do it all, and I would recommend that anyone with the time should look into doing the same. It's still the samurai game of my dreams: Now it looks even better, and there's more of it.
  11. Aug 19, 2021
    Refinements made to the core game make Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut feel fresh, but the additions within the truly excellent Iki Island expansion elevate the game to completely new heights.
  12. Aug 19, 2021
    Newcomers and veterans alike should draw their swords for this one, because Ghost of Tsushima excels on the PS5 and strikes just shy of perfection.
  13. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5 is the best way to play Sucker Punch's masterpiece, with a great new expansion and technological improvements that make this an instant classic.
  14. Sep 2, 2021
    If you fell in love with Ghost of Tsushima, this Director's Cut is essential in your library, as it allows you to once again enjoy the wonderful technical display of the original adventure with refreshing content and perfectly using the great power of PlayStation 5.
  15. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima was an impressive game when it was released a year ago, and this PS5 version is still amazing. It looks great (either on fidelity or performance mode), adds dualsense features, and most important, Iki Island deepens on Jin Sakai story, adding new gameplay mechanics, enemies and environments.
  16. PLAY
    Sep 20, 2021
    The PS4 original is enhanced in clever ways on PS5, and what you do on Iki island builds on the lore and ideas of the main game in clever ways. A must-play on PS5. [Issue#6, p.80]
  17. Sep 20, 2021
    The Director's Cut version of Ghost of Tsushima is the ultimate package the fans were waiting for, and even though its price tag still seems unreasonable, all the improvements over the original game and the addition of Iki Island expansion pack will make it worth your while.
  18. Sep 10, 2021
    Whether you have played Ghost of Tsushima before and are simply looking to upgrade on PS5, or you have never experienced Sucker Punch's latest title, Director's Cut is definitely worth picking up. Not only has the PS5 improved the base version of the game that launched in 2020, but the Iki Island expansion on its own contains some of my favorite content in the entirety of Ghost of Tsushima. No matter how you might look to upgrade or purchase the new offerings that have been included, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is definitely worth the return trip to Tsushima.
  19. Sep 9, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is the best way of experiencing this gorgeous video game. It is maybe not a reason enough for some people who have already completed the game due to its expansion being relatively short and PS5 upgrades not bringing anything “game-changing”, but it is a great piece of content and an upgrade that truly boosts the overall experience that many new players and existing ones will feel and appreciate.
  20. 90
    While PS4 veterans might not get as much value from the re-release, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is a wonderful showcase for the PS5 and an incredible package for newcomers.
  21. Sep 1, 2021
    Iki Island is a nice addition to an already amazing game. For anyone who hasn’t experienced Ghost of Tsushima you are in for a treat. For players like me returning to the world it is worthy content. The expansion can last anywhere from 5-10 hours depending on your completion mentality. It is a worthy expansion worth the price of admission and as good of an excuse as any to revisit one of the best games of last generation.
  22. Aug 31, 2021
    If you have never played Ghosts of Tshuima before, the Director’s Cut is a must have and play game due to its carefully crafted story with exceptional gameplay mechanics, graphics and audio. While I would not call it a true next-gen experience, it is very close and Sucker Punch should be commended on creating such an engaging world with its rich visuals that are led by a very interesting protagonist. The world also fees quite organic opposed to a static closed-world which makes exploring such as a treat. Lastly, Jin is a great protagonist who has secrets and a path of redemption ahead of him. If you own the previous game, you can purchase an ‘upgrade’ to the Director’s Cut that is value for money if you loved the original as it adds to the legacy of Jin and tweaks some of the inconsistencies from the original.
  23. Aug 27, 2021
    The new Iki Island expansion offers a compelling story and a new area for fans to explore. The technical improvements for PlayStation 5 make a great game even better, and anyone who hasn’t experienced Jin’s journey should definitely try out the Director’s Cut edition.
  24. Aug 25, 2021
    This is a great version of a great game, with Iki Island giving players some more insight into Jin Sakai's life as a young samurai and give us amazing vistas to enjoy. All that - and they fixed the Japanese lip sync. Hallelujah.
  25. Aug 24, 2021
    As it stands, Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is the comprehensive, definitive Ghost of Tsushima experience. Its new multiplayer mode isn't in the game yet but will be coming soon, and in the meantime, fans still have the current Ghost of Tsushima: Legends experience to check out, the base game's story mode with PS5 features, and the substantial Iki Island expansion. Newcomers and returning fans alike have reason to check out Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut, with it hopefully keeping fans satisfied until they can get their hands on Sucker Punch's first game built exclusively with the PlayStation 5 in mind.
  26. Aug 23, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima – Director’s Cut is the best way to play Sucker Punch’s samurai-adventure. Especially PS5-gamers receive to full Next-Generation-experience, enjoying a visual masterpiece supported by great features for the dualsense-controller. The “Island Iki”-expansion on the other hand doesn’t deliver too much new stuff, but feels like a “Best of” of Ghost of Tsushima and fits well into the game.
  27. Aug 22, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is the definitive way to play an already excellent game, complemented by equally engrossing DLC in Iki Island.
  28. I can’t remember a game that sustains an awe-inspiring presentation for just about every second you play.
  29. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut offers a new, explorable island and several welcome PS5-exclusive enhancements. It is a worthy upgrade of an already exceptional title.
  30. Aug 19, 2021
    The consistency and foulness of the Iki Island expansion is stunning. Especially compared to many other add-ons. It's well worth the buy, both for fans and wider audience alike.
  31. Aug 19, 2021
    The arrival of the game on PS5 maximizes everything that is Ghost of Tsushima. If his world was precious now it is even more so. Enjoying the game at 60fps or reaching 4K resolution is something that is noticeable from the first minute and that makes this experience touring feudal Japan even greater.
  32. Aug 19, 2021
    If you've been looking for more Jin Sakai in your life, then the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut will happily fulfil that request. After a year of post-launch support, Iki Island feels like a fresh checklist of content to tick off. It won't break the mould, but it will keep your sword sharp for the inevitable sequel, and if this is your first time jumping into the game then you're in for one of Sony's finest adventures.
  33. Aug 19, 2021
    A great addition to a great game. The Director’s Cut brings a lot of new additions, at least on the PS5, and a whole new island offers many hours of new fun.
  34. Aug 19, 2021
    The biggest part of what lies within Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is not new, but we are standing before a flash flood of content from the best that Playstation has given us in the past few years with new additions and improvements that are more than enough to deserve the attention of all those who complimented the game in the past. The story of Jin in Iki is well framed and is not narratively superficial, and the consequences will be felt as soon you find him again, which bears to mind that this expansion is also a good sample of what it may be a sequel free from the bindings that hold down Gen 8, with the same aesthetical identity but with a new power to explore.
  35. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima was a great game when it launched just over a year ago. And now, in the form of a Director’s Cut, it’s even better. It seems trite to make a big deal over the visuals not being massively upgraded for next-gen when the game looks so phenomenal anyway, and what has been added – 3D audio and DualSense support – is enough to make the upgrade fee worthwhile for those who already own the original game and want to take on the new Iki Island expansion. That itself is largely more of the same, but its thoroughly engaging story that lets us learn more about Jin Sakai isn’t to be missed by those who were entertained by the game’s main campaign. And so, what else is there to say, other than for newcomers, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut on PS5 is absolutely essential.
  36. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is the best version of an excellent game, thanks not only to various technical and quality-of-life improvements, but also a meaty and brilliant new expansion that builds on the base game's biggest strengths in all the right ways.
  37. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is a stunning upgrade to an already excellent title and brings forth some fantastic updates to the PS5 version of the game that enhance, deepen, and expand the gameplay experience. Other than the very minor complaint of some dark visuals, there is a whole lot to love on offer here, and I was delighted to have another reason to join Jin on a new, exciting adventure in feudal Japan. Ghost of Tsushima was already a must-play title, and with the Director's Cut here there really is no excuse to not experience one of the greatest new IPs PlayStation has to offer.
  38. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is now the definitive version of an already great game.
  39. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima arrives on PlayStation 5 with a beefy, mystique expansion, a promising multiplayer mode and a bunch of next-gen features... and confirms itself as one of the best samurai games ever made.
  40. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Tales of Iki delivers an absolute masterpiece to Sony’s PlayStation 5, alongside a remarkable expansion to an already phenomenal game. Some new mechanics keep things fresh, as does another excellent story from Sucker Punch. While there are a few hiccups to contend with, this is easily a must-have title for the year.
  41. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best samurai games of all time and the Director’s Cut only excels it further. Sucker Punch Productions’ work on reimagining thirteen century Japan is a grand achievement, creating a captivating world filled with an exceeding amount of things to do, while implementing an engaging, memorable combat system.
  42. 90
    For returning players, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is well worth diving back into for the Iki Island expansion alone and the way it explores a different facet of Jin's internal conflicts. It may not sate the desire for a full sequel, but it does a lot of cool things to make the experience feel fresh even as it explores the familiar. For brand new players who missed the game on PS4, there's no better way to experience Ghost of Tsushima. An engaging new story chapter will give new players even more insight into Jin and PS5 enhancements improve the entire adventure, which itself was already a technical marvel on last-gen consoles. Sony's experiment into re-releasing last-gen games on the new consoles with meaningful additions is so far paying off.
  43. 90
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, and in particular its core offering of the Iki Island expansion, does a great job at giving players more of what made the game's original release special. The brisk new adventure takes Jin Sakai on a journey of reflection and reconciliation that contains plenty of beautiful, memorable moments and some very cool new gear to play with. The updates made for its native PS5 release do feel a touch slim given that they come at an added cost, but they do go a long way to refining and enhancing the experience. A great game made better, then, and a fantastic excuse to spend dozens more hours in Photo Mode.
  44. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut amplifies an already excellent open world game. The Iki Island expansion is worth the price of admission alone, providing another chunk of stunning Japanese landscape for Jin to explore, while also digging into the protagonist's past. A fantastic range of story missions and side quests make for a memorable offshore excursion, and put alongside the main campaign, Ghost of Tsushima now stands as a PS4 and PS5 must-buy.
  45. 90
    While the Director’s Cut improvements are appreciated, the Iki Island expansion is the real star of this release. Iki Island distills all the best parts of Ghost of Tsushima into one focused experience, and it provides an incredibly compelling reason to return to the game.
  46. Aug 19, 2021
    A year later, Ghost of Tsushima is still a great game, and this Director's Cut is the definitive version, especially if you own a PlayStation 5. It's a great experience, but it's mainly for newcomers: the improvements are welcome, but hardly enough to tempt veterans of the original.
  47. Aug 23, 2021
    While the value proposition is up for debate, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Ghost of Tsushima has evolved beyond anything we had expected. From the post-launch patches that included improvements based on community feedback, to the full-fledged online co-op mode that was released at no extra cost and with free updates, Ghost of Tsushima is a prime example of how video games should be launched and supported after release. It launched in an already superb state and now it is even better and bolder.
  48. Aug 19, 2021
    On PS5, all the visuals of Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut stand out even more, to a point that it practically feels like a next-gen title. Thanks to the Iki expansion and all the content that was added and will be added to the Legends mode, Ghost of Tsushima is today one of the most complete games that Sony has to offer.
  49. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut improves all technical aspects in its PlayStation 5 version. Not only on a visual level, but also on loading times and the great use of the DualSense controller. It looks great in 4K, although we must say that the expansion does not have great visual improvements. The Isle of Iki complements the campaign well with a new story that involves some mystical aspects, but these blend well into the plot without making them feel out of place.
  50. Aug 19, 2021
    A journey that now approaches excellence.
  51. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is without a doubt an improvement on the original title in terms of performance, comfort, but also content. More than ever, it gives an almost cinematic experience in single player, with a successful mix of exploration, infiltration and sword fighting. As for the new island, it won't change the routine of the fights, but it's still a change of scenery and its story is quite interesting. Without revolutionizing its recipe, this makes Ghost of Tsushima an excellent game that we highly recommend for both its single and multiplayer modes.
  52. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut offers a very nice experience, very complete and extremely generous. Technically and artistically, the game is eye-catching and the game on Ikishima Island allows you to add even more relief to Jin Sakai and TO explore a sublime setting with pretty new features. The PS5 version also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game with the functions of the DualSense which further energizes the action. The ultimate version of the Sucker Punch game.
  53. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is the definitive edition of a game that, if you haven't played yet, is certainly worth a try.
  54. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut refines the formula of the original thanks to its technical improvements and taking advantage of the functions of PS5. The new DLC expands its story and, while it is not to go crazy, it is a good excuse to return to gallop through this samurai adventure that has already made a dent in the hearts of PlayStation players.
  55. Aug 19, 2021
    A refined and improved edition of the base game, not free from defects but still full of interesting news, warmly recommended to all lovers of the genre.
  56. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut allows us to return to that unforgettable atmosphere and fun combat system despite the short new story content.
  57. Aug 20, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima fans need not hesitate and can blindly pay 20 euros for this Director's Cut, because the extra content offers everything a Jin fan could wish for. If you haven't played the original yet, I'd recommend playing the first two acts of Tsushima and then going straight to Iki, because that's the best interactive samurai sensation I can think of.
  58. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Feb 18, 2022
    Well done update for a great game. Lots of new content is complemented by a ton of new gameplay elements. More content was missing from the basic game, otherwise there was nothing to complain about. And now everything is fine. Reason to buy Playstation 5 if you don't already have one.
  59. CD-Action
    Nov 15, 2021
    It’s more of a regular DLC paired with some improvements for the PS5 rather than a true director’s cut. However, the developers do deserve praise for how skillfully they inserted the expansion into the narrative of the base game. The story about Jin’s past and the sins of ancestors is great (as opposed to boring side quests), new enemies pose a challenge, and the game as a whole shines on PS5’s more powerful hardware. I wish the visual improvements were more noticeable though. [11/2021, p.31]
  60. Sep 4, 2021
    The update makes elegant use of the PlayStation 5’s controller’s quasi-magical properties. Tilt the controller to guide a note along a musical stave and play a mournful lament on the flute. Wearing the appropriate outfit, haptic buzzes will guide you toward hidden valuables, the force of the pulse quickening the closer you are to the treasure. Despite the intermittent violence, this is a beautiful world to explore, lovingly crafted and compellingly framed.
  61. Aug 26, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut builds on the entire Tsushima experience, good and bad. While the slower pacing and drip fed rewards work for me, some will find the pace sluggish and find their attention wandering elsewhere. Still, this is probably the best chance of living inside a Akira Kurosawa movie you’ll ever get. It’s an opportunity worth taking.
  62. Aug 23, 2021
    Sony is giving us the perfect version of their latest IP, especially for those who didn't try the game before, but for some of us who did, this is a great opportunity to revisit Japan and the new island of Iki.
  63. Aug 23, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is a bigger and enhanced version of an already very cool game, with a new island to explore, so there's no reason to refuse the invitation.
  64. Aug 23, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut doesn't really surprise anywhere, but it adds roughly ten hours seamlessly to the already strong main game. Iki Island takes the best of the original and just goes the extra mile. Sony's messy cross-gen policy is back with this reissue.
  65. Aug 20, 2021
    More of Ghost of Tsushima is always welcome. A solid adventure that subtly explores the past of Jin Sakai, and a version that honors the PS5.
  66. Aug 19, 2021
    The underlying game is still too reliant on the Ubisoft formula but the new content and Legends mode make Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut a notably better experience than the original at launch.
  67. Aug 19, 2021
    If you haven't played it before, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is the way to go, offering an expansive journey of a one-man war against the Mongols. If you've already bought the main game, the upgrade is a little tenuous, but players who enjoyed the first go-around should find plenty to like here as well.
  68. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is the best version of an accomplished open world adventure with great characters, excellent combat, and a setting that is constantly inviting to explore. While the base game falters in its storytelling, the Iki Island expansion manages to tell a nuanced story of parental influence and the challenge of moving on from the past in spite of your personal allegiances. It’s the most human Jin Sakai has ever been, yet the brief campaign and emphasis on familiar busywork hold it back from potential greatness. If you didn’t like the game before, this won’t change your mind, but fans will find a lot of added brilliance to dig into here alongside a narrative journey well worth taking.
  69. Aug 19, 2021
    A great game released now with a great expansion that doesn’t fix its repetitive nature. Also, it would have been great to have at least some sort of noticeable graphical update for PS5 to match the fantastic DualSense implementation.
  70. Aug 19, 2021
    The game has never looked better, and now stands toe-to-toe with the other Sony tentpoles on the platform. While the gameplay changes aren’t enough to shake the nagging feelings or repetitiveness, engaging combat and a well told story are more than enough reasons to play through the game again.
  71. Aug 19, 2021
    The wind that blows from the island of Iki, at times, can be even more overwhelming than the one that crossed the horizons of Tsushima. Short but incisive, the expansion sets up an intimate narrative, which delves even deeper into the tormented meanders of Jin's soul: it succeeds, and convinces us. The new map and the timid additions to the gameplay do not exponentially increase the variety and quality of an experience that, as expected, remains conservative, with the same merits and the same stumbling blocks as the base game. If the lock on has a fluctuating implementation, which does not solve the problems of a camera that is far from flawless, it is the art direction (again!) And the use of DualSense that make the difference: a sign of how Ghost of Tsushima , also and above all in the Director's Cut, is an adventure that stands out mainly for its evocative visual flashiness. And now - thanks to the PS5 pad - also sensory.
  72. Dec 20, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut has improved the graphic of the game greatly. The newly added Iki Island brings new stories and challenges, and further extended the story background. For players who have already cleared the game, playing the Director's Cut version is still an unforgettable experience.
  73. Aug 31, 2021
    Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut on PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly the definitive way to experience Sucker Punch's open-world samurai adventure. Improved loading times, enhanced resolutions, smoother frame rates, and a slew of brand-new content make the 2020 game shine in new ways. More than that though, it's given me the chance to reassess a video game that I just previously couldn't see the adoration for.
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  1. Aug 19, 2021
    Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut offers an expansion that learns some lessons from the original game, betting on a better development of protagonist, antagonist and the conflict that links them to the island of Iki.
  2. Aug 26, 2021
    Expect a video game, warts and all, but one that, when boiled down to its core aim of lethal, bloody combat, fully understands the joy of making every button press feel deadly.
  3. Aug 19, 2021
    I was happily surprised by the breadth, depth, and challenge of the Iki Island expansion. For new players, it will extend an already lengthy adventure into something more. Meanwhile, returning players should be thrilled at how well this experience dovetails out of an already stellar game. Iki Island is what I want out of single-player game expansions. And it’s further proof (as if we needed any more at this point) that Sucker Punch has a standout new property to continue building on.
  4. Aug 19, 2021
    I’m delighted that, with the changes in Director’s Cut, I’m getting a “play-it-the-right-way-the-first-time” feeling as I do. I’m impressed with Jin Sakai as a character, and the early moral conflict of whether his principles, or the people those principles protect, matter the most. Tsushima itself is beautiful and richly illustrated, enough that I get a sense of place despite never visiting anything like that island in real life. [Impressions]
  5. Aug 19, 2021
    If you’ve already played through what the core game has to offer, Iki Island is a reasonably priced expansion (as is the PS5 upgrade). I do wish it had just a little bit more to offer, but I will take it over nothing. If you loved what this game already had to offer, how could you turn down more of it?
  6. Aug 19, 2021
    This is definitely how do you want to experience and live Jin Sakai's journey.
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  1. Aug 21, 2021
    I wish it was a Remastered version. So at least there was a better graphic for it. maybe even better Artificial intelligence and less bugs.I wish it was a Remastered version. So at least there was a better graphic for it. maybe even better Artificial intelligence and less bugs. But this "Director's cut" doesn't worth to re buy. The Iki Island is Okay . But just if you're upgrading the game. Not for full price. Full Review »
  2. Aug 21, 2021
    Really guys, nothing new to this game? You selll as GOT as a new game for 70 USD and bring things like lypsync who nobody cares about withReally guys, nothing new to this game? You selll as GOT as a new game for 70 USD and bring things like lypsync who nobody cares about with almost none graphical improvements? Give me a break Full Review »
  3. Aug 21, 2021
    More of the same, more of the same , more of the same, really... why no focus on gameplay and a bigger territory? I paid 70 USD for an alreadyMore of the same, more of the same , more of the same, really... why no focus on gameplay and a bigger territory? I paid 70 USD for an already old game and iki island brings nothing to the table. Full Review »