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  • Summary: Save Aperion. You are the last of the Valorian knights, masters of combat equipped with legendary armor called Valorplates. Ascend in Godfall, a first-of-its-kind, looter-slasher, melee action-RPG.
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Godfall Opening Cinematic On The PS5
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 59
  2. Negative: 3 out of 59
  1. Nov 11, 2020
    Godfall is a massive surprise. It borrows combat from God of War and has enough loot to make Diablo blush. It may look garish but it's well designed and has that "one more go" factor.
  2. Nov 11, 2020
    An enjoyable hack and slash looter that plays well despite a sparse, repeating structure.
  3. Nov 25, 2020
    Godfall is not a title without its charms. The combat system is solid and satisfying, and technically, the game is great proof of PlayStation 5’s potential. But cramming levels full of particles effects and shining lights does not necessarily make for good aesthetic design, and Godfall also suffers from a weak story and repetitive endgame.
  4. Nov 17, 2020
    Godfall is a fun looter shooter but it has too many flaws and lacks consistency and coherence to go beyond sufficiency.
  5. Nov 30, 2020
    Godfall is a very good-looking game for your brand new PS5, very shiny, but the battle system and gameplay as a whole becomes very boring pretty quickly, as it has many many issues too.
  6. Feb 10, 2021
    Godfall doesn’t do anything egregious or worse than any of the other disappointing looters of this generation, but it does almost everything equally as badly in a weird perfect balance. This is what makes it so frustrating. There is definite potential for a gem inside this game, but it’s so busy with being a downright average-at-best looter that it loses all semblance of actual personality, a key component to maintaining a looter game. Impressively non-existent story, incredibly derivative art, classes which mean absolutely nothing, a deceptively small loot pool, technical issues up the wazoo, terrible endgame design and a horrific netcode all add up to a visually pleasing but soulless affair that can’t even begin to escape being categorised as anything more than a flashy tech demo.
  7. Nov 11, 2020
    Godfall’s sluggish, overly complicated combat, hilariously paper-thin story, and numerous technical issues make it a lowlight of the PlayStation 5’s launch lineup.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 264
  1. Nov 14, 2020
    I'm reviewing the game as 10 since so many people seem to give it hate. This game is for people who thoroughly enjoy the looter genre, don'tI'm reviewing the game as 10 since so many people seem to give it hate. This game is for people who thoroughly enjoy the looter genre, don't expect an amazing story or anything like that.

    I have heard some things that I do think should be touched upon such as not attack canceling. I really hope they update the game throughout time as I think the game has incredible potential.
  2. Apr 11, 2021
    I maybe being a little generous by giving a straight 10 to counter the extremely low scores but in my opinion it falls about 8. I think a 0 toI maybe being a little generous by giving a straight 10 to counter the extremely low scores but in my opinion it falls about 8. I think a 0 to 7 is too low. I'm currently playing thru Godfall, in fact just turned the game off to write this review. Let's just post the facts: it runs smoothly if you play on performance mode. No drop in framerate and beautiful in 4k. The people that gave low scores and complained about slow framerates and crashes, I can only assume were playing on resolution or fidelity mode. Go with performance mode trust me. The different realms are gorgeous to look at but lack in small cosmetic details. It's a grind looting but can be well worth it for your specific play style. Eventually you can buy loot from a shop keep. Not real world money. This game does not provide a deep story but it's good enough to be just interested enough to play. It's really one of those, hey the bad guy did this so we're gonna do that and this has to work because we don't have any other options. The story is passable enough to make it worthwhile. Don't expect a lot of banter between characters because it's just you for the most part. Now the meat and potatoes is the actual gameplay. It has a bit of a learning curve, getting the timing down for blocks and counters takes a little getting used to but the fights are truly fun. Especially the boss fights. There seems to be a lot of back and forth between the same realms so that can make it kind of a slog at times. The graphics are beautiful, this indie company did a great job there. Needs work on story but has great gameplay. My recommendation is check it for sure but catch it on sale. It's worthy of your time but not at $70. Catch it on sale at $35 or $40 and enjoy! This game deserves much higher than a 0 or 1 like some people have posted. I'm personally looking forward to how they improve on the game and see where this really goes. Hope this helps! Expand
  3. Aug 5, 2021
    One of the most underrated games of all time
    Godfall is an 8 and a half hour long action rpg looter slasher game. You’ve been
    One of the most underrated games of all time
    Godfall is an 8 and a half hour long action rpg looter slasher game.
    You’ve been betrayed by your brother whos corrupt with power, youre thrown off of this tower and its time for you to ascend and take him down.. instantly you feel like a god, the combat here is so fluent and fun and it only gets better the deeper you get into the game, learning new skills and finding new loot, this is the hook of the game and I love it, youll be going through these 3 different worlds, taking down enmeies to level up, occasionally they’ll drop ear and there will be chest to find full of gear, you then take the weapons and gear you like, slvage the rest, and use the scraps to enchant weapons you like all the way up to legendary, and I love it.. I love running through these dungeons, taking down the main target, and just changing up my gear…. Certain items you find in the world you can use to actually unlock new armours that have their own special fury attack.. I loved trying new characters and armours out.. though I would’ve loved to be able to copy my augments like I am with my weapon loadout hwne I want to try somebody new.. but these different armorus encourage you to build up and save different weapons, as you might be in a st that specializes in fire type weapons that cause burn damage, but theres and armour set that gives boosts for poison, or chilling damage.. I just love the idea of creating different legendary loadous for each of th armour sets… so no matter what, loot is worth searching for much like a borderlands game, even if your satisfied with what you have… these unwanted items just make you more and more powerful… so what are the bad things in godfall?
    Simply the destiny aspect, Godfall wants oyu to and even forces you to go back and replay missions to progress its story, it wants you going back and exploring the same 3 worlds over and ver again, and while the game is beautiful, the worlds aren’t really fun to explore…
    Traverse throough and kill everything in your way? Absolutely… seek out adventure on your own? Not so much.. its an eye roll when its time to grab these items from earth, water, and air relm before you can take on an areas boss, I would’ve much rather had a straightforward rpg game here and went back to explore by choice…
    Other than that Godfall is an absolute blast, this game is great and the rest of the world are a bunch of haters…
    Godfall is addictive and fun.. and while the world is lacking in any want to explore beyond credit roll, you can.. but im personally happy with an 8-10 hour long god building session…
    I give Godfall
    an 8/10
  4. Nov 14, 2020
    TLDR: About 70% of this game is just copy and pasted over and over again and Devs said it was on purpose and as intended. The devs put out anTLDR: About 70% of this game is just copy and pasted over and over again and Devs said it was on purpose and as intended. The devs put out an FAQ and had to say "Yes this is what the finished product is supposed to be." I feel like that alone should speak for itself. If you really really want to play a game like this then just go play Darksiders 2.

    Also the people trying to say that "Looter genre games are just like that" are impressionable morons that have no idea what they're talking about. (Looter shooter/slasher is just a **** marketing term for console kiddies, They are called ARPGS and have been called that for literally almost 3 decades)

    This game is just taking God of War Ps4 and mashing it with Destiny and it does so in such a lazy and cheap manor that the game comes off as early access. The 10/10 user review saying this game is polished and has very few bugs is just straight up lying, Sometimes when you fail a mission in multiplayer on hard mode the game only kicks out 2/3 party members and then is in a limbo stat where you are just stuck in the level. Sometimes you get locked out of interactables because you and your friend tried to open the same chest so you have restart the level. Sometimes the game spawns enemies in a wall so you cant progess and have to restart an entire level. Sometimes the DRM services just decides to end your game session. Sometimes you just CANT LIGHT ATTACK AND HAVE TO SWITCH EQUIPMENT OR DIE. The game isn't polished and because I shouldnt have experienced this much **** within a 12 hour play period for a "AAA" $60 release. Which brings me to how shallow and little content there is in this SIXTY/SEVENTY DOLLAR VIDEO GAME RELEASE.

    Despite there being like 12 "Classes" to pick from there are only 2 abilities in the entire game, Summon 3 NPC's or do an AOE. This legitimately seems like they ran out of time to actually implement unique mechanics or ran out of budget but apparently the devs said that this is how the game was intended to be released. Neither of these have unique animations and they are copy and pasted on to every Class with superficial differences like "deals earth damage" but there's no actual difference between earth, fire, and water damage other than its one is green, one is red, and one is blue. For an ARPG there are like no stats to even min max with other than ATTACK DMG(Might) or MAGIC DMG(Spirit), but MAGIC is so ineffective and tedious to use (you cant cancel into a magic attack, you have to stop what you are doing entirely and then charge up the attack/Pull out your shield and then attack. So that leaves us with just basic attacking for almost the entirety of the game, which would be cool if there were more than 4 weapons all with almost the same exact moves. No directional specific moves like monster hunter, oh and also you can't hit an enemy weakpoint if you are locked on to the person you're fighting. So it makes the either the lock on or the weakpoint system an after thought. You also cant modify your special attacks in any way shape or form beyond, DO %50 MORE DAMAGE. No attack speed buff, no adding projectiles to swings(Might be a level 50 legendary that does that but I tapped out at level 43), no nothing.

    Now the apologist are gonna start saying, "Well this is an indie game that had help from gearbox, got an Epic Games Store and Sony exclusivity buy out doesnt have the money or manpower to make cold damage slow an enemy or to make a even 3rd unique ability." (Funny enough because they already have DLC planned when entire game systems need redesigned) Which is when I point out a little game that came out last year called Remnant. At a nice $40 price tag, Remnant was able to make a game with more worlds and environments than Godfall, make more bosses and mini bosses than Godfall. Make more abilites than, More unique passives for armor sets (Every classes in godfall is passive is literally %10 chance to inflict a DOT or %10 buff to some redundant mechanic) There were able to implement more character passives, more unique weapons, they just did more everything for less.

    Final thoughts: Combat is serviceable but you dont pay AAA pricetag for things to be serviceable, you pay because you want a specific level of content and quality and the game is severely lacking on both of those fronts.There is a foundation for a decent game that can be its own fun little thing but it I can see this being abandon ware withing a couple months/year or two and then shutting down their servers and **** over everyone that paid for it, oh yeah theres DRM and no matchmaking/no intention of adding matchmaking by the way. So consider how long you can see a game like this staying alive and keeping its servers up if you are considering buying this too.

    Is the game worth $70/$60? No, It has the content of a like $5 mobile game.

    Is the game worth it on sale in the future? No, because the devs said that they dont plan on improving upon the game.
  5. Mar 18, 2022
    No entiendo como este juego no fue multiplataforma por lo sencillo qué es como para sacar pecho qué es exclusivo de sony
  6. Dec 7, 2020
    Don't buy it. Another example of a lazy developer putting out trash simply hyped up as a next-gen title because it shines, regardless of theDon't buy it. Another example of a lazy developer putting out trash simply hyped up as a next-gen title because it shines, regardless of the game freezing every time a medium-sized enemy dies on all platforms. Sony, as disappointing as ever, desperately touting this game as the bee's knees. A pathetic example of the "justified" price hike to $70. Let us pay them MORE, to do LESS!

    AAA Cashgrab, focusing on nothing but "oh shiny, oh wow particle effects! 10/10" reviewers.

    Developers hopped on the $70 price-hike train, charging more money for less and less quality. No, your next-gen shine and particle effects leap is not worth an additional $10. Mods do the same thing for 10-year-old games free of charge.

    The game is poor quality, combat is copy-paste and boring. Maps are copy-paste with different filters (Oh Shiny, still!). Basically, it's a decorated hallway simulator.

    No campaign at all. AT ALL. Farm the same 5-minute missions (go here, kill that) 20 times to collect tokens to unlock doors (mobile game???). Open the big door a couple of times, the game is over. Oh, and you talk to two different NPC's about how bad the bad guy is every once in a while.

    It's bad guys. Really, it's pathetically bad. The fact that this was hoisted as a true next-gen AAA experience during all this time (and NOBODY at Sony realized how truly awful this was) is concerning, and a bad, bad sign for this new generation of games. Also, just goes to show that Sony doesn't actually have a single clue about what a videogame actually is.

    Avoid. Avoid. And if somebody gives it a 10/10, avoid them too. It's either an attempt to combat buyer's remorse or an employee.
  7. Nov 17, 2020
    Absolutely positively do not buy this game for $70. Don’t do it. You will regret it. It’s not a $70 game. It’s badly made. Your PS5 May crashAbsolutely positively do not buy this game for $70. Don’t do it. You will regret it. It’s not a $70 game. It’s badly made. Your PS5 May crash playing this game. It lags during loot being dropped and picked up. It’s loot system is mechanics is broken and shallow. No differences in bleed, shock, ignite. They’re all exactly the same damage over time with no differences. This game is about as bad as Anthem. Post game are reused mission that you did in the campaign. They were so lazy they didn’t take tutorials out when doing crystal missions. This game is like Anthem, Diablo, Warframe, and Destiny all combined except a horrible version of them. The story is about exactly what the games title is. A god was dethroned and is climbing his way back up for revenge. Their is barely any substance throughout the game upon completing missions. Some beautiful cut scenes with lore would’ve saved this game for sure. The few scenes I’ve seen are beautiful and they should’ve capitalized on that. They put a bunch of readable lore which is super lazy. Other than that the gameplay is barely decent. Nothing ground breaking here. It’s not worth $69.99. I’m pretty upset about that price tag. I’d say this game is at best $49.99 and that’s being generous. I hope we get some free content or updates because if not this game is the biggest rip off since Anthem and it’s 10 more dollars! Expand

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