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  1. Apr 9, 2021
    Not one boring second during battles, and getting new gear never gets tired. Outriders works very well.
  2. Apr 7, 2021
    Outriders is a fresh, new IP. While it’s getting compared to others in the genre constantly, it stands alone as its own game and unique idea. I for one can’t wait to see where Square Enix and People Can Fly take the concept. There is a wealth of good here and you can see its promise for a long time to come.
  3. Apr 19, 2021
    While it might appear to be just another cover shooter on the surface, Outriders' excellent class abilities, aggressive combat and engaging loot systems allow it to stand toe to toe with some of the genre's greats.
  4. Apr 11, 2021
    Despite a largely forgettable story and a few misfires, Outriders is a great looter shooter that feels satisfying to play alone or with others and easily holds its own among contemporaries.
  5. 85
    Outriders is an excellent video game that doesn't drown itself in marketplaces and all the traditional systems we have come to know from a live service. By positioning itself as a complete experience, with dozens of hours of content to play through, along with engaging, varied, and deep combat, it exceeds expectations and manages to lay a firm foundation for a franchise that I hope manifests itself in the future.
  6. Apr 2, 2021
    Either solo or multiplayer, Outriders is a fun, fast paced shooter, full of great moments. People Can Fly delivers great combat mechanics and RPG elements, but we have the feeling we´ve seen most elements in other games. We love that Outriders is not designed as "game as a service".
  7. PLAY
    May 4, 2021
    Though it lacks invention, the solid narrative approach and satisfying endgame ensures Outriders escapes the repetitive trappings of the loot shooter genre. [Issue#1, p.72]
  8. May 3, 2021
    What sets Outriders apart from genre rivals like Borderlands and Destiny are the RPG elements that allow you - just like in a role-playing game - to shape and build your character so that he (or she) is completely customized to your individual play style. The result is an ambitious and highly enjoyable science fiction game that will keep you busy for several hours on your own, in pairs or in threes.
  9. Apr 25, 2021
    Even with these problems, I had an absolute blast in Enoch, and I still am. The game doesn’t end when the credits roll, and there’s still so much left I can do. Not to mention, I could always re-roll another class. With all that though, I somehow don’t think People Can Fly is done with Enoch just yet. There is so much potential in this world, and it will be exciting to see what comes next.
  10. Apr 19, 2021
    Despite the obvious uncertainties in the first game sequences, Outriders managed to win us over. What might have seemed a classic shooter in dynamics and uncertain in the story has instead proved to be a shooter with addictive gameplay, and capable of distinguishing itself for the density and richness of content. Unfortunately, the campaign remains subdued on the narrative front, but the gameplay sculpted by People Can Fly has something magnetic.
  11. 80
    Outriders is simply and unapologetically Outriders. And that’s what, despite its flaws, makes it stand tall. Because it owns its flaws and rough spots, all weathered with pride through a launch period that was as rough as the Outriders first landing on Enoch. Riding out that storm offers an experience that is simply fun to play, and its something that I consistently can’t wait to get back to. High risk, high reward gameplay and crafting very tight and specific builds leads to an endlessly engaging gameplay loop. Balancing the power fantasy with challenge for players is a difficult task, but Outriders manages it well. It’s far from a perfect game, but it’s so undeniably honest in its pursuit of being exactly what it is that there’s nothing else quite like it out there. And that itself is what makes Outriders so compelling. Because Outriders is just Outriders.
  12. Apr 12, 2021
    People Can Fly couldn't have dreamed of a better time to launch their new game - with no big, new titles on the horizon. Outriders became a success almost off the bat and deservedly so, since it is a great shooter. A well-thought-out and splendidly designed Diablo-like action game.
  13. Apr 9, 2021
    Outriders is an exciting evolution of the third-person shooter genre, with thrilling sci-fi powers and satisfying gunplay that makes nearly every battle feel fast-paced and gripping until the last enemy drops. The memorable planet of Enoch alongside a steady flow of loot with plenty of promising ways to mod and enhance your weapons and armor are both strong motivators to see the game to its conclusion and beyond, even when the story does little to intrigue and the server issues plague both the solo and co-op experiences. Additional mission variety could have helped keep the game feel fresh for a little while longer, but with such deep and engaging combat that evolves alongside the player thanks to the innovative world tier system, Outriders is sure to please players looking for the next great looter shooter.
  14. Apr 8, 2021
    The real draw here is the captivating looter-shooter action that grabs you early on and simply doesn’t let go. You’ll love running into each combat encounter, commanding the battlefield like the Altered being that you are, before sweeping up any loot left by those you’ve slain. Then, back at camp, you’ll paw over your stats, improving and modding your gear as you see fit, before heading out into the fray once again. To play Outriders is to become engrossed in it, whether you’re alone or with others. Needless to say, it might just prove to be the biggest surprise of the year.
  15. Apr 7, 2021
    Outriders is a game that isn't defined by big new ideas, but rather a variety of familiar elements mixed together in experimental ways. It's a role-playing game with loot-shooter elements; it's a serious, dark sci-fi outing that often comes with a pretty big dose of humor; it's a third-person cover shooter that demands you rush out and smash enemies with your ludicrously lethal magic powers. Whether this mixture works for you will determine how much you'll enjoy exploring the war-torn planet of Enoch and the last desperate vestige of humanity clinging to life there.
  16. Apr 7, 2021
    I hope the servers hold up going forward, but for all of its issues, when all of Enoch is in working order, Outriders' spectacle and progression are quite a rewarding experience I want to keep returning to for a long time.
  17. Apr 7, 2021
    Outriders is a looter shooter that offers many hours of fun to players, despite some structural problems such as the absence of heterogeneity in the missions. The strong point, however, is fast-paced and explosive gameplay that is well-supported by interesting RPG mechanics.
  18. Apr 7, 2021
    Outriders does a decent job outgrowing its reputation as a third person Destiny clone. Offering solid shooting mechanics, a surprisingly meaty story campaign and fun and intuitive character development system it earns a place as one of the best third person shooters to arrive this year. The only downside is that technical issues hinder a lot of the endgame’s funnest parts.
  19. Apr 7, 2021
    Not everyone is looking for a game like Outriders, and if wooden dialogue and sci-fi cliches – it’s all commanders with eye patches and mad scientists – are not your thing, there’s no shame in that. But if you’re the type of player who reached a flow state in Doom Eternal, or speaks wistfully of Diablo, or perhaps remembers the rhythmic gunnery of Bizarre Creations’ The Club, Outriders will speak to you.
  20. 80
    A surprising, old school looter propped up by a contained sci-fi campaign, ferocious combat, and a modding system that encourages endless creativity.
  21. Apr 5, 2021
    Outriders may seem like a generic adventure, but it's one of the best third person shooters we've been dealing with lately. With a wide range of enemies, scenarios and arsenals and a good handful of hours ahead. But its Achilles heel are the cinematics and the story about the planet Enoch that People Can Fly wants to tell us.
  22. Apr 1, 2021
    You will struggle to find another third-person shooter that has innovated as much on the formula as Outriders, not since Gears of War took the genre to new heights. The combat is absolutely incredible, the classes ooze with potential and development, the world is gritty and engaging, and the ability to enjoy all of this alongside good friends just heightens the entire experience.
  23. Apr 14, 2021
    Outriders gives players that innovation that lately seems to be fading away from video games, at least on a mechanical level, since the narrative ends up being flat and unappealing. In its more than 25 hours of campaign you will experience moments that will put you to the test, and they are really worth living, but we must say that the post-game is not so interesting.
  24. May 4, 2021
    Despite my complaints, Outriders makes for a solid, if slightly underwhelming, experience. Several elements left me scratching my head, and there are some bizarre glitches. But going god-mode with your abilities is good fun, even if battles can feel repetitive. Your enjoyment of the game will stretch further if you have a buddy or two to bring along with you for the (out)ride. People Can Fly threw a lot at the wall, and some of it definitely stuck. With DLC and updates surely to come, the Outriders crew will hopefully hone its focus on the parts that work. There is a solid core already, but I hope Square Enix and People Can Fly will take steps to freshen up the gameplay and story so the momentum doesn’t die out the way humans did back on Earth so long ago.
  25. Apr 22, 2021
    A cooperative game with fast pace, and though it has some technical issues and a lot of loading screens, the game will still give you tens of hours of gameplay.
  26. Apr 11, 2021
    Outriders’ stellar gunplay and abilities make for a standout take on the cover-shooter genre, even though the overall experience is dragged down by server instability.
  27. Apr 8, 2021
    Outriders is much more than meets the eye. People Can Fly have done a superb job in delivering a self-sustaining looter shooter that manages to execute on some great ideas.
  28. Apr 7, 2021
    This game has no roadmap to wait on or microtransactions to dodge, as People Can Fly has focused solely on making a damn good third-person co-op shooter with a huge variety of weapon and ability combos that keep the action aggressive and satisfying. Sure, it doesn’t innovate in any huge way and its many flaws are tough to ignore, but Outriders is a blast from a simpler past and I love that.
  29. Apr 7, 2021
    Outriders does not revolutionize the genre, and does not have the ambition to do so. The title from People Can Fly and Square Enix recites the ranges of the perfect Looter-Shooter while abandoning the Game as a Service dimension inherent in this type of game. It stands out first and foremost with its science-fiction-inspired universe, fantasy and punk movement. The explosiveness of its combat, its extremely well thought-out customization system and this propensity to motivate players with ubiquitous power gain make this Shooter-RPG an outsider to consider. However, the anecdotal scenario, the sketchy staging, the redundancy of the missions and the instability of the game do not allow Outriders to fully assert itself on the Looter-Shooter scene.
  30. Apr 23, 2021
    Outriders is far from perfect. But a game doesn't have to be when it facilitates such a high degree of fun and interesting gameplay mechanics.
  31. Apr 6, 2021
    Outriders is a rare example of a complete looter-shooter, with fun combat mechanics but a lack of ambition as you play through the story and its endgame.
  32. Apr 5, 2021
    What we have here are two stories told with mixed results. The grim, gorgeous sci-fi saga fell flat for me. I couldn’t get invested in this last leg of the human race turning to tribalism and violence in the face of adversity. I’m pretty bored with ‘special soldier saves the day’ stories. But the loot cycle was a different matter. This tale of frustration, anticipation, determination, and joy was immediately compelling. I dug into the mechanical guts early and easily. The combat is varied, breathless, and brutal. The character progression is a decent mix of stats and skills, there’s a ton of customization to mess around with, and the difficulty scaling is perfectly fluid. I can tolerate a lot of nonsense in exchange for a good gameplay loop. But if you’re hoping for a package as good as the prize, you might be disappointed. So long as you’re prepared to dig a little for that glittering pearl, there’s a ton of fun to be had with Outriders.
  33. Jun 10, 2021
    In two highly competitive genres, this crossbreed may go unnoticed, but its difficulty system should be taken into account. It’s advisable to embark on the campaign of this shooting RPG since Outriders offers tons of hours of fun, invites players to play with friends, and has appealing visuals. Fans of both RPGs and shooters can get a lot out of it, but they shouldn’t expect a revolutionary game, for it is a mixed bag of interesting features and cliches. Even though the journey is enjoyable, Outriders is neither a strong contender in the RPG elite nor in the shooting universe.
  34. May 29, 2021
    Outriders is not a perfect game by any means. Its narrative, while containing some fun characters, feels somewhat underdeveloped. The conflict between the intended aggressive style of play and the omnipresent walls for cover lead to a strange kind of dissonance where the level design feels at odds with the most fun way of playing the game. The server issues are ongoing and can occasionally make the game inaccessible. The endgame is a lot of fun, but only if you’re playing in a group. When the experience is working well, it is a ton of fun shooting your way through hordes of enemies and marvelling at the latest rare gear. However, while the flaws do not ruin the experience, they are notable.
  35. Apr 26, 2021
    Outriders' best quality is its addictive gameplay. Add to this an admirable amount of options and you'll find yourself constantly coming back for more. Unfortunately, there are some downsides here as well. The story isn't all that interesting, the levels start to look the same after a while and the enemy AI doesn't complement the game's cover system. Still, while you're playing Outriders, you're bound to have some fun.
  36. Apr 16, 2021
    Outriders' blend of wickedly fun sci-fi shooting & looting is well worth enduring its lackluster story and rough edges.
  37. Apr 16, 2021
    Outriders blends frenetic combat and hard hitting class skills to make each encounter feel tense and rewarding. Chasing loot drops and collecting mods to bolster your collection is as addictive as using storm whip on vulnerable foes. The presentation makes it hard to connect with the characters, but players willing to read a lot may be surprised by how much thought has been put into things behind the scenes. With the current state of problems however, waiting a bit longer for things to get sorted out is recommended.
  38. Apr 12, 2021
    Outriders is a fun game that does get many things right, even though it certainly lacks some personality and new ideas, as well as some fixes on the technical side.
  39. Apr 6, 2021
    Without revolutionizing the shooter-looter genre in any way, Outriders does things efficiently and offers frenetic non-stop action that goes frankly well with co-op play. Too bad the game is repetitive and subject to technical instability, which spoils the game experience.
  40. Apr 6, 2021
    Outriders absolutely excels when it lets combat, solid gunplay, and supremely satisfying abilities do the talking. Its unique blend of aggression really is something to behold in action. Rubbish characters, the requirement to maintain an online connection and couple with servers, and various technical hitches hold it back from greatness, but they don't muddy the picture so much to dissuade a recommendation. Outriders is pretty class in motion.
  41. Apr 5, 2021
    It’s a lower bar to clear to be sure, but People Can Fly have delivered what Bungie and other studios can’t seem to do these days: a complete $60 game.
  42. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Feb 15, 2022
    We didn’t exactly see anything new in Outriders, to be honest. The game delivers a fair amount of content in terms of levels, weapons, or skills. However, from the gameplay point of view, it’s nothing more than meeting aliens, zombies and insurgents in paintball arenas for 15 straight hours, plus the expeditions.
  43. May 10, 2021
    Outriders could have been a great looter-shooter, but with its unbalanced structure and current instability, it’s hard to recommend.
  44. Apr 16, 2021
    At its best, Outriders is a looter shooter that’s surprisingly generous with its loot.
  45. Apr 11, 2021
    Outriders is an OK RPG shooter that can be thrilling in it gunfights, but it never takes off. Its weak narrative and numerous bugs and crashes and lack of memorable moments prevent it from sitting next to the most successful online TPS.
  46. Apr 8, 2021
    Outriders juggles some truly captivating ideas for the looter shooter genre, yet fails to deftly execute them. While it succeeds in combining traditional third person shooting with rewarding dungeon crawling, its messy matchmaking, repetitive mission design, and a dull sci-fi story hold People Can Fly back from delivering to their fullest potential.
  47. Apr 10, 2021
    Outriders is a pleasantly brutal shooter, but in terms of gameplay and storytelling it is ill-conceived, while showing too many smaller and bigger flaws.
  48. Apr 8, 2021
    Outriders is its own greatest victim. There are some decent ideas in here – an absorbing cauldron of combat variables, some majestic geography, even a few guns worth holding onto – but they're dragged down and suffocated by a game that doesn't want to entertain you but hypnotise you with the prospect of another trinket.
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  1. Apr 9, 2021
    While it's unlikely to make fans of those of you who've sampled the shooters that came before it and left unsatisfied, as a die-hard Guardian and card-carrying fangirl of the genre, Outriders tickles me in all the right places. Offering gunplay that feels solid and satisfying and an array of additional powers and abilities to keep combat fresh and exciting, I can only admit that Outriders has surprised me in all the right ways. Maybe it'll surprise you, too.
  2. Apr 1, 2021
    Outriders doesn't revolutionize any type of genre, and it's not trying to (nor does it have to). From what I’ve played so far, what Outriders provides is a well-thought-out shooter experience with expertly tailored RPG twists. It's an enjoyable ride that is made infinitely better by playing with friends, but not inherently hurt by running solo either. This game takes the best of looter-shooters and the best of sci-fi RPGs and blends these elements into a game experience that is worth diving into because of its high replayability, customizable play style, and fun story.
  3. Apr 1, 2021
    When People Can Fly does let you loose across its array of semi-open zones, Outriders quickly reveals its strengths as a pulpy, pacey looter shooter with surprising levels of depth. [Review in Progress]
  4. Apr 9, 2021
    Outriders is a strange beast that won’t work for everyone, especially when the servers are down. But it mostly clicked with me. The use of looter shooter mechanics in a single-player experience with a solid narrative filled with fun, self-aware dialogue kept me playing even when fights got a bit annoying or missions were too long. Outriders isn’t a new Destiny or Warframe, and that’s fine. I’m happy that Outriders tries to be something different and more self-contained. It might limit its longevity, but it was nice to play something that was an adventure and not a treadmill covered in bad loot and battle passes.
  5. Mashable
    Apr 6, 2021
    Outriders has me sold.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 447 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Apr 6, 2021
    I don't know where the positive reviews on this outlandishly horrible game are coming from...but this has got to be one of the worst gamesI don't know where the positive reviews on this outlandishly horrible game are coming from...but this has got to be one of the worst games I've tried in a long time. This is "Anthem" bad. First off...if you are lucky enough to acutally get into the game...the games graphics are bad....just bad. Starting from the "Blue planet" login screen...which feels like some designer just phoned it, to the clucnky movements, poor cover to cover, unintuitive map screen and side quest interactions. I'm seriously dismayed as to why anyone would think that this is better than bleow average...and that's giving it more credit than it deserves. Push aside the server issues at the moment...hopefully they get resolved soon...there are way too many unecessary little opening a door makes you wait and watch a little scene of you opening the door. You can't play more than a moments without needing to load something...which take a while. Several times my skills simply stopped working....they were charges...and you could see the little tile animation that I was trying to engage it....but nothing as a technomancer/support role...I have no skills and could contribute only some marginal firepower for the entire battle. IT's unacceptable how badly tested (if tested at all) this game was. It's simply no ready for primetime. Even if everything gets magically fixed...the story is not engaging and just meh. Feels like a poor adaptation of gears of war. Very linear. all I can say is "fool me once"...never get another People Can Fly game without it being out for a few months and tested by early adopters. Full Review »
  2. Apr 8, 2021
    Outriders doesn't bring any breakthroughs in looter-shooter games, but that's not a bad thing. It gives a balanced experience and tightOutriders doesn't bring any breakthroughs in looter-shooter games, but that's not a bad thing. It gives a balanced experience and tight mechanics. Very enjoyable, specially in coop. It's a mix of the best things found in other shooters and RPGs, with a fresh take and a very interesting story, The potential for replayability is almost Diablo-like.
    EDIT: unfortuately, one week into the "not live" game, the devs started nerfing and removing the alreeady scarce chance of loot, punishing honest players 'cause of a bunch of no-life streamers and cheaters.
    Once more, a good promise turned sour 'cause people were having too much fun.
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  3. Apr 4, 2021
    Overtooled, underthought, poorly made gameplay. Not one class feels fun to play with; there is too much nonsense on screen, everything isOvertooled, underthought, poorly made gameplay. Not one class feels fun to play with; there is too much nonsense on screen, everything is shrunk down to barely able to see (seriously, I can't even see the targeting reticle, and I have 20/20 vision), and every fight is the same thing.

    Find cover, take out a wave, run to the next cover, do it again. Health is a joke; guns are a joke, class abilities are a joke, even the story is a joke.

    I'm supposed to believe humanity killed earth, went to another planet to start over with half a million humans, and within 30 years just decided to kill each other. What am I supposed to be doing here? There's what, maybe 2-3 million humans now, and they're killing each other, and I'm killing them. What am I fighting for? What's the point?

    The player character is a doofus, with awful one-liners. He's "altered" and immortal, which means he's basically a guardian knockoff.

    The game is really excited to use the "F" word (shared this way, so I don't get flagged or something).

    Class abilities are poor and unfun, gunplay has no impact, and every enemy is a bullet sponge. I think people are desperate for something to do. Don't waste your money on this. It's even ugly to look at. Just drab disparate brown areas that are poorly lit.

    There are better games to play, don't waste your time with this.

    * After spending about 10 hours with this, I feel comfortable suggesting you don't waste your time with this. The plot is miserable; combat never feels good, I mean at all. Every battle consists of enemies lobbing grenades at your location, dropping grenades when they are defeated, and WAY too many enemies to deal with every time. It's not a "Challenge" to swam the player with 20-30 mobs at once and then in waves.

    I am honestly confused by the people enjoying this. I have to assume most people playing this are Destiny 2/The Division/Warframe players. How can you find any enjoyment with this game when it's inferior to every one of those I just mentioned in terms of gameplay.

    Thie game might be the most overhyped title of the year so far.
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