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  1. Sep 29, 2021
    There is nothing quite like these unique games, especially when in top form like Banana Mania. Their prowess at granting addicting stages and a constant desire for self-improvement are borderline unmatched. Quite honestly, seeing this revival is legitimately miraculous. I implore fans and even those who are vaguely interested in getting this collection and giving it a shot to let Sega know that classic Monkey Ball still has a thriving, dedicated market.
  2. Sep 30, 2021
    Banana Mania delivers the best levels, mini-games and modes from the 20-years old Super Monkey Ball series... and it's more fun than ever.
  3. 85
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania boasts a triumphant return for everyone’s favourite primate puzzler, bringing along with it potentially 100s of hours of gameplay that long-time fans and newcomers alike will easily go bananas for.
  4. Sep 29, 2021
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is a superb package with tons of quality content and one of the best party games you can play today despite its flaws.
  5. Sep 29, 2021
    Combining the three best games in its series, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania offers great value for very little. While the game certainly primarily seeks the attention of a younger audience, core gamers might also enjoy it due to precise controls and a neat challenge mode.
  6. Mar 7, 2022
    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania is a surefire sign that the series was and still is great to play. The change in game engine adds a vibrant coat of paint while tweaking the physics to a slightly faster alternative. However, this does not change the fact that some levels are too stuck in the past. Topped off with some very welcome accessibility options, this package is well worth playing even if the mini games and customization have some notable downsides.
  7. Oct 15, 2021
    An excellent compilation of the first three Super Monkey Ball games, with lots of content. A truly enjoyable trip down memory lane, with fun gameplay that will keep you busy for a long time to come. There's some minor annoyances - you can't choose the worlds you visit in story mode, for example - but none that will genuinely hurt the experience.
  8. Sep 30, 2021
    Banana Mania simultaneously caters to younger players and old fans alike with a solid representation of the franchise’s most successful ideas and plenty to do.
  9. Sep 30, 2021
    After many failed outings, the Super Monkey Ball franchise is back. Bubbling with content, there’s plenty to do whether you want to play solo or multiplayer. Whilst the nature of the game can cause frustration, the removal of the lives system has helped to improve the experience. The infectious presentation combined with the lovely gameplay makes this an absolute joy and an essential purchase for fans of the series.
  10. Sep 29, 2021
    Despite the twenty years on the monkey shoulders, the first Super Monkey Balls remain puzzle video games of superfine quality, albeit tough on the verge of sacrilegious imprecation. Retrogaming aside, Banana Mania is undoubtedly the best way to experience its spinning gameplay recipe, now also open to welcoming any newbies thanks to the introduction of some optional "assist controls". The picture closes with a wealth of content that not many other remasters can boast, although part of the secondary offer, in terms of accessibility, is essentially for a select few. Stuff to spin the ... balls.
  11. Sep 29, 2021
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania was a pleasant surprise, in that it doesn’t mess too much with a formula that works and it makes strides to welcome newcomers into the fold. Not all of its stages are created equal, but this is a great entry point into a series that’s been lacking one on modern platforms for a long while.
  12. Sep 29, 2021
    It’s a shame that the camera works against you at times, and pretty much all of the content here may be recycled from previous games, but that doesn’t stop Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania from being outrageously entertaining. Also, while the game’s premise is simple, there’s a great level of challenge here that will keep players returning time and time again to master all of the stages on offer. Throw in the party games that each offer their own unique take on Monkey Ball action, and you have a package that’s not to be missed by those who simply like to have fun.
  13. Sep 29, 2021
    I’m confident that most fans will love Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania. Though the challenging levels may be off-putting for some and no online multiplayer is disappointing, there’s a wonderful experience within that improves upon Banana Blitz HD’s flaws. RGG Studio’s done a fine job recreating these classic games into one comprehensive package and considering the lower price (£34.99), Banana Mania comes highly recommended.
  14. Sep 29, 2021
    Banana Mania doesn't reinvent the wheel (ball?), but it doesn't need to. Having the ability to play classic Super Monkey Ball levels and minigames without having to drag your old consoles and CRT TV out of storage would be enough of a selling point on its own, but the additional gameplay tweaks and charming extras sweeten the deal quite a bit. If you're a longtime roller who's missed AiAi and his jungle buddies--or if you're a newcomer looking for an easy-to-learn action/puzzle game that will keep you busy for a good while--you'll want to take Banana Mania for a spin.
  15. Sep 29, 2021
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania delivers a mostly delicious and nearly never-ending buffet of bananas and challenges to keep pretty much any player rolling for a good, long time.
  16. Sep 29, 2021
    Banana Blitz is a joyous celebration of what are still arguably the three best games in the series. There are a few slight performance issues and we have no doubt die-hards will argue about the overall feel, but there's a wealth of entertaining banana-hunting here regardless.
  17. Oct 7, 2021
    For Super Monkey Ball fans out there, this game is going to be fun because of the variety of creative mazes SEGA has in store for you. The modes beyond the main will be hit or miss depending on expectations. Nonetheless, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is mostly entertaining.
  18. Sep 29, 2021
    An ageless classic that returns in time for its twentieth anniversary. Always beautiful, always fun, but the years passed begin to take their toll.
  19. Sep 29, 2021
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is essentially a good-looking remake of Super Monkey Ball Deluxe with some nifty extras which is cool because that's an excellent game to bring back. So, if you're itching to master tricky levels then this package is sure to scratch.
  20. Sep 29, 2021
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is perfect for fans wanting to revisit what they grew up with on modern consoles. It’s also a great entry point for new fans. Some of the best levels and modes in Super Monkey Ball history are all in one place. Although some elements of the game have aged better than others and there are a few missteps there’s no denying that there’s a charm to the latest Super Monkey Ball. Even with its issues, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is a delight to play. It fills you with nostalgia whilst also showing the strengths of the series. It will be interesting to see where the franchise goes next.
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  1. Oct 4, 2021
    I’m torn by Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, which feels like it offers two very different experiences in one package. Many of the multiplayer party games remain just as fun as they were when I played them as a kid, but the single-player didn’t hold up in quite the same way for me. Often, it’s quite fun, but sometimes the difficulty can drive me bananas.
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  1. Oct 9, 2021
    서유기의 손오공들이 모험을 하는 게임. 굉장히 재밌습니다.
  2. Oct 8, 2021
    My Favorite Game from the Gamecube is back!
    Not as perfect as the original, but still very good! I hope we are getting an new Monkey Ball Game soon
  3. Oct 24, 2021
    The camera can be difficult to handle sometimes, and monkey target is a little clunky, but otherwise it's a highly rewarding and replayableThe camera can be difficult to handle sometimes, and monkey target is a little clunky, but otherwise it's a highly rewarding and replayable game and I love it! Full Review »